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  1. I really dug the Eurythmics and the original song and whilst I am not a big fan of Marylin Manson I think this cover was much more suited to the lyrics. I'm sure some of you will think this belongs in the "other" thread though . . .
  2. Russell

    Stay With Me

    Kind of a rockin' country thing I wrote for my wife when I first met her. With our 25th Anniversary a couple weeks away thought I should actually finish it . . . Finally got around to doing a full arrangement. I think I may be getting the hang of this - Thanks to all the knowledge and tips I found on these Forums! Let me know what you think AUDIO ONLY - Stay With Me A Simple Video I threw together - Stay With Me -Video
  3. From one of my favorite albums . . .
  4. I may be the only one to have ever heard this LOL
  5. That's a pretty good tune! Reminds me of a band I like - just can't figure out which. I was (still am) fascinated with space also. As for the age thing, well, I was 9 when my dad, grandfather and I watched Neil land on the moon . . . Again, Great tune!
  6. Small Wooden Bach'ses - Mannheim Steamroller
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