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  1. Mirax Labs vstPlayer may be worth checking.
  2. Depends on version. For exapmle EZDrummer v3 does not support VST2, AFAIK.
  3. And even if it worked it would force us to wear headphones all the time, because of interference between voice and music from speakers.
  4. Ample Sound Lapsteel may also be worth checking.
  5. That's weird. Usually dead horses full of bricks sound great. Try to kick it harder. 🙃
  6. Seems like it is possible to trigger hammer-ons in strummer mode, however not directly inside strummer panel. You'd probably need to either press "F0" key on your musical keyboard or input this note manually to corresponding track in your DAW, right between 2 chords.
  7. I also doubt it's currently possible inside the program (Riffer maybe?), nonetheless it's good to know, that it works outside and sounds OK.
  8. Exactly, as for Ample Sound Guitars a chord change (plus a keyswitch) is required to achieve this effect, but the result sounds quite convincing to me. Although I can't agree that recording a real guitar is always the best option, since you'd need a top instrument, good recording conditions and equipment as well as some basic knowledge to achieve what professional VSTi vendors are capable of. We also need to keep in mind, that there are non-guitar-players among us.
  9. I guess Ample Guitars may have what you're looking for: [Tutorial] Strum Legato in Ample Guitar Somewhere in the middle of the clip there's also a topic on using hammer-ons (and pull-offs) switches while strumming.
  10. Take a look at this thread: https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/topic/26721-percussion-plug-in-recommendations/
  11. It'll be a self-composing, self-listening and self-reviewing, fully autonomic iDAW.
  12. Seems like sampling range of EZBass is not complete for strings other than G string. Therefore everything played beyond 4th fret on lower strings sounds IDENTICAL to notes played in lower position on higher strings (including open ones). Which is simply not true as far as real guitars are concerned, since the same pitches sound a bit different on different strings. And probably that's why the program will neither let you choose your left hand position nor string you'd like to play on, see: https://www.toontrack.com/forums/topic/ez-bass-questions/page/2/ Apart from that - well featured and nice sounding VSTi.
  13. Damn, I don't have a banjo! Would you lend me yours? 😜 But seriously, as for network activities - believe it or not - there are other solutions in existence, so there's no need to use your audio workstation to do the job. This could be laptops, tablets or even phones. You may also run systems from Live CD's or from a multiboot disk. In a desktop (or better yet - tower) environment you may swap multiple systems installed on removable disks, thanks to mobile racks mounted in drive bays. Also disk cloning may be an option for some. Are you following the point, Mr. Scruggs?
  14. Guys, John B is absolutely right. This whole security paranoia has to end, eventually! if you're concerned about your privacy and online safety of your audio workstations there's a couple of tricks and rules to follow. So, all you have to do is: 1. Install 900 microsoft security patches to your system and keep updating 150 times a year, at least untill 2025 2. Set firewall rules for hundreds of various programs and plugins (+ check their efficiency everytime you set them). 3. Tweak your OS settings to prevent dozens of potential privacy leaks 4. Get a strong antivirus protection aqainst millions of security threats 5. Keep checking regularly if all those settings, tweaks and rules didn't change due to system updates, as well as to software or human errors 6. Make sure your network drivers are up to date 7. Backup your system daily, just in case: a) some of your software or drivers don't work as expected after next Microsoft update b) your system gets compromised despite strong protectiom measures 8. Make sure you don't login to Widows with your refrigerator password Sure, for some lazy growlers out there even these few simple steps won't be worth the hassle, since they stubbornly claim that offline way is the easier and safer one, but hey - modern approach to cybersecurity is to accept the challenges, not to avoid them! So don't be a cowardly computer redneck, don't go offline, It's so 90's...
  15. Mine will lock itself up if there's no internet available. And then there's this voice message from Fridge Assistant: "Access denied, Error code #007: Face recognition system unable to verify user authorization on remote server. Please check the connection and reboot your kitchen. When in doubt feel free to contact our AI chat bot via landline. It probably won't understand you anyway, but hey, it's the age we live in!"
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