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  1. Dirk via Facebook Yes, it's true. Soundwide unfortunately went through a "layoff" this week, like so many tech companies right now. Thank you David Finke for sharing this originally. This process didn't affect any PA or BX staff, but sadly we had to say goodbye to some people at NI and IZO. PA/BX has historically been a super efficient and lean operation, so the tough macro-environment around us all doesn't affect this part of the SW business as much as others. Personally I am (obviously) sad about the recent event, and I know I share this feeling with the rest of the SW management and all our teams. We will have to adapt to the challenging post-Covid realities and will do our best to heal quickly and to keep on rocking with all our brands.
  2. Zero-G 5 Days 5 Dollars Sale is NOW LIVE! Choose from over 50 Classic Zero-G Sample Libraries, all reduced to just $5, over 80% off their original price! Explore all libraries: https://zero-g.co.uk/collections/5-days-5-dollars-sale
  3. Weekend Sale: 50% off all Plugins Get 50% off all plugins until January 29th 2023 (12PM CET): Use the following voucher during checkout: WEEKEND50 https://fuseaudiolabs.de/#/pages/plugins
  4. Run Software pass Korg is pleased to announce updates to many of the plug-ins in the Korg Collection and the native series. Updates available for KORG Collection: ELECTRIBE-R, KAOSS PAD, microKORG, & MS-20/Polysix/MonoPoly/MDE-X as well as native series: modwave native, opsix native, & wavestate native Click here for more info & to grab all these updates for FREE of charge via the latest version of KORG Software Pass: https://www.korg.com/us/news/2023/0126/ KORG Collection ELECTRIBE-R Version 1.0.2 New Features - Added support for program change when using VST3. - Other stability improvements. KAOSS PAD Version 1.0.2 New Features - In Looper, potential pop noise at the loop splice point reduced. - Added support for program change when using VST3. - Other stability improvements. microKORG Version 1.0.2 New Features - The microKORG plug-in was sometimes not recognized by FL Studio. This problem has been fixed. - Added support for program change when using VST3. - Other stability improvements. MS-20 / Polysix / Mono/Poly / MDE-X Version 2.4.1 New Features - When saving programs, if the destination path contained multibyte characters, the program could not be saved. This has been corrected. native series modwave native Version 1.0.2 New Features - Ignores Program Change messages if they arrive before state is restored (solves issue in which state was not restored in Logic if there was a Program Change message at the start of the track). opsix native Version 1.0.7 New Features - Improved GUI performance. - MIDI CC settings are now saved each time a change is made. - Fixed a problem that caused distortion when using Flanger or Tape Echo. - Other stability improvements. wavestate native Version 1.1.1 New Features - In version 1.1.0, the Filter Envelope didn't always trigger at note-on. This has now been fixed. - In version 1.1.0, editing a Timing Lane Step Type in one Layer, and then enabling or disabling another Layer set to Single Multisample mode, could cause a crash. This has now been fixed. - In the standalone application, the Clock parameter now defaults to Auto. This does not affect the plug-in versions. - Additionally, version 1.1.0 adds many new features, including support for multiple simultaneous User Sample Banks, enhancements to sound selection and modulation, and more; see https://support.korguser.net/hc/en-us/articles/5303187263513-wavestate-native-release-notes for a complete list.
  5. Through January 31, save 50% on a wide selection of popular apps. Grab any of the deals below and turn your phone into a mobile rig for practicing, performing and recording. https://www.ikmultimedia.com/news/?item_id=13906
  6. https://www.steinberg.net/promotion/ Big discounts in the New Year New Gear Sale. As 2023 gets underway, we are offering a huge 40% off crossgrades to Nuendo, WaveLab and SpectraLayers. The offer includes competitive crossgrades to Nuendo, SpectraLayers and Wavelab, as well as crossgrades to Nuendo from Cubase and Nuendo Live. Not only that, there’s also 30% off the Mastering Super Bundle. But hurry, this special offer is only available until February 13, 2023.
