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  1. amiller


    I like the way the rhythm rolls along...cool.
  2. amiller


    Very melodic. I like the layering and evolving parts as well.
  3. amiller

    New song "I will love you forever".

    So, I’m not going to critique the mix or what should or shouldn’t be added. I’ll just say I think you have a great rough draft. I like the song.
  4. amiller

    Song - Interlude

    Thanks for the comments. Yep, it does end abruptly. I originally thought I was going to do a fade-out but when I came back to do the final mix down I discovered I liked some of the stuff after the original fade out point...so...
  5. amiller

    Song - Interlude

    As usual, thanks so much for taking the time to listen and comment...much appreciated.😊
  6. amiller

    Dad's Song

    Yep, you nailed the whole AC/DC vibe. Very cool tune and an excellent tribute to your dad. Great job!
  7. amiller

    Song - Interlude

    Really cool stuff. Here’s my favorite:
  8. amiller

    Song - Interlude

    No, I haven't heard any of Will Ackerman's music. I'll have to look him up and give a listen. I'm always looking for new (to me) stuff. Thanks for the tip.
  9. amiller

    Song - Interlude

    Thanks for the kind words and listening. Yep, there’s something about acoustic guitar that touches me as well.😊
  10. amiller

    Song - Interlude

    Thanks for listening. Actually, the bass guitar is the only electric. The rhythm and lead were both done on acoustic.
  11. amiller

    Song - Interlude

    Thanks so much. Having my music effect someone’s mood is the best kind of compliment.
  12. amiller

    Song - Interlude

    Thanks. That’s close to how I feel as well when I listen back. Here’s the picture in my mind’s eye: I picture a farm house up on a hill overlooking a field of hay. It’s just about dusk on a warm summer’s night and I’m sitting on the front porch with a friend. We’re both looking out over the field, sipping wine, talking, occasionally laughing and rehashing the day’s events. Of course, Interlude is playing in the background.
  13. amiller

    Song - Interlude

    Thank you for listening and commenting. I wrote and recorded this song awhile ago. It’s always fun to listen to something I haven’t heard for some time.
  14. amiller

    Song - Interlude

    This is the first song we recorded for the current project. Interlude by MP
  15. amiller

    Plan 9

    Nice and spacey ... works.