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  1. Thanks so much! Mystery solved. Are you seeing those icons on that Documentation page? My images indicate a broken link, so I'm not seeing those.
  2. This is the part in the first Star Wars movie where the Princess Leia hologram projected from R2D2 beseeches, "Help us, Obi Wan, you're the only one who..."
  3. What does it indicate when the icon on an instrument track in track view is tinted blue? Some are, some aren’t. Indicates a frozen track maybe? Can’t find anything on it doing a search. Thanks.
  4. Send audio out of EZB as DI (you get a wav file) to keep all the articulations and run through your favorite Bass VSTi and processing chain. I do this with IK Multimedia Ampeg rigs.
  5. I use this as well. And yeah, a ton of IR spaces, including actual venues like the Ryman in Nashville.
  6. Just downloaded the web installer. I once posted wondering how many users CbB had. If I can draw from this message I got (see graphic), the web installer has been downloaded 1.7 million times?? Even accounting for more than one download per person (for whatever reason), that's a big number... any conclusions/educated guesses that can be draw?
  7. I saw in a video for another DAW the ability to reverse a clip with a mouse click to two. In this case it was a cymbal crash; reversing it turns it into a smooth swell. Is there such a function in CbB? Thanks.
  8. Guess I should pay more attention to myself! 🙃
  9. I seem to be able to punch in MIDI pretty well using Sound On Sound setting. In my experience, you can punch in a hair early if that’s the issue. May have to tweak slightly in PRV.
  10. Would love to know how you accomplished it. Thanks!
  11. Thanks everyone! This was all great information. The snap values and (tiny) drawing at for "up" and "down" fixed my issue. I think I have it figured out! I've never used the event viewer, so that's all new territory...
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