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  1. Thank You John 😊 I've been swamped , I'm glad I finally got back here ...didn't want you to think I was snubbing your request . As far as this version of my song / playing goes and myself being a non singer ....I posted the tune as you heard it as my arrangement & guitar performance ...I have been know to go back and add new parts or remix long after a song has been long forgotten on this forum .. There are 3 versions of the tune ...on my SoundCloud there is my performance w everything I have done so far . Then there is the bare bones backing track in the songs description . Last but not least there is my backing track that I had decided to make available for down load . ( post # 5 in this thread ) Pick the one that works the best for you .... if you make some big money and end up going places .....please help a brother out ...lol all the best, Kenny
  2. Thank You ! S.L.I.P . this thread about Music In Space helped to inspire me 😊 Kenny
  3. Just In Folks ! Breaking News , Kim had gotten real tired of listening to her old man 🤣 Because it was a long time coming , Kim took action and decided to get on a One Way Rocket to The Galactic Wide Butt Belt of Planets in a far away Galaxy ... NASA did pick up an obscure radio transmission of a non determined origin along the way just before they lost contact . NASA will not confirm nor deny the source of the transmission, but some folks at The Space Center say she was listening to this 😎 Kenny PS in other news Taylor Swift wrote a new song that placed #1 on The Billboard Charts about breaking up with Kenny . What makes her new song most interesting was the fact she never heard of Kenny before nor met him When asked by the press why she chose to write the song Miss Swift said she felt sorry for Kenny because after seeing a photo of Kenny's new song she felt a Tyrannosaurus Rex had a better chance of reaching it's junk with his short arms than Kenny ever had of reaching his while wearing his Space Suit
  4. WOW John , very heartfelt expression and performance on all levels . One thing I enjoy about your Music is in a way it is like a thinking mans Music . You use sophisticated instrumentation and harmonically you have a good grasp of chords and what can be substituted and altered . Sorry about your loss . May you find comfort in music and song , Kenny
  5. Sure , As far as your song went Yeah I can dig where your coming from .... Intense feelings w out any sort of reason for the injustices of being left in the dark and having all the feelings of being dumped while having to sort out and make sense of her actions and thought processes ... It has been a real long time since I had a girl that I really cared about kick me out to the curb and do a little dance on my heart w her stiletto's .. Now they just shut me down way before I can even get a hug , a kiss or even their phone number ... Kenny
  6. Bjorn , That was a fun Listen . I'm sorry I laughed when ever the screams happened ...I don't know what the monster was saying but his voice was pretty scary . Every Year I say I want to do one of these ...and I don't ...hhmm a few more day's left ...who knows ? all the best, Kenny
  7. Welcome to my Orbit is a little something i just did earlier today , ( Yeah another Twanger C...) I went for high gain rock fusion playing on this one ..I only played one guitar track ( w Overdubs ) If you happen to be looking for relaxation in a tune trust me this ain't the one ...😜 I hope you enjoy the ride . Kenny
  8. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^What ? ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^🤣 Kenny
  9. Daryl thank you for the kindness I love it 🤣 if you keep playing and producing tunes with the quality of the collab you did called " Online " there is no doubt in my mind that cottage may be your new home studio much sooner than we all think Kenny
  10. Hi Wookiee ! Country Singers , Your not a fan huh ? I notice they like to sing about select people, places and things we can't seem to " live with "or "live with out "? Thanks for giving this one a listen and commenting ..... I do appreciate you doing that my Furry Pawed Friend Kenny
  11. You paying Hazard Pay with Medical ? Kenny
  12. Hi Tom , I'm glad you liked this one ...if you want you can give it a go since I posted my backing track Yes BIAB can come up with a few musical parts here and there that can bring a tune up a notch .. I liked to play slide in the past but there is no way I could have played a slide part that trumps the BIAB pedal steel I used on this track ... OH BTW , I didn't mean to jump the line and post an answer on a later post than yours ...I had decided to make my Backing track w no lead guitar available for download to whomever feels like giving it a go....I gave it to the Twangers 🤣 and now it is here in my thread ... I used my mid 80's Fender Esquire MIJ on the few chordal parts I played ...I had decided I wanted a more modern non twang tone . For my lead guitar part I used a Mustang w a bridge Humbucking PU into my amp ....easy pinky volume swells on this guitar ...and that 's as far as that info goes .. thanks for the listen . Hi Rik , nice to see you back around here ...I like the sound of your new guitar ..thanks for giving my tune a listen . Hi Bjorn , I'm glad you dug my sounds ... I answered you yesterday first in my thread to get you my backing track... I had already mixed and posted it up on my Sound Cloud right before I came here to see if I had any listens The tempo of the song is 66 BPM. if you place the BT 's start at bar 3 you will have a mix of my multi track the same as what I had to work with ... also if you decide too you will have a correctly lined up project time line if you place the other BT at bar one ..then you can bounce between my BT and the BT I listed on SC .. My Pic is something I came up with creating photo's where I nick a bunch of different artisic things I get on line and place them all in the same photo... it used to be my old avatar on the old forum . The photo is a combination of Corpse Bride as my woman wondering how the heck she wound up with me combined with a Haunted house and a couple of Iconic Monsters thrown into the Mix ... hey it was nice talking w you Kenny
  13. Really ? Yeah you might be right ! Here's Two for the price of One Kenny
  14. Here is my production of this song minus the lead guitar as a downloadable CD Quality file ...( non dithered ) Have fun Kenny
  15. This is how you feel after eating Becan ! the good stuff . This is how you feel after eating Turkey Becan the not so good stuff . Who want's to say to themselves "I can't believe it's not Becan" ? Aside from the hurt tummy and Mental remorse ..... Who do you think gets all the Ladies and has all the Fun ? Kenny
  16. 🤣🤣🤣 Today's acronym is Y.E.T. so listen up real closely InstrEd ! Your Eligible Too What happened to me can easily happen to you ............................it's contagious . The early warning signs and symptoms are If and when you can spot it, the chances are you got it 😂 Kenny
  17. Hi RikF , You have a nice touch and feel when you play Blues ...Also very Dynamic tone and good storytelling when you play in this genre .. Kenny
  18. Loved the section at 3:48 to 4:30 ...good stuff Kenny
  19. I like this one very much Wookie , Some of the musical passages of this tune cross over into a sort of progressive fusion type of territory in places ....You always use choice synth sounds , Also very nice orchestrations and thematic motifs . all the best, Kenny
  20. Wow that song was fantastic on so many levels . Super clever lyrics that mock today's online dating practices due to the social media influence . I Loved the synths , they sound so grounded and Retro Modular ... You and your wife's singing and vocals drew me in closer as the song went on because I wanted to hear more about the shedding of the multi layers of lies and half truths people use all the time online to capture and ensnare ... Daryl , you and your wife are indeed a rare talent . I'm glad I have gotten the opportunity to have listened to some of your music . Kenny
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