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  1. This is cool. Say you have three views in a floating multi dock (console, PRV, and a virtual instrument GUI), is there a way to set a key binding that would cycle through whatever you have in the multi dock, alternating each into focus as you “toggle “ through?
  2. I'd say I'm an intermediate MIDI user. Have and am using MIDI-controlled VSTi's. I understand the signal I/O signal routing from Controller to MIDI channel to VST channel. Can't figure this out: Just bought LX25+. Registered, downloaded and installed the software for CbB (adds some deeper integration/control beyond generic MIDI Controller). Plugged in and turned on. No driver is required for LX 25+, as it's class compliant. Cakewalk recognized LX25+. Added MIDI input/output for LX25+ in Preferences/MIDI/Devices. Added LX25+ as a Control Surface in Preferences/MIDI/Control Surfaces. In Port and Out Port set. Added MIDI track and set input to LX25+ OMNI... Input Echo is on. Midi track is in focus. Always Echo current MIDI track checked in Preferences/MIDI/Playback and Recording. No MIDI signal from the controller registering in the meter. No sound from VSTi. (Addictive Keys). Tried as both a Simple Instrument Track and as a separate Midi channel paired with the AddKeys' channel. No joy. Also, interestingly(?), the WAI color (red) assigned to LX25+ is not showing up in the MIDI track I've set the input to LX25 on; the color (aqua) reflects another control surface I have connected, Presonus Faderport. Closed Cakewalk. Opened MIDI-OX to test. LX25+ is recognized and working. Keys/pads, encoders all sending signal. What am I doing wrong ? Thanks. EDIT: Operator error. When I added it as a Control Surface I selected the actual name of the controller (Nektar LX25+) that showed up in the dropdown menu Controller/Surface instead of choosing "ACT/MIDI Controller." Back in business.
  3. Thanks yes. Asked you a question there as Billy S and you answered. I have the Gen 1 of the single channel FP and cant think of a reason to upgrade to the Gen 2 version if it’s not anymore integrated with CbB.
  4. I’m not a very technical person, so I’m curious what this means for performance. I use ParkControl and have often wondered about lasso. Also, would this create additional heat that needs additional cooling? It sounds like lasso is sort of ParkControl on steroids and kicks the CPU in the butt performance-wise and keeps it at higher rate?
  5. I often have to do this as well. The ins and outs get scrambled for some reason. The first thing I check when something MIDI isn’t working.
  6. Looking at replacing my Faderport Gen 1 (just the single channel, not 8 or 16). Lots of new features in the new version. How much works in Mackie control mode? I understand it’s not as full featured as with Studio One, but do you find your 8 version handles most of the features it offers? Thanks.
  7. ??? I just went there and got the Lindell 80 (Neve) Channel and Bus for $49, a super buy, down from $249. Never in email or purchase process did they ask for any kind of loyalty voucher. Offer showed up in my email box, I clicked on it, logged into my account. Got the deal. What are the vouchers all about?
  8. Using a VU meter from TBPro Audio. After a while it will get jittery as the song plays, as if dropping frames or struggling to keep up the read out of everything it's processing. Is this a function of a GPU that's not keeping up redrawing the visual? I'm on a decently powered machine i9/9900 3.4 GHz with 64 gigs of Ram. There are 15 tracks, but the plugin count is growing...
  9. 14 tracks. 6 with guitars each running an Amplitube 5 guitar sim. Not near maxing out. Task Manager: CPU 17%. Memory 29%. Just trying to follow best practices and efficiency I guess.
  10. Track is set to stereo. Not sure why, but this morning the freeze results in approx. a 2 dB decrease in level. Not that big of a deal; I can adjust for that pretty easily.
  11. @scook CbB Obi Wan... Can you suggest where I should look to figure out why, when I freeze a VSTi as you explained how to do and worked great (in this case Superior Drummer) it would jump about 5 dB in volume? As was asked here, I'm not bouncing a stereo track to mono as I know can cause an increased in volume. I'm simply freezing it, which as I understand it is simply a "bounce in place." Thanks.
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