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  1. Hola. Sería de ayuda si posteás una foto de tu placa conectada a los instrumentos; marca y modelo de la placa; y una foto de la pantalla en la parte de configuración de audio de Cakewalk.
  2. Like you, I thought BandLab didn't promote Cakewalk, but then I realized something basic: the strategy is not to promote Cakewalk to the general public, but to do it for the ones who already use BandLab online DAW. Into the BandLab social media there is simply a button to download Cakewalk. So I think that's the best way to attract new young users. They first use BandLab DAW. 90% of them then dedicate their lives to completely other proffessions and use BandLab as a hobby. 10% of them want to go deeper and download Cakewalk (those who have Windows). The majority of people who went away to other DAWs when Gibson abbandoned Cakewalk won't come back, but we are giving the welcome to new young BandLab users. They simply don't use this forum, they share their ideas into the BandLab social media. This forum is the Cakewalk's best compilation of resources provided by us, the old users.
  3. I agree with your opinion. If I'm not wrong, you were the first one in this thread in talking about "recording studios". You know, when I created this thread about claiming for younger people to come to Cakewalk, I was thinking about the future recording studios, but I didn't say it clearly. Then lots of people fortunately started to give their opinions, almost every one of them talking about "teenagers making music with phones". What I wanted to mean is that, beyond how teenagers make music with phones, recording studios will keep existing in the future, even evolutioning and changing. So what mattered to me in my original post was how Cakewalk, now being free and acquired by BandLab, can attract young musicians and future engineers to be better established in the future recording studios. So your post was the best to me to clarify what I wanted to say originally. Thanks::.
  4. I never said or think the opposite. Fine. If that's your point of view, and you don't agree with my post, just don't read it. But, thinking twice, looking the way you "answered", I guess you didn't read it. To think that a server is trying to steal your music composition because it asks for activation frequently is not a way to see the world. It's something concrete which happens or doesn't happen. And in this case, clearly doesn't happen. Thanks for the advice, but that talks more about you than about me. Right, nobody seems to care... except you.
  5. Or maybe the current strategy is that the young BandLab DAW users who want to go deeper in pro audio, have Cakewalk at one click distance. Then the marketing tool that Cakewalk has to attract new users is actually the BandLab social network. So perhaps I was wrong and Cakewalk is the best future-facing pro DAW, due its aquisition by BandLab. I hope so::.
  6. Haha, not at all. I'm one of them. But I'm a bit tired to read people who say they don't update Windows because "every new Windows update destroys the PC", or people who uses CbB in an offline PC, for "safety reasons". The crazyest thing I've read is the post in this link. The guy argues will stop using CbB because he suspects "BandLab is spying his músic composition through its frequent activation".
  7. It's obvious, but the future of any software is determined for the amount of new users it attracts. I love CbB, but I see it's something like a gift by BandLab for the +40 users (like me), who used it for decades. But unlike me, lots of veteran users hate every new feature or change for the good of the software. They are stuck in the concept of "all the past time was better", and there's no other ambit in the universe where that concept is wrong, but in technology. Cakewalk is constantly improving, even more frequently than ever in the past, but along with technical improvement, it needs a daily dynamic community activity, in order to get new users who assure the existence of CbB in the future. This forum is awesome for those who already belong to the community, but it's not an entrance door for new users. A more active official Facebook page, as well as an Instagram, not to mention a more dynamic and complete website, are essential things to get new blood. Once they know about Cakewalk and start using it, they can join this forum and give fresh ideas to build the future of Cakewalk. Just my point of view. Thanks::.
  8. Nice theme. It has something nostalgic about the DOS years, when Cakewalk started in 1987::.
  9. No changes needed for CbB 2021.04 Update 1 👍, so it's totally compatible::.
  10. Compatibility with CbB 2021.04 Update 1 now available::.
  11. Boston Flowers 2021.04 compatibility update comming when Cakewalk 2021.4 official update available👍 Stay tunned::.
  12. Deep in Lab 2021.04 compatibility update comming when Cakewalk 2021.4 official update available👍 Stay tunned::.
  13. Hi @Colin Nicholls and thanks for this incredible guide. Just one question that I couldn't find. In tungsteen theme there are a some special details which are not in Mercury theme. One of them is the console gain an pan indicative color (I paste the example in "young lady's" purple). Do you know if is it possible to change their color? Thanks::.
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