  7. https://www.audiodeluxe.com/products/meldaproduction-mmultibandflanger
  8. Falcon v2.8.4 2.8.4 ------------ - Fix possible issue with alternate looping - Add support for more customization in script - Fix regression regarding Windows 7 support - Fix slowdown issue in Augmented Orchestra and Quadra series when loading multiple part Workstation v3.1.10 3.1.10 ------------ - Sync engine features with Falcon 2.8.4
  9. WELCOME TO FLUX:: IMMERSIVE 23.1 UPDATE NOW WITH APPLE SILICON ARM (UNIVERSAL BINARY II) AND VST3 SUPPORT We are pleased to release this major product update across all plugins and bundles. All customers who purchased a corresponding product in 2022 are entitled to get this upgrade at no charge as part of our 1-year support and upgrade SLA plan. Qualified customers will automatically receive a deposit of a new license in their iLok License Manager. Want to know which updates that are available for you? Login to your FLUX:: shop account and reach the new My Upgrade section. ALL new product installers are accessible in the freshly updated FLUX:: Center. Please make sure to first update your Center to the latest version! Required OS: Windows 10 & 11 – 64bit, MacOS 10.14.6 (Mojave) to Mac OS 13.1 *(Ventura) https://www.flux.audio/flux-23-1-plugin-update/ Release Notes Build - All plugins New features New plugins Evo Compressor, Evo Touch and Evo EQ. VST3 support ARM support for AAX, AU and VST3 Plugins are now resizable Elixir now supports 32 channels Alchemist, BitterSweet, Epure, Pure Compressor, Pure DCompressor, Pure Expander, Pure DExpander, PureLimiter, Solera, Syrah now support 16 channels Bugs fixes All plugins - Preset Manager - Update user preset do not work All plugins - Preset manager - Crash or freeze when saving a preset All plugins - UI may be black on Intel UHD 630 graphical cards All plugins - AU/VST3 - Preset manager - Default preset is not applied to parameters at plugin instantiation All plugins - AAX - Crash with OSC when changing fx slot in Pro Tools All plugins - AU - Logic Pro - Automation of boolean/integer parameters broken All plugins - AU - Plugins crash in Da Vinci Resolve All plugins - DaVinci Resolve - VST - UI is truncated All plugins - Streamlabs - Plugins do not work All plugins - Licensing issue in DaVinci Resolve and GarageBand Alchemist - The range parameter works only for the 1st band BitterSweet - Not possible to tweak the Output gain after unlinking it BitterSweet - Output gain not reloaded properly when the link is disabled BSPro - some modes are not accessible due to GUI issue Epure - macOS - Bad graphic scale initialization at 2&4FS Evo Channel - Meter reference is not saved Syrah - Crash when selecting preset "Static fast compression" TRAX Tr - When the link is activated, the Formant slider does not have the expected audio effect TRAX Tr - ProTools - Issue in AudioStudio when the modulation is enabled VerbSession/VerbSession Studio Session and BSPro StudioSession - Pyramix - VST crash when instantiated Verb/Verb Studio Session - Crash when reloading session having 2 instances Known issues All plugins - VST - GUI issue in Izotope Ozone and RX All plugins - AAX - Preset manager - Default preset is not applied to parameters at plugin instantiation Elixir - Latency not properly compensated after changing stage parameters value in VST and AudioUnit TRAX tr - Learn function returning wrong values VerbV3 - HOA 3rd order not working properly
  10. No. Purchase must exceed value of voucher
  11. run Installation Center Installation Center v1.4.11 IC 1.4.11 / Jan 17, 2023 Hides long version number of Opus Shows correct update for Opus Opus v1.3.2 Opus 1.3.2 / Jan 17, 2023 Opus loads empty in VE Pro7 Server if not connected to host - fixed Opus app update now downloads to the download folder instead of EastWest folder - improvement Installer writes superfluous folders in /Applications/East West/ - fixed Changes in Midi Controller Mapping not saved in DAW - fixed Global for Midi Control Mapping can't be disabled in DAW tracks - fixed Global for macro can't be removed by unchecking globe - fixed Play subtabs now reset to Play page after reloading project - improvement Opus UI doesn’t display correct page after reloading project - fixed Write permissions of EastWest folder (Mac) - fixed
  12. Open question: What about the other dearVR products?
  13. From dearVR page: https://www.dear-reality.com/products/dearvr-monitor Dear Reality dearVR MONITOR – No longer available at Plugin Alliance From January 17, dearVR MONITOR won’t be part of the Plugin Alliance’s MEGA Bundle subscription anymore. Active MEGA XL and XXL bundle subscribers will receive a full license of the last V1.11.0 dearVR MONITOR legacy installer through PA to be able to open existing sessions. Customers who purchased a perpetual license of dearVR MONITOR at Dear Reality or at Plugin Alliance before January 17, 2023 can transfer their license for free. Please visit https://www.dear-reality.com/pages/license-upgrade and request the latest V1.13 version and any future updates.
  14. https://www.vsl.co.at/en/2023-01_VI_Special Up to 40% Off VI Series, SYNCHRON-ized Libraries and MIR Products
  15. Also free for Reason Rack Extension. https://www.reasonstudios.com/shop/rack-extension/kilohearts-khs-one/
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