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  1. The hoops we jump through for free stuff.
  2. R U sure. I think with Labs there is no limit.
  3. Same here, tried another machine and it reaches a certain point and starts over.
  4. You get an extra discount at Best Service by logging into your VSL account during checkout.
  5. Free because we are beta testing a possible future platform.
  6. Spitfire Audio - making proprietary a bad idea at every chance.
  7. I guess they forgot users are no longer impressed with large GB libraries even for one instrument.
  8. Still figuring out what to get at PA for $25.
  9. LOL! Where's the download everything link. If you are bad at web design you can get a job working for a government.
  10. kitekrazy

    Ugritone DaZull

    Avoid. I have issues with developers who don't take the time to create an instruction manual for their products.
  11. Go to KVR, much larger community. I prefer Deals to be from vendors so we don't have to do a lot of scrolling. It would be a waste of time here. Your in a large group of people trying to sell off IK plugins so either keep the extra licenses or prepare to practically give them away. From my experience there is no harm in having additional licenses.
  12. Server overload on this one. Mine sticks on One Moment.
  13. https://www.adsrsounds.com/vendor/sound-masters/ I would say yes on this one. I prefer these type of packs. Total download is 3.4GB. Most comes with Live templates. BTW this was a great find.
  14. Anyone else becoming an Aruturia fanboy? One time MF made mistake offering Spark Dubstep for .99. I upgraded to Spark 2 for $20. I might buy a soundset. Plus I should probably play with it some more.
  15. https://www.musicradar.com/news/coronavirus-giveaways-the-best-free-software-and-services-for-musicians?utm_source=Selligent&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=17071&utm_content=24%2F4+Orange+&utm_term=445388&m_i=XWc%2BirzCaC_7IGsbNGjLQzLQhBqy3EAzmoOaQMjEFIH6dXPGJBlp2E4YeQLQIRmi8AG%2BkK_X%2B6ysZV8XtWXJB4flUAUkTfsXXB&M_BT=99254059914 Music Radar
  16. This is not a digital download.
  17. These though are no longer Kontakt.
  18. Same here. I would only gain more instruments.
  19. That's a big mistake. Suicide calls are at a higher rate right now. I'm trying to limit my time to social media to 15 minutes. I find I could easily get depressed even belonging to like minded groups. I could spend a lot of time viewing tutorials or better yet opening up the 1000+ and see what they do. Right now my download folder is filled with a lot of free stuff. Please don't let this thread get too off topic. Follow the rules of the forum. I have no issue reporting stuff no matter how much I get hated for it. Maybe you can figure it out from my comments. DAW forums are my "safe zone" and I can get tons of off topic stuff anywhere. I can tell you FL, Live, and Reason forums don't have those testing the waters.
  20. In a nutshell this is not practical for the home user. I'm a fan of stuff using less watts.
  21. Sucks though you can't go into a store to get some strings. When I've ordered from GC I usually have it sent to a store.
  22. I guess we should download more browsers until it works. As one who has more than enough sounds I can't believe I'm going through a set of hoops for a free one.
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