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  1. I stopped watching TV a couple of years ago too. Can't say I miss it either!
  2. Well, at least you know! 😆 I like these (there are several variations of the same theme):
  3. You sure you don't need to call a psychic medium there Bob? 🤔 😜
  4. I never got into MTV. That said, I did love the guitar sound on this song!
  5. This was interesting! I definitely learned a few things I didn't know about the song! Judging by the favorable "mistakes" and wild timing, it was obviously meant to be!
  6. Looks like this was the correct front...
  7. What, you didn't know that's how Watermelon is made Bob? 😆 If you look even more closely at the front label it says with apple, strawberry & lemon. I don't see strawberry or lemon on the back either!
  8. What a cute a ss! 😁
  9. craigb

    Prime Day 2024

    It's the 16th! 16's not a prime! 😮
  10. Snitched this from your Oingo Boingo thread from a while back Dave! Needless to say, that was one memorable concert for me!
  11. Watched yesterday. Yes, it IS hard to believe she's never heard of Rush or the Professor before but the funniest part was she actually had drumsticks with his signature on them! 😆 Good video!
  12. It was what I was taught as well. Sucked inside though!
  13. Oh, I know. I was just having fun with it! 😁
  14. I'm still waiting for Strummy to chime in! 🤣
  15. Wookiee wasn't feeling well over the weekend, hopefully he's back to health now!
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