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  1. I've had this problem for years with both Win7 and now - less often - with Win10. Sometimes the Motu driver doesn't want to play with Windows. I've been in contact with MOTU's support and they had no clue either. Here's what helps in my case: unplug the MIDI cable from the MOTU device and put it back in. This solves about 90% of the problems. If it still doesn't work, reinstall the MOTU driver. IMHO it doesn't matter if you select "Repair" or "Change" - it usually fixes the issue. With Win7 I've had cases where only a complete uninstall/reinstall of the driver helped. In all cases (cable/driver) you need to close and reopen Cake before MIDI behaves again as expected.
  2. This is a new problem as of the latest update. I use the StylusRMX plugin on a song with 3 patches assigned to 3 Stylus mixer slots. I record on/off mutes of one or more slots over time using the "W" function of the plugin window to write automation data. Everything is fine and plays back as expected. Then I edit a few other tracks, MIDI and audio, play back the song again and automation on the RMXStylus doesn't do anything: when pointing at e.g. one of the mute envelopes is shows "Orphaned". I save the song, exit the program, reload Cakewalk and the envelopes work again as they should. Any ideas on this?
  3. Hi, I'm a longtime time Cake user and like the new Bandlab version a lot. But one thing drives me crazy and seriously impacts my workflow: can I open only one soft synth or FX plugin at a time? For a project I use several soft synths and they all show up in the synth rack. Assigning tracks or channels, MIDI recording and editing, all no problem. But when I edit e.g. a sound patch on synth A and now want to adjust Synth B or an FX plugin accordingly, I can't. When I open the GUI for synth B via double click in the synth rack then synth A's GUI disappears. I use a multi-monitor DAW with one screen dedicated to plugin editing. In old Sonar versions I could have as many plugins open as I wanted to. How can I do this now with Cakewalk by Bandlab? I can't find any parameter or preference setting relating to this issue.
  4. That looks cool - I suspected screensets were involved somehow but hadn't figured out where to activate and select them.
  5. Thanks, good advice. Now it works. Almost. The right panel of the Media Browser restores exactly how I left it, it lists the loops from a specific folder down 4 levels of a loop library - but the left panel shows the top level Windows Explorer structure, showing Desktop, User, PC, Documents, Downloads etc., instead of showing the hierarchy above the specific open loop folder in the loop library on the right. Not that much useable. Maybe I need to study the documentation?
  6. Hi, I'm an old hand with Cake almost from the beginning but stopped upgrading somewhere around Sonar 7. On a new Win 10 PC I installed the BandLab version and try to figure out what went where. I work a lot with external samples and loop files which was pretty easy using the old loop explorer - one click on the folder icon and my sample library opened. When I closed a project it remembered which specific folder in the library was open last. On opening again the project looked exactly like before: especially the loop library has the same folder open as last so I see exactly from which folder I picked the last samples or loops. Now when loading a work in progress the media file browser window briefly pops up how I left it - but closes again. So I'm lost and have to navigate down through media browser and file structures to where I ended last - very inconvenient and clumsy. Is this a program error that will be fixed or am I doing something wrong? Just to be exact: I work with 2 monitors and always put the media browser on my second screen. When opening an existing project the media browser is docked on the first screen and shows just the default.
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