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  1. Strange, must somehow be hardware related then. I'll look into it. Thanks!
  2. Twice today this program has crashed on me and wiped out some good recording takes. Seems to happen when I'm attempting to freeze a track and if I do anything else like even attempt to scrub the timeline it hangs for about 10 seconds and then crashes to the desktop. Is anybody else experiencing this kind of behavior?
  3. Thanks John, I will look into this. I don't know what mode I am recording in, should be the default. What you've outlined definitely sounds like a possibility though because I have been doing a lot of performance takes with long stretches between closing the file down, so it could be saving all of the temp takes to the copy file. Good suggestion, thanks again!
  4. On my current project I have it saved to a default location where I open it and work on it from. Every so often I will save a copy to an external drive. Right now there is about 4GB of audio data in the folder, but the backup copy had ballooned up to over 40GB before I deleted it and saved a new copy. I want the audio from the project to be saved with the backup copy so I have been instructing Cakewalk to save all audio for the project, but it seems to have been creating duplicate wav files instead of overwriting ones that already exist. This is a pretty recent thing, before it used to ask me if I wanted to overwrite the files but it stopped doing that. So I must have turned some setting on or off without realizing it?
  5. Thanks Tim, I know that bouncing to tracks would be an option but it's obviously much less efficient and a lot more time consuming if you're working with large numbers of tracks. I'll try rendering one in real time to see if that eliminates it. It wouldn't be a practical solution as a regular practice to do it that way either but at least it will tell me if it's the Plug-In or not. I'll probably just end up doing what Odd Sox is doing and get a little bit of noise recorded prior to the start of the performance and then crop it to the starting point after freezing.
  6. EDIT: thanks Kevin, I thought that would have been the issue but apparently not, Remove silence is not checked on my freeze options so the gate would not even factor into it It's something else that's auto-gating the intros of my frozen tracks. I tried playing with the gate settings just in case it was Auto engaging it and it doesn't make any difference.
  7. I tried that but didn't work for me. Might habe to try adding more noise and cropping it out after freezing but that means always making noise with the instrument before the count starts. I wonder if Cakewalk is implementing some sort of gate? Like the feature that mutes portions of a clip when it detects noise below a certain threshold? Maybe that's something that can be toggled on or off when freezing tracks? It's a kind of a big problem.
  8. When freezing some guitar amp sims it has the effect of creating a very short soft audio fade in at the beginning of the Frozen bounced clip. Undoing the freeze gets rid of the fade in. I thought it might have been a gate so I turned the gate all the way off in the guitar amp sim but it didn't make any difference. Does anyone else have this issue or is this my amp sim plugins acting up? I don't know if my machine will be able to handle having every single amp sim unfrozen at final mixdown (there will be a lot of them) so I would like to do away with this error if possible. Thank you,
  9. Thank you, I had thought about using folders in track view, in fact that's what I had always done in the past and grouped tracks together in the folder that needed to be bound together. I thought maybe bus folders would have been added since Sonar 8.5 but I guess not. Hope they can add the option in the near future.
  10. Is there a way to create bus folders amd send buses there? I have a pretty bottom heavy project with a lot of small parts to mix into larger parts and it would be easier to be able to mix with multiple buses for each section of the song.
  11. I froze one track with a simple compressor amd that worked fine, but now freezing a track with DI guitar and am amp sim CbB is only producing half of the waveform when frozen. I tried adjusting my timeline markers, made sure my starting point was correct, make sure no Loops were on or anything like that, no regions were selected. None of it made any difference. So I have no idea why it's doing this. Anyone? Edit, it appears the plugin itself had blown a gasket. I deleted it and reinserted it, then loaded the amp model up again and immediately froze the track. This time it worked normally. I'll have to check for plugin updates, not a Cakewalk issue, sorry.
  12. That's it! Thank you! I can only guess I must have hit the shortcut Key by accident to turn that on somehow? Also thanks Tim, I will see if I can get an error dump.
  13. For some reason, when I imported a short piano MIDI track that I had created amd exported from Sonar 8.5. The MIDI track is binding itself to other MIDI tracks in the project. In this case the Drums MIDI track, so when I drag the piano clip it drags the entire drum clip along with it. Even stranger, when I output an audio track from that MIDI via bounce to tracks.... dragging that audio track also dragged the MIDI drum track around. As of now I can not import or draw any new MIDI data without it being linked to the drum track on the timeline, and not allowing me to drag it or even copy/paste it without moving the drum track. WTH kind of crazy 🤪 is this? EDIT: It's worse than I thought. I can not drag or copy paste ANYTHING audio or MIDI without it being linked to multiple audio tracks and moving them around the timeline. Unless someone has a fix this project is dead and will have to revert to an earlier save and hope this behavior isn't burned in on that one either. Now the file crashes when I open it. The entire program CbB shuts down to desktop. WTH happened?? Before it crashed it was asking me if I wanted ro convert audio to MIDI when I simply dragged an audio clip along the timelime, I hit cancel and program crahsed. EDIT 2: in case it matters, the clicking and dragging action is like this: Any audio clip or midi clip that I grab and drag will result in all clips in the entire project to the right or left of the Leading Edge of the clip being dragged, they all get moved. If any clips overlap that leading edge line then they are automatically sliced and dragged too.
  14. I selected a clip and pressed alt a to open audio snap menu and turned it on, then turned it off, but the clip now has a different color from all the others which it didn't have before and right clicking the clip now brings up a different context menu for apparently the audio snap engine. I cannot find an option to turn that thing off and get it off of my clip. How is this done if not by simply turning the module off, which isn't working?
  15. I might be missing something but I don't see anything there. Saving the audio export settings as a Cakewalk preset is done in the window before the MP3 render setting window appears, so you can't integrate the MP3 render settings to a saved preset that way.
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