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  1. Hi. OP here. As mentioned, mine wasn’t CbB related. Also suggest you start a new thread to troubleshoot.
  2. Thanks for the heads up. I checked out some YT vids and sound samples and it sounded really harsh. Like, lo-fi.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I received the Spitfire email about this sale about 10 minutes ago.
  4. Hmmm… interestingly, although subscribed to their email list, I did not receive an email about this sale, and only found out about it because of this forum. Did anyone receive an email from Spitfire about this sale? I spoke to a rep on their site chat yesterday, and explained I never received an email on the July sale in which a product I am interested in was listed at an even lower price than this sale. The rep said they routinely send emails about sales to their subscribers and that there was nothing he could do to extend me that extra discount.
  5. I was on their site chat app. The rep said there was nothing he could do.
  6. So, Symphonic Motions is 30% off, $174. A July sale on that of 40% off ($149) just ended Sunday. I’m on the spitfire email list, but never received an email about that sale, which a Spitfire rep said they sent out, as they do all their sales. Did anyone receive that email? I regularly check my spam/junk email because stuff ends up in there sometimes, but there was nothing in there either. Bummed.
  7. Wow! Nice… and thanks for sharing!
  8. Got it, everyone, thanks.
  9. I wasn’t aware mix recall would physically remove anything. In my misguided way of thinking about mix recall, I imagined it working along the lines of workspaces, where Mixes 1, 2, 3 etc would each be there own discrete entity within a single project. I see my mental model wasn’t correct.
  10. Good to know the “save as” strategy. Was concerned about consuming storage space with multiple versions.
  11. Thanks @scook. I read through that section and had trouble understanding the info. It’s still elusive to me. I’m kind of down a rabbit hole on a mix and want to get rid of a number of tracks but keep other tracks and try some new tracks with the tracks I keep. But I would like it to be non-destructive so that I can return to where I started. Maybe the mix scenes aren’t the way to go? I guess I could freeze, archive and hide tracks and still have them available if I want to return to one or more of the tracks later.
  12. I saved my original mix as Mix 1, with all tracks. As a test, I deleted a single track with a Kontakt instrument, and I saved that as Mix 2. Now, the track I deleted for my test is not showing up in Mix 1, in which I saved all the tracks in my original, including the track I deleted as my test. So, the "test delete" track isn't in either track. Shouldn't it be in Mix 1? What am I missing? Thanks.
  13. So how did that work out?
  14. When you say ‘I click solo’ you’re not selecting a track you want to solo, and then clicking the solo button in the control bar, right? You’re clicking the solo button on the track you want to solo, right?
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