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  1. I think the amount a developer has to pay to NI for having a Kontakt library available to Kontakt Player is just over $20 for each sold item. My guess is based on information at RealiTone who sells the Full Kontakt version of RealiVox Blue for $149.95 and the Kontakt Player version for $169.95. And they say: I might add that RealiTone currently have a deal selling the Full Kontakt version of RealiVox Blue for $99.95 and the Kontakt Player version for $119.95. Also, the Full Kontakt version of RealiVox Ladies is currently sold for $199.95 (regular price $300) and the Kontakt Player version for $219.95 (regular price $320).
  2. There seems to be an .ins file for the Yamaha S90ES at the link below (along with a dozen or so other Yamaha keyboards). I don't have that keyboard myself though so I haven't tested it. https://www.heikoplate.de/cw-ins-files.html
  3. Indeed. This has been one of my most sought after features for many years; a command in the PRV that makes it easy to quickly zoom in all MIDI content. As for the existing "Fit MIDI content" menu command, it only works vertically. When it works, that is. Consistency has unfortunately never been a particularly prominent feature of SONAR and CbB, but it sure would be nice if the same shortcut keys (F and Shift+F) would perform the same fit operation in both Track View and Piano Roll View. This has been requested a number times both in the old and in the current forum, but it just doesn’t seem to happen. Below is one of those feature requests from almost five years ago. http://forum.cakewalk.com/FindPost/3493927
  4. You have probably enabled GUI throttle mode. If so, disable it by pressing the Pause/Break key and CbB will move the Now Time marker smoothly at normal speed yet again.
  5. Because you asked so politely: just guessing, but I'm pretty sure it’s pronounced with an audible K. The reason being that it’s based on a hardware synth by the Finnish designer Jonte Knif, I would assume that his last name is an old soldier name meaning Knife in Swedish (Knif being old spelling, nowadays spelled Kniv). It was common in the 18th and 19th century that soldiers had nom-de-guerre in France and that custom was also carried over to Sweden and Finland. As you were.
  6. I've heard there's a new movie soon coming up. Anyone know what's it all about? Is it a musical?
  7. Have a look at Addictive Drums 2 Modern Jazz Brushes. That's what I use whenever I need brushes. XLN Audio normally have a sale twice a year offering a 45-50% discount on their regular prices.
  8. Yes, I have both a UMC204HD and a UMC404HD. And just to convince you I'm not mistaken, here's an image just fetched from my UMC Control Panel: There's another thread in this forum from March last year relating to Behringer's UMC interfaces with some testimonies that you might like to have a look at:
  9. No, that’s not correct. Their budget options UM2 and UM22 for very cost conscious users do indeed only offer ASIO4All drivers, but all their slightly more expensive options, such as the UMC204HD and UMC404HD, have native ASIO drivers. Just have a look at their download page under Product Group Audio Interfaces. https://www.behringer.com/downloads.html
  10. I would look into the different pdf manuals supplied by NI. You will find them in your Shared Documents folder. At the end of each drum manual you will find all kit pieces and their articulations laid out with their respective default key and MIDI note number. They seem to be ordered not by key but by kit piece. Also, the default key in CbB will depend upon you setting of Base Octave for Pitches in Preferences. As an example, here’s the first part of the table for Abbey Road 50s Drummer Autumn Kit.
  11. Drum Replacer works fine for me, but I noticed that @e2studio has an Italian version of CbB and may I assume that @Guillermo Torres Va has a Spanish version (mentioning GoogleTranslate)? Just a shot in the dark: perhaps there’s a localization issue with Drum Replacer?
  12. Canopus

    AAS Objeq Delay FREE

    No, the bom file only contains the list of files that should be installed but not their destination. The destination folders are fetched from the system registry. On my computer AAS installs no less than 3x VST2 and 1x VST3 of every instrument. So be it.
  13. Canopus

    AAS Objeq Delay FREE

    This is what I do after having downloaded a Custom “All” Installer from AAS: After having unzipped the aas-software-installer-win.zip file, I open up the file called “bom” in a text editor (that file hasn’t got any file extension). The bom file is a text file stored in the InstallerData folder containing references to everything that should be installed. In the text editor I then remove all lines that specifies my duplicates and my session instruments. As I’ve got the full version of everything AAS I don't want the session instruments installed, but they are always included. After saving these modifications I finally run the Setup program.
  14. I just posted to say ...
  15. There are many ways to skin a cat, and even more ways to extend a MIDI clip in CbB. If you get tired of the Groove Clip method mentioned by Colin, you might optionally try any of these methods: Ctrl+D to duplicate the clip any number of times. Use Paste Special and specify any number of repetitions. Use the Pattern tool found among the Draw tools in the Control Bar. But regardless method, just as Colin said you’d first want to stretch your MIDI clip to the next measure/beat boundary by dragging the right clip boundary. Otherwise the end result may be unpredictable.
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