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  1. OK, thank you!!! As it turns out, I already have these add-ons. How do I access Drum Replacer?
  2. I just finished an awesome project. Thank you BandLab people!! I want to experiment with Drum Replacer. @scook helped me discover that I already have all of the Add Ons like Drum Replacer. How do I use it/access it?
  3. Or it could be that I have comping selected in the record option. But I want to thank you people so much. At least I have a handle on what's going on!! I'm recording a great original!!!
  4. This is what the event view looks like. They don't seem to be exact duplicates. Ah! I think it's because I have MIDI Omni, and I have two MIDI input channels selected, and perhaps one input is echoing into the other, I don't know how. When I choose just one MIDI input and play my keyboard controller, the notes show normal.
  5. OK, when I select in PRV to hide muted clips, everything looks normal the way it should. But I don't have any muted clips to my knowledge. What's going on I wonder?
  6. Thanks gentlemen. So I have my view split between Track and PRV. I'm selecting the track I want to edit in PRV by double clicking on the track, and it comes up gray and clear in PRV. There is no other track assigned to this MIDI channel. Also, in event view, some of the events in this track are showing in gray font. I can still edit these events, but I'm wondering what's going on. I will review the documentation you recommended, David.
  7. I'm trying to work in PRV, and one of my tracks has the notes in gray, the tail ends often invisible. I include a screen shot. How can I fix this view so I can work with the PRV events more easily? Thank you!
  8. Noel, I have been using Melodyne in the effects rack. I'm unaware of what a region effect is. I will Google this, but if you know of any link with an explanation or tutorial of this, I'd appreciate it! Reverting to the earlier version of Cakewalk fixed my problem, and I'll upgrade to the Beta version again soon.
  9. got help from the beta forum.
  10. I installed the beta update. Then when I opened my projects, all of the files with Melodyne sounded like Darth Vader until I turned off Melodyne. Is it the Cakewalk beta update or is there a problem with Melodyne. I shall experiment. I uninstalled Cakewalk, and now I'm not able to reinstall through downloading the regular version from Bandlab Assistant. It says downloading 0/0 for a long time, and then it just shows nothing with an X to close. I had just updated the Bandlab installer. What should I do?
  11. Ok, so I added a stereo bus. Then I made it the default bus. Still, the existing tracks don't feed into this new bus, nothing appears on the meter, and nothing happens when I change the volume of the new bus. What do I need to do to get my music to go into the new bus? Edit, oh I didn't read this part: "To bulk change all existing audio tracks to route to the new master bus, select them, hold down the CTRL key and select the new master bus from one of the track outputs; repeat for the buses"
  12. Thanks! So helpful. Sometimes I open a MIDI file I created on my keyboard, and then I add audio tracks and save it as a .cwp, and no Master bus appears. You gave me two options: Add a bus to the project and make it the default bus or open a template and import the MIDI.
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