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  1. Without him its arguable that there would not have been some of todays artists. What a player. RIP Jerry
  2. Consider yourself as shot. Ridiculous.
  3. Well even MS are saying don’t update...... my roll back was successful (which surprised me ) but its 1 hr of my life i won.t ever get back. why can’t they get it right for the majority ? jerry
  4. The easiest thing to do when ever there is an update is to download the latest version from the website. Why bother with the hassle ? jerry
  5. Anyone tried it ? Meet any problems ? when i tried updating it hit a couple of BSOD’s and then (luckily) rolled back to where it started from. Ouf !!! That’s me finished with it. Jerry
  6. The pre-sets are a great place to start from when finalising a track. I use it on a final mix to get that extra width and clarity. Great piece of’softwzre. Jerry
  7. OK thats your work method. Me i would use the MTK as the only sound device, playing back the Midi drums AND over dubbing real drums at the same time. One thing you might not have considered is that you can’t use the ASIO Drivers of your Soundcraft for your method as that protocol doesn’t allow for 2 sound devices to operate at the same time. Not criticism, just a thought ! Jerry
  8. Good question, i wrote to SOS a couple of weeks ago asking them the same - no answer received. Jerry
  9. Great movie, all we need now is the Venice concert and of course live at Pompeii.............the DG version Jerry
  10. If you have the MTK version of the Soundcraft with full USB connectivity, why not use it as a sound device instead of going through a sound card ? There are drivers available and they're rock solid. I have the MTK 22 version and can use it with Cakewalk no problem. 22 tracks in and 22 out, live or studio. I use it with a laptop. Its a simple but very effective machine and the pre-amps are superb. Jerry
  11. I also have the double dvd, what a great video for confinement , and for the complete version of DSOM.......... Jerry
  12. I had a similar problem once with my Focusrite after upgrading the drivers. Turned out i didn’t have ASIO selected within Cakewalk. On selecting that, then closing and re-opening Cakewalk, all was back to normal. Good luck, J
  13. Just seen a concert from her (recent ? ) not a single Eurythmics song, only jazz/blues standards but wow what a voice and presence (Olympia TV on Canal + France) ........ Just sayin’ J
  14. ......but we don.t all use staff view as if it was Sibelius or Notion’ or Muse or Finale etc
  15. Thanks Bill, i.ll give it another shot later today and if need be pm you. Actually, here in France we’re all confined, so i can take my time. J
  16. Great stuff Bill, but wow, you lost me half way through the first quarter of the original post. But i will persevere ....... if my fingers recover. Thanks again Bill, J
  17. C’mon, i run nVidia drivers on a desktop and a laptop. I have disabled the nVidia hdmi audio, the nVidia experience and whatever else i can during fresh installs. No problems. Latency Mon is green, on both. I can record a concert (3 x 40 mn ) without problems on the laptop. Perhaps its a little too general to blame nVidia per se ? Not looking for a dispute, just saying. FYI, The Echo web page states that they do NOT support W10 - the problem is perhaps there........... https://echoaudio.com/pages/windows-drivers cheers, Jerry
  18. I had this problem (same message) some time ago after I installed drivers v 3.4 (and for that matter v3.4.4). After contacting the company they told me to roll back to v2.4.5 which I did, no problems. I never heard from them again....... I also have a second gen 18i20 Now, albeit since end January, the "new" driver software (for me) on the Focusrite website is v3.5 and installing this has done the trick for my setup. However, the one thing I did do after installation (and this could possible cause your BSOD ? ) was to make sure that the sample rate for the unit was set to 44.1mHz via the Focusrite software BEFORE opening Cakewalk (that's what I use for my projects). By default it goes to 48mHz For midi I always go direct into my PC via USB and use soft-synths within Cakewalk. No problems noted using a class compliant Oxygen 61 version IV. Hope you get it sorted, my set up now appears to be stable. Cheers, J
  19. Funny that, i updated W10 just before installing the 3.5 software//driver and today not one crash, (Cakewalk VLC, WMP etc). FWIW, one thing i did do just after installing was to change from 48 to 44.1 which is what most of my projects are at, before trying any software. Best, J
  20. There is new software on the Focusrite main site : Focusrite Control - (2nd gen 18i20) This"seems" to be stable, I'll test it more this week-end. There was also a firmware update built in, a combination of improved driver and the new firmware ? Cheers, J
  21. Yes, 16 live tracks from a Soundcraft MTK 22 through an i5 laptop then USB 3 to a SSD. Works perfectly. cheers, J
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