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  1. Thanks, didnt see this post till today! Will check it out....
  2. Ah! That makes sense, thanks I'll try a few things based around that.
  3. Okay, its slowly sinking in. So, am I right in saying that my Juno is just used as a keyboard, a trigger, and that the output sounds must be from a soft synth such as Cakewalk TTS-1 from the menu? In other words I cant ( as I thought or hoped) use my Juno sounds, I need to use the soft synth sounds? All new to me...
  4. Hiya Okay, getting there but not quite. Ive attached a screenshot. I've added a new track ( instrument) and set the input to Steinberg Midi Omni. It now records from the Juno as a Midi track so far so good, I can see the midi notes. But I cant hear the resulting recorded track on my headphones. As to Output choices, Steinberg or New Drum Map are the only choices on the drop down for the output. So I chose Steinberg. And there my feeble knowledge base runs out!! I've a feeling I'm nearly sorted though!
  5. Thanks, I think I understand that, so I'll go and have another go...
  6. Hi all, I have a Steinberg UR22 interface set up as my input and output interface. I want to play my Juno as a controller keyboard for MIDI but I'm struggling. Preferences for Midi input and output devices show the Steinberg. No sign of the Juno? I am using a MIDI cable from the keys to the interface, not a USB. Obviously missing something simple as usual, so how do I get my Juno to trigger the midi? It all works when I use the virtual instrument in Cakewalk , clearly I havent grasped this at all!
  7. Hang on... all is working now! Perhaps it was that simple. Lets see how it goes but cheers, always best to check the obvious.
  8. Hi Just bought a new interface. Before this I used a Focusrite 214 and all was well with tracks playing in stereo through the 'phones. Now I just get one side through the phones with the Steinberg, and some tracks for example vocals cant be heard. Obviously a rookie error but what do I need to fix please? Help appreciated!
  9. Sorry, to give more info, I've just found what may narrow it down; it seems to relate to my drums track, using addictive drums. But the signal is ok at around -12 no peaking or red meter? Things improve when I mute it, and the crackles return when I un mute...but I dont see why this should happen?
  10. Hi, i am plagued by random crackles on my recording of a song. They seem to be at one spot one time and then a different place at another time. Its not peaking I learnt how to sort that using this ( super helpful) forum. No red peaks on the meter etc. But...there they are and they sound vile. Any clues for a novice?
  11. Okay, all is working fine now, thanks a lot for taking the time and trouble to help a novice greatly appreciated!☺️
  12. Thanks guys. Okay I was under a bit of a misapprehension. But I've bought the Vintage Organ package now so I need to get it sorted. I struggle with MID,l 'cos I I'm a bit of a luddite but I really need to get my act together and learn how to use it. The Juno DS is only a year old so its fine to use as a MIDI controller(?) I'll get started tomorrow. But really appreciate the help, and patience with a novice.
  13. Okay got to go for now, meanwhile, any ideas anyone why Cakewalk just told me "general error" when I tried to close it down for the night? Might be a question for a new topic. If its not one thing its another!🤥
  14. Okay, making progress here! Thanks. So...See screenshot, I'm up to the "good to go" stage! Big knowledge gap. Up to now, I use VST plugins for existing tracks for example a guitar solo, and simply open the effect within the track and the guitar solo is given the particular sound I choose. (THU plugin) All simple. But how do I get the vintage organ sound to alter my existing organ solo, which I recorded and originally played on my Juno keyboard? Or do I have to set it up as a midi controller? ( hope not|) Can I simply drag something to the Juno track and it alters the sound? Or do I need to do a new track with Vintage Organs set up on it? Sorry these are dumb questions its all new to me.
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