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  1. amiller


    I like the lyric meaning. I also think a little more drum variation would add to the song.
  2. amiller

    On Second Thought

    Thanks for taking the time to listen and comment and thanks for the kind words. The parts I most enjoy are the harmony bits.
  3. amiller

    On Second Thought

    Thanks for taking the time to listen and commenting. Believe me, control over the instrument is a work in progress for me. Thanks for the kind words.
  4. amiller

    On Second Thought

    Song number seven:
  5. amiller

    One More Day - Video

    👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 absolutely brilliant...I’m in tears.
  6. amiller


    Wow indeed! The coolest thing about this song, for me, is the energy level. You can’t help but get excited and up while listening to this song. Great job!
  7. amiller

    Smooth Latin Rock

    “Tank You Berry Much ...Did you get dat silly Wabbit w that SSSSShotgun your avatar is holding ? For those that are wondering what I'm talking about . amillers avatar was a cartoon parody of Elmer Keith .... I read up on Elmer Keith a few years back .I found it interesting some of the things he had done ...a lot of modern shooters owe a lot to him” Actually, my avatar has to do with a run in I had with a family of raccoons that had invaded my attic. I tried everything, including trapping and removing them but nothing worked. When they started chewing holes in the attic floor to enter my kitchen...let’s just say, sadly, it did not end well for one of the raccoons.
  8. amiller

    One more Day - Collaboration with Grem-Simeon

    Beautiful...simply beautiful. Maybe back off the fxs a tad on the vocals so that they can heard a bit better.
  9. amiller

    It's Not That I'm Old

    Love it
  10. amiller

    Silver Lining

    Cool lyrics. They really speak to our current times.
  11. amiller

    Elegy for Doc - in memory of my father

    A very fitting tribute. Well done.
  12. amiller

    Snow in June

    Now, this is my favorite genre and this song is a winner! I love the tone, playing, writing...everything. Great job!😊
  13. amiller

    "Destination Unknown" (Rock)

    Great job! I could easily hear this on rock stations. I dig this song. Great guitar tones and playing as well. Thanks for sharing.
  14. amiller


    Very nice. The song has an irony about it. It sounds soothing while conveying a sad truth. Well done! *note: check your spelling. "I've grown tires of listening to the lies,” I think “tires” should be “tired.