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  1. Great stuff, worked perfectly! Every days a school day with me!
  2. Hi all, I'm working on a backing track, from Abbey Road, so its Mr Mustard Polythene Pam and bathroom Window, which all segue into each other on the album. I use karaoke version stems. But the first 2 songs are ok volume wise at about 14.5 LUFS, and the last bit (bathroom window) leapsin volume to 11LUFS. My problem is how to lower the volume of the last song, without effecting the first 2 as I've made them into one long track for our band. Beyond my limited capabilities I'm afraid! George Martin I'm not! Thoughts?
  3. Yep workspaces set to 0. I've checked the binding and it seems correct, ie press i and get inspector. So I didnt change any bindings it was correct. However, today, this time it works! Dont know why, but for sure I was doing something odd. wont be the first time. No amount of good programming can legislate for my daily ***** ups I'm afraid. Anyway I got there. And yes I'll place a shortcut on my desktop for the manual thanks
  4. Thanks, that sounds helpful, but...CW as usual throws me a googly. This has NEVER EVER happened before but when I press "i" for inspector all that happens is the cursor jumps forward or back. So I went to "view" " inspector" and the same things happen. Aaaagh! I love cakewalk but I also hate it when it does this.
  5. To add to this, all I did was open the file, and that is how it is on the screenshot
  6. I was sent this midi file to look at for our band. They wanted more sustain on the piano part which I did manage to acheive after help from the forum. I simply open it in CW and then it plays, ( or it did until tonight) I am plugged into a steinberg UR22 interface, and from there via midi in and out leads to my Juno Keyboard, which I assume responds to the midi instructions from the file. But I could well be wrong. it could be using my PC soundcard, i dont really know.
  7. I'm still trying different things, whilst hoping for help , changed the midi channel to general midi from " normal " and now I get lots of sounds but they are all mixed up and its all piano, no strings or drums just a mess of the wrong sounds. I'll still try and work it out myself but Im not holding my breath.
  8. Okay he's back! So, having learnt how to add sustain,( thanks all) I then adjusted the piano track, saved the file and tonight reopened it. And this time the CW demons had an overnight meeting and decided to annoy me with a completely new problem. Basically all I can hear now is the drum track, and it now sounds like a piano. I can see all the other tracks but they are silent. It all worked perfectly last time i opened the file... so what has changed? I attach a screenshot. In my defence this is all new stuff to me..
  9. I dont use the Juno for this track, I use the keyboards from the band I'm practicing with. But anyway I don't get this; surely the pedal needs to be manually activated during the songs?
  10. Yes good point. I opened the stave view and used the pedal button to place the on and off points. As a piano player I found this intuitive. I didn't post this as I felt my queries were so novice like, I didn't think anyone who had replied on the thread would learn from it, but I'll make sure to do this next time! .....because there may be people out there with my level of knowledge. Or maybe a simple protozoa is reading my posts with a view to surpassing my ability!
  11. Great, all very helpful, thanks. I'll try all approaches and see which works best for me.
  12. Hi, I'm wanting to add sustain to a MIDI piano, I've watched a few videos on this and tried to follow it, but its ground to a halt, I've attached a screenshot of where i got to. So, from here i click on the + and choose 64 sustain. But....nothing happens, the sustain "blocks" that I can adjust, are nowhere to be seen. ( screenshot 2) I chose midi event type, drop down 64, click OK and ....nothing happened. What didnt I do? Cakewalk drives..me...nuts!
  13. Yes I agree, it must be the audio track. I can send a copy if you want, its on Karaoke Version ( "Imagine") but they charge for it. ( fair enough!) Or... I can use my Juno and tap along to the click track I suppose, a method that suits my Luddite level of understanding!
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