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  1. It appears to depend on the EuCon interface for CbB that you can't get unless you own a serialized Avid product. Maybe the iOS app is serialized? I couldn't figure that out. You can't create an Avid account for EuCon download without a serial number. Edit: I followed the path to the download for the drivers and get essentially to the same point.
  2. I've been looking too. CbB docs say to just select it as a control surface but it's not there. Any attempt to find it always takes you to the Avid site and it assumes you bought something. I'll keep looking.
  3. Thanks. I’ll keep looking. I want transport control not a mixer. I’d be wasting most of the mini. Same as my BCR2000. I rarely use the knobs.
  4. Is there one that is all buttons and no knobs? I don't need to vary anything, mute, solo etc., I just need a remote transport with some buttons I can use to toggle some functions and control play, record, rewind, rewind to marker, etc.
  5. Ok, I’ll try turning in down. The normal gesture of moving to the field and clicking to select does it. On the other hand the mouse isn’t moving unusually fast across the screen. But I think you are right that it’s a windows setting.
  6. As the title say, in Events view left clicking on any value will increment it. And I mean clicking on it to select it. Midi channel, measure/beat, etc. Right click opens the Event selection so that works. Holding after left click correctly changes the value when I move the mouse. It getting old having to reach for the +/- key to fix it. I did a search in both the manual and online and didn't see anything. Any idea what is going on? Maybe I am bumping the mouse when I click on it? If so, it's REALLY sensitive.
  7. It could come back on with a stop or playback. I guess if you turned it off with the icon it might come back on with a stop or playback though. Of course like 50 other things I fail to remember (block size, etc.), I would have to go "oh, yeah, I have it set to toggle in Preference."
  8. I have to turn off FX when I record to eliminate the midi note delay and re-enable it on playback. I would be nice to set a flag that would do this automatically. When you hit record (not just arm a track) FX is disabled without having to click the icon. After a stop, hitting playback enables it again. Something like "Disable FX during Record." TK
  9. Update: Increasing the block size for the presonus to 1024 or greater fixes the problem. I can run MPE with load balancing. No static.
  10. I just saw this searching for a similar problem. If I run two Munt MT32 x64 plugins at once, it get this crackling/sparkling in the sound. Muting one doesn't help the other. And it's only when it's playing a sound. There is no noise when no notes are playing. If I turn off the "Use Multiprocessing Engine" it goes away. Not sure what is going on. Without the Multiprocessing Engine, it taxes my m7 pretty good although it's still enough on some complex songs with lots of plugins. Edit: I did see where Load Balancing is for effects but not instruments so that explains why turning it off has little if any affect. The manual says CbB will still use the other processor and cores when Multi-Processing engine is off but not exactly when. So far, with MPE off, all the songs seem to be fine even if the processor usage is pretty high. But if it works, I'm not going to worry about it.
  11. I got a reply from the Munt developer: Munt VSTi supports MidiProgramNames feature set (getMidiProgramName, getCurrentMidiProgram functions) to send program names to hosts. But the host also has to support this mechanism. This is the only standard mechanism defined by VST 2.4 specification for sending program names to hosts. Unfortunately very few host supports this. The only one known by me is Cubase ... If there is something that can be done here should I move it to Feedback Loop? Or should I drop it.
  12. Thanks Mark, that is what I suspected and appreciate you clearing it up.
  13. If you have a VST that only shows 0 ...127 for the patch name on the midi track, is there a way to rename those numbers (or assign them) to patch names? I was playing with the Define in Midi Instruments Preferences and while I can create a list, I don't see where I could point the VST to use that list rather than the numbers. The VST is the Munt MT-32. The VST shows the names on it's properties screen but the patch in the midi track is always a number. Any input appreciated.
  14. I have two SSD. The OS and all apps are on C. All music files, installers, docs, etc. are on D. I periodically do an image backup of C to D and also do a backup of D to an external drive. From that I can recover pretty much everything if one of the three die. I do agree that SSD's have a nasty habit of just stopping rather than complaining first.
  15. Interestingly I watched the clock speeds and the noise started before the clock showed a change but I assume it was a delayed readout. For fun I swapped in an i7 and for the same temps I can drop the block to 64 but there is still too much delay so in the end it really didn’t solve the problem. The workaround is minor. Again, this isn’t the right machine for the job. But it’s fun trying!
  16. One minor mod to an 8560p is to remove the RFI screen mesh over the bottom vents. Those restrict the air intake. I think at this point I am well outside the forums scope. Hopefully this information helps reinforce the need to clean fans and heatsink and the impact of block size on CPU temps.
  17. I wanted to add some addition information. This is more relevant to laptops as DAWs vs desktops with large fans. Cleaning my heat sinks and fans on my laptop really helped keep the CPU from going into speed limitations but I would still get the occasional static and the temps would go north of 70C. But not all of the time. I was wondering if some setting was causing a problem with the CPU load since I mess with them a lot. The issue was the block size for the interface. With small sizes to keep the latency down (like 32/64/128) the CPU could easily keep up but the cooling couldn’t. Raising the block size to 256 or larger dropped the temps 10C minimum. The cooling just couldn’t keep up with the demand on the CPU. I added a fan under the air inlet and it worked fine but that’s not practical. One thing that doesn’t help either is the ambient temperature in the room is nearly 80F (yeah, I’m mixing units.) When it’s cooler here, the CPU cooling can keep up better. CPU heatsink compound is fine and not the issue. I have set the fan to 100% and it’s just not enough. 128 is right on the edge but the delay forces me to kill the effects or look-ahead. So at this point I just leave the block size at 256 and turn off all effects or look-ahead when I am recording. No noticeable delay on Midi and the CPU stays down in the 50C range. I have some pretty large midi/audio tracks and it keeps up fine. This laptop clearly isn’t the right tool for a DAW and someday I will go to something with cooling more in line with my needs. 😀 The laptop is an HP 8560p with an i5-2540M processor and 16gb of ram. The 8560p isn’t known for its excessive cooling! 😁 Awats
  18. West central California near San Luis Obispo.
  19. Thanks David, I agree that zooming out gives a rough approximation but it's still pretty busy. I've gotten used to the way it is but I was wondering if there was a setting that would collapse the clips similar to the old main screen on CfW. The old main screen allowed you to easily grab events without worrying about any grouping. I've made a couple of adjustments in View/Display that helps. Awats
  20. It would be nice if we could get away from the overall black/gray background. It does appear unchangeable at this point.
  21. Is there a way to get CbB to show the measure with events using dots the way the old TT Cakewalk for Windows did in the main screen? It was easy to see clear where events were. It made cut/paste very easy. Maybe I just don't see it in CbB? I know, "Go back to Windows 95 you infidel!!"
  22. I'm running 1903 and have a couple of things that could have potentially need reactivation but so far everything works. Not a peep.
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