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  1. I recognize the PRV icon. You can dock the PRV in the multi-dock and have quick access to it. Not sure what the other two items are. I have a second monitor, so I drag things over there to get them out of the way.
  2. “Blend out”? Do you mean close? Click the X.
  3. Trying to understand what the underlined portion is saying below, particularly the “x 2 samples language.“ Is it saying if the Mixing Latency Buffer Size value is smaller than double the size of the MinPluginLoadBalancingBufferSamples, then load balancing has no effect? The MinPluginLoadBalancingBufferSamples setting should not be confused with the Mixing Latency Buffer Size setting. Load balancing subdivides the audio buffer into multiple smaller buffers depending on the number of plug-ins in the FX Rack. If the Mixing Latency Buffer Sizevalue is smaller than MinPluginLoadBalancingBufferSamples × 2 samples, then load balancing has no effect. I’m reading here: http://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=AudioPerformance.14.html Thanks.
  4. You might edit this post to say “solved” so others who might be struggling with the same issue see the fix you found. Thanks!
  5. Same here. They actually remote-accessed my computer and I watched the tech his around in system settings, jigger the mac address and have me back to normal in about 10 seconds.
  6. Grrr.. .I was working on a project, gain staging drums. Got kick track all set, then moved the Waves VU meter I was using to the snare track (EZ Drummer using multi-outs). CW crashed immediately. It didn't hang and go into "not responding mode." It. Just. Crashed. And snapped off/shut down. I relaunched and notice almost all my Waves plugins were missing, including the one that crashed. I have about 45 Waves plugs, all told. Only a handful appear normal. The rest give me the "MIssing Plugins" pop up window when I open the project. Tried restarting. Tried shutting completely down to the "off" state, and then starting up. No effect. So... I'm guessing VST scan is apparently not seeing a ton of my Waves plugins. I've tried the repair function via Waves Central. I've tried to reinstall and reactivate everything through Waves Central. Nothing works. They are almost all V10 plugins. Have tried all the various re-scans of VSTs. The folders Wave recommends to scan are all there. I put everything in the default folders. Nothing has worked so far. Reached out to Waves and haven't heard back in a couple days. I'm no computer tech, but it looks like all the need Waves shells are in the VST3 folder, which is getting scanned? See attached. Any suggested next steps? Unistall/reinstall CW? Will I then have to reinstall EVERYTHING? Plugs, virtual instruments, the works? Thanks for any help Billy EDIT: I now see Waves Central is showing my DAW computer as a "Disconnected Device.' This seems to be the problem, but when I tick the radio button on the computer to try and reconnect it to my Waves Central, the "Recover" button is grayed out and unselectable. Probably have to wait for Waves to reset me, or something.... So, called WAVES. Apparently me turning off the wireless adapter (I use CAT5 wire connection to the Net, not wireless) messed up the computer's MAC address. Who knew that would create such havoc? Interestingly, the tech said I couldn't turn off the wireless without having the same problem unless I stored my licenses on an external USB thumb. Sounds weird, but that's what he said.
  7. I’ve never tried the duplicate move. I’ll just ctrl-drag a note where I want it in PRV as you point out, or lasso everything and ctrl-drag the group where I want them in the clip. What am I missing not using the Ctrl-D move?
  8. Once you figure out the routing it’s super efficient. Here’s one of the best vids I’ve seen on it. This guy does a ton of Cakewalk-specific vids. Here’s the one on using Kontakt.
  9. Thanks for this. This issue has driven me crazy in the past. Never figured out it was a “delete special” move.
  10. 😂🤣😂 Dude, I feel ya. Great to have a WTF!!! pull-out-your-hair issue miraculously cleared up! Thanks for the smile.
  11. I have the Izotope vocal doubler and Waves ADT. I have a hard time getting them to sound right to my ears. They seem more like flanging the main vocal. Can’t figure out what I might be doing wrong.
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