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  1. Nah, no need to send a copy here, especially not when it's free anyway. I don't use Reaper myself but have a colleague who does. I'm sure he'd appreciate a script that can do what Scaler 2 does.
  2. Slap House Essentials for $1 contains 1.5GB with more than 1.200 files: https://blackoctopus-sound.com/product/1-dollar-slap-house-essentials/ Plus, you also get a 20% off coupon as mentioned above.
  3. The "add coupon" option only appears in certain countries. You might have to use VPN to see it.
  4. I think it sounds great out of the box. I didn't have this expectation vs. reality effect that I had with some other plugins, like orchestral VSTi where my own results sound nothing like the demo. It's quite easy to use. Draw or import MIDI notes and write the lyrics. Or even easier, record yourself singing and let Synthesizer V convert it to synthetic voice.
  5. Oh, Larry was quicker again. I searched for it beforehand on this forum but didn't find it. Must've misspelled it or something.
  6. Strange, how did I miss that? I check their website regularly. Are you sure it was that one? Google search for "amapiano pigments free site:audioplugin.deals" gives zero results.
  7. Arturia have added another free soundbank. I have no idea when, I just happened to think "Let's see if there's a new freebie", so I had a look, and there it is, Amapiano Essentials for Pigments with 32 presets: https://www.arturia.com/sounds?slug=amapiano_essentials
  8. Finally a Waves freebie that I didn't have yet. 😃
  9. That's an awkward sale. Aren't they worried that they might lose some Turkish customers?
  10. Or get the complete Serum Bundle for $99.95 with code SUMMER01. I believe that would be even cheaper per pack. The bundles have 3 packs each, I think, the Serum Bundle has 35 packs.
  11. HALion must be one hell of a beast. Because I've got this colleague who basically only has HALion. And he's totally unaffected by GAS. He says he's got all that he needs with HALion. I'm so impressed. What kind of software manages to defeat GAS? How is that possible? Or does my colleague just have super powers?
  12. https://synthctrl.com/ Yes, you read that right. Not "Buy 3 get 1 free" but "Buy 1 get 3 free". Just enter the coupon code "JULY" at the checkout. Somehow it's not mentioned on the website yet. I got the information via newsletter. The soundbanks usually have between 120 and 140 presets. Each soundbank is tailored to a specific music genre. Check the demos. I think they sound quite nice.
  13. Maybe you're on this page? https://www.ujam.com/special-offers/ That page has nothing but discounts, of course. But on the store page https://www.ujam.com/store I see mostly regular prices.
  14. I don't see all their products on sale. Only a few. And the coupon doesn't work with the ones that already are on sale. Because, as they said, "Current promotions are excluded"
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