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  1. 14GB of RAM? That’s a very odd number. How is that configured? As your memory modules doesn’t seem to be matched pairs, it could be a memory issue.
  2. One aspect of your list that I find intriguing is that the three soundbanks that does work (Attack EP88, Digital Synsations and Sweep Machine) are all older soundbanks, while the rest that doesn’t work (Drum Designer, Meteor PX V8 and Whoosh FX) are newer ones. Matthew mentioned that Beatbox Anthology 2 doesn't work and that's also a fairly new soundbank. To the list of failures I can add both Key Suite Acoustic and Key Suite Electric, both of which were released earlier this year. Quite possibly UVI have changed the page navigation script in more recent soundbanks and that change for some unknown reason doesn’t work well inside CbB.
  3. That’s exactly the behaviour I have experienced as well. Just my added two cents: all UVI soundbanks use a superset of the LUA script language for their GUI. Could it be that CbB somehow is blocking mouse click information from reaching the plug-in? I mean, when you press a key on the keyboard, CbB normally intercepts that keypress regardless if the plug-in has focus or not (just press “P” with a plug-in open to see what I’m mean). Could it be that Cakewalk somehow under certain circumstances intercepts and steers away mouse clicks as well?
  4. The MIDI notes in the PRV will inherit the track colour they have been given in Track View. Using default track colours, the first three tracks will in the PRV have black text on green, mustard and blue respectively. So I must assume that you are talking about the colour of unselected tracks when displayed ghosted alongside the selected track in the PRV. They will indeed be rendered using black text on a dark gray background, as seen at the bottom of the example below. There are 16 different colours exposed in the Theme Editor making up the different graphical elements possible to modify in the PRV. As none of these colours relate to ghosted MIDI notes, nothing can be done to change their appearance in the Theme Editor as far as I can see. And if I'm wrong, I'm sure someone soon will correct me.
  5. I did report it to UVI in March 2019 when I experienced this exact problem using their then latest soundbank Key Suite Acoustic. Back then I still used Windows 7 and being away from home at the time and not having Cubase or Studio One installed on my laptop, I had nothing to compare with. Although their support was very helpful, our joint conclusion at the time was that it probably was a Windows 7 issue and as UVI hadn’t officially supported Windows 7 for quite some time the support ticket was eventually closed. Unfortunately, I experience the same behaviour in Windows 10. Only in CbB though, not in Cubase or Studio One. Although this is a bit strange, I don’t doubt that you’re correct when stating that this kind of problem lies solely on the VST manufacturer. So maybe I should raise another ticket at UVI, this time stating that it also occurs in Windows 10.
  6. Great that you’ve got it working. FWIW, I have never had any sound related problems using UVI Workstation or UVI Falcon in CbB. This however I can confirm. Cakewalk seems to have some issues with UVI Workstation which sometimes makes the GUI of the currently loaded soundbank unresponsive in some respects, most often when clicking on page navigation buttons such as those in your left-hand menu. Using the latest version of CbB under Windows 10, I have tested the same version of Workstation and the same soundbanks in both Cubase 9.5 and Studio One 3.5 and none of them seems to have this problem. This makes me believe that it is indeed a bug related to CbB. This issue has also previously been reported on this forum, e.g here. I might add that there’s a workaround for this particular bug: if you click one of the EDIT, EFFECTS or ARP tabs at the top of the Workstation GUI, the lack of GUI response when trying to switch pages in a soundbank seems to disappear. Well, at least until you open it next time.
  7. Canopus

    icons ?

    I think I understand what's happened. You probably clicked on the small icon shown immediately left of the track name. You must expand the track's height so that the large track icon becomes visible. That's the only one that can be changed, and by right-clicking on the large icon you will get a pop-up menu with the "Load Track Icon…" menu option.
  8. Canopus

    icons ?

    You right-click on the default track icon and select Load Track Icon… from the pop-up menu. Then you navigate to Cakewalk Content > Cakewalk Core > Track Icons and select whatever icon you find appropriate for your track. And of course, you can make your own icons as well- Just make them 96x96 pixels and preferably save them as png files. That way you will get transparency.
  9. Make no mistake, this movie is all about true super heroes on a quest to create the ultimate DAW. Thanks for your dedicated work.
  10. Canopus

    UVI Falcon 2

    It’s fantastic that UVI offer a free upgrade from Falcon 1 to Falcon 2. I bought UVI Falcon almost four years ago. I’ve seen all Dan Worrall’s YouTube tutorials a couple of times and I’ve also seen the Groove3 tutorial UVI Falcon Explained. Maybe it would have been wise for me to sit down and properly learn Falcon 1 before Falcon 2 came along and added even more stuff I don’t have the faintest idea how to use.
  11. As you know Cakewalk by BandLab is a Windows only application. Running it on a Mac through Parallels Desktop might work, but there’s certainly no guarantee coming from Cakewalk that it does. Have you upgraded to macOS 10.15 Catalina? And if so, are you running the latest version of Parallels Desktop that supports it (version 15)? Even so, there seems to be a long list of known issues that has yet to be addressed in an upcoming release.
  12. A somewhat boring but natural question: have you tried Mercury? That’s one of the two themes supplied with Cakewalk, but it’s no longer the default theme so depending on how far your Cakewalk history stretches back you may have missed it. It’s bright and has fairly good contrast (and as an added bonus also looks really good). The potential visual problems I can see are mostly grey text in some of the modules of the Control Bar (such as the Tools module) but it would only be one or two hour’s work to make that text brighter using the Theme Editor if that were to be a problem. If you haven't tried it, just go to Edit > Preferences > Customization > Themes and select Mercury from the Themes drop-down.
  13. Um, I’m not sure. Just let me watch that video one more time before I answer.
  14. Thanks! Now that's what I call an eye-opener!
  15. This will have an immense impact on people’s everyday lives.
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