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  1. I probably can't reproduce it 100%, particularly in an empty project, but I have a project where's happening and I can't figure out what might be causing it. Anything to look at to troubleshoot?
  2. weird... seems like it just started happening where I'm constantly unintentionally grouping everything. Guess it's always been that way.
  3. Scott Kendrick

    Time to Fly

    What I like about the mix is the guitars are big and wide, the vocals are super clear and have their space - and the fact that you pieced together a song the way you did is super impressive. Has a Queensryche feel to me - great song and great tutorial. I'm starting to adopt the Aux track method of summing instrument tracks rather than bussing - and it's turning out to be a faster workflow.
  4. I'm pretty sure this never used to work this way, and guessing it was a "new feature"... I right click on one track (without using the CTRL key), choose add to group and all of a sudden ALL of my tracks were added to that group, simply because they happened to be selected. But I can't remove from group that way, so I have to clear the group and start over. I suppose I will get used to deselecting tracks before doing so, but this never used to happen and I thought "CTRL key +" was the universal method of changing multiple tracks/busses at once.
  5. I've seen this several times recently and wondering - is there something I'm doing wrong that I should check or is this a bug. I've been disabling sends, usually that are part of a gropu, and the audio still sends to the Aux tracks. I have to additionally mute those aux tracks which works for my workflow but if I had other tracks sending, that approach wouldn't work. Anyone else having issues with sends still passing through?
  6. Scott Kendrick

    Time to Fly

    awesome - thank you!
  7. @Lord Tim > I can't seem to find the PDF. Any idea where to find it, or possible to send? Thx
  8. Scott Kendrick

    Time to Fly

    digging into this, but I'm having troubles finding the PDF. Does it download with the package and if so, any idea where? Not in the project folders - possible to post somewhere or PM me? Thanks - love the mix and the setup.
  9. @Lord Tim > that demo project is amazing... sounds really good all with stock plugins, very clean. Thank you.
  10. Thanks again - so much good stuff in here, I read through immediately. And I'll return more times. How I got to posting this... first off, my scenario is much simpler than most here. Right now just mixing for one band so things are kind of consistent, even though we record different genres, sometimes with some different arrangements, but usually the typical drums, bass, multiple guitar tracks, multiple vocals, harmonies, etc. Only on one occasion have I been asked for stems, so I haven't incorprated a need for that into my workflow just yet, but it does explain a lot in terms of why certain routing and templates are set up the way they are. I had a go to template, but I'm always looking to get better and started researching. The template for me, even as I branch out to other bands, genres, different arrangements -- it's about knowing certain things that work well, and sticking to them, or starting with them, and adjusting. Simple example - I like gated reverb on my snare, so it's all preset ready to go. I dynamic EQ my bass side-chained by the kick, so that's set up. Similar with certain delays, reverbs I like sitting in busses to receive sends. Again - my interest was not specifically for a more convenient mix managment, but rather, wondering if I'm getting the best sound by reverbing certain instruments together, compressing certain intstruments together etc. Templates are a good way to see how other people are doing it - I first found @fossile's shared template in another post and will definitely check out @Lord Tim's as well (and as mentioned, getting glimpses of how folks like Scheps, Korneff have things set). My template used to be Instrument tracks output to instrument busses Sometimes multiple busses - example combining guitars for the verse into a Guit-verse bus, for the chorus, Guit-chorus bus, both combine into a Guitar master I was outputing my drum room and drum overheads to a shared bus, then combing back with the rest of the drums Drums, Bass combine in a Rhythm bus Sends for reverbs, delays, parallel compression lived in busses < I used to use the same parallel compression bus for Bass and Drums, but then realized the bass was stomping on the drums - perhaps I could have contolled this with send level, but I just stopped doing it and drum parallel compression sounding way better Reverbs/delays were going to master Parallel compression for bass/drums were combining back into the Rhythm buss.. a bit of glue and EQ on that rhythm bus Vocals - I had a lead vocal bus and a backup vocal bus... lead and double to the lead bus, all the backups and harmonies to the back vocal bus, then combined into a vocal master... I was playing with where I should have my sends to delay, reverb, doubling, chorus - usually the backups/harms, I'd send the bus to those rather than the individual tracks, but with leads, I'd often just use the lead for sends and not the double At time of writing this original post I was only sometimes using Aux for sends for specific instruments - but after posting I realized you can also output to Aux tracks, which a few of you have pointed out here. I've started moving a lot more to aux tracks, as I am finding it convenient when the aux is isolated to a specific instrument or group (the muting scenario Lord Tim mentioned). But outputting to Aux trax will be a huge convenience as well with out impacting the sound... example - the multiple guitar tracks, drums, or the vocals combining first to AUX, then outputting to busses. I'll continue hunting for those best scenarios for combining or separating reverb and delay, or combining tracks for bus compression to get the best result. again - thanks, I'll go through these posts a couple more times, and grab that template!
  11. Really appreciate all the detailed responses... just getting back to this now and going through all this helpful info.
  12. Thanks for the replies - I probably inappropriately focused my post title on "Templates" - I've adjusted it to try to clarify more what I"m after which is best practices for routing tracks to busses, all the way through the master, like the bullet points I listed. Reiterating as an example - is it better to send different instruments to shared reverb busses or independent per instrument? Would a vocal and guitar ever share a delay or reverb bus? And after you send to a reverb, what should that reverb bus output to? Slightly different question - but for cakewalk, are there best practices for when you should send to a bus vs. send to an Aux track?
  13. Thanks for your original and this template update. I was playing with your original last night making some adjustments for my tastes. I've had some general questions around routing approaches, and posted a separate thread here. Would love your thoughts on these.
  14. Been digging around into different approaches from people like Scheps, CLA, Korneff for how they are routing tracks, sends/returns, busses etc and curious what other people have found works best (I know there's not right answer, personal preference, how does it sound, etc). For context - I'm more interest in what produces the best sounding mixes (e.g. space for everything, gluing for cohesion, big mixes) than what provides convience (e.g. a single fader vs. multiple to achive something), and my genre is primarily rock (classic rock, hard rock, some punk). High level I have tracks, going to instrument/group busses, which then combine into instruments and vocals, then to master. Some approaches I've found and have questions about... Drums and bass combine into a Rhythm Bus so they can be glued together (which then goes to all instruments bus) Or Kick and Bass to a Low End Bus so low end can be controlled, Low End Bus goes straight to master Parallel processing aux/busses combine into a Paralle Master which is sent directly master (e.g. Korneff sends parallel drum compression and guitar widening to this) Or parallel processing combined back with the instrument tracks (such as Drum parallel compressor back to the Drum Master Bus) Reverb / Delay sends, returns, etc < seems to be lots of different approaches and where I'm most confused on what sounds best Use a handful of reverb rooms that different instruments are sent to, so they share space (creates glue) More often I see vox, guitars, drums, each having their own independent set of verbs Sometimes verb/delay sent to the master, other times returned back to that instruments main bus (e.g. Drum Master), other times instrument verb/delay sent to "all instruments bus" and vocal verbs/delay to all Vox bus Other times I've seen a completely separate FX bus where all verb delay combined, which goes to Master (similar to the parallel mention above) Hope this makes sense - would love to hear what tips you have gleaned from the pros on routing, mix templating, that work best for you.
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