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  1. Thanks. I’ve previously done the factory reset, no change. Different cables, different ports, no change. Will research the ‘reset’ Windows USB ports.
  2. So... still working on this. Please, MIDI gurus, help if you can. I don't know if this is "Novation-specific" or just a general MIDI knot. I have swapped different version of USB drivers, starting with the original that was working, then the next version, and finally a version from Fall 2019 (the latest). The Impulse powers on (USB power), appears to be "operating normally" in Win 10 device settings, is recognized and configured in CbB in Midi Devices and Control Surfaces. Not sure how I got to this point, but now everything EXCEPT the actual keybed is sending Midi data, per a Midi testing app I installed (it might've been doing this before, but this is first time, out of frustration, I just started turning/sliding other controls). Encoders, pads, mod and pitch wheel, etc., all work and send data. I can see pitch and mod wheel movements in the MIDI app, and I can record it on a MIDI track. Have tried both USB and the 5-pin DIN Midi ports. Have tried different USB cables and USB ports. Not using a hub; directly into my computer. Any idea why just the keys won't send Midi??? Thanks for any help... don't know what else to do, and Novation support is frustratingly unresponsive. Thank you!
  3. I’ve received a lot of help from the community. Glad I was able to help.
  4. Okay. Version 5 had different configurations that had different output arrangements. After you’ve set up the multi, I’d save the multi as some has mentioned doing, then close the instance of Kontakt, then reopen it. Sometimes, some tasks in Kontakt have to be closed/reopened to take affect. Saving the multi you’ve set up allows you to easily reload it as a failsafe.
  5. Great to know/understand. I’ll be enabling multi-core processing. Thanks.
  6. Also consider EQing the reverb. YouTube search that. Certain frequencies can easily build up and muddy everything. Highs also can build up and sound harsh and grating.
  7. What version of Kontakt are you using?
  8. Thanks for weighing in everyone. I’ve got a decent i9/9900 system and maxed out RAM @ 64 Gb. I also run ParkControl, which prevents Windows from parking cores (which I understand it does by default), spreading out the CPU workload across all cores; in my case 8 cores/16 threads. This is what multi-core processing for plugins option does in CbB. ParkControl has always worked well for me, so I’ve stuck with it, and don’t run CbB load balancing .
  9. Always willing to try and boost data throughput performance, in this case USB port speed for my Focusrite 4i4 interface. If it’s plugged into a 5Gbps USB port, is there a marked advantage to installing a PCIe USB card that has a 10 Gbps capability? If it helps to improve audio latency balancing act, seems like an upgrade to consider. Or, is latency unrelated to a faster USB connection?
  10. Strange thing is, it doesn’t seem to be generating any MIDI data, per the Midi monitoring app I have. So it doesn’t seem DAW related. I’ll keep trying and troubleshooting.
  11. Was working fine, but I think I inadvertently deleted its USB driver. So I reinstalled the driver and rebooted. The unit powers on via USB connection. It's listed and checked in Midi Devices and Control Surfaces in Preferences, so CbB "sees" it. It's available as an input on Midi tracks, but there is no MIDI coming from the keyboard; I checked with a Midi Monitor, which shows no activity, while another MIDI control surface does, so I know the monitoring app is working. I also reset the Impulse to factory settings just to be sure I didn't wonk something out on it. I also tried another USB port. No use. Not sure what else to try. Any ideas appreciated. EDIT: What I ended up doing was downloading and installing a firmware update from Novation, and everything is working as normal. Apparently, user error, which necessitated frustrating troubleshooting and hair-pulling-out. The firmware update was a few steps and pretty painless. Back to the music!
  12. You make a good point here about needing some kind of workaround for the non-motorized fader issue on the Korg unit. If you set a track level, move away, then come back and the Korg/DAW fader are out of synch... hmm. Maybe disable the track’s Read function?
  13. I’m getting more into the NI VST world. Still trying to better understand how the Kontakt VSTs, Komplete Kontrol software, Komplete Kontrol keyboard, CbB can best work together. This helps, so thank you. So, it seems as long as one stays in the NI ecosystem i. The “instrument side” (KK keyboard “MIDI-talking” with KK software and KK VSTs) that’s rock solid, and a separate dedicated control surface like the Korg nanoKontrol Studio could handle the DAW control piece. Each would stay in its own mode/lane.
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