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  1. It does for me. I see that you posted an identical issue in the 2020.01 Feedback thread, so it might be something specific to you PC or perhaps a faulty theme issue. Unless you have Mercury or Tungsten selected, switch to one of those and see if that solves the problem. The padlock icon is otherwise found in the Theme Editor under the node Theme > Markers View > Marker Lock Indicator.
  2. That’s how Adobe lost me as a customer. Had been buying and upgrading their very expensive Creative Suite offerings until the day they decided to turn to the Dark Side and go subscription. Oh, well. Still using my paid for CS6 Design & Web Premium as long as it works on Windows. And now I have a license for iZotope MPS 3. Be careful, iZotope. Be very careful.
  3. By start viewing some of the tutorials available on YouTube? In case you didn’t know, MIDI in itself doesn’t contain any instrument information. It only contains structured data that can be fed into an external or internal instrument that’s MIDI enabled. You might compare MIDI to sheet music which in itself doesn’t sound or play a piano, guitar or violin. It’s just structured data, mostly note information, that needs interpretation. If you export to a MIDI file, that file will thus not contain any instrument information. Never. If you later load a MIDI file into Cakewalk (or any other DAW for that matter), you will have to assign that MIDI to an external or internal (virtual) instrument if you want to hear anything. By default, on opening a MIDI file, Cakewalk will assign your MIDI to the virtual instrument TTS-1 which by default contains a piano. That’s probably what’s happened here. Simple solution: don’t export to MIDI. Instead save your work as a Cakewalk project. That way any instrument assignments you’ve done in Cakewalk will be kept in the project file and later correctly reloaded into Cakewalk. Always.
  4. It might be that your samples are very large and can’t be loaded within the time frame specified by CbB. Got to Edit > Preferences > Audio > Configuration File – Properties and increase the parameter value DropoutMsec until the drop-out message hopefully disappears. I have increased my value from default 250 ms to 1500 ms to be able to load some large Kontakt library presets.
  5. Canopus

    Issue with piano roll

    This thread reminds me of another one posted earlier this week (see below). Could it be that the code rendering pressed keys in the PRV being sent from a MIDI controller has been changed sometime in CbB? I compared the PRV in CbB (2020.08 build 100) to the last version of SONAR Platinum (2017.10). In the latter the piano key rendering in the PRV is displayed with light-grey keys as expected, but not so for me in CbB. Unless, of course, there is some display setting I’m not aware of. Having a Core i7-3770 with 32GB RAM and an AMD Radeon HD 7700.
  6. I can verify that. I hadn’t really noticed it but just to verify I started up the last version of SONAR Platinum (2017.10) where the PRV keyboard correctly reflected the keys being pressed on the MIDI controller in light grey. But for some reason not so anymore in CbB. And I can’t find any setting in the PRV menu or in Preferences that restores the previous display functionality.
  7. Canopus


    I think that you previously could get a discount on the Design Bundle (containing Adaptiverb, Morph and Wormhole) if you owned both Adaptiverb and Morph. No other combinations were unfortunately valid. Wormhole was the last of those three to be released so I guess that was the reason. And I haven't seen that offer for quite some time.
  8. That Harmonium Environment Preset sounds very much like the Harmonium placed in my first-grade classroom. My teacher sat down by the pump organ every morning and played some psalms while we children sang. It was quite relaxing, a soft beginning of the school day, and particularly atmospheric around Christmas when we all had lighted candles on our desks and the snow silently fell outside in the dark. But of course, that was many years ago. I’m sure singing hymns isn’t part of school nowadays. So much has changed since then and not always for the better. And while walking down memory lane, that teacher drove a red Ford Anglia 105E Deluxe with tailfins and that funny backward-slanted rear window. And she kept on living until she was 102. What a woman. Oh, sorry. Don’t mind me and my nostalgia flashback. Please carry on.
  9. No problem, and thanks for the credit. The more Cakewalk themes available the better chance people will find something they like. Having seen the video, I kind of liked the blue bars in your Performance module so it’s not impossible that I will change from orange to blue in Gran Vista sometime in the future. As for the name Canopus, it’s a star that only can be seen from the southern hemisphere. It’s actually the second-brightest star in the night sky after Sirius.
  10. Well, it’s basically a dark theme so having a bright PRV inside might look unconventional. But changing that part of the theme shouldn’t be a problem for anyone seeing it as an issue. Of course, I realize that you know how to do this, but for someone less familiar with modifying themes it’s simply a matter of opening the Theme Editor, load the Lead theme and then expand the node Piano Roll view in the treeview to the left. There are six sub-nodes located directly beneath representing modified colours, each identified by a colour palette icon and black text. For each of those six entries, right-click the node and select Remove. After saving, the dark PRV in the theme will have changed to look like the bright PRV in the default Mercury theme. These steps should work for most dark themes with small, if any, variations.
  11. I have actually been thinking about this myself. In my case it was mostly regarding Mute which I think looks pretty cool in Logic, where an active mute for a track is indicated by a flashing Mute button. So thumbs up.
  12. Have you tried Shift+F?
  13. Canopus


    Nope. However, maybe you could use the Melodyne Demo version that comes with CbB and modify the E’s by ear? Make sure all the E's are in one separate MIDI clip like Nigel proposed above and record your MIDI into audio using your orchestral VSTi. Then select the audio clip for this separate track and apply Region FX > Melodyne. In Melodyne, make sure Options > Pitch Grid is set to No Snap so that the notes won’t stick to the twelve tone scale. It should then be possible to tune your E’s into whatever. It’s very clumsy of course, but might be a possible work-around if this is a one-time occurrence.
  14. But it has. Under Edit > Preferences > File > Advanced you can specify exactly after how many minutes or after how many changes an auto-save should occur, whatever happens first. I have mine set to 10 minutes or 10 changes. You can also optionally select “Enable Versioning of Project (.CWP) Files” and the number of versions you want to keep. You must have Advanced checked at the bottom of the Preferences window to be able to see those entries.
  15. FYI: Hypersonic was created for Steinberg by a company called Wizoo, which was later bought by Avid. According to this SOS article (which actually reviews Steinberg's Hypersonic successor HALion Sonic), much of the content in Hypersonic 2 was later introduced in the Xpand! synth which at that time came bundled with Avid ProTools. The Xpand!2 synth is now owned by AIR Music Technology and can currently be bought for only $13. It has also been put on sale for just a few dollars quite a few times (I bought it myself for £1 a few years back). Of course, as Xpand!2 exists as a 64-bit VST you can have the benefit of a large memory addressing space and won’t have to use JBridge to run it. It does require iLock but not a dongle. As for how much content was brought over from Hypersonic I have absolutely no idea, but the factory content is pretty extensive with more than 2,500 presets.
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