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  1. Canopus

    Get rid of your studio

    I see a lot of bear related jokes around here, which I think is both unwarranted and unfair. Let’s not forget that most of the best musicians always have been absolute animals. Cases in point: just think of these two, maybe the best composers ever.
  2. Canopus

    "Rise" Solo Piano Ballad

    Absolutely beautiful.
  3. I’ve noticed that some graphical elements in a theme are more persistent than you would like them to be. Track icons for instance. If you modify track icons in the Theme Editor, save the theme and then reload it in CbB, more often than not the old track icons will still be displayed. What’s worse, sometimes it doesn’t even help to restart CbB to have them refreshed. I have assumed that this is due to some internal caching glitch, as these modifications sooner or later will show up in CbB. At first it was awkward as I kept asking myself if I'd somehow forgot to save the theme before reloading it, but of course with time I became aware of the problem. Maybe what you experienced was some similar persistency/caching issue.
  4. Canopus

    Re: Vsts On External Hard Drives

    I think you would normally keep the plug-ins on the C:\ drive, and only move the sample libraries elsewhere. After all, a plug-in normally has a very small footprint compared to its samples. It usually works to move the sample folders, but there is no one single answer. On those rare occasions when it’s not possible to change the location from within the plug-in, you might have to use symbolic links to do it. Search for "symbolic link" in this forum if you need advice on that topic. But regarding iZotope Iris 2 it’s easy: after manually moving your preset and sample folders, just click on the wrench in the upper left corner of Iris 2 and click the Set… button in the LIBRARY pane. After browsing to and selecting the new folder location you’re good to go. But having said that, if you really want to minimizer disk usage on your internal drive, installing the plug-in to an external drive and adapting your plug-in scan path in Cakewalk will most likely work. Just be aware that many plug-ins normally would place your samples in the %AppData% or %ProgramData% folder (or, for very misbehaved installers, in the Programs folder), and if so you would have to find and move the samples manually to another disk anyway.
  5. Canopus

    2019.07 Feedback

    Well, actually there are. If you select "Lock Module Order", the scroll buttons will be present when the modules overflow the boundaries.
  6. Canopus

    2019.07 Feedback

    I might have spotted another small bug in 2019.07. There seems to be some problem with the new Lock Module Order and Justify/Center functions. If the modules selected are too many to fit within the space occupied by the Control Bar, you would normally see scroll buttons at the left-most and right-most edges of the Control Bar that will make it possible to scroll its content. And this is how it still works if you don’t lock the Control Bar, or if you select the tried-and-true Lock Module Order option. However, if you select one of the new options “Lock Module Order and Justify” or “Lock Module Order and Center” and the excess modules at the far left and far right partly or fully disappear outside the visible area, there are no scroll buttons turning up. And without any scroll buttons I can’t understand how you are supposed to reach the modules that have fallen off the edges. Or am I just missing something simple? Edit: Having a second look, I now see that you can drag the content of the Control Bar to the left or right to see the modules that have fallen off the edges. Is this by design, that dragging should be used instead of scroll buttons in those two particular cases? If that's the case, I don't know if that was a very wise decision to make. Having two different ways of scrolling, depending on what locking option is selected, is not very user friendly in my book.
  7. Canopus

    2019.07 Feedback

    I think I’ve spotted one small bug in 2019.07: whereas the new Smart Tool icon in the Control Bar always changes if at least one of its default functions is removed, the same is not true for the floating Tool Window (a.k.a. HUD, which you reach by pressing the middle mouse button). The filled pointer icon is always displayed in the floating window regardless if the Smart Tool is customized or not. I assume this is not the intended behaviour. I already wrote this in another thread as there wasn't any official 2019.07 feedback thread open at the time, so sorry for cross-posting.
  8. Both the Gran Vista Black & Blue and Carbon themes have now been updated to reflect changes in CbB 2019.07 with new buttons for Smart Tool, Smart Tool (customized) and Select. Additionally, the Record button in the small Transport module has now been modified so that it displays currently selected recording mode. Previously the recording mode was only visible when large buttons were displayed. Although this was consistent with how both Mercury and Tungsten displays the small Record button, a forum thread made me aware of the lack of indicators in the stock themes and I saw no reason why not to add it to these custom themes. Download the modified themes from the links supplied in the OP.
  9. Canopus

    2019.07 appears to be available

  10. Great job, Larry - true to the original without being a carbon copy. And your vocals are great. The Dark Side of the Moon was actually one of the first albums I ever bought, but now it’s hanging on in quiet desperation among all my other vinyls on the dark side of a cabinet door.
  11. Canopus

    Get rid of your studio

    I give up, you win.
  12. Canopus

    Get rid of your studio

    And now I have to write an answer just so that you won’t gain one post on me.
  13. Canopus

    Get rid of your studio

    Oh, that’s nice. Looks like he’s met the audio mixing people at the beach. Now he doesn’t have to feel so lonely anymore. Or at least hungry.
  14. Canopus

    News of a tragedy in classical music ...

    Maybe they should give his successor a tambourine instead, because who’s ever heard about the Bermuda Tambourine?