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  1. Ah, Thanks!!! Can I use one for input and another for output?
  2. I have a Zoom H4N Pro recorder that has a USB mic feature. I want to use the stereo mic to record acoustic guitar in Cakewalk. I set the Zoom device to 44k/24 bit depth, same as my Cakewalk project. Cakewalk recognizes the Zoom ASIO driver in Devices, but it is grayed out, and I can't select it. The Zoom USB mic is recognized as a WASAPI Shared device in Windows 10, but then my Focusrite Scarlett Soundcard isn't recognized, so I can't use it for playback. Any suggestions?
  3. Dead sure. I never inserted a volume envelope in the first place. Just an automated mute message, but then I eliminated Read and Write enable on that track. And there's nothing in the event view, PRV, on this or any track, and no envelope shows up in track view even after expanding the track. I copied the events in the track, deleted the track, and added a track with the same MIDI channel to get everything working like it should. But WTF?
  4. There's nothing in the Event List or in Piano Roll that has to do with volume or velocity. And why would the track play fine when copying and pasting to another MIDI channel? But it won't play when I change MIDI channels of the problematic track. Something's buggy!
  5. In a project, I tried to use the Mute button on several MIDI channels as an automation snapshot. When I switched to Automated Mute, for some reason the channels were silent even with the Mute off. Something buggy? So I decided to remove the Automated Mute from these channels and use volume control to silence these channels during certain sections of the project. For some reason, one MIDI channel no longer plays. I removed Automated Mute. I removed Read Automation. I removed Write Automation. I checked volume. Made sure the channel was no longer on Mute. I checked the Event List. When I transfer the MIDI data to a different channel and select the same instrument, everything sounds fine. I'm just wondering what is going on.
  6. Uninstalled and reinstalled Bandlab Assistant, and I'm updating right now. Thanks!!!
  7. For the second time, I've tried to install the latest update from Bandlab Assistant. It says installing, but it just stays there. I closed Cakewalk before the install. Any advice?
  8. There have been times that my finger misses R for record, and I press the wrong key and end up with a display of all the tracks minimized and narrow. I don't know how to get back to where I was so I have to double click on the bottom of each track to get them wide again. What are some of the keyboard shortcuts for different track and console views so I can have a cheat sheet by my keyboard?
  9. John, thanks so much! This information will help me a lot in the future - even in projects that haven't been closed yet, instead of having to go through many undos to get the relevant clip back, now I can just drag the deleted section whether it was by accident or design.
  10. John, I just noticed that the dragging technique worked for a deleted audio file in my mix. The vocal section had been deleted, but for some reason, I was still hearing it. When I dragged the file, the audio appeared in the track. Does this dragging technique work for accidentally deleted sections of MIDI tracks?
  11. Thanks so much John!!! Fortunately, I was able to find relevant sections of the tracks in a previous stored version of the project, and I copied and pasted the missing sections. I never heard of dragging back a track. That is so cool, and I'll have to try that if I'm ever in a similar fix.
  12. I closed a project that had 1.5 seconds deleted off of every track before I closed it. I don't know how it happened. Sections of MIDI tracks are all gone plus VST plus a 1.5 second of singing. Is there any way to recover?
  13. I have Pianoteq - a VST, and I created a piano part in Piano Roll View. I bought a MIDI plugin called Humanize - to make MIDIs sound more human - not just random. The only plugins available from the VST FX menu are audio effects and not MIDI effects. Is there a workaround?
  14. So I'm getting latency when recording my keyboard playing with Pianoteq as my VST and using my Yamaha keyboard as a MIDI generator. I couldn't punch in piano parts because of the high latency, and in this project, I built the piano part from Piano Roll View. Here is the project file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CH-gAD9xuRKGk6T4be6rPtxDvv5x9eaz/view?usp=sharing
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