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  1. FWIW I've almost never succeeded repairing something with Microsoft's troubleshooter or advice directly from MS forums. If you look on MS' own forums you find many people complaining about the unprofessional answers and lack of knowledge of the MS help desks each time turning in circles. Often it is another user that found a way to deal with the problem and helps others out. Like Noel, I also have experienced this in the past and had to reinstall. In some cases a more thorough system repair can solve the problem. This is a typical MS problem and extremely annoying. Sometime TheWindowsClub has answers that can help you out. They also have some handy free tools. I just found their FixWin tool that has a few extra options not available in Windows10Manager. You could give that one a last try...
  2. That error code is related to failing Windows update. There are several ways you can try to solve this. The Windows Club gives a few clear options explained with graphics (but don't download their PC repair tool, I don't know it and when I downloaded to check it my virus scanner gave some warnings). If that's not working, this website provides also has some alternative options: TechinPost There could also be some system files corrupt or missing. An easy and save program like Windows10Manager has all the Windows 10 repair options in easy accessible tabs. I think you can still download a free trial version. If so, it is definitely recommended. Saves you the hassle of trying to find and execute all of the instructions for each repair item. But of course, you can also do these repair steps manually. One of them is system file checker, the others you can Google yourself (component store corruption, Component Store / System Files Corruption, WMI repair, reset windows update, system restore troubleshooting, MSI repair) Please let me know if anything helps you out. If not, I'm happy to look further.
  3. Wow, been a long time since I witnessed lack of internet access. That's very unfortunate... Well, as long as Windows is several versions behind, there might be at least part of the problem. From what I understand your connection is better now, so first I would try to update Windows (make sure to backup the whole system if possible and also -since your trouble shooting an instable environment- : after any new software installation a registry backup (delete the older ones if you get too many) so you can always return to a previous situation => Windows start => type "system protection" => click "System Restore" => click "configure" and switch system protection on and choose a maximum amount of disk space for the registry backups. (make sure your HD/SSD is not choking -has sufficient empty space- and in good health!) Windows10 had some audio related changes under the hood over the last few years, so that might have an effect. Don't forget to update the runtimes (see the all-in-one installer in my first reply). After that let's see what else could be done if CbB still cannot be updated or is showing other problems. I don't think you can be blamed for trying to update🤔 Seems that the problem lies in the way Edge (or just Edge runtime/webview ?) is being installed on your system. If installed right it's not resource consuming as long as it is not opened. I wouldn't worry about that. Something went wrong with the Edge install on your system. I would try to focus on getting that right. Don't forget that next to MS, other developers (like plugin companies) also stop supporting Win7 and that chances will only keep growing that an insuperable incompatibility will occur...For your current setup Cockos works at this moment, but they also will face the inevitable, incompatible surrounding pieces of software, that is. If you want to benefit from new hardware and software (if you're ever considering a new system) the most recent Win10 is your best bet. Most people I know that upgraded OS are quite happy in the end (apart from the occasional Windows update bugs, which is why it is advisable delay automatic updates!).
  4. Only trying to help, since OP seemed to ask for input that could get him back on track... If I ask that, it is because I've been able to help several musicians with different DAWs in my neighbourhood by checking systematically what happened when they had problems...Checking software versions and types of hardware are part of that...(I should have asked for more info on hardware and software, my bad) It was a simple question, just to understand more about the working environment of @bdickens's system in order to try to pinpoint a problem. Win7 is still popular among many DAW users, but not supported by Microsoft anymore and CbB does not actively support this anymore as far as I know. Also, the update version of Win10 matters, regularly things go haywire with a new Windows update. You can't just blame CbB, there could be a number of reasons other than the DAW itself being the culprit. As explained by @msmcleod in this thread Microsoft Edge, it is a not-neglectable part of Windows 10 and CbB apparently uses a related part for its installation. There are a few others who had problems with it as well, so maybe the latest CbB version needs to be smoothed out, for OP it also could be plugin related, who knows? Regarding common sense, not everyone reads everything and communicates everything in a way that everybody will always understand everything (what a sentence...). So in order to help someone, sometimes questions that are obvious for most will still make sense. I agree that in this case a warning by CbB about Edge would be sensible. Sorry to hear that your system was messed up with an update. Other than The only way to find out what goes wrong is step by step checking where it what has changed. OP could at least try some of the suggestions or let me know why they could not help him. There was an error code that could be followed up and from what I thought was reported a certain file was not accessible or could not be updated. Sometimes that can easily be solved. It is impossible for any developer to make sure that an update works out of the box for everyone due to the virtually infinite combinations of hardware and software. In the meantime operating system and other software and hardware drivers also keep changing making it even harder to provide a 100% compatible solution. So once in a while you can be the unlucky one. Many other user have not reported this problem, so it is probably working for the vast majority. I guess we've all been there and way too much the DAW was blamed for something that eventually was caused by something else... I had huge instability problems after the last CbB update, which in the end appeared to be caused by Waves v12. Forums of other DAWs also reported similar problems with Waves v12, and uninstalling and going back to v11 fixed it. But first reaction is often: my DAW is buggy...
