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  1. Not under the system requirements for the MIDI packs though: https://ugritone.com/products/almighty-midi-pack-midi-collection
  2. How can MIDI files be incompatible with a DAW?! 🤔
  3. So sad to see a good business give up. Their emotional farewell words break my heart. How they struggled and burned out. 🙁 😥😭 I bought their "Almighty MIDI Pack: 2017-2023 MIDI Collection" in March, where it was also available for $29, along with "Riot Drums 2" for €1.50. I haven't really used them much yet but tested them and the MIDI files are the first thing I'd pull up if I wanted to created a metal track. I like their Ugritone Drums plugin too and the Riot Drums 2 drum pack. They're great value for the money.
  4. Yes, but it's still fun to try. The way I see it: Making music yourself is like playing a game, letting AI create music for you is like watching a game. And I find it fascinating, just to see and experience what's technologically possible these days.
  5. I got it for free with Beat Magazine once. Never used it. The user interface is so awkward, I just don't get used to it.
  6. Suno currently has a referal program. If you register with this link: https://suno.com/invite/@mus_ai_c and generate 10 songs (you can use the free version), you get 250 extra credits.
  7. Yep, and qualifies you for an upgrade to Synthmaster 3 for $69 instead of $89. And even if you don't want to upgrade, 2,000 presets for $5. How cool is that? Arturia soundbanks have like 32 presets for 9$.
  8. I'm starting to think you might like Spire a little bit.
  9. That's a crazy good deal. I mean, I know they give their stuff away super cheap quite often, but still. I paid 5,91€ for the Ultimate Serum Bundle and thought that was as cheap as it gets. The presets aren't bad at all. I don't understand why they sell it so cheap. Plus, they sometimes add new products to the Ultimate Producer Bundle and if you've already bought it, you get the new additions for free too. I got the Ultimate Producer Bundle for free last year in February and this year in May they sent me an email to tell me that I get their new Hard Techno pack for free because I have the bundle.
  10. Well, apparently all of them are registered now. Probably being sold on KVR Forum now. 😢
  11. Awesome. Thank you 😊 It worked.
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