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  1. I think authorized to the motherboard i.d., but I'm not sure. I don't have an iLok dongle, just a virtual iLok account.
  2. BTW - This thread might not be helpful for learning Cakewalk. Yes, but they are authorized through iLok, not the iZotope portal. For some reason the licenses for my Exponential plugins didn't appear on my iLok account, so I couldn't switch them to my new computer.
  3. Izotope didn't respond to my query several months ago but they did this time and they transferred my license to my iLok account. Thank you everyone.
  4. I've done that in the past, but now it says that it can't open the project without the plugin. When I press Quit, I get the attached error screen. It brings me back to the previous screen that tells me activation is required. Ugh. I tried contacting Izotope which used to bundle this plugin from Exponential Audio.
  5. I have a Cakewalk project that used Pheonix Verb by Exponential Audio. On my new computer, I upgraded to a new computer. When I open the project, I get the error message - see png file. When I put in the activation code for the product, it says that it's only allowed on one computer (my old broken one). When I go to hide the plugin inside Cakewalk's Plugin Manager, this doesn't help. How can I fix this so I can at least open the project?
  6. Yes, I do have only the Focusrite drivers chosen. Well with my previous computer, I could use the internal audio device for YouTube videos and stuff and my Focusrite interface just for music projects. And I don't want to disable the audio on my webcam. I'll check Power Options. Thanks everyone 🙂! Happy Holidays!
  7. I got a new computer. When I come back to a project after my computer's fallen asleep, Cakewalk asks me if I want to continue using the sound from my Nvidia video card or from my desktop's external webcam. I'm using the dedicated drivers for my Focusrite audio interface. Is there any way I can stop this annoyance?
  8. OK, I'm back in 2022.11. So far so good.
  9. I had severe glitches with version 2022.09 and 2022.11. I just upgraded to a new super powerful Windows 10 gaming computer, and I'm having the same problem. 2022.06 is rock solid. The problem seems to occur when I have MIDI tracks assigned to my Yamaha keyboard and a VST on another track. Cakewalk boots out with no warning, so there is no log of what happened. Occasionally, I get booted out after just 10 seconds of playback. All work unsaved is lost. I was wondering if I take a video of what my project consists of and how I get booted out, if someone from Cakewalk can help me prevent this from happening or maybe modify their software.
  10. When I installed this version, I had a glitch. I'm using my MIDI keyboard in a project, and I have an instrument definition file for it. A MIDI percussion track had annoying triangle notes that I wanted to get rid of. In PRV, I found the triangle notes, clicked where it said triangle. The note events darkened like they were selected, but when I pressed delete, nothing happened. But if selected the notes with my cursor and pressed delete on my keyboard, they disappeared. Does restarting the computer after an install help?
  11. Luckily, this project isn't crashing anymore. Lately, when CWBBL does crash, usually during transport, it just hangs and then crashes. Unfortunately, there isn't any recovered file or dialogue box when I reopen the program. I'm glad I reached out. I'll try VST2 for future projects. Thanks!
  12. Ok. Now the VST2 versions of EZDrummer and EZBass appear. Are there any advantages and disadvantages to opting for the VST2 version?
  13. Thanks. I did have a second VST3 plugin loaded, and CWBBL was crashing every second. I'm still getting unexpected crashes about every hour, so I have to constantly save my work. I wish this program was more stable and at least auto recover when it crashes. I assume there must be issues with my system because I doubt everyone has this problem.
  14. Does EZDrummer and other plugins offer the option of choosing a VST2 or VST3 form? If so, what are the logistics of using a VST2 version? Thanks!
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