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  1. Hi Wookiee! Very nice stuff. Very Floyd-ish. Can't tell you how much I like this one. Again, didn't seem like 6 + min. Pulled me in immediately and didn't let go. Really nice atmosphere that seems to resonate with me. Could use some Gilmour guitar and Floyd-ish lyrics and vocals. ;-)
  2. FreeEarCandy

    A Manual

    Interesting keys. You have the vocals out front in this one and I can understand them just fine now. Maybe take a stab at some harmonies in your next project. I agree with Bajan about the hissy cymbals . Good work otherwise.
  3. Pretty cool song and video. 70% unemployment-wow! You have a big heart helping these youngsters out. Awesome work upfront and behind the scene! Kudos!
  4. I heard this before. I liked it on soundcloud a while back. Its a very good cover for sure. Well done!
  5. Ha! Damn Jesse! You are turning me into a big fan. This is so absolutely crazy out of the box stuff and I love it! I double dipped again-Oh dear!
  6. Not a genre I feel I'm qualified to comment about, but I like the guitar tone. I can't help but sense the fusion of heavy metal in this rap effort. Kudos for taking a stab at it.
  7. I have a suggestion. When my projects get large I use the track manager in CW to organize and recall groups of tracks. You can save the groups so you can easily recall them. I'll make a group for each instrument track and all related buses, I also make groups for mixing. You can make any kind of group you want. Thus, you do not have face a wall of buses or tracks and get to the specific tracks/buses you need to work on with just 3 clicks. You may already do this, but incase you don't, it really helps eliminate the clutter of huge projects. Dean.
  8. FreeEarCandy

    Let's Groove

    Sounds nice. I like the Motown vibe, I agree with Jim. A little tambourine would fit easily into this mix.
  9. Penny Loafer Shoes is a song about a comical character I created who takes account of all the things he's "Got". He finds he's got charm, education, high-minded goals, people around him that care, and a passion for security. Nevertheless, life is an unpredictable roll of the dice, and sometimes you miss your ship or come up short one lucky shoe, a sock, or a glove. Be forewarned, this tune has some minor explicit lyrics, which some may think of as "unnecessary BS", and thusly they are copiously identified as such. The tune's birthday was September 24, 2014, and it is part of the FEC 2014 Collection. My lord, it's been nearly 10 years already. This is a revised version with a modified bassline, drums and vocals. Some minor adjustments to the lyrics, as well. The guitar work is the same, as I'm now way too old to play the crazy riffs contained herein. Sort of Frank Zappa-ish in style. Some will likely suggest I cut the beginning slow build, but when I tried that, it seemed too sudden, so I just left it in. You can jump forward 45 seconds to get to the meat. Wow! This one is 7:13 long, but don't let the length scare you away from this carefree and fun tune. Ingredients: SI Bass AD2 Drums. Guitar Rig 6 Pro-channel Rematrix Fender Strat with modified pickups and a maple neck Remixed and Mastered with Neutron 4 and Ozone 10. I hope this puts a smile on your face!
  10. FreeEarCandy

    The Song

    Oh yes! This is very well done. Ready for Nashville's country music circuit. Stunning vocal harmonies. Wonderful mix and clean in your face sound quality. It has everything I expect in a good country song. Very impressive. Much enjoyed!
  11. @noynekker @garybrun @Larry T. Thanks so much, everyone. Really happy you enjoyed this adventure. I appreciate all the feedback. It was my pleasure to share it. Stay well ! Dean.
  12. Really nice. Has a John Mellencamp vibe. Reminiscent of the 80's pop rock era. Everything sounds good on my end sound wise. Good storyline. Well played. Vocals sitting nicely in the mix and performed well. Pretty good job, Paul.
  13. I like this. Loved the piano/horn combo. That was nice. Everything sounds nice and clear. It took a little to pull me in (15 seconds), but once it did I was sold. I just love the laid back tempo. Good vocals and lyrics too! Really nice!
  14. Funny. It didn't seem like 6 min. Sounded alright to me. You got some nice percussion going on. Much enjoyed.
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