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  1. Speaking of Tantra, I see that Plugin Alliance in their latest newsletter shortly mentions that Tantra 2 is coming in the next few months. Interesting.
  2. Well, whatever I did yesterday it did solve the problem on my PC opening a project in CbB containing Iris 2 and some MIDI. Just to verify that it was persistent, I created two new projects today in CbB; one containing the VST2 version and one containing the VST3 version of Iris 2. After saving, both projects reloaded in CbB without any issues. The thing is that I now could even reactivate the option “Clear selection on sample load” in Iris 2 and it still worked. Very strange indeed.
  3. Try to disable 'CorelUpdateHelperTask' and 'CorelUpdateHelperTaskCore' in Task Scheduler. I don’t know if this will help with PaintShop Pro (I don't have it), but I’ve had no problems with ads in Corel Pinnacle Studio after following the instructions linked in the following post.
  4. This issue also occurred in CbB 2020.05 on my computer and that was regardless if I used the VST2 or VST3 version of iZotope Iris 2 (v 2.02.455 = latest). When reopening a project with Iris 2, a selected preset and some MIDI, Cakewalk crashed. However, both VST versions worked when I opened the same project in latest version of SONAR Platinum (23.10.0)! As far as I can see I have the same audio settings in CbB and SONAR. The only noticeable thing being different is ThreadSchedulingModel, but changing that in CbB didn’t help. So using SONAR I tried to tweak the settings inside Iris 2 (the wrench in the upper left corner). And lo and behold, when I deactivated the flag “Clear selections on sample load” in Iris 2, I was able to load the project in CbB as well (both VST2 and VST3). Maybe @JoeGBradford or someone else having Iris 2 can verify this?
  5. No, that’s not the case. Cakewalk by BandLab runs perfectly well offline with all files stored locally. Maybe you were thinking about the cloud based BandLab product? Similar names but oh so different feature sets.
  6. You only have to be online once every six months to escape falling into demo mode IIRC. Also, as from the last 2020.05 version, you can use off-line authorization using a USB flash drive and a separate internet connected computer.
  7. The text colour of 64 bit, VST3 and DirectX plug-ins can’t be changed independently, but the text colour of VST2 plug-ins can be set to any colour you want in the Theme Editor through the node Browser > Plug-in Browser > VST2 Text. Also, you can change the colour of 32-bit plug-ins in the node Browser > Plug-in Browser > 32-bit Plug-ins Text should you want to. All the rest defaults to the colour set through the node Browser > Plug-in Browser > Plug-in Tree Text.
  8. Canopus

    UVI Vintage Vault

    Musician’s Friend is selling boxed two version old software from UVI that MF probably have had standing on their shelves for years. How that would indicate corporate changes at UVI is beyond me.
  9. Yes, he has sampled a large number of instruments for other companies like Steinberg, Toontrack, Nord Keyboard, XLN Audio, Reason Studios and Kurzweil. He has e.g. sampled all four instruments in XLN Audio’s Addictive Keys series, as well as the Classic Electric Wurlitzer 200A, Grand Piano, Retro Electrics and Upright Piano in Toontrack’s EZ Keys series, to name but a few.
  10. Because of the ever-present risk of computer viruses, you should never expect people to download Word documents from unknown sources on the web.
  11. Yes, when Synth Anthology 2 was introduced I immediately realized that the same graphics had been used in the synth display. And when now quickly comparing the preset lists, I can see that many if not all the presets in Synth Legacy have been recycled and found its way into Synth Anthology 2. But of course, for anyone not already having Synth Anthology 2 this would also mean that they will get many of the bells and whistles in the big brother for only $4.99.
  12. Synth Legacy was custom made by UVI when Guitar Center celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2009. It has never been sold directly by UVI but only through Guitar Center (and possibly Musician’s Friend). Just like any third party UVI Workstation product it won’t turn up in your UVI account after activation. The $4.99 deal is really great. I bought Synth Legacy in 2016 for $49, which at that time was 50% off the regular $99 price. As a nod towards the 50th anniversary, Synth Legacy include sounds fetched from 50 synth classics: Alesis Andromeda, Roland Jupiter 4, Roland Jupiter 8, Roland VP-300, Roland TB-303, Oberheim Matrix 6, Oberheim Xpander, Oberheim OB-X, Studio Electronics ATC, SCI Prophet 5, Yamaha CS-80, Elka Synthex, RSF Kobol, Korg PS-3200, Moog MiniMoog, Moog MemoryMoog, Waldorf Pulse, Access Virus C, Yamaha AN1X, Novation Nova, Waldorf Q, Clavia NordLead, Yamaha DX7, Yamaha DX100, Yamaha FS1R, Korg DS8, NED Synclavier 2, Waldorf Microwave XT, PPG Wave 2.3, Casio VZ-1, Casio CZ-1, Korg DW8000, Kawai K4R, SCI Prophet VS, Korg Wavestation, Yamaha SY22, Kawai K5000, OSC OSCar, Seiko DS301, Ensoniq VFX, Roland JD-800, Roland D-50, Korg M1, Ensoniq Fizmo, Yamaha SY77, Ensoniq SQ1, Ensoniq ASR10, Mellotron M400, Fairlight CMI IIx, E-MU Emulator 2.
  13. It’s a small company so everything is done manually. Depending on time of day, you would normally have to wait maybe half a day or so until the download links appear in your account. I bought the Rain Piano Mk II two days ago and found the links in my account within a couple of hours.
  14. It was free for just four days in May 2017 directly from Boz Digital Labs. That’s when I got it.
  15. Using 2020.05 build 030 (EA2) as expected it’s now possible to see *.midi files in the Media browser, but when I try to drag such a file into the Track Pane, I get a “Cannot find or open file” error message. And that’s despite the file just being a copy of a successfully opened *.mid file where I have just changed the extension. The same happens when I select File > Import > MIDI... As expected the extension filter has been modified here as well, but the same error message appears when trying to import a *.midi file. I've tried it with two different *.midi files with the same result. It's hard for me to believe this wouldn't have been tested so might this be a problem only on my PC?
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