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  1. Yes, that's what I thought. Can't see why anyone would find a use for converting mp3 to wav. In terms of sonic content, there's no "there" there in the mp3 to convert.
  2. Yeah, just wanted to confirm. I was just curious why anyone would want to do that in a music production scenario.
  3. Hi. Gold Wave sounded interesting so I checked it out. Thanks for mentioning. A user talks about batch converting .mp3 into .wav files. In terms of such a conversion, that can’t increase the sonic quality, can it? I mean trying to “up convert” (for lack of a better term) a lossy file into a higher quality file like a .wav or flac isn’t possible, right?
  4. Thanks for the suggestions, everyone. Have tried a little bit with both CW's and Musescore's. The trickiest part of each, it seems, is getting the lyrics in the right place. I have a piano piece in MIDI. Easy to import into Musescore and it creates the notation. But I'm still wading through how to control and edit where the lyrics fall. Anyone know if there's a solution where you can actually record (sing) the lyrics directly into the staff/sheet music and it puts them where they belong, relative to the notes on the staff? Talk about a workflow enhancement...
  5. I've searched the forum and Google but can't seem to find much information on this. I want to create sheet music from a midi piano performance and have the lyrics with it -- like you might see in a Hal Leonard book or something like that. Can I do that inside CbB (I have Melodyne Editor as well), OR do I need a third-part app to do that? If so, any suggestions if anyone is using one of those? Thanks and Happy Holidays!
  6. Hi everyone. Thanks for the replies. There are some great suggestions. I like the idea of essentially setting aside DLLs if that will remove them from the scan path (and thus the display of plugins), and then have the option of adding them back later if I want. Thanks again!
  7. So... after a number of years of acquiring plugins, I've found that I have a "go-to" list that covers everything I need/use. My New Year's resolution is to eliminate the clutter, which there seems A LOT of at this point of gathering through the years. What is the best way to delete plugins I no longer want/need -- both the declutter pop-up lists when searching/inserting, and freeing up drive space. Thanks, and Happy Holidays everyone! Billy
  8. Have to ask: when drawing a line in the various PRV controller panes (say, mod wheel values) is there a way to draw a “locked” horizontal line (say at 100) when dragging your mouse? No matter how straight ( ie consistently “locked” to a value) I try to drag my mouse left to right across the timeline, it invariably wavers among values.
  9. So, just heard from EW. It is NOT possible to separate the three voices in Hollywood Backup Singers. And, yes, I bought this one because of the WorldBuilder capability. VoS is a single voice.
  10. Not sure if any one can help on something I’m trying to figure out (still waiting to hear from EW). I have Hollywood Singers. There are three voices all blended together. I’d like to isolate them into their individual parts. Is that possible, or can you only use the three of them in a blend? Voices of Soul features just one singer, who’s also a part of Hollywood Singers. Trying to isolate her in HS. Thanks.
  11. No problem. I appreciate the response.
  12. Thanks for the response. I'm not that good with playing guitar type instruments (especially realistic strumming!) on a MIDI controller. I rely a lot on MIDI patterns that I find that work for a particular song (for example out of GS strummed acoustic or UJam Amber). Have you used third-party MIDI performances/articulations to trigger anything in Fab Four?
  13. Is anyone using the Fab Four? If so, would love to hear some thoughts. New to the EW world, but just picked up Hollywood Singers, which sounds like it could be amazing once I climb the learning curve. Thanks.
  14. Same tour. Tampa, FL. I think it was ‘76? It rained. Then stormed. The promoter cancelled mid-show. People refused to leave. That’s when the law came to clear the stadium. Classic experience of the times with those huge stadium concerts. Zep, The Who, etc. wild times.
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