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  1. @Craig Anderton are you meaning live streaming or all streaming? I'm curious why it is different.
  2. Multiband compressors are sometimes used lightly on the master, or a limiter, as John points out, but i never use a single band compressor on the master.
  3. So I mix into meters to give me a picture of how hot I'm getting. It really helps until you get used to a certain sound. There are different thresholds I target depending on the music like -12 or -14. If I want to leave head room then appropriately lower than that. This makes it possible ease off compressors. appropriately so the limiter only trims a dB or 2. Now, if I'm being honest, I usually have a bounce before I'm applying a limiter and I apply the limiter so that I hit my average loudness target. All the songs will then have the same average loudness unless I mean for one to be quieter or louder. It doesn't happen by accident. If you don't learn your loudness metrics until you have your final export, it's a lot of work doubling back and easing off... then exporting and studying again. My meter of choice is the RME EBU Meter.
  4. I'll bet you can repeat the issue and resolve it by switching the config setting I mention above. It's a beta setting. I think that was your problem. It has exactly the symptom you described. Noel, the lead programmer, is aware and advises not to use 3.
  5. avoid the advanced threading scheduling model. Stick with 2 or less. Don't try 3. P ( for preferences ) > Config File > Thread Scheduling Model.
  6. Oh wait... Another reason this happens to people is a bounce to track that isn't muted. 1. You have a mix that sounds great. 2. Bounce it to a track 3. Play all tracks (original plus new) without muting... Result: mix volume+3db.
  7. Jim helped me upgrade my motherboard this week. Pretty great imho and cheaper that all new.
  8. Yes, I'm on the latest version. It's your file for import mono?
  9. I have a friend who has always been analog only. He even has an analog guitar synth. There is no more withering comment from him than, sounds digital. He has been talking about the cool behringer stuff he has been researching... But i don't see any of it in his racks of synths. I definitely have not followed him down his analog only route. That said, my earthquaker pedals? I think they are kinda junk. Sorry earthquaker. But my cakewalk synths? Oh my! There go another 6 hours. Have you considered getting him syntorial? That's in your budget. https://www.syntorial.com/ This learning tool has been critical to my ability to enjoy synths over the years. There are things you can sync in digital that cannot be done with analog. The most obvious is tempo sync, but starting oscillators at the note-on event is another. This way the note attack is predictable.
  10. If he likes bass, the moog minitaur is cool. https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/Minitaur--moog-minitaur-analog-bass-synthesizer I recognize it isn't in your price range but it is cool. Btw, my friend has one so i have personal experience.
  11. I just tried and it worked fine for me. Did you already have 2 tracks?
  12. 3dB almost always indicates a stereo track switching to mono. When the two sides are combined it doubles the volume... 3dB.
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