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  1. I’ll look into it. Have been getting more into MIDI lately and have never used this function before.
  2. Thanks. Got it working. I think the PRV view needs to be refreshed after a change like this. Similar to refreshing a browser after making a design change to a page in order to see that change.
  3. Is that sheet music something CbB produced from your song? It would be cool to see sheet music produced from a song.
  4. I have a song project. I'm using Kontakt. I have to adjust the MIDI notes to -2 in Preferences to match up with Kontakt's MIDI notes. Works great. But when I close out and re-open, the MIDI setting is Preferences is back to 0. How do I make this stick so I don't have to re-set it every time? Thanks.
  5. I'm on a Dell 8930 i9. All SSD. I've got Izotope 9 Advanced. Everything loads fine here, from the full OZ9 module to the individual modules: Tonal Balance Control 2, Dynamic EQ, Vintage Tape, etc. Literally a second or two.
  6. So, I'm trying to punch in a progression beginning at measure 30 (see pic). Novation impulse 25 triggering a Kontakt Elec. Sunburst guitar. And it won't punch in at measure 30. It begins recording MIDI fine from measure 31 onward. You can see the events at that point. It's like the entire measure 30 is a dead zone. I can hand draw the note in there at the right spot, but Kontakt just ignores it, and it doesn't trigger the virtual Kontakt keyboard that visually lets you know what's going on with it in terms of keyswitches and such. But there's nothing. It activates no key on the Kontakt keyboard, and it generates no sound. I saved, exited CbB and relaunched. No effect. Anyone have any ideas?. EDIT: Rebooted the computer and it went away. Always on my ladder of escalation when things get wonky.
  7. the EZ line of products have MIDI capabilities built into them, so the MIDI data is contained within them. You never have to have a separate MIDI track external to the VSTi if you don’t want to. I chose to bring the MIDI out of EZ Keys so I could route it Addictive Keys as the piano, instead of EZ Keys. But I understand what you’re saying about instrument tracks not having any audio to freeze. That makes sense given what’s happening here. Thanks.
  8. Oh, okay. Had found an old forum post thru Google from some years back that said otherwise. Thank you!
  9. See the photo please. I have four "Simple Instrument" synths in a project -- 1 EZ Drummer, 2 EZ Keys and 1 Addictive Keys. I've dragged the MIDI out of EZ Keys 1 (a piano) and put it on a MIDI Track "ADK MIDI" to drive the Addictive Keys VSTi in track 4. I've muted the EZ Keys, but want to keep it because I want to be able to access its MIDI data if I need to make a change moving forward. I'd like to freeze it to take the load of CPU, but the freeze button on the track and in the Synth Rack seems inactive. I click and nothing happens. The same is true for the other EZ instruments; I can't freeze them. Should I be able to? Interestingly, I AM able to freeze Addictive Keys, as shown. The only difference I can tell is that AD Keys has an external MIDI track driving it, whereas in the EZ Instruments, the MIDI is contained within the VSTi. NOTE: There's also an instance of Kontakt as you can see (so, I actually have 5 synths), where I'm using Strummed Guitar. It, too, has an external MIDI track associated with it driving an instance in a multi-rack, and I can freeze that VSTi as well. So, if it has an external MIDI Track going into a VSTi, I can freeze it, and if I doesn't have external MIDI going into the VSTi, I can't. Is this how it should work? I can ARCHIVE all the EZ Instruments, but that doesn't "unload" them from CPU the way freezing does, is that right?
  10. Thanks for the suggestion! Also, I was wrong about the Toontrack Hybrid Harp. You CAN access each instrument that comprises this hybrid instrument separately. So it essentially has a number of different and discrete instruments, including two Harmoniums. See the vid:
  11. Saw that and wondered if the instruments that make up the hybrid instrument could be used separately, but I don’t think they can.
  12. What a great clip! John’s expressive hamming for the camera gave me a nice chuckle to start the morning. We all need that now.
  13. Thanks for the note, Andres. I'll check it out!
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