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  1. Canopus

    Fades don't work

    The Fade tool only works on Audio tracks. On Instrument tracks I would use Automation, having the filter set to the default Volume parameter. For even more options you can check out this old thread.
  2. Fun fact: FL Studio is written in Delphi, which is the modern successor of Turbo Pascal. Well, that, and a lot of assembler as well. As for CbB I'm pretty sure it's written in Microsoft C++.
  3. I spent quite some time yesterday listening to the examples of some of the Falcon expansions. One that I found had some potential was Analog Motion. Until I realized I’d purchased that one almost five years ago. I guess that’s an indication I should actually start using the things I’ve bought instead of constantly looking for new toys. Maybe that would be a great New Year’s resolution; to create at least one song based on each synth/expansion/Kontakt instrument I’ve ever bought? That would definitely keep me busy for a while.
  4. I don’t know about Waves or IKM, but as for XLN Audio all their products have a setting called “Use OpenGL acceleration” which can be turned on or off. You can reach that setting through the Hamburger menu in the top-right corner of each plug-in and choose “UI Scaling and Settings” (in XO called “Settings”).
  5. I still had a copy of “FET Compressor.dll” v 2.5.46 tucked away, so as soon as I saw that v 2.5.52 made Cakewalk crash I simply replaced the new VST2 version in my VstPlugins folder with v 2.5.46 using copy/paste. I didn’t replace the 2.5.52 version of the VST3 plugin as I knew it had nothing to do with ProChannel. And once I later had updated to the current v 2.5.55, I yet again replaced the VST2 plugin with v 2.5.46. The reason your VST2 shows up when inserted into the effects rack might be due to not having both check boxes ticked under Edit > Preferences > File > VST Settings > VST3 Migration. Of course, here I assume that you do have the VST3 folder specified in your VST Scan Paths on the same page. Personally I always use my own Plug-in Menu Layouts which gives me full control over their content. My recommendation would be for you to send Softube a support ticket about the VST2 version of FET Compressor v 2.5.55 crashing Cakewalk when run as a ProChannel module and also nicely ask for a link to v 2.5.46 of that plugin. They might be able to help you. Of course, once the legacy VST2 plugin is installed, you should keep a copy of the resulting “FET Compressor.dll” tucked away. Until Softube finally fixes this issue, you will need it after every future Softube Central update for as long as you intend to use it in ProChannel.
  6. In my experience FET Compressor v 2.5.46 worked as a ProChannel module, but when I quite recently upgraded to v 2.5.52 Cakewalk started to crash when the nodule was instantiated. Again, I might add, as this is an old problem that dates back a few years but at one time seemed to have been solved. Same with Softube’s Passive-Active Pack, containing the three EQs that also come as ProChannel modules; they seem to work in v 2.5.46 but not in v 2.5.52 or later. I guess the same is true for Softube's TSAR-1R Reverb although I haven’t tested it. To bypass the problem I have personally rolled back my VST2 version of FET Compressor to v 2.5.46, but at the same time using the latest available VST3 for the effects rack. To my knowledge, ProChannel still only supports VST2, although @Noel Borthwick has said that he’s planning to make a VST3 ProChannel specification sometime in the future. Let's hope he'll find the time as VST2 soon seems to be a thing of the past.
  7. Toontrack’s Holiday Sales used to be $29 for a full EZkeys license. Both in 2017 and 2018 I even got an extra EZkeys expansion included, so effectively four instruments for $58. Not quite so anymore.
  8. Okay, sorry about the confusion. I was told by someone I know that the link I had posted didn’t appear to be read-only, but one that allowed anyone with access to the link to update the zip file’s content. Of course, if that was the case it wasn’t good. I was in a great hurry and hadn’t time to check it out, so the only quick fix I saw was to remove the file altogether and make a short post here that the link had been removed. Now that I’m back I have uploaded a new copy of the icon file and updated the OP with a link that I’ve double-checked should be read-only.
  9. For anyone interested, I have added another 40+ icons to this bundle. Perhaps most importantly are the additional instruments that came with Arturia V Collection 9, UVI Vintage Vault 4 and Native Instruments Komplete Ultimate 14. I have also added some older libraries from Kontakt’s Play Series which were previously missing, as well as some odd bits and pieces from 8dio, Ujam, Wedge Force and Xfer. A few examples can be seen below. For instructions on how to download and where to extract, see the opening post. The zip file contains the whole 550+ icon bundle.
  10. This BF I didn’t think I would buy anything, but managed to find an old boxed version of Steinberg Groove Agent 4 at a local reseller for around $30. It got automatically upgraded to the current version Groove Agent 5 when activated (MRP: $179). If this sounds familiar, I had a similar experience BF 2021 buying a boxed version of Steinberg HALion Sonic 2 for around $30 (at the same reseller) which upon activation was automatically upgraded to HALion Sonic 3 (MRP: $249). Hell Yeah! An important bonus to me is that they both run under Cakewalk, whereas Grove Agent SE and HALion Sonic SE, which both came included with Cubase Pro, apart from being meager in comparison are restricted to Cubase.
  11. Might be a write permission issue. Do you have a file called do_trace.txt in your folder C:\Users\[username]\Documents\Addictive Drums 2\[somenumber]\Settings? Unless you are investigating something related to AD2, probably on request by XLN Audio, you should not (as it will always slow things down). If you do have such a file, rename it dont_trace.txt (no apostrophe) and no log will be written. Similar steps should be taken with the corresponding file in the Addictive Keys path, if present.
  12. It was quite some time ago, but if I remember it correctly I was pretty much back to normal in a month. I suppose age can affect the speed of recovery and at that time I was still in my forties. I also had this very experienced hand surgeon both times (I’ve kept his business card just in case). Although three fingers were targeted the second time, the surgeon managed to perform the operation by only making two small cuts in my right hand as he could reach the sheaths of the ring finger as well as the middle finger through the same opening. The little finger unfortunately needed its own. And once the bandages could be removed I stretched and contracted my fingers on a regular basis in an attempt to speed up the recovery so I could go back to my keyboard. Pain is temporary, music is forever.
  13. I’ve had this problem with both my hands. At first it was only one finger in my left hand. I got a local cortisone injection which at first seemed to fix the problem, but after about a year the issue had reappeared. By then I got a twenty minute surgery which permanently took care of the problem. A couple of years later I got a similar problem with three fingers in my right hand so I got surgery there as well. All this happened about fifteen years ago and I haven’t had any problem with my fingers since then. I’m only an amateur keyboard player so to me it wasn’t such a big deal having to wait while the scars healed and until the dexterity went back to normal. For me it took less than a month, but I guess it’s quite individual. In my experience, once you begin to have a trigger-finger it won't get better over time, only worse. In my case the cause was diabetes and surgery was the only permanent solution.
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