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  1. I never knew I could do this. Still, this isn’t a redo, is it? I never thought about it this way. Thank you.
  2. Philip, thank you. I know that I only loaded Spitfire as vst3 plug-ins. When I get a chance I am going to create a new file and load multiple Spitfire plug-ins and see where the problem occurs. On my recent song, it happened with the 3rd plug-in. Is Cakewalk going to fix this since it is a confirmed bug?
  3. Starship Krupa, thank you for asking. Here is the SoundCloud link: https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/MkPz8Jnc9GLkBbv78 We also have a Christmas album that is streamed on YouTube, Amazon, Spotify, etc., under The Road Home for Christmas by the Curtin Richards Project. Here is the YouTube link: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_mJUq1Zptd48txKYuuGrXRLK7I1PbVqZvg
  4. Hi Philip, I am in the final stages of finishing a new song. I have to mix and master (not my strong suit) the whole shebang. I am a bit afraid to roll back the update until I am finished. I have been very fortunate, lately. I have several radio stations that play my music every day, one being WBXO Radio in New York who also stream. In the past year they have aired 8 of my songs. I am working on number 9. My computer is old and has died on me many times, but when it is stable, it is a thing of beauty. This Spitfire issue is crushing me right now, but I am working around it by freezing synths. I have also noticed a couple of very strange new issues. The cursor doesn’t always go where it is supposed to go and I have been having the strangest doubling of midi notes in my 2 Spitfire tracks. I sometimes use the CAL function Undupe (I think that’s the name) and it helps most of the time. That’s annoying, but several times it reappears like bad magic. Besides the Cakewalk update I did one wrong thing. I updated AAS Swatches. Bad on my part, it requires Win 10. I’m still using 7. I have to see about rolling that back. I see someone mentioned they had an issue with something from AAS. We’ll get to the bottom of this. I also need a new, powerful computer.
  5. Thank you, all. I appreciate your detailed answers. It looks like I should get 2 computers, a desktop for Cakewalk and a laptop and monitor for the photography. I go back and forth during the day and think I will tire connecting, disconnecting, and reconnecting. Even though some of you do this, I am sure I will get frustrated going back and forth, even though I’m a patient person.
  6. For all the people that use laptops with Cakewalk, I would like to know how you get along with connecting and disconnecting your laptop. I am thinking of buying a Dell XPS 17” laptop to replace my old Win 7 desktop computer. I use this computer in my music studio with Cakewalk at least 5 hours everyday. My concern is that I am also heavily involved in photography and want to move my photography scanners and printers into another area, so I would be moving the laptop each day. Disconnecting from the audio interface and large monitor to another place that also involves connecting different items and a different color calibrated monitor. I think that might be a hassle not worth venturing into. To make matters worse, I need to be able to use this laptop offsite using Cakewalk. Is this to much to ask from one laptop? Thank you, Michael
  7. I am having the exact problem Philip is having. It just started with the 2021.04 update. I have an old computer with only 12 gb of ram. Never had this issue. Now I can only use 2 Spitfire instruments, and I use many of them in each project. Please look into this. This may only happen on lesser gifted computers, but it never happened before. ‘Thank you, Michael
  8. I’ve asked this before and I’m surprised we don’t have this feature. I would like to be able to repeat my last function. If I’m working on a midi track and change any note’s length, velocity or pitch, it would be great to highlight another note and hit the repeat button to change the next note’s value. If I nudge a take lane, sometimes it takes a bit of trial and error to get the clip where it needs to be. Once I figure that out I can hit the repeat button and move other take lanes to that position. That would save a good deal of time. There is an endless list of procedures a repeat function can perform. Thanks, ‘Michael
  9. I was a CorelDraw beta tester for many versions before Adobe sucked me into their crack-like orbit. And now I can’t get out.
  10. I think it does. I’m using 2x 1920x1200 monitors that are old but color corrected for my photography work. I am far from happy with this configuration. I am working on building a new system and would like only one monitor. I am totally lost with this decision since the monitor must be: 1) color calibrated for photography; 2) 4k resolution for photography and my need to see more Cakewalk real estate; 3) about 32” (on this point I may be wrong) because my eyes need something bigger; 4) decent in the text size category. So, this is important.
  11. Jesse, big thanks. That did the trick. The only strange thing is that Bandlab Assistant doesn't completely update. It just sort of dies before it hits 50%. Nothing hangs up, no error messages. I even checked in appdata\local\programs and there wasn't a new file in \bandlab-assistant. Right now it isn't very important. I know I need to build a new Win 10 computer. Maybe these issues are a result of Win 7.
