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  1. Owning the Modelling Collection, I upgraded to Chromaphone 3, Ultra Analog VA-3 and String Studio VS-3 late last year and paid $39 for each upgrade, or a total of $117. And now five months later I could apparently have got them all, as well as Multiphonics CV-1, for $69. Nice move, AAS. But of course, most people will notice the business model and never bother to upgrade anything AAS until some rock-bottom sale eventually comes along. It might be sooner than you’d think. Maybe AAS is making their money on sound packs and are selling their synths for petty cash just to keep that market going. Just like razors and razor blades.
  2. No, sorry. I’m using Kontakt almost exclusively. Great that you got it working.
  3. That should come as no surprise. If Vienna is run as a stand-alone executable and has focus, of course it will receive all keystrokes. That's how every Windows application works. Are you sure you're running Vienna as a VST and not as a stand-alone executable? It shouldn't be possible for CbB to hide a plug-in that has been instantiated from within the application.
  4. Well, neither do Cakewalk. It doesn’t matter whether the VST has focus or not. The only way to have the VST catch a spacebar key-stroke is to enable the option Give All Keystrokes to Plugin-in in the VST window. Otherwise, and of course under the condition that you haven't remapped the spacebar in Preferences > Customization > Keyboard Shortcuts, it will trigger the Play/Pause function in CbB.
  5. I think the response would have been different if you’d actually asked for help trying to solve your specific problems. This is actually a very helpful forum with many knowledgeable people. Even the developers stop by almost daily. Having said that, this is a forum for the Windows application Cakewalk by BandLab (formally SONAR), and not the web based BandLab DAW. It’s sad that you didn’t stay for a bit longer as I’m sure your problems would eventually have been solved. Still, if you would change your mind I'm sure that a lot of people here would help you out.
  6. I have both Insight and Insight 2 but a quick run-through of those versions works as expected on CbB 2021-04 both build 145 and build 147. Maybe there’s some problem with your Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables?
  7. I’ve had Cthulhu for a while but never used it much. I had a listen to this Cthulhu Premier preset bundle but came to the conclusion that it weren’t for me. However, it all inspired me to insert an instance of Cthulhu in a project and connect it to Arturia Pigments and then in another project to VI Labs TrueKeys American. And it was actually a lot of fun. I think I’ll have to dig deeper into Cthulhu. Heck, I might even open the manual.
  8. Oh shoot, you beat me by 4 GB. I’ve only got 226 GB in my UVISoundBanks folder so I guess I have to buy some more.
  9. Here’s a similar thread which I answered in some detail about a year ago. In that case the question was related to a Kontakt library called Vintage Organs, but the same concept applies to all Kontakt libraries. Click on the grey arrow in the upper-right corner below and you will be taken to the correct post.
  10. In the image you supplied the ProChannel tab is almost invisible, so there's most likely some image size issue in this theme update.
  11. Yes, I can see that as well, but only if measure 1:01 is not visible in the PRV. If measure 1:01 is visible in the PRV the snapping seems to work as expected regardless if the cursor is hovering over the actual PRV or over the PRV ruler. However, if I scroll slightly to the right so that measure 1:01 disappears out of sight, the aim assist line seems to be offset when the cursor is placed over the ruler.
  12. You select double-click behaviour in Track View’s Options menu. If you change from Clip Properties to Loop Construction View, CbB will display the clip’s waveform.
  13. Yeah, it looks like Tassman’s long-lost son. And he’s been taking steroids.
  14. Those were only partial links, added to explain the concept of mixed content, and not links to the actual documentation.
  15. Don’t shoot the messenger. I just explained why this happens and also why some people don't have this problem.
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