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  1. Having waited on the 9.99 deal on Sunset Sound Reverb Collection Upgrade for MixBox (having the T-Racks version), I thought this would be a good time to do it and qualify for the $/€49.99 Entry Point, enabling me to get the three new MODO DRUM Kits. But surprise - the only bonus content in my dropdown lists is T-Racks Classic Equalizer! This doesn't seem right to me - not the way these kind of things have worked in the past. Edit - User error! - MODO DRUM SE 1.5 is in my IK account already. (three new kits included) I guess I forgot about getting it!
  2. "A repeatable $30 gift voucher to spend in our shop! This offer ends on June 19th, 2022, 11:59 PM CET; The voucher code is available on the MyAccount area of ANWIDA Soft website. You are required to create an account if you have not done yet;" However, when I ad an item to my cart, I see nowhere to enter it on the the checkout page - no coupon box. Does any one else see the coupon box? Edit: Just after posting this, I tried again and now I do see the coupon box - go figure I guess...
  3. I install Syntronik Libraries to a "Syntronik 2" folder on my E drive. The samples get installed into "E:\...\Syntronik 2\Samples", and then into their respective instrument folders. But about half of the Syner V samples got installed into "E:\...\Syntronik 2\Syntronik 2 Sound Content\Samples. I moved them from there to "E:\...\Syntronik 2\Samples\Syntronik Syner-V" to fix it.
  4. Yes Cakewalk - no not just you - I went ahead and made a couple videos. Give them a link to these if you want. B-3X CC11 Bug.mp4 B-3X CC11 Bug Work-Around.mp4
  5. About your issue, if others don't chime in and if you have not already done so I'm sure support can assist, that seems like something they could try to recreate and further identify (or if it is something known that they can help with for you directly without an update, even better!). This is definitely true - I've worked around it by converting the cc11 to NRPN "expression pedal". To convert data from the controller pane in the PRV, first convert that to an envelope and from there to NRPN. Then it seems to freeze or export with smooth volume changes. Try it Peter - you'll be able in to recreate this I'm quite sure. Then you could pass it along to support, no?
  6. I hear that too. I have "The Steel" and it has similar pops on the "Bend Up and Bend Up/Down" articulations. It happens on release as do the ones in the fiddle walk thru video.
  7. You can't get there from here - things not included in the group buy (presently) that are in AT5 MAX are: Amps (and corresponding cabs): E650, HiAmp, JCA100H, JCA20H, MAZ 18 Jr., MB 150 S, Powerball, THD Bi-Valve, V3M Carvin, Z Wreck Stomps: Contour Wah, Nirvana, Nu-Tron III, Power Grid, Seek Trem, Seek Wah, Shape Shifter, T-Rex Moller, T-Rex Mudhoney, T-Rex Replica I have the HiAmp, MB 150 S and THD Bi-Valve (previous IK giveaways, I think). Too bad these aren't available as picks for promotions, which from this point for myself and many others will otherwise be all duplicates (hint).
  8. I don't know of a cal or cals that can do it alone, but Frank's MIDI Plug-Ins ($32.89) has "Split Poly" which will split chords into separate midi channels. Then using "Split Channel to Tracks.cal" you can separate to tracks. ...Dave
  9. The Cakewalk Quantize MIDI FX does tuplet resolution. Also, in the PRV, you can set the snap to ticks. If your using 960 ticks per quarter note (set in Preferences/Project/Clock), 9 notes per beat comes out to 106.67 - 106 or 107 will get you close.
  10. Tiny Terror is still locked in AT5 for me - I did a "Restore Purchases" in the CS (both the old and new ones). In the new CS it appears with a green check, but still locked in AT5 Edit: Magically started working - never mind...
  11. I tried to use my $9.00 coupon to buy two $4.00 preset banks, but it's only giving me $5.00 off. It looks like this: I did send them an email, but in the meantime, any ideas? Shouldn't my order total be $0.00?
  12. IK couldn't reproduce the crash and just kind of left it there for now suggesting contacting CW - I have just now. Seems odd with all the reports of that here, no? ...Dave
  13. Same here - vst3 crashes CbB - vst2 works though. I did report to IK with links to the message and dump file.
  14. cool - i got so much in the habit of scrolling down to check for ST 4.0.7, i missed it
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