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  1. I don't know of a cal or cals that can do it alone, but Frank's MIDI Plug-Ins ($32.89) has "Split Poly" which will split chords into separate midi channels. Then using "Split Channel to Tracks.cal" you can separate to tracks. ...Dave
  2. The Cakewalk Quantize MIDI FX does tuplet resolution. Also, in the PRV, you can set the snap to ticks. If your using 960 ticks per quarter note (set in Preferences/Project/Clock), 9 notes per beat comes out to 106.67 - 106 or 107 will get you close.
  3. Tiny Terror is still locked in AT5 for me - I did a "Restore Purchases" in the CS (both the old and new ones). In the new CS it appears with a green check, but still locked in AT5 Edit: Magically started working - never mind...
  4. I tried to use my $9.00 coupon to buy two $4.00 preset banks, but it's only giving me $5.00 off. It looks like this: I did send them an email, but in the meantime, any ideas? Shouldn't my order total be $0.00?
  5. IK couldn't reproduce the crash and just kind of left it there for now suggesting contacting CW - I have just now. Seems odd with all the reports of that here, no? ...Dave
  6. Same here - vst3 crashes CbB - vst2 works though. I did report to IK with links to the message and dump file.
  7. cool - i got so much in the habit of scrolling down to check for ST 4.0.7, i missed it
  8. 4.0.6 is here, but ... and, I did send this to IK: With the 4.0.6 update, I hear clicking on American Acoustic Fingerstyle Strumming 1 or 2, or the AA Stereo Fingerstyle, also on ST4 instruments, good examples being on "J200 Finger Sustain" a little bit, "Palor L Finger Sustain" quite a bit. Also on 1973 Stage EP, 1974 Wurly EP, and on Dyno Wide you can hear it accentuated by the reverb and make it happen easily playing it from a keyboard. This midi file demonstrates it well with any of the patches listed. ST 406 clicks.mid
  9. I submitted this to IK: repeating midi notes butted up against each other don't all play. Draw in the piano roll some repeated midi notes so that they touch but do not overlap. In SampleTank 4.0.5, they don't all play. I first noticed this on an acoustic guitar track using "American Acoustic", but then tried many patches from various libraries including SampleTank 3 instruments. I reverted to SampleTank 4.0.4, and all the notes play, as they do also in SampleTank 3.
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