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  1. I'm as always very impressed by your composition skills. Very creative, great to listen to, many different and unexpected movements, nice! Some instruments sound a bit too synthetic to my taste (mainly certain violin parts and sometimes other instruments depending on the note played). It should be possible to improve that (maybe using an additional orchestral library? Some libraries are better at certain phrases or sound better with specific instruments than others, libraries often can be complimentary. Or a midi expression controllers like TEControl USB MIDI Breath and Bite Controller 2, ROLI Seaboard Rise 2, Expressive E Osmose?) Would be nice to hear it being performed by a real orchestra, the composition really deserves it!
  2. Sounds great, I like the song, sounds professional. Entertaining video. Nice vocals!
  3. I got curious after your cryptic post so checked your channel and tried my best to make sense of it. That was a trip in itself🤩... there's a quote about Spock having used too much LSD in the sixties. It never occurred to you that the reference may have been to you? Back on topic: We had a good discussion about this a year ago. It contains references and and more background info: best-plugin-for-extracting-stems Here are some recent reviews and comparisons between the different options: 5-best-stem-separation-software (Musicradar) best-stem-separation-tools (Musictech) best-stem-separation-software (EDMsauce) They came up with a free online tool I didn't know before as one of the best options: Gaudio Studio which seems to be good and straight forward.
  4. Great work, must have cost some time! So you managed to capture what some consider the greatest musical genius of the century😁 One little thing: the drums, especially the snare rolls sound a bit robotic at times, maybe you could add some "humanize". Other than that: RESPECT!
  5. Love the trippy feel😉 I agree with Nigel that the bass could use some work. Seems like there's a little crack at the start (or is it my internet connection?) Nice instrumental part, nice little fills throughout the song!
  6. Nice song. Separation is good. It sounds a bit thin especially the drums; I do miss some warmth and it could have more bottom part, pronounced bass and base drum. Otherwise, very pleasant to listen to!
  7. Really like your plugins. Never thought of asking the bakers to implement them in Cakewalk/Sonar? Would be nice to have them standard in the DAW...
  8. Teegarden


    Love the song. Could automatically imagine an extra major seven vocal on the chorus. When finishing the mix I would try to get rid of the a bit a weird pumping effect (too much gate?) with sounds falling away at moments which makes it a bit exhausting to listen to, and create a bit more distance/depth between the instruments. Otherwise very nice!
  9. Teegarden


    Like all your songs this makes me feel being back in the eighties enjoying the GRP All-Stars records which inspired my old band in several ways! 👍
  10. Teegarden


    Nice, interesting song!😉 Few comments: Vocals (mainly during the intro) seem not entirely in tempo and sometimes before the beat which was a bit distracting. After that the vocals mostly sound in tempo The drums are a bit clean/static could be more lively Love the change with the sax solo, except it sounds dissonant with the chords at moments making it messy. Maybe it is introduced on purpose to emphasize what the subjects experience. I don't think the song needs that, the unexpected change (sounds a bit hallucinating) is great by itself. If it's a sample, I would change the underlying chords to match it, or use Melodyne to change a few sax notes Love the changes to the different sections and you have a nice voice! We need more original songs like this...
  11. Looks handy. Is a bit too expensive to my taste for just an extra keyboard with only one use. The backlit feature is nice though. it's not clear to me There still seem to be Cakewalk Sonar stickers for keyboards available like this: sonar-keyboard-stickers You can get a cheap second keyboard and put stickers (they do look a bit cheap and outdated though...) like that on it if it's for learning the hotkeys. I didn't pay attention but I guess most hotkeys will be still the same for the new Sonar.
  12. Would be very nice if BandLab would pay effort to get the hardware manufacturers to make their new keyboards/controllers fully compatible with Sonar. If this will happen, why would it not be compatible with CbB? Sonar is just a name change and another update of a DAW that has many years of backward compatibility...
  13. Just love it, great, much better! Anything else is mainly a matter of mixing taste.
  14. Love the vocals. Nice song for a sunset on the beach.
  15. Great drive! Gives energy, makes me want to write a new song😃 Like all your songs I listened to it just sounds pro and good (the video clips are nice too).
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