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  1. Thanks to you both for the information! Always more to learn! I appreciate it.
  2. So, I’ve just done my first comp-recording of lead vocals. I did it in sections (verse, chorus, etc.) and recorded four-five takes of each section. They are on take lanes, from which I will mix/match to assemble the comp’d lead vocal track. It struck me that there would be useful unchosen takes that I could assemble into a secondary lead vocal track that I could use for vocal doubling at spots in the song. What is the best way to approach this? One thing I’ve thought of is recording a selection of takes (different from the comp’d lead vocal) to an Aux Track to create a lead vocal double. Has anyone created a vocal double from previously unused vocal takes? Would be grateful to hear how you went about it. Thanks!
  3. I would start by making sure the Snap-To/Snap-By function is disabled. Should be able to move the note freely.
  4. I'm a Focusrite guy, and what's suggested is where I'd start, if you haven't.
  5. Thanks for pointing me to this. Great video overview. I had seen this, and thought at the time that I "got" it. Probably too excited just to jump into the new I/O. Re-watched it, having had my hands on it, and it sank in! Thanks again!
  6. I must be thick-skulled and hope someone using an interface with Focusrite Control can help me figure something out. I read the manual and searched the forums to no avail. Just moved from a 1st Gen. Focusrite 2i4 to the new 4i4. The physical Direct monitor knob, which used to allow you to mix what was coming out of the DAW with the instrument you were recording and could hear on the 2i4, is gone on the 4i4. It’s now apparently controlled by the software Focusrite Control. I can’t figure out the signal routing in Focusrite Control to do what the Direct Monitor knob used to do. How do you do that? Thank you!
  7. Thanks for the reply. Yes, my Kontakt instrument does exactly what you describe, and I've adjusted for that. I can actually see the right MIDI note triggering in the virtual controller Kontakt displays at the bottom of the GUI, but it just doesn't seem to take hold, the previous strumming pattern from the previous keyswitch just steamrolls right through it. It's a head-scratcher...
  8. I've tried everything and can't figure this out. Checked the manual and online stuff and it SHOULD work. It's a simple keyswitch that's the ending strum on the Kontakt Electric Sunburst guitar. Keyswitch B is the "ending strum." Keyswitch A is a pattern I want to stop playing when it hits the "ending strum keyswitch B." I can see on the little virtual keyboard in the Kontakt instrument reflecting the keyswitch triggers. It triggers Keyswitch B for just the blink of any eye, then goes pack to playing the strumming of Keyswitch A. I've tried jiggering the triggers around the beat markers and such, but it just seems Keyswitch A is running right through Keyswitch B and playing that final chord. What am I doing wrong? Any ideas would be appreciated! Thanks! -- BIlly
  9. Thank you, Scook. Exactly what I needed to know. And thanks for all the other knowledge you share on the forum... I may not ask the questions, but I find it all helpful... Have a great New Year!
  10. Hi. I know this has been discussed before, but I can't seem to find the thread. I'm setting up a new computer and I want to avoid storing space-hogging project audio files on my SSD C Drive. I'm confused by the choices in 1). preferences/file/folder location and 2). preferences/file/audio data. I want to keep audio data on a per project basis, but I don't see how to choose this option as indicated in some previous documentation. And how does the Global Audio Folder figure into all this? How do I select to keep audio with its related project as the default, and can I do that by simply changing the path in preferences/file/folder locations to another drive? Thanks for any advice! Billy
  11. Hi. I posted a similar question about user-experience with NI controllers a couple weeks back because I’m interested in their controller line as well, but got zero responses. Hope you have better luck because I’m still curious about using them with CbB. Hard to imagine no one is using them.
  12. Hmm... So, really? No one is using this keyboard? How any of its siblings in the "S" line? Thanks....
  13. Thinking about this keyboard. Is anyone using this with CbB? Have seen vids with how integrated it is controlling a few other DAWs like Ableton. Curious how well it works with CbB in terms of controlling plugin parameters, working with tracks, etc. i know it’s tight with Kontakt and Komplete Kontrol. Thanks for any insight/user experience info. Billy
  14. No. If you have a qualifying Kontakt library, even from 3rd-party vendors (such as Realitone, which plays in the Kontakt Player, for example), you can get the discounted price to BUY full Kontakt 6.
  15. Thank you, yes. I'm vaguely aware of that forum, but I can never find it. It's not apparent from the header navigation how to get there.
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