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  1. Yes, If you are using internal soundcard. How good does your old notebook perform? If you are using internal soundcard make sure not to use Fast Bounce while exporting. Some systems produce bad quality Bounce if the CPU is peaking or the MB is heated up. But this totally depends on how good your old notebook is. You can install a cup meter gadget to always keep an eye on the cpu. Also the latency will improve with better specs
  2. Sorry for the brief op. I thought this will be a easy one. When I click on a midi note for what ever reason (to drag, to see its details etc) the midi note makes its sound. This is the default way it works right? What if dont what the notes to make a sound when I click on them. Sometimes its too annoying when I have to make extensive editing and the synth sounds keep on making noise every time I click, it makes the entire process unpleasant. Velocity Audition turns this off while doing velocity edits, doesn't seem to help while doing note edits.
  3. How do I stop the notes from making sound while editing. I remember this was possible. But couldnt find it out.
  4. Got to know that now Cubase has got this feature as well. Its named Retrospective Record. I hope to see this soon in CbB.
  5. I do the same using aux tracks. You mentioned VCA's work differently to aux faders. But in CbB I could do the same procedure you mentioned using Aux tracks. If I am wrong or missing something do correct me.
  6. Yes, that's just a different feature @Kevin Please watch the video link in the opening post to know more of the capture record feature. This link will also help http://logicprogem.com/Logic-Pro-X-Tutorials/Entries/2014/6/13_Capture_Recording__Logic_Pro_is_Always_Listening.html and I agree with one thing mentioned in this article. You don’t have to use the Capture Recording Button only as a safety net. I use it almost exclusively for any MIDI recording. You just play along with your song as it develops and every time you perform a good pass, you hit the Capture Recording Button and your performance is right there as a new MIDI Region.
  7. Yea, there have been times I hit a few wrong notes or in the verge of messing up the timing but it ends up sounding soo good. I try to recreate them and eventually get closer to that but its never the same. Also this feature can be really helpful while working with a producer. If you forgot to hit the record button on some good takes the next few minutes will be really awkward. They might be even fantasizing on choking you 😰
  8. @Jim Fogle this feature only applies to midi. This feature is always on in logic by default. I don't think you can disable it. You can hide the capture record magic button though. But I am no expert in logic so I can't confirm it. Midi data is microscopic in size and the captured data is only stored temporarily. Although this feature doesn't work for audio there seems to be a trick to capture audio. I am not sure if such a trick can be implemented in CbB. Someone please enlighten us. Here is an article that explains capturing audio http://logicprogem.com/Logic-Pro-X-Tutorials/Entries/2014/6/13_Capture_Recording__Logic_Pro_is_Always_Listening.html
  9. U can simply turn off the audio engine in cakewalk and play the video file or audio file from any media player. U don't have to exit cakewalk. If you want to play both cakewalk and media player simultaneously u can change the driver mode as directed by scook. To turn off audio engine click on the icon below the now time meter in the control bars transport module. Once you are finished with the media player you can click the icon again to turn on the audio engine.
  10. Not sure how many are aware of the capture recording feature available in some daws like logic pro. I made this request long back in the old forum.To me this is a feature that CbB must have. Use of this feature is enormous. This helps not only when you forgot to click the record button but also in enormous ways. Lot of times the best takes happens when you are simply trying out something with no conscience to record. This feature helps to capture those takes. Sometimes such precious takes are not recreateable. Magic happens spark happens and they deserve to be captured. Please implement this feature. Just in case if someone has no idea what this feature is, here is a video demonstrating this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qOB4dFpipOU
  11. Hey I just checked out the S1 Pipeline XT it has some new features like saving pictures or notes of the external hardware settings. Also shows up waveform of some sorts. The storing pictures or notes of external settings will be a very useful and handy feature. Hope CbB can implement something like this in its External Insert.
  12. @tecknotI'm sorry I wasnt clear in the first post. Thats how I insert markers. I press M and the Marker Dialog Box appears and I click enter. Another way is to press M on the flow while the transport is moving. Eitherway its cumbersome if I want all the markers to be locked in SMPTE time I need to select it everytime while entering or I have to open the markers view and open the Markers dialog of each marker and select lock to SMPTE. This could be made a little easier.
  13. @Promidi I guess this would get me close to what I am looking for. Will try it out and report. Thanks guys.
  14. So in a video project if I have to lock the markers to SMPTE time I will have to manually insert the markers every single time using the Markers Dialog box and select the check box everytime? That feels unwieldy. There gotta be a way to easily achieve this!
  15. I mean what I want is, I would like the Now Time to rewind to a specific Bar (lets say bar 5) everytime I hit the 'W' Key. I know by default it just goes back to zero. Is there any possible way this could be achieved? Also I have noticed some DAW's would rewind to some landmarks and you will have to repeatedly press the same key if you have to go back to Zero. Not sure if CbB has anything similar.
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