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  1. MrFigg, You just gotta be cool like Larry.
  2. This is a great price, I haven't seen it anywhere else today for that price. πŸ‘ I got it last year for $19.00
  3. Thanks lossmentality, I just purchased one of these and was trying to use the old MCU directions within Cakewalk to figure out how to make this work. I got some of the functions working from my days of using the older MCU and from way back when I had a Behringer BFC200. I really appreciate your efforts in getting a log of information written down so the rest of us can enjoy using it. We appreciate you. πŸ‘
  4. I left off with version 12, and I am glad to stay right there. I wouldn't upgrade to Soundforge 17 to save his ~~~> 🀠 life.
  5. I finally got my Icon Qcon Pro G2. It was on my New Years resolution list and and I just flickered it off. I was having problems with two of the faders on my MCU and I knew I was not going to get one of them working properly again. While being helped by Msmcleod, I took another look at the controller and just said forget it and hit the buy button. SOLD, I wasn't looking back!!
  6. What a great price for FlexVerb.
  7. Because yesterday was National PI Day, our company purchased an enormous amount of Tastykakes for the employees. All types and flavors so you can have your choice of "PI" LOL πŸ₯§
  8. I always enjpy building my own PC ever since I found out how it was done. After building the first one years ago and it worked as expected, I was hooked and never went back to the store to purchase another PC. Now laptops, that's another story. πŸ› οΈ+πŸ–₯️= 😊
  9. jngnzn I said the same thing too, and to be honest, I haven't used at least half of the library that came with KU13, but some of the stuff I thought I'd never use make excellent background sounds. I'll either hard pan it off to the left or right and it is a hint of a beautiful sound in the mix.
  10. Sorry Grem, Nope, K6 came with KU13
  11. My quiet experience has been using BeQuiet everything in my computer. Below is what I installed in building my super quiet computer. BeQuiet RGB 120 and 140 light wing Fans Pure Base 500fx Quiet Case BeQuiet Pure Rock Dark 4 CPU Air Cooler
  12. jesse g

    IK's Modo Bass

    +1, I love using Mod Bass on my track along with both Mod Drums 2 and Addictive Drum s2 πŸ‘
  13. Hello Bluzdog, Check out Ethan Winer's website, Real Traps he has a host of information about arranging and building your acoustid panels. Somewhere on the site are full instructions for creating you own. I built these from the instructions on his website, but this was over 10 years ago when he was a regular in these Cakewalk forums Home Wall Panels
  14. Tezza, Check at the Focusrite Warehouse Shop on Reverb for B-Stock gear. You can get your Clarette at a great price here, plus the original warranty. https://reverb.com/shop/focusrite-novation-us-store
  15. I have't touch all of the instruments I got when I purchased KU13. I have received some free ones, over time, but the instruments tht came with KU13 are more than what I need. I need to go ahead and purchase the full version of Kontakt 7.
  16. The Warmy EQ and the Extressor are free from their website. https://www.kiiveaudio.com/
  17. Sorry folks, I misread Larry's post from this morning
  18. Larry, Happy Birthday to you, .. Happy Birthday to you, .. Happy Birthday Super deals Larry,.. Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!
  19. Larry, Don't tempt me, I am saving for a replacement for my Mackie Control Universal and YOU are getting in my way with all of the sales!!!!! 😠
  20. Naik287, Thank you, I can always use 30 days free at Groove 3 πŸ‘
  21. User 905133, Thank you so much, it was a combination of workspaces and screen sets. 1 I had to change my work space to" None" and then open the project and arrange it the way i wanted. 2. I then had to select the screen set dropdown arrow and choose > Duplicate current screen set to screen set 01 I appreciate your help. πŸ‘
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