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  1. KurtS

    mix setup #1

    It sounds good but to me the lead guitar is a bit to loud in the mix.
  2. Listened on my studio monitors and headphones and didn't hear it at all, strange. It sounds really good. I think this my favorite of you songs.
  3. listening on my kitchen computer speakers I'm getting a weird high pitched sound with the vocals, almost like a feedback. I'll have to see if I can hear it on my headphones.
  4. KurtS

    Isla de Vieques

    Thanks Jeff!
  5. There's lot's of kits out there that you should be able to plug in to your drum software. Building drum tracks is not my strength for sure. I've been using Jamstix which uses an AI to play your parts. Its super easy to make basic track but not easy to make a complicated one like yours. I like the Natural rock kit sounds it has. I've been thinking of trying a different program, addictive drums or easy drummer for more control over the parts. My brother used to play drums for me but I can't get him to do it anymore.
  6. KurtS

    High Strung

    Hey, that's really cool!
  7. Nice song Barry, great chord changes and melody.
  8. Trippy man. Can't comment on the mix , I'm listening on crummy phone ear buds.
  9. I just listened again and am even more impressed with your song. It must have been a lot of work with all those changes. It may be more the sound of the kit, I think I like an old school natural sound. Not a fan of clicky kick drums and percussive compressed snare. This a very popular sound now. That is totally a personal preference thing, don't pay any attention to me you did a great job.
  10. KurtS

    Isla de Vieques

    After listening to this some more I feel like the mix needs some work. Too much reverb maybe? Too much bass? Any suggestions?
  11. KurtS

    High Strung

    I don't know if the flute added anything. It sounds like a keyboard, needs to be more organic sounding and maybe playing off the melody. Great track, still loving it.
  12. KurtS

    New Dawn

    I'm listening on my phone with ear buds so not ideal. The guitar sounds made me want to turn it off, very thin and hard on the ears. Good song and great playing.
  13. I was waiting for the crashing drums to come in, it sounds like it wants to build up to a climax. Nice groove.
  14. KurtS

    Gas Giant 2?

    It reminds me of Dark side of the moon, has that moody feel.
  15. That's quite a dense production, very good work! Agree the string arrangement is cool. Only tiny niggle for me is the drums sound a bit mechanical.
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