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  1. @HOOK you can try it in whatever build you have thanks. The 2022.11 EA build is quite solid however and we'll be releasing in a few days so there is no risk to try it. It also has a readout for the audio thread priority in the performance bar tooltip, which makes it easier to check what the driver is doing.
  2. Every quick groupable operation is custom code. You don’t get it for free. We’ve only made the most commonly used features quick groupable.
  3. Is the label persisting a new issue? Automation being orphaned is as intended but the plugin placeholder should be removed. I’ve never seen this… When a plugin is deleted any related envelopes are orphaned and can be reused for something else or deleted. They are also kept in case you undo the delete, in which case they are reassigned to their parameters.
  4. Replace is not intended to handle routing. You will have to set that up manually.
  5. PM me the link. It may be days before it gets reported by support.
  6. There isn't unless the plugin notifies you via its UI. We could try and detect denormals coming out of plugins and indicate it in the effects window but that may not necessarily catch all cases.
  7. I'm not sure what you are referring to as a crash. There is no crash in your video. It just shows the views loading normally.
  8. Are you using the mic in WASAPI shared mode? Thats the reliable mode to use USB mic devices. I have a mic hooked up right now and it works fine (Shure MV-88)
  9. Saving after safe mode wont help because safe mode doesnt physically remove the effects. Most likely you have plugins in hidden tracks or buses. If you don't find hidden tracks send a link to the project and I can take a look where they are coming from.
  10. Some plugins internal state must have gone bad and got saved. By deleting and reinserting it probably reset whatever was bad.
  11. Just create a send from the effects bus to an aux track. Arm the aux track and record and you will get the wet output recorded. Simple Instrument track--->BUS [effects]---> MASTER Send | \---------> Aux track Also read this topic: http://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=Mixing.13.html#1750199 In particular Capture the performance of guitar effects in real-time Here is the minimal configuration:
  12. Besides bug fixes, @msmcleod has an extra surprise Christmas present feature that we'll be including that should make quite a few people happy
  13. Your video doesn't show a crash or anything actionable. Please make a fresh thread and describe the problem in detail. If you have a crash include the dump file. Also it looks like you are using a custom theme. Switch to the default Tungsten theme and retest.
  14. @Traveler can you do a test. Download process explorer from here: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/downloads/process-explorer Then launch Cakewalk with MMCSS off. Find cakewalk.exe in process explorer and right click and choose properties From the window that opens switch to the threads tab. Try and find the Apollo ASIO driver thread in the list of threads. The thread will have the driver name in it hopefully. Send a sreenshot showing the ASIO thread details.
  15. @Helene Kolpakova we've finally fixed the load issues with your project - both the crashing problems as well as the case where it would load with the multi-dock and console view being non-functional. It was a complicated issue caused by a bug in the logic auto closing the template while opening the new project. The original bug dates back to 2016 so it's been there awhile. We're glad to finally fix it since it could have been the cause of many user crashes when opening projects, or projects drawing incorrectly after load. Thanks for your diligence in reporting it and spending the time to collect all the dump files and diagnostics I asked for. Much appreciated. I guess some consolation is you got a crash course in Windbg
  16. Which version of Cakewalk are you running? We don't do any telemetry beyond at startup and shutdown for some basic things like session start/end. It can also be turned off in preferences. Does this happen only when opening the app and are you seeing activity past the startup of the app? Not everything is necessarily telemetry. If you are listing general internet output, it could be a variety of things causing it, including plugins checking for sign-in, check for activation, check for updates. All of these are normal activities and won't happen past startup.
  17. @Milton Sica try this build. It should fix the crash deleting tracks with that plugin. https://drive.google.com/file/d/19lMfagiuU4iostxieU9B_705apfsheFv/view?usp=sharing
  18. The engine stopping was just a symptomatic way to isolate it. There was an actual race condition in Cakewalk causing this problem. It's been fixed for the release. We'll post an updated build with that fix.
  19. Great. I have a fix for the crash in your dump file. Will send you a build shortly.
  20. Thanks for troubleshooting. There may be a false alarm. Some ilok plugins cannot run inside a debugger and we'll force the app to terminate. Which makes them very hard to debug of course! Your template that you sect me did not have any plugins as far as I saw. Were you using a different file to test? I'll look at your dump file.
  21. @Mage_et_lent interesting so it was an AV causing the issue? Did the issue start with the 09 release? If so perhaps the signing caused it to somehow incorrectly flag the app slowing it down due to excessive monitoring of file loading.
  22. @Helene Kolpakova Your template file opens fine here. As far as I can see there is no issue with the template. The first error 0xc0000005 is a standard access violation. 41d is an error I haven't encountered. Its description is: // MessageId: STATUS_FATAL_USER_CALLBACK_EXCEPTION // An unhandled exception was encountered during a user callback. #define STATUS_FATAL_USER_CALLBACK_EXCEPTION ((NTSTATUS)0xC000041DL) One cause is a kernel mode to user mode callback crashing. If thats the case here the issue would be your ASIO driver crashing which could explain why there is no dump file. Please try switching out of ASIO mode to WASAPI mode and redo your test. If it doesn't crash now this will isolate the problem to the asio driver.
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