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  1. Hi I've imported an old track I did a few years ago, but I seem not to have used a metronome. I now want to add addictive drums to it, but obviously I need some kind of beat to follow; now it is possible I didnt ever use a metronome to follow and just did it live as it were, certainly it doesnt play when I click the"metronome while playback" button so this may be futile. Can I add a click track ( assuming it is in time) or can I possibly get the whole track to play in time if I just recorded everything in real time without a click track ( if thats what I did that was a fluke as it still sounds pretty much in time) ( wild guess and long shot I know)
  2. Hi all, thanks for the responses. I tried chukebaby's advice "bounce to clips" and it worked perfectly. Novice question; what did "bounce to clips" actually do??
  3. Hi all I want to fade a piano solo out at the end of the track; I've diligently tried both methods, i.e. smart tool and drag to the fade point, or click on process effects and used fade out both linear and exponential; all to no avail it makes no difference to the volume at all. Clearly doing something wrong here??
  4. Hi all, I export my songs as MP3 as many do, but on a few songs when I play them back, the intro of the song seems to stutter and jumps a bit before the song gets going; after that all is ok. Am I doing something wrong when I export it and covert to an MP3? Its very frustrating.
  5. Now it is starting to sink in. Like an idiot I didn't realise you could slide the menu open and reveal all of the other settings. (Thats my level of competence sadly) so I changed it from master to focus rite and all worked fine. Is there a quick way to change all tracks to focus rite rather than one by one?
  6. Thanks all for taking the time to answer and doing screenshots. There is a little bit of delay between me seeing this and my brain working out what to do so I will work through it tonight!
  7. Sorry, total novice here, I havent a clue what any of that means! 😏
  8. Hello again, I've have transferred a new project from old laptop to my new version of Cakewalk on my new PC thanks. But somethings wrong, I have a "silent bus" message and no sound. There seems to be no way of assigning the output to my scarlett focusrite as the drop down has gone...sounds to me like something simple??
  9. Hi all When I add a guitar track to a song, I hear the guitar without effects even though I chose a sound using THU say californian blues etc using the THU plugin. I play it back and the guitar sound I want is there, which is nice but how do I get it to alter the guitar sound as I play along and record say a lead solo. The twangy unaltered sound is somewhat uninspiring as I overdub the lead or the chords of a song.
  10. Thanks Guys, as usual very helpful, I'll try these methods out. Steep learning curve!
  11. Cheers I will give this a try. How do you find where to delete the fill part? Use piano roll or something? ( I am a novice!)
  12. Hi I have a song with a basic addictive drums track on it, and there are parts that need a fill pasting in. If I just drop the fill onto that part of the track it doubles up and I get both drum sounds. How do I fit the fill in to replace what is below it? Rich
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