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  1. This is also a point which has to be developed in future updates. It is not up to date when you have to do a registry hack just to add an external audio editor. This has to be standard and should be done inside the options-menu inside the program.
  2. Hi, I would like to see Cakewalk by Bandlab is getting a chord track like Cubase or Studio One. With the arranger track, the first step is done, but a chord track is missing. It would be a big help for composing. I think the bakers are of course looking to other daws and their developement and they know about that thing. So I am still hoping for it! Thanks!
  3. It would be glad to hear something from the bakers if there are plans to implement/develop the old cal-scripts in a modern way. In this point, Cakewalk by Bandlab really lacks comparing to other daws in 2020.
  4. Hi, some days ago I got the described problems with the tooltips (not really a big problem I know), but after upgrading to W10 (2004) and installing the latest driver for my Nvidia GTX 970 all is fine. So I think the reason was not Cakewalk, it was somewhere in my system. So all fine now.
  5. Hi, after closing Cakewalk and new start with the project all is fine now, Nothing is set back to "omni" after moving a clip. Don't know what or where the problem was.
  6. Hi, I have the following problem and hope there is a solution in the preferences I don't know yet. I have a simple MIDI-track and set the channel-input to "none". But when I only move a clip on this track, the input is set back to "omni". Why? Does someone know how to deactivate this behaviour? Is this possible? Thanks in advance. Cheers, Timo
  7. I would like to see a tempo track similar to the automation lines. At the moment it remembers me at the tempo track of Studio One 2, before they also changed it for easier use and editing like automation lines. Now it works as it is in cakewalk, no problem, but it is not a good workflow and very outdated.
  8. I totally agree with that. In 2020 a modern daw should have such functions for midi and audio available in a menu or by a right-click. I hope Cakewalk by Bandlab will have those possibilities in the near future. CAL-scripts are old and need to be integrated in a modern way. Timo
  9. I took some photos of the wrong tooltips (with screenshot no mouse is visible) with also english language. This is not my home pc, so it is also on different pc's. As I wrote before, it is not a big problem, just want the support to know this.
  10. Hi, ok, thank you for testing. Perhaps it belongs then only to my daw or the german language.
  11. Hi, is this problem only on my daw? Can someone test it please? Would be good to know.
  12. Btw.: Is there a possibility to change some words in the geman language or can we help the support with the translation? For example, in the preferences under Customization, "Display" is shown in german as "Suchen", but better would be "Anzeige" or just leave Display. "Suchen" means "Search" in german.
  13. Hi, this is not a big problem I know, and of course you can deactivate tooltips in the preferences, but the tooltips in the track pane have often a wrong position. Perhaps it depends on the size of the track pane. For example, when you move the mouse over the pan, the tolltips shows the filter or output, or when over the volume it shows the pan. It doesen't matter which design is choosen, it is all the same. The tooltips in other areas are ok, it is only in the track pane. I normaly work with the german language, don't know if it is the same behaviour with other languages. Perhaps other users can check if they have the same problems or if it is only on my daw. Kind regards, Timo
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