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  1. KurtS


    Nice song, sounds good.
  2. KurtS

    Cool it Down

    David, Bjorn, Nigel, thanks for listening and the kind words.
  3. It does sound clearer but now you got a little sibilance. I know there's some plugins to fix that but I haven't used them.
  4. KurtS

    Cajon and Cello

    Very cool track, all the sounds are fantastic.
  5. Very cool song, it sounds like you put a lot of work in it. Lot's of sounds going on. Listening on my headphones the only small suggestion is the vocal could uses a little air, l mean clarity. Might sound different on other systems. Good work on this one.
  6. KurtS

    Drags and Squares

    Cool song and arrangement. Great sounding guitars. What did you use for the guitar and drum sounds?
  7. Thanks guys. I ended up using paulo's method and it worked out fine.
  8. Not my style of music but it sounds professionally done, so nice recording job.
  9. I made a bridge in a song but I decided it doesn't fit so would like to move the tracks to a fresh template and make it into it's own song. What's the best way to do this?
  10. That was it, thanks! What is the purpose of that feature?
  11. The waveforms are weird looking after the update, kind of out of focus looking.
  12. KurtS


    Sounds good, always high quality stuff from you guys.
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