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  1. So you guys suggest to hold them back as long as possible and install them later? Mine is 21H1 but honestly I don't know if it's good or bad or neutral and should I do anything about it.... Still bit confused about all this, cause some people are suggesting me to keep on updating and other suggestiing to stay away from updates as far as possible. Btw Im using my laptop not only for music but as a regular day to day computer Another question is should I turn off automatic updates and make Win10 ask each time before downloading? Can I leave it there as a way to prevent ant updates ever? Regarding disk image - I will make one right away! Thanks for advice https://wojciechstecyszyn.bandcamp.com/
  2. Hi everyone Long time since the last post in this topic, but before I will create new one I will try here: I just switched to Win 10 Pro and I wonder how it is nowadays with its updates? Should I be worried? Should I avoid them or gulp them with no resistance as they come? Greetz! https://wojciechstecyszyn.bandcamp.com/
  3. Wery well then. I will install another helpful CbB habbit in the depths of my subconscious mind. Greetz to ya all from Poland
  4. I've tried option with setting the clip grouping before recording - the results is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks once again for this enlightenment. I wish I knew it elirer couse I already have few sessions with guitar takes on muti-mick tracks. Could I request a feature that would allow me to group them same way but >> after << the recording ... without the necessity of selecting and grouping every each take lane manually?
  5. Ok, I got it now Thanks for helping me to understand. So in order to enjoy this feature in CbB I have to prepare the tracks >> before << recording. I will give it a try tomorrow. And this project that I have already recorded I would have to manually create group for each take from each track ...oh well, quite a labor but worth the effort Well then, thanks guys for your help. My love to Cakewalk is even stronger now, nevertheless what I once saw in Logic can't be unseen. Therefore I willll keep this post alive but change the request: I wish this feature in CbB would be more simple. So I wouldn't have to change recording methods each time but rather be able to group the tracks with it's lanes in more convenient way at any given time during the session. So when I have "thousand" takes already recorded from multiple microphones I could just chose the tracks, group them quickly in just few clicks and then have fun with choosing lanes. Cheers!
  6. Dear gentlemens Im realy grateful for your comments but Im afraid that none of your suggestions is the solution Im looking for. I invite you to watch a short movie I made. Sorry for the quality - I made it quickly just to show the issue. The sound is low so give yourself a generous notch up on volume knob. https://youtu.be/CVHyQ6NNCtw Write me if I'm still missing something or do I do something wrong but so far I couldn't find in CbB a multiple tracks lanes editing feature that would be so simple as in Logic.
  7. Thank you for replying. I will try to clarify: Im looking for a way that will allow me to simultaneously edit take lanes in group of tracks - so in situation where I have multiple microphone recording and several takes i can group this tracks and then focus only on one track, open it's lanes and edit them and all my operations will automatically be applied to the same take lane in rest of the tracks from that group. In order to specify what exactly I mean I have found another video on which you can see this feature in Logic. Please write if what you wrote in previous comment is something similar. watch from 3:17 to 4:24 https://youtu.be/DiEudwAu1Vs
  8. Hi Allow me to describe situation example: I have recorded guitar on three tracks: two micks and one line. 9 takes so i have 9 take lanes on each track. Now when I do comping I really would like to do it on all three tracks (and all 27 take lanes) in the same time. Grouping the clips does not work well for take lanes. My friend showed me on Logic a cool feature - comping multiple take lanes across more than one track - when you do comping on one track the same operation is instantly done on every other track (and it's lanes) in selected group of tracks. I know that everyone who tried it at least once in Ligic is positively surprised how easy this can be. Could we make it so easy in CbB, please? Below on YT video you can see how it works in Logic (from 2:14): https://youtu.be/6FjeIpDgfi8
  9. Ok, so I have bought cable I have connected M-Audio on Sonar mode with my laptop and tada! It works just fine!
  10. Hi I know that M-audio projectMIX was compatible with old Sonar. I have one, but before I buy needed firewire cable I want to be sure that it will work also with Cakewalk. Anyone tried it?
  11. Hi everyone. Please share you way of making backup of your precious CbB projects. I heard that saving as bundles often result in corruption. I dont know if I want to take that risk... And what next? External drive? Online backup service? Or maybe burning DVD and fill up the attic ? What is your favourite way?
  12. Yep. Would be cool if we could have same freedom with clip envelopes. Just wanna add that my trick with removing clip from under the track envelopes is useful in a situation when you copied a track (or clip) and you want to delete the clip but leave all its automation . Its just other way to select all envelopes and copy to a new track.
  13. I guess improved error detection could help me to learn how to avoid severe failures and score more "soft" crashes ...and that could lead me to the opportunity of having recovery copies again. Long way, but maybe worth to try ? Thanks for help. Cheers
  14. That would mean that last few months I had only severe failures How to have a "soft" failure, then? ...just kidding
  15. Right. Just tried it by myself. That trick work fine on track envelopes but unfortunately not on clips.
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