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  1. I am also waiting for my neoverb code. Support ticket is open. Let's see.
  2. and tomorrow we will get Voucher #3 with $50 off. 😀
  3. EastWest OPUS 1.2.4 What's fixed and added in OPUS Software Update 1.2.4? New Auto Filter added to mixer effects Release Trail (RT) button fixed. Instruments load with release trails again RT level jump after reloading projects (expression was changed) - fixed RAM load increases after each save in DAW - fixed Pro Drummer GUI - fixed Crackle in Stereo Double and ADT - fixed Zoom Performance UI makes HOA GUI non functional - fixed Opus/ Orchestrator sometimes doesn’t recognize libraries as fully installed - fixed Audio glitches with Polyphonic Aftertouch - fixed Dragging Controller to macros blocked to avoid MIDI feedback Potential crashes - fixed Instruments go silent after toggling effects with some DAW preferences (Big Process Buffer Range in Logic) - fixed https://soundsonline.com/support/updates or Run EW Installation Center
  4. Frank

    Update: UVI OB Legacy

    17 GB to download
  5. It’s outdated . https://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/news/article/items/pa-ext.html
  6. For me it make more sense to go for
  7. https://www.softube.com/shaper Code: TRANSIENTSHAPER88 Flash sale for $10.
  8. Another week, another PA_EXT deal! This Wednesday, we are bringing not one, but two IK Multimedia plugins to our store: the Tape Machine 24 & Tape Machine 440! Delivering iconic sonic signature heard on countless classic albums, these tape machine emulations will become available for just 48 hours starting September 14! https://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/news/article/items/pa-ext.html
  9. Softube FET Compressor is 90% off - $19 (reg. $199) - until September 10th. Use the promo code: FET90 https://www.softube.com/fet#the-sound-of-speed-with-fet-compressor
  10. I have K13 CE. Absynth is gone. I have already the PA tools and I don't need Ozone. Only interesting part is Kontakt 7. For now I will pass.
  11. So - when I see all your comments it's better to stay on NA1 and to wait for the final move to NA2. The only problem I have at the moments with NA1 is somethimes it starts but than it hangs and I have to kill the process. Thanks.
  12. Is there a need to update from NA1 to NA2? Any improvements?
  13. I got this for free in 2020.
  14. https://www.meldaproduction.com/downloads @TheSteven: Thanks for the link. 16.00 changes Backwards compatibility is intact, however note that there is a new optimized storage system using a new format. If you save projects with the new version, old versions won't be able to read the settings. If you'd need to downgrade for any reason, first go to "Settings / Compatibility settings" and enable "Storage compatibility mode for V15", then save the settings. Also note that V16 no longer provides 32-bit plugins on Windows. You should be able to run V15 32-bit along with V16 though. Simply do not uninstall V15 and do not perform plugin cleanup. MTurboAmp Added amps for MTurboAmp: Phobos, Overstage ST-12, Junko, Mithras, Hard Key (bass), Thunder (bass) MCabinet Added cabinets for MCabinet: Shimmer, Thunder (bass) MSoundFactory Big optimizations for various algorithms from load/saving to MSoundFactory voice processing. Added "Parallel loading threads" global setting useful for older systems with HDDs, where parallel loading may be contraproductive. Added Surround & Ambisonics presets. MSoundFactory Added "Import pitch from audio file if possible" option to Sampler WAV import. MSoundFactory Added operation modes to FM when “Enable feedback” is available for more complex and unique processing. MSoundFactory Added "Bipolar" switch to Random source. Preset name of Main controllers is stored now. MSoundFactory Added 2D Visualizer mode to Wavetable generator. Added solo button to Mixer module inputs. MSoundFactory Added widening using panorama to Unison module. MMultiAnalyzer MMultiAnalyzer now stores the loudness time-graph switch state. Holding Ctrl/Cmd while right clicking any oscillator editor now resets the phase. MMultiAnalyzer MMultiAnalyzer can now display peak frequencies for all tracks. Categorizers now show a heart icon instead of “Favourites” to make the purpose more obvious. Custom buttons generating MIDI notes flash when their MIDI note is received. Product generator now allows manually enabling/disabling each file to include. Added “Detach device” to plugins without categorizer, which removes association with any device, so one can create devices as presets. MSoundFactory Added “Output domain” to per-voice modulation matrix. Added Multi parameter value mode: “By bank number and name”, which displays MP number and name at the same time. MStereoSpread Added max frequency to spectral generator. MGuitarArchitect Added Globals section to MGuitarArchitect. MVocoder MVocoder now highlights graphs, which are enabled. MVocoder Added Band panorama graph. MAutoAlign Added plugin count in groups for better orientation. MTuner Added velocity range parameter to output MIDI notes w/ velocity from 0 to 127. Fix MPowerSynth MPowerSynth noise generator's probability parameter didn't have any effect. Fix Band selection feature in equalizers was colliding with auto-listen. Fix WAV import could lead to a crash in case of corrupt metadata. Fix Improved SFZ import compatibility. Fix MTurboDelay Some MTurboDelay devices didn't store the state properly. Fix MTurboReverb MTurboReverbMB didn't have band devices. Fix MSoundFactory MSoundFactory voicing could work incorrectly when using sustain and voice limit has been exceeded. Fix Uninstaller could crash on macOS. Fix Serial crossover was displaying unused parameters in MB plugins. Fix MSoundFactory Per-voice retriggering didn't work. Fix Cancelling graph editing may have not taken effect when it comes to audio. Fix MTurboReverb MTurboReverb & MCharmReverb sound may have changed a lot with extremely high sampling rates (resulting from oversampling). Fix Comb module crashing in MTurboFilter. Fix Showing and hiding an invisible tab popup could cause visual glitches. Fix Online licence update displayed weird message with account containing no licences. Fix Multiparameters in switch/trigger mode didn’t have a edit screen context menu for MIDI learn etc. Fix Finetuning graphs/eqs in zoomed mode didn’t work well. Fix Editing oscillator shape phase by dragging the main view didn’t tak effect in some cases. Fix Global modulators in Random mode with “Change on MIDI note” option may have not worked in some cases. Fix Creating easy screens in plugins without categorizer automatically attached the first device. Fix MSuperLooper MSuperLooper could crash in surround mode. Fix MSoundFactory Copy & paste modulation grid didn’t update the grid editor. Fix removed help caption button in help window. Fix MSoundFactory Mixer solo not working in generator. Fix MTurboReverb Lithium plate could cause infinite feedback. Fix MSuperLooper Recording main loop with Sync and Default bars set would automatically switch to overdubbing even if that option was disabled.
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