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  1. KurtS


    Nice melody, cool song there.
  2. KurtS

    Sounds Like Heaven

    Great sounding song, good work!
  3. KurtS

    Shifting Sand

    I was enjoying the sound of the acoustics and then the electric came in - pow! Much too loud in my opinion, it's drowning out the vocal too.
  4. That's crazy that you can create a choir like that. Even with the text I couldn't make out the words but it sounds good.
  5. KurtS

    Bees - new video

    Sad and good song.
  6. Playing this while net surfing, really like the song, had my head bobbing along.
  7. Sounds good, my only crit is the lead guitar sounds dull and quiet. Personally I think a classic nylon string guitar sound would be nice there.
  8. KurtS


    Sounds nice, really like the guitar tone.
  9. Are you going to tell us the plugins you're using?
  10. Sounds cool, great playing!
  11. Good song , good melody, nice work.
  12. Good work, it sounds nice!
  13. Very clever, I like it. The mix sounds really good, the funky guitar is cool. The horns are pretty jarring, maybe just too loud. I do think you could find some better sounding horns. Over all great effort.
  14. KurtS

    Minor twist

    You do that surf style very well.
  15. Nice sounding track. Very lush recording, did you do all the instruments?
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