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  1. 7 hours ago, AndyB01 said:

    Hmm - nice - enjoyed the groove a lot and some very cool chops on show here.


    Thanks so much Andy!

  2. It's a pretty song. I agree with Andy, there seems to be some timing issues.  Might sound better with less Fx on the the guitar.

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  3. I have to agree with Paul the drums are not great. They sound thin and mechanical, not at all like a real sounding kit, maybe that's what you are going for. I like the song but it has a pretty digitized mechanical feel to it.  What are you using for drums?

  4. 2 hours ago, Jesse Screed said:

    Hey, very interested in how you use the fishman.  I do like the guitar parts a lot, nice playing.  It seems to have a nice dynamic range. The bass is great, did you play that too?

    Digging on that guitar!

    fishman is a midi pickup on a guitar, the Rodes keyboard you hear is that. Use it all the time, it can play any synth sound you want.



    Just finished this one, been on the back burner for while until I could think of some melody parts for it. This  has my Fishman midi guitar,  cheapo strat and Gibson es135 with BiasFx2 , Ezdrummer3 , tenor and soprano sax, PJ bass with Amplitube4 SVX

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  6. 2 hours ago, Michael John Clare said:

    Thank you.

    Very impressive. Nice relaxed feel.  I take it the drums in particular are live? Is it all live. Makes such a difference. 

    On the high end question: I bought a CD of Hunky Dory (years ago now) which I think was a remix. It sounded quite shrill to me. I have to wonder what it would sound like now. 

    That's cool that it sounds live, I wish I had a drummer! EzDrummer3, is indeed easy to use and customize the track.

  7. 4 hours ago, steve@baselines.com said:

    Very cool vibe music.  For my taste I would put a little more high end on the master, but to each his own - it just might be my aging ears - it sounds great anyway.  I love the snare sound you got and the panning of the toms.

    I'll check that out, my ears are old too so I don't trust what I'm hearing on the high end.  I know some aging guitar players end up with a really shrill sound and I don't think they know it.

  8. 12 hours ago, mark skinner said:

     Great Chilly track. Sax is soo Soulful and you really bring out the soul and relaxed breathy notes . I always wished I could play one ..  I do own one that needs a really good mechanical tune up , but I honestly don't think even that would help with my honking .              Enjoyed the relaxed feel ..   mark

    Thanks man. You should get it out. I've been playing since March, sax is easy to play but damn hard to sound good but I've been obsessed with it since I started, so fun.

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  9. Sometimes after using cakewalk for a while it will get terrible static during play back.  Seems the only way to get it to stop is close the program and reopen it. I thought it might be the  buffer was too fast so I slowed it down but that didn't matter. I thought maybe I need more ram so I increased from 32 to 64gb - still does it.



    Using my new used Sterling Audio ribbon mic on this one, it sounds great with sax I think, very nice quality mic and not expensive. Usual suspect here tenor sax, Fishman midi guitar, EzDrummer3, Jazz bass with Amplitube4 SVX

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