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  1. No worries. Izotope said it is a known issue and set me up with the previous version, which works fine.
  2. This is very interesting, and must make WAVES with their $4K Grid Server very nervous. 😬 If you’re “offloading “ plug-ins from “inside” CW to the same machine, how does that make a difference with CPU load? Isn’t CW tapping the CPU to run plugins, just like this system does?
  3. I’m pairing a 32” Sony TV with a 27” Dell and it’s fine. I think these days you can get a TV monitor for less than a computer monitor in terms of screen size. Both mine are 1920x1080.
  4. WORKAROUND: The VST2 version seems to work, where the VST3 is the one causing the crash.
  5. Confirmed by CW tech support. VST3 is causing the crash. Will try VST2 and see how that goes. Have reached out to Ample Sound.
  6. I sent the dump file via the recommended channel, but, meantime, curious if anyone who's using Ample Guitar's riffer function is having this issue and has resolved it? CbB simply blinks off (crashes) and shuts down. No error message, no momentary hang and then shuts down. It simply blinks off. Gone. Early in project, so system is hardly taxed at all. Superior Drums, EZ Bass a couple of guitars. No heavy duty plugins to speak of, yet. EDIT: Ample Sound Guitar
  7. First, for someone speaking English as a second language, your English is very good! I understand now. What you have built here is amazingly helpful! Thank you!
  8. @1031 This is fantastic! The only thing I don't understand is: You can move by chromatic scale by pressing the page up key and page down key when selecting." If I insert a "D" into the articulation pane, and I want to change it to "E," is this what you're talking about ?
  9. Can it be any worse than Waves update plan?😄
  10. Rim shot! 😂 And don’t forget to tip your bartenders and waitresses!
  11. Thank you for the information and the zip file... looks like you put in a lot of work on this!
  12. I read in the Deals forum, that individuals can't list things for sale there. Is there another area to do that in the community? Or, does anyone know of an active online community where people buy/sell plugins/licenses, VSTs/licenses, etc? I'm in that boat. Thanks.
  13. This is interesting to me. It would be handy to have a chord guide like this visible as you build a song with various instruments. How are you getting what looks like the Arranger to be visible in the PRV? Are the chord blocks placed there by the “fake chord” articulation map? This would be a big time saver, as opposed to having to place the chords of the entire song structure manually using an added Arranger lane.
  14. Eager to try this. Hoping it will work with Ample Guitar RB, the Rickenbacher VSTi. I’m thinking the keyswitch articulations are all the same across the various guitar models. Thanks for sharing.
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