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  1. Meanwhile, at an undisclosed location in Kentucky, the true whereabouts of Larry.
  2. When asking a question like that, you must realize that the answers are based on what people already have. Absolutely nobody will have all soft-synths available, so they can’t really compare to anything but own subset of synths and their personal rating of other people’s subjective opinions. Having said that, UVI Falcon is the best. And I do like Thai food.
  3. I agree that custom instruments might be a big part of the problem. Case in point: newer libraries from 8DIO. I have a lot of virtual instruments from 8DIO and they are brilliant. All their older 8DIO Kontakt libraries have traditional fixed articulation keys so that once a library is loaded, pressing C1 will always trigger say Sustains in that library. But most of their newer releases are more versatile in that you have ten empty slots and it’s up to you to load those slots from a pool of available articulations. A key switch of C1 will thus trigger slot 1, but the actual articulation depends on what you’ve loaded into that slot. Once set up you can of course save it for future reuse. The benefit is that you can have all the articulations you want available at your fingertips and only those you’ve selected will be loaded into memory (a scarce resource for most). But it also means that an articulation map is of no use for those that have loaded the slots with different articulations. Personally, once I’ve loaded the slots for an instrument to my liking, I’ve saved it as a separate Kontakt instrument and then created an articulation map in CbB targeting that custom instrument. As most instruments have more available articulations than slots, I have in e.g. 8DIO Anthology Strings - Cellos - Ensemble created one instrument called Cellos - Ensemble Short and one called Cellos - Ensemble Long. It works for me, but is of no use for others.
  4. I also purchase all my games from GOG. As for Obduction, it was a giveaway at GOG in June 2019. I was actually surprised that ZincT’s post drew so little attention at the time.
  5. Oh, I didn’t know that. So sad to hear. Benoît Sokal was a fantastic game developer and also a great artist.
  6. Not a traditional deal in this forum, but GOG currently offers Syberia I and II as a giveaway. Sure, it's been around for years (Syberia I was released in 2002 and Syberia II in 2005) but I think it’s still a very good point-and-click puzzle-solving DRM free game. Also, I find the musical score really beautiful, particularly in Syberia I *). Those episodes actually managed to keep my interest long enough to make me continue to the end without stop playing in the midst of it (a rare event indeed). Claim a free copy here: https://www.gog.com/game/syberia_i_ii Additionally, Syberia 3 came in 2017 (yes, I’ve got it in my GOG account) and Syberia 4 is just around the corner. *) That was the musical connection for those of you about to call for a moderator. Edit: This offer only lasts for 72 hours and ends on 17th July 2021, at 1 PM UTC.
  7. Thanks, glad you liked it. As for the T over the W on the Write Automation button (I saw your post pre-edit); as you may have found out, it's not a mishap. It simply indicates which automation mode is currently selected for that track - Touch, Latch or Overwrite. Read more here: https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=Automation.04.html
  8. Behringer use real ASIO drivers for all but their cheapest interfaces. Here's a screenshot of my own Behringer UMC404HD Control Panel. Take note of the logo.
  9. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Well, maybe slightly.
  10. Same here. Although I do have my own custom template, I’ve made it my default so I just press Ctrl+N whenever I want to create a new project. I never go through the Start Screen. Guess it was the puzzle-solving that intrigued me.
  11. For the first time ever, I got a message from 8DIO saying that some of their instruments have got an update in the last few months. As awkward as it may seem, there’s normally no way of telling what version is the latest even if you go into your 8DIO account. Anyway, this might be one small step in the right direction. The instruments they mention are these: The New Century Solo Brass - Solo Trombone v1 (June 24) The Bible of Salsa Volume 3 v1.1 (June 24) Ostinato Woodwinds Volume 2 v1.3 (June 18) Studio Percussion Orchestral v1.1 (June 18) The New Solo Taiko v1.1 (June 18) Hybrid Tools NEO v1.1 (June 2) Ostinato Woodwinds Volume 1 v1.1 (May 4) Century Ostinato Strings Chapter II - Advanced Patterns v1.1 (April 27) Anthology Strings v1.3 (April 23) Liberis Angelic Choir v2.1 (April 21) Oh, well. I only got two of these and my internet connection could be worse. *) NaD = Not a Deal. Yup, I just invented that acronym.
  12. In a recent post Glenn Stanton described a solution where you can use any icon you want in a template without having to include magic words in the file name. After adding the image you simply save as a normal project and then change the file extension to cwt. I tried it out and it seems to work flawlessly. See his post here:
  13. Canopus

    Template images

    Yes, thank you! That was it! Just for fun I created a couple of templates and added some images from the Rapture Pro thumbnails folder. The result looks better than the default icon, I would say.
  14. Great having Tempo Track grid lines. However, all but the two top-most horizontal grid lines disappear when Alt+T is toggled. Also, the Alt+T shortcut is still not present in the Track View’s View menu (reported in 2021.06 EA). Edit: Both these issues were later fixed in 2021.06 Update 1. 👍
  15. Recently Meteor and now Asteroid. Am I beginning to see a pattern here? I guess the next one will be called Comet.
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