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  1. Thanks for this...I've just noticed a crafty " not installed" banner at the top corner of the standalone version. Odd as I went through the process of downloading it and signed in with my account details. So it looks like I've made yet another schoolboy error...I'm now going to figure out what I didnt do..Doh!
  2. it was set for "direct sound" So I changed this to ASIO... no joy. Tried Windows Sound...nothing. see screenshot...
  3. Hi I am transfering over to a new PC. Lots of problems, but mostly solved with help from this forum! I used the downloaded installer to download AD2 to my new PC. However I cant hear it in Cakewalk through headphones, and I cant even get it to make a sound when using the standalone AD2 through my Windows (10) Realtek speakers either. So it seems to be an AD2 problem rather than a Cakewalk problem? I've also e mailed the makers but these can take a good while to get an answer so I thought perhaps someone knew a way forward?
  4. Sorry, that is a dumb question. I looked it up and now know what a silent bus is.🙄
  5. Thanks, I'll remember comments on troubleshooter working behind the scenes. As I move forward I keep hitting issues, but each time it happens I learn how to move , ( obviously after asking here!) Basic question but Whats a Bus by the way? And how is it re pointed? I have a new query regarding VST plugins addictive drums but I think it best to post under a separate topic.
  6. Hi, Okay, some progress; I tried changing the USB connection to a different one. Up came the drivers correctly found and assigned by Cakewalk! Now then, this is a new PC so I doubt its a duff connection on the tower, perhaps plug and play just woke up? ( Thats my technical description) So if its not broken lets not fix it, seems like this worked. I closed it all down and opened it all up and this time the drivers were still there. I do get one error message saying that a silent bus is detected ( see screenshot) but I dont know what that means!Nor how to correct it. But I think my days of crossing fingers are numbered and I need to get these things things fixed, or they'll come back to bite me...
  7. I'll try both of these. Without wanting to be defeatist, I've used Windows for years and have never seen any Troubleshooter sort anything out! But you never know...if either works I'll post. I also e mailed Focusrite so lets see..
  8. Hi, First, thanks for a comprehensive reply. I only just got this PC so I havent loaded anything else, I want to keep it dedicated to recording. So no malware programs. ( Unless Windows Defender counts?) I just reinstalled the drivers and tried again. Same result, nowhere to be seen. I find it easier to attach screenshots rather than explain, they show the status of my administrator privileges, I cant see anything going on here?
  9. Okay, So I reinstalled the Focusrite usb drivers, the wizard worked and it restarted the PC. But this time, still nothing, no drivers to be seen in Cakewalk preferences so nothing to select. Last time I did this the drivers were there...and Cakewalk found them.I dont think I've done anything different to install drivers but for the life of me I cannot see where they are or how to get CW to "find" them...
  10. Hi I open Cakewalk...no drivers. I then close it and reboot the PC, no drivers. I have the drivers on my download folder, as exe files which I run. First time I do this they can be seen under preferences in Cakewalk. I set them up and all is fine. Next time I open the PC...all are gone.... back to square one. Cakewalk sees no devices or drivers, I cant even select anything. see screenshot. This is a custom built PC just for cakewalk. The sound seems to come from the monitor for example if I play tunes on youtube etc. I dont think realtec is available as it is normally on a laptop? The" intel display audio" is the default device under playback...is this the monitor speaker? Hope this is clearer , I am not being deliberately obtuse I'm just struggling with stuff I dont understand.
  11. OK did that. However the problem is that each time I reboot, Cakewalk loses the focusrite drivers, and I have to reinstall them and then they appear again. How do I get Cakewalk to remember the drivers each time it opens?
  12. OK, tea has arrived biscuits eaten. Here we go; I cant remember the error message when the system crashed, I tried looking at the error logs ( screenshot attached) but its way over my head and means nothing. Next time I will write it down instead of cursing. The screenshot shows the first error message saying no audio in Cakewalk. Preferences show no drivers so the focusrite drivers which I downloaded have simply disappeared. No input drivers, output says 2470W Intel R display audio. No playback timing master anymore. Playback and recording shows WASAPI shared.. means nothing to me. In control panel under sounds/playback it shows "speakers realtek not plugged in" See screenshots. Headphones are connected to the Focusrite box. I have no external speakers I used headphones. My next step is to try to reinstall the focusrite drivers again and see what happens. If they go missing once more I will post better details.
  13. Okay, mea culpa. Basically computers drive me nuts, all I want to do is write songs. But, as you rightly point out, I cant have it both ways, to use a powerful program like Cakewalk I need to take my time and get it sorted instead of going off on a rant every time something goes awry. Also its not fair to ask help from forum users who take time out to reply, and then lazily expect to avoid giving the full config info. In my defence I assumed it would stay fixed once it was sorted but obviously its not that simple. So...deep breath, apologies again for my sloppy attitude, and I am now going to get another cup of tea and slowly read through the replies, and then give a proper breakdown of the problem. Hopefully. Guess you cant have your Cake(walk) and eat it...😉
  14. Ok first thanksall for the help. Now... people often ask me why Cakewalk drives me mad..here's why; All was well last night, after the forum kindly showed me how to put things right. new focusrite drivers installed,preferences all showed up the drivers, everything worked.Hooray. Today however its a different matter...fired up the PC, ( at first it crashed not sure why which was annoying as it is brand new but we'll leave that for the moment.) Reboot; Up comes a message saying that there are no outputs... look in preferences and everything has gone, no mention of focusrite no drivers no sound NO NOTHING!! Am I missing something, what on earth has gone wrong..((honest guv I didn't touch anything...))help please? Meanwhile I am off for a cup of tea and then counting to 10 slowly.
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