  12. Thank you, Jesse. I’m on an iPad now, I will try this tomorrow.
  13. I am still running Win 7. Unfortunately, the Microsoft installer created a new problem. When I try to sign in no letters appear in either field box. I closed and started Cakewalk different ways. Sometimes I open a project from Win Explorer, especially when a project crashes, which has been happening more frequently. When I open this way I cannot put any text in either box. When I open the normal way and the Cakewalk Start Screen appears the Sign In page also appears and I can input letters, but still not the letter C, lower or upper case. Now I have 12 days to reactivate. I feel confident this issue can be solved, but I will need Noel's and Jesse's help.
  14. When I insert the letter C it does not appear, but the Control Bar does.
  15. Me again. When I press the letter c the Control Bar appears at the top of the page, even though I am not yet in a project. Still, the letter c is not accepted.
  16. I cannot activate Cakewalk because the field box does not accept the letter c. The letter c, as I just demonstrated, but not in the User or Email field. Please help. This is odd.
  17. I did get a warning after I clicked to install. It said something like "this operating system is not supported . . ." That's when I stopped and dropped by to see what you all think about it. Even though I think I put Cakewalk through its paces, mscleod is lightyears ahead of me. Thank you, both.
  18. Hi, I'm still with Win 7 and this November 2020 release does not say it will work on Win 7. Has anyone tried it with Win 7. I know I need to move up to Win 10, tried to upgrade my machine 7 times and after hours of installing Win 10 got a notice that it was not possible and the error code was too vague to figure out why. Anyway, My Corona has moved me into an existence of surviving, and I have to make due with Win 7 for a bit longer.
  19. I just create another occurrence Of that VST instrument because if the first track had any aftertouch the new lane will be affected by the first one, and will have an unintended effect.
  20. Let me see if I can solve my problem by going a different direction. When I want to share the progress of a project I am working on in Cakewalk I export the audio as an mp3. The length of time it takes to mix down the project into the mp3 takes way too long. I thought I might get lucky using Audacity. I set the audio host to Windows WASAPI and it records anything from my computer. Except Cakewalk. Obviously, something strange is going on. Is there anybody out there that specializes in strangeness? Michael
  21. My own update: I've connected to my computer running Anydesk from an iPad Proand an iPhone and it works. The audio is choppy and there still isn't any audio from Cakewalk. Also, I ran Anydesk on a MacBook Pro and it also works. The audio was very good from every application except Cakewalk. The iPad and MacBook were using the same wifi as my ethernet connected Cakewalk computer. I just found out that Reaper behaves the same way as Cakewalk. I can't anything from it on the remote computer. I've tried using Zoom for the audio, but that was a dead end. Did not sound good, at all. If anyone has any ideas, I would appreciate it. Michael
  22. Hello, I’m using Anydesk to remotely record another computer running Cakewalk. I’m running Win 7 and my partner is running Win 10. If I play an mp3 from Audacity or Windows media player On his computer, the audio comes through my system. It sounds great. However, I cannot hear anything when I operate his Cakewalk. He hears it. I don’t. I can see it being recorded, just can’t hear a thing from Cakewalk. I’ve been battling this for a few days and can’t figure out if this is even possible or why Audacity works and Cakewalk doesn’t. I’ve read everything at Anydesk and nothing touches on this subject. Does anyone have any ideas about what would work? Maybe a different remote software. Self quarantining has forced me into working this way where the singer is 100 miles from me.
  23. Years ago I saw Annie and Sting. They were phenomenal. A couple of days later I saw Heart and Ann Wilson just crushed it. Best couple of days of pure singing. Ever. Two weeks later I saw Van Halen. So loud, so crazy. Very disappointed. Years ago I saw Journey. Steve Perry put on a clinic. He was so on-the-mark that he was hitting higher notes than he hit on the album versions. If you’ve ever seen Maynard Ferguson live you’ll know what I am talking about. I was talking with Maynard after the show and his lips were bleeding. I thought I would never pick up my horn again. So many years later, I’m still at it. Can’t get this music out of my system. I am sure you all know what I am talking about. Hav you all seen this Hans Zimmer MasterClass trailer?
  24. Annie is one of the best. A pure singer, no vocal gymnastics. I had to venture into Costco the other day wearing a mask and gloves and Annie’s first 2 albums in my headphones. She took the fear out of shopping. I still may die in the near future from some stray Covid 19 particles. Time to bring out the rosary beads.
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