  5. Are you running an older version of Windows? The error code can come from a number of things (below some I could find): When the online activation fails, a number of problems can result in a failure with error code 0x80072EE7 According to the Microsoft Knowledgebase: "The 0x80072EE7 error code may occur if the client computer cannot find the correct IP address when it tries to resolve a URL for the Windows Update Web site or for the Microsoft Update Web site. This error may occur if the Hosts file contains a static IP address." Found in the field: The OOBE (Out Of Box Experience) has not been finished, but the Operating System has been set in "Audit Mode" with the key combination Ctrl + Shift + F3. In this case the OS cannot be activated online either. Not only this error code will be shown, but the OS will also complain "No product key found" Corrupted windows System files Network connection configuration Registry Repair Viruses Windows device update and drivers Here are some tips in order to try to fix these: fixforwindows Did you try to restore a registry backup? Windows start => type "system protection" => click "System Restore" => click "next" => choose a date where your system was still working (if there are any made before your last updates...). After that I would first check update Windows update => Windows start button => "settings" => "Update & Security" => "check for updates", install if there are any. Also click "view optional updates" if there are any and check if you want them installed, there could be a newer driver or other useful update Then check if all your drivers are up to date. You can use a free program like Dumo to see which drivers need to be updated. Preferably, get each from its own homepage Don't forget to update visual C runtimes (all updates in one installer in the hyperlink) and maybe Java and .Net (this one is supposed to be included in the Windows updates) Make sure the latest Microsoft Edge is well installed and updated... Now I would try to update CbB (everything with administration rights! => right-click each file you need to install and select "Run as administrator") If a file can't be updated it is often because it is in use and/or not being updated with administrator rights. Check in "Task Manager" if you can find the file running. If so, right click the file and select "end task" and try updating again . Check if everything works when updated. Next update the other software you had previously updated one by one and check after each installation first if CbB still works well. Maybe it was one of the plugins that also created problems You can check what other software needs an update by using a free program like Sumo (and get desired updates from each program's homepage) Maybe you can also find some answers in this thread: I hope this helps!
  6. @Noel Borthwick Thanks for trying to improve multicore AMD performance! I finally found some time to compare behaviour between the November version and latest CbB. I don't know how to report in detail, since the performance parameters in the control bar change all the time (I don't get how to interpret it). Anyway, here's my attempt: I opened a project with many tracks and busses and lots of instruments and FX preloaded and let it run for several minutes, after which I noted the performance parameters. Threadripper 1950X 16 core, 32 threads RME PCIe AIO soundcard 24-bit, 96kHz, 64-bit double precision Engine 2020.11.099 latency ThreadSchedulingModel Audio processing Engine Load Late Buffers 256 buffer effective latency 2.7 ms, ASIO reported latencies: input 3.1, output 3.7, total roundtrip 6.8ms 2 8,54% (Max.45.18%) 59.0% (Max 117.1%) 53 256 buffer effective latency 2.7 ms, ASIO reported latencies: input 3.1, output 3.7, total roundtrip 6.8ms 3 7,15% (Max.38.60%) 70.1% (Max 83.5%) 0 128 buffer effective latency 1.3 ms, ASIO reported latencies: input 1.8, output 2.3, total roundtrip 4.1ms 2 3.85% (Max.46.78%) 87.3% (Max 156.4%) 5756 128 buffer effective latency 1.3 ms, ASIO reported latencies: input 1.8, output 2.3, total roundtrip 4.1ms 3 10.48% (Max.45.90%) 113.3% (Max 141.1%) 4660 2021.01 Update 1 256 buffer effective latency 2.7 ms, ASIO reported latencies: input 3.1, output 3.7, total roundtrip 6.8ms 2 7,66% (Max.35.66%) 58.5% (Max 107.5%) 3 256 buffer effective latency 2.7 ms, ASIO reported latencies: input 3.1, output 3.7, total roundtrip 6.8ms 3 6,64% (Max.42.63%) 76.3% (Max 94.1%) 0 128 buffer effective latency 1.3 ms, ASIO reported latencies: input 1.8, output 2.3, total roundtrip 4.1ms 2 12.28% (Max.46.34%) 87.3% (Max 239.0%) 11487 128 buffer effective latency 1.3 ms, ASIO reported latencies: input 1.8, output 2.3, total roundtrip 4.1ms 3 10.90% (Max.44.75%) 109.4% (Max 144.9%) 7343 From what I can conclude so far: ThreadSchedulingModel 3 is much better in any scenario when looking at late buffers. For the rest, the figures change too often (for me at least) to jump to conclusions. I'm really impressed with the bug fixes and new features. CbB has been working like a charm the first hour of recording after my test . No bugs or sound interruptions, clicks or plops so far (I use standard 256 buffer, ThreadSchedulingModel 3). Great work!!
  7. Thanks for the clear answer! I guess that's not the case when your PC power profile is set to maximum performance all the time (and good cooling to avoid throtling)? And what is the influence of the soundcard regarding latency? I've got a ten year old RME PCIe AIO card that gives effective latency of 2.7 ms with 256 buffer, 24bit, 96kHz, 64 bit double precision buffer (ASIO reported latencies: input 3.1, output 3.7, total roundtrip 6.8ms). That seem relatively good figures to me (working without glitches when all unnecessary background processes are eliminated)? And the fastest PCIe 4.0 SSD's? Don't they also improve latency? The 10900k has only PCIe 3.0... I agree regarding the cost/performance of the 10900k, but I'm quite interested in the new AMD, will just wait till its available at reasonable price🙂
  8. That's what I wondered about from the start, why on earth do I have problems when my CPU performance is at 15-20%? After some time I started to understand that it is more the engine load and late buffers that indicate if there's a problem. Even a slightly older CPU should still be up to recording an average project without too many problems. My impression (after reading tons of topics) in our case is that it has to do with the impaired internal latency of the former generations AMD CPUs, unfortunately. I guess @Jim Roseberry can say more about this. I've managed to improve performance by tweaking my Threadripper system to the max, but at the cost of way too many unproductive hours and now my hardware is starting to wear out. So now, when I can finally record something decent, I might need to replace things again🤔. No clue how much attention under the hood optimisation has compared to new features. As good as each new release I see improvements that also relate to latency and overall speed. It needs to be a fair balance to keep the majority happy. My impression is that we are in the minority group (most users seem to be reasonably satisfied, Intel systems...?), so probably not first in line to be served. And if it really is the AMD internal latency problem the only real solution is getting the latest hardware. There's a recent topic that I can't find back where they were referring to that (I guess it was a comparison with Reaper that doesn't crash when a plugin fails) and gave a hyperlink to a webpage explaining that separate plugin sandboxing like in other DAWs is not a solution in the end. I do need to add that I don't really suffer much from instability. My main problem was latency related at lower buffer settings. Did I mention that I have 32GB RAM so I switched of my paging file? That might also have helped. And since two weeks I've slightly overclocked my system (many advice not to do so, but I like to think that I know what I'm doing, so...) . Temperatures have not really gone up (got a good cooling), but everything is much more responsive. No crashes so far. With ryzen-dram-calculator you can find stable better settings for you RAM. It gives significant improvements. Next to that (at least for my Threadripper), the CPU is also flexible with slight overclocking (I use Ryzen Master to do so). If you consider such thing, read carefully the overclock forums first! I hope to have the budget in a couple of months... Anyway, there's a shortages of the top Ryzen CPUs, so they are overprized at the moment. I think that in about 4 months prizes and availability will be better. Thinking about the Ryzen 5900X or 5950X + 128 GB 3600 RAM. Also there are new, faster PCIe 4.0 SSDs coming out with 2 to 4 TB. I would like to see how they compare in tests the coming months. I'm especially looking at the Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus 4TB SSD (thinking about getting 2 of those). GPU: one just under the top (because of the outrages cost for the fastest). Still waiting for info on whether a Radeon or NVidia is better compatible with a DAW and which one plays better with Ryzen. There have been some significant changes and improvements on both sides... I can survive till then. CbB works right now and I can do all the other things I need to do too. My real time backups ensure no risks in case of crashes.
  9. Agreed, from what I can see the CbB team does take possible bugs in the DAW itself serious. They are a small team with limited resources, so many things will be on the waiting list, probably with lower priority. I guess that's the downside of a free DAW, but I can live with that. I still think that it outperforms many paid DAWs and they've squeezed an impressive amount of bugs over the last two years. Sorry to hear about the many reinstalls (just CbB or the whole Windows operating system?), which is certainly not what most users need to do. There must be something specific to your configuration that makes it worse compared to most other PCs. What I do know, DAW independent, is that Windows becomes buggy over time. After a few years a PC really from a complete reinstall if you frequently use more complicated software. The majority of users will not notice these problems, but with complex audio-visual software or other professional software I've witnessed this regularly. Also, another piece of software on your machine might mess with windows settings, negatively influencing a DAW without you being aware of it. My system is not even four years old and I'm already looking forward to later this year when I hope to be able to afford a new one with an AMD 5900X or 5950X. My current PC is showing degradation of the EVO 960 PCIe SSD and other problems are starting to show up (and my first gen Threadripper is not yet optimised for audio latency). Software and probably also hardware issues are slowly getting worse. I use the machine heavily, so its no surprise. All electronic components are prone to damage due to changing currents and temperatures. Usually minor, but over time they might lead to problems and sensitive software will suffer faster from it than a simple text writer or game. I've witnessed this kind of issues from the moment I've started building computers for myself and others 30 years ago. Having said that, CbB graphics handling can certainly be improved. The team seems aware of that. In the last updates there were already some changes of memory management, also relating to the graphics buffers from what I understood. Let's hope they continue improving on that path. A well installed solid new GPU might provide some benefit. If you've got an NVidia card you can do the following: NVCleanstall for a clean driver install without extras and to make sure there's nothing from NVidia installaions left: Nvidia Control Panel | Manage 3D settings, set "Power Management Mode" to "Prefer Maximum Performance" uninstall NVidia Experience disable NVidia telemetry: NvTmMon -- Nvidia Telemetry Monitor -- runs C:\Program Files (x86)\NVIDIA Corporation\Update Core\NvTmMon.exe, NvTmRep -- Nvidia crash and Telemetry Reporter -- runs C:\Program Files (x86)\NVIDIA Corporation\Update Core\NvTmRep.exe NvTmRepOnLogon -- Nvidia Profile Updater -- runs C:\Program Files (x86)\NVIDIA Corporation\Update Core\NvTmRep.exe --logon) Did you also check the difference between VST2 and VST3 of the problem plugins? Steinberg didn't do a great job regarding compatibility when defining these standards...
  10. That Facebook post is a very nice example of how complicated and demanding DAWs are and how problems in many cases are related to hardware and configuration and not necessarily to the DAW itself (not saying that DAWs are bug free..)!
  11. @Colin Nicholls Thanks for the clear tutorial. I wish they would finally make a CbB webpage where there's a collection of all animated GIF tutorials. I think it works much better than just reading boring manuals (maybe it's just me, but I prefer trial and error over standard manuals. However, the animated one I do like to follow). Btw, I love the music on your website. Did you compose and record it all yourself? Very musical and original...Is it you singing? Nice clear voice! I'm really impressed👍
  12. Hard to judge what's going on without seeing it. Usually in Device Manager you can right-click a device and select "disable device". Do you run everything with administrator rights? Here's a link to programs that might help you: 6 Tools to Forcefully Enable Grayed Out Disabled Buttons
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