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  1. From one of my favorite albums . . .
  2. I may be the only one to have ever heard this LOL
  3. That's a pretty good tune! Reminds me of a band I like - just can't figure out which. I was (still am) fascinated with space also. As for the age thing, well, I was 9 when my dad, grandfather and I watched Neil land on the moon . . . Again, Great tune!
  4. Small Wooden Bach'ses - Mannheim Steamroller
  5. Perhaps a video of this added to the "Tutorials" section . . . ? LOL
  6. When I upgraded / migrated to my new system this happened with ALL my existing projects. Cake Support got me straightened out - Open project in SAFE mode, delete Breverb. Save Project re-add Breverb. Worked fine after that. Hope that helps.
  7. Jeff played my favorite version . . .
  8. This has been a very informative and useful thread for me . . . I thank you all! I record my own live vocals, guitars. mandolin and bass and am pretty handy with Addictive Drums but have been looking for a way to incorporate some piano / steel guitar and fiddle tracks. As I don't play any of those and my keyboard / virtual instrument skills are super basic at best, this looks like something I can use. Am I correct in thinking I can take an existing song of mine and input the chords in BiaB - generate a song then take just the tracks I want and plug them into Cakewalk? Until my Pedal Steel guy comes back to Arizona and I coax one of my local keyboard playing friends into helping this will at least give me a better representation of what I'm trying to accomplish. Pricey but look like it might be worth the price of admission . . .
  9. I reckon that should be noon Arizona time . . . ? At least I won't have to get up at 2 AM this time and maybe I can snag one
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