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  1. ??? Distrokid is one of the major distributors, and this is from the site: What Audio File Formats Can I Upload? Audio files should be WAV, MP3, M4A, FLAC, AIFF, or Windows Media (WMA). If you're sending a WAV, 16-bit, 44.1 kHz WAV is typical but pretty much anything works. https://support.distrokid.com/hc/en-us/articles/360013647753-What-Audio-File-Formats-Can-I-Upload-
  2. Worked great! Exactly what I needed! Thank you! All I need to do is import the MIDI from Project 1 to 2. Thanks again!
  3. Are you using any Soundtoys plugins? The last update has caused known intermittent glitch issues in CW. There is a thread on it on this forum. Like others, I’m waiting for the fix.
  4. In Project 1, I have a folder containing 6 simple instrument tracks, each with a separate articulation of a VSTi. (The VSTi doesn't accommodate sending out separate articulations to separate tracks.) See photo. I'd like to bring the folder and individual tracks into Project 2. I don't see the ability to save the folder and its contents as any kind of template I could save/import into Project 2. The individual tracks can be saved as Track Templates. Is that my best route to rebuild it in Project 2? Is there any way to bring all six inside a folder from Project 1 to Project 2? Thanks for any help!
  5. Searched and didn't see this posted. Hope it's not a duplicate Reg. $149.99, Sale $39.99 https://www.audiodeluxe.com/products/audio-plugins/ik-multimedia-t-racks-sunset-sound-studios-reverb EDIT: Not sure why, but I pulled the trigger on this and a FREE IK Multimedia Tape Machine 80 ($99 at IKM) was added to my cart. With a deluxe bucks credit I had, got both for about $35. SUNSET STUDIO REVERB Few studios in the world have contributed as much to the sonic imprint of music culture as Los Angeles’ Sunset Sound Studio. T-RackS Sunset Sound Studio Reverb lets you step inside Sunset Sound studios, capturing the sonic mojo of each one of these echo chambers, live rooms, booths, plates and springs, as well as the unique vibe of their custom consoles and classic mic collection. It’s the closest thing to tracking your session in this hall-of-fame studio itself. Key Features Captures the acoustics of the iconic Sunset Sound studios Includes each studio’s live room, iso booth and 3 echo chambers Includes two plates and one spring reverb, all original vintage units IK's proprietary Volumetric Response Modeling (VRM™) technology gives you ultra-realistic sound spaces Variable room dampening and multiple microphone positions Console preamp and signal path modeling add the exact harmonic content of the studio gear for warm, lush reverberation that goes beyond classic convolution reverbs Pre Delay & Decay Time controls, EQ and mic options Dry & Wet signal level controls with solo buttons Works as a single plug-in or inside T-Racks 5
  6. No worries. I was asking if anyone had used them. Your experience is interesting, but I can't answer your question: "Is there a filter or gate I can use to only record changes?" because I don't actually have one, though I'm interested. That's why I suggested you contact the makers via their website. There's a contact form. Apologies if I wasn't clear.
  7. I don’t know. I don’t own one. I’d use the contact link here and ask: https://themidimaker.com/
  8. This looks mega intriguing. Four assignable 100mm faders, Cakewalk compatible, among many other DAWS. Affordable @ $100. I’ve seen so many vids of people controlling VSTi, from Spitfire for example, with these great controllers. But you look them up and they’re 5x the cost of this unit. This one is no frills. Assign 4 different CCs to control. Has anyone used this? https://themidimaker.com/products/sparrow-4x100mm-midi-controller?variant=41128021360830&currency=USD&utm_medium=product_sync&utm_source=google&utm_content=sag_organic&utm_campaign=sag_organic&gad=1&gclid=CjwKCAjwp8OpBhAFEiwAG7NaEpPk1kqn3q1sRzNLaOcliNBqFQGx--aqeGaJIe71DPZwxRC-0NcthxoCd4AQAvD_BwE
  9. @msmcleod any chance you still have the vid he references in this post? Thanks.
  10. Interesting, and a nice time-saver. How about the multitrack moves you mention for only an identical 16 measures in the middle of the song? There would need to be envelope nodes added at the same locations on the multitracks. Node 1: the track's discreet volume pre-event, Node 2 would take that volume to Zero, Node 3 and 4 in combination would take the discreet track's volume from Zero back to its volume at Node 1.
  11. Seems my OP isn't possible, but thanks for the suggestions, all. Realized drawing identical envelopes won't work because the track envelopes for the rest of the song are completely different; same issue with copy/paste envelope. Sending all to a bus or an aux with a single controlling volume envelope may be the best way forward.
  12. Thanks. Yea thought of that. My bus count and aux tracks going to busses getting up there already. Looking for options to avoid further complications on that front.
  13. Is it possible to select multiple tracks and simultaneously right, say, an identical volume envelope for all of them at once. What I’m trying to do is drop multiple tracks out at a certain point in a song for a certain amount of time before they come back in all at the same time. Maybe that’s automating some sort of group mute/unmute?
  14. Thanks. I’m interested but looks like I need to set up a VI Control account. Are you looking for any other NI instrument? I have a few I’ve been meaning to list on the NI forum.
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