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  1. ...when you select "print entire document," and then only a few random pages come off the printer...
  2. Yes - many times myself the export comes out not what was chosen based on what Jezric is saying. It is like the export dialogue box selections do not consistently override what is going on in track view such as selections.
  3. I will sing to a melody played first on piano. Especially for harmonies. But find it makes sense to just later solo the two tracks and make small Melodyne corrections to the sung notes later. I would wonder having Melodyne take a vocal and match it to another track might not sound organic enough. For me, anyway.
  4. Thank you for the plug-in flushing setting change. I was also getting surprise crashes when freezing midi tracks - in addition to exporting. Setting it to zero fixed that, both.
  5. This might be different than what the original poster was getting at, but in case it's not: I recently wanted to see if it were possible to do a region FX Melodyne pitch correction to a number of tracks at once. These were background vocal choir parts, which would be very low in the mix - so precision tuning not required, and the parts were sung well anyway. Instead of going individually through 12 tracks of a six-minute song... to pitch correct them all in one batch.
  6. I could be wrong about this being an explanation but perhaps the "R" button for Read Automation is off. That turns off envelopes. Maybe that includes Clip Gain, too. I've been trying to sort this out, too.
  7. I have gotten decent results with the SI Bass Guitar, too. It does take tweaking in the plug in itself, or I have found the bass sound can take over a mix. Usually that has meant dialing off some bass and dialing up some mids, treble.
  8. I have been using Cakewalk