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  1. Had the same issue. Support team solved it within 30 minutes and added the missing licenses to my account
  2. I have the same feeling that V9 will be anounced later this year with SQ80V. I ordered just now the upgrade from V6 to V8. Let's see....
  3. Wow. Great offer for me. Update from V6 to V8 + SQ80V for 149$.
  4. You can also check the folder: Documents -> IK Multimedia -> IK Product Manager There you will find all the downloaded files. I do always clean-up the folders to keep my C-drive clean.
  5. Thanks for keeping us informed about updates.
  6. Homepage says: EastWest Labor Day Sale - Save up to 60% Off (soundsonline.com) ends September 13th
  7. Frank

    PA Any Plugin Sale

    If you used already your August voucher it will not work anymore.
  8. Frank

    EastWest 60% off

    Hi, had the same issue. You need first to check if you have the OPUS license in your account. This needs to be activated first. This was not the case for me by default and the support transfered the license to my account. This is what the support replied to me: "Our system didn't deposit an Opus license. In the Installation Center, please make sure that you have activated the new license, and then download the latest software updates which are provided at the top. The Hollywood Backup Singers should then show up under "New Downloads" with a down-arrow button next to it for the download."
  9. Please also check the Bonus Content while you logged in with your Korg ID. There are lots of additional sounds available. Little bit tricky to install but really nice.
  10. Code CREATE40 will bring it down
  11. Frank

    Steinberg Dorico for iPad

    per default you get 2 Instruments. After registration you will have 4 Instruments
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