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  1. Interesting song, good work.
  2. KurtS

    Out of My Hands

    Interesting song with some good sounds. I don't hear any bass was this on purpose?
  3. KurtS

    oct26 funk

    What a great groove, love it! Kind of like some of the great bass grooves that Barry White had.
  4. I've screwed up some tracks from too much stretching. I would zoom in a lot more and make sure your transient markers bracket the part well before stretching. It's worth learning how to use the transients, I always use them to tighten up my bass and drum parts, makes the groove so much tighter sounding.
  5. KurtS

    Ocean Blvd.

    Did some more tweaks to it. https://www.bandlab.com/studedude/ocean-blvd-056f10e3?revId=db50d25d-ac74-ec11-94f6-a04a5e79a6b8
  6. Good song. Definitely some timing issues though. Do some audio transients so see how far off things are.
  7. Very cool and good energy. Like the horns and of course great guitar too. Is this your usual group of guys?
  8. I think the drums may be too loud now, at least on my speakers it sounds that way.
  9. Wow, this sounds really good! Nice recording, everything sounds good, especially the vocals, great work man. Hooky song too.
  10. KurtS

    Set Me Free

    That's some pretty great playing! The recording sounds kind of muffled to me. Otherwise there is a lot of energy.
  11. I like this tune, reminds me of a Paul Simon song. To me it needs more bottom end and the drums are a long ways away. Maybe that's what you are going for .
  12. Thanks for the tip Promidi, I just downloaded the Mcompressor and it is pretty close to the safe in the way it operates. Appreciate the help.
  13. Thanks! I'll give it a try.
  14. OK, thanks. I was wondering if that's how it would have to be done, just being lazy and hoping for a way to not do it.
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