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  1. There was a new version of UVI Falcon being released less than a week ago on April 4th. One of the issues being fixed in version 2.0.7 is according to the change log “UI fixes”. I have no idea what that means as I haven’t yet downloaded it myself, but perhaps you should try it.
  2. And here I was, thinking that Germans were very structured and organized, but this adventure of getting a reclaim link to AAS from Beat Magazine has made me think otherwise. It only resulted in a measly six emails from Falke Media/Beat Magazine, nähmlich: Ihre bestellung bei falkemedia Ihr Download-Link für falkemedia Serialcenter – Registrierung Serialcenter – Software-Aktivierung Dokumente zur Bestellung 999999999 (and only two of those) I would have expected a lot more emails than that if the national caricature of Germans would have been true.
  3. It’s great to have a laugh in these miserable times.
  4. To avoid confusion I think you should give your theme a unique name that doesn’t somehow imply that this is a new official version of the default Cakewalk theme.
  5. Given that this is the Coffee House and your track record of jokes in said forum, I had to read your question very cautiously a couple of times to see if this was some kind of joke that just went over my head. It still may be, but otherwise your formula in the green cell would be =IF(B3+C3>0,1,””). Mind you, I don't have an English version of Excel so both the function name and the divider sign are slightly different on my computer, but I think this slightly modified version should work just fine.
  6. The name of the file The name of the file is TTSSEQ.INI, not TSSSEQ.INI.
  7. That's a game changer. I just bought Unfiltered Audio's TRIAD for $29 + VAT as I no longer had to buy something else as well.
  8. Thanks Matthew, I hadn’t noticed there was an update available. I’ve got a UMC404HD at home and the smaller UMC204HD at my vacation home, as I needed the classic MIDI input connection which isn’t very common in this price range. Never had any problems with the interfaces or their drivers since I bought them almost two years ago. All sample rates are matched throughout my systems.
  9. If you’re trying out Unfiltered Audio’s TRIAD and like what you hear, you might as well buy the temporarily available BYOME & TRIAD Modular FX Bundle. As far as I can tell, with the voucher code you will get both BYOME and TRIAD for the same price as TRIAD alone.
  10. After opening the theme using the Theme Editor, you would have to navigate to the node Control Bar > Modules > Tools in the left-hand treeview and replace the images "Smart Tool", “Smart Tool (customized)” and “Select tool” found under that node with the corresponding images that were present in that theme before CbB version 2019.07. If you don’t have an old version of the theme available, you would have to make those modifications yourself using some paint program. However, whenever CbB in the future is updated with new or modified GUI resources and your base theme is being updated to reflect this, you would have to do it all over again in order to keep up with all other changes. Unless you’re comfortable with that, or alternatively accept that your personal theme gradually becomes obsolete, my best suggestion would be to accept these three buttons as they are.
  11. Yes, I also noticed the inconsistent use of "Scroll Bar Background" and "Scroll Bar Thumb" when creating my themes. It’s most noticeable in the Browser and Synth Rack as they are part of the default workspace, and of course it looks very odd when trying to create a dark theme. I was about to report it back then, but then I thought it would never be fixed anyway. But perhaps I’m just being too negative. @Ben Staton, pleeeeez?
  12. And I do exactly the opposite. Not that I have buyers remorse over Arturia V Collection, but it's always my second choice. But also having UVI Falcon, that might add to my equation.
  13. Welcome to the forum, Pippin. I used to see your Cakewalk tutorials back in the SONAR X1 days when you had the MCI Studio channel on YouTube. It’s great to see that you have updated to CbB and started to make tutorials for it.
  14. No, there isn’t. And I guess any company trying to create such a VST would get a large number of lawsuits on its hands. To be able to do something like that you would have to reverse-engineer all the different proprietary sample file formats used by Native Instruments, Garritan, IK Multimedia, UVI and all the other players in this field using sample based players. Although I haven’t read all the EULAs of these companies, you most certainly are prohibited from reverse-engineer any of the distributed content. It’s not a matter of whether the players are free or not.
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