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  1. Something tells me that, despite we are all speculating about our beloved Sonar and its price, the real future of Cakewalk, the app intended to be one step ahead in the future DAW market, and the one that means the survival of Cakewalk for "next" 15 years, is Next. We should pay a bit more attention about what happens with Cakewalk Next::.
  2. The n°1 bias Is ProTools. I was tired to hear the ProTools users telling me about its "new awesome features", ignoring Sonar had them since one year before. (For instance AudioSnap, just to mention one) Ignoring even that Sonar existed. Fortunately those days aré gone, now the DAW market is a bit more even (a bit).
  3. I think Sonar should come from day 1 with many interesting extra features in comparison with CbB. Otherwise, who will spend some hundreds in a program that is exactly the same as CbB but with better GUI? That can lead the users to buy Sonar just when the difference with CbB is considerable (maybe one or two years after its release). How much time Sonar could stand being purchased by very few people, because it's almost the same as the free CbB?
  4. Furthermore, in the Sonar thumbnails of the website it appears again the LPhase-EQ. I don't know what to think about that, but have to suppose that it comes back again along with LPhase-Multiband (and hopefully Adaptive Limiter).
  5. Will SonitusFX be still included in upcoming Cakewalk Sonar? I'm not the only one who loves them. There are many beautiful reviews about how they work and sound. Discontinuing them just because they are DirectX and look old would be sad.
  6. No, I'm sure they have the rights (please). But I think that acquiring the brands Cakewalk and Sonar are more than to acquire just the intellectual property (the code).
  7. Good points. I think theese are the keys to debate. But, ok, only a lawyer could clear them.
  8. I understand your point, that's what they said in early 2018. But if you acquire only de code, I don't think you can use the names "Cakewalk" or "Sonar", because that's not part of the intellectual properties. They are brands. But ofcourse I'm not sure, are all doubts I have.
  9. As far as I know, if you acquire the intellectual property (as BandLab said in early 2018), you have the right to use the source code (the app), but not the brand "Cakewalk" neither "Sonar". So I guess that BandLab acquired more than just the intellectual property. But ofcourse I'm not sure at all.
  10. Mmm, I'm not expecting BandLab to honour those who purchased lifetime updates, but lets say that when you acquire a company, you do it with its assets and liabilities.
  11. In the website videos I see Next so similar to BandLab app, that I still can't understand the meaning of its (upcoming) existence. But maybe it's too early to take conclusions.
  12. I don't think so. I guess Next is a simple app to make music, with easy to use synths, libraries and good sound quality. So similar to BandLab app, that I still can't understand the meaning of its (upcoming) existance.
  13. It the upcoming "Cakewalk Next" comes to take the place that the old Cakewalk Project5 left empty? Thanks::.
  14. Will it be still available the Sonitus FX Bundle in the upcoming Sonar? Many of us love it, and use it daily. Will it be back the availablity of L-Phase EQ, L-Phase Compressor and Adaptive Limiter? Thanks::.
  15. Dear staff, First of all, thanks for such an awesome work. Cakewalk was never better than today. Just let me make an observation into the Export Menu: Since the "Arranger Sections" export parameter is located into WHAT TO EXPORT list, It is implied that only sections of the entire mix can be exported. Nowadays it's not possible in Cakewalk to export sections of separated tracks or busses at once. What if the "Arranger Sections" export parameter is relocated to the RANGE list? Simply because sections are a time range concept. That way we can export some sections of separated tracks or busses, and not only of the entire mix. Please, tell me if my observation is correct or not. Thanks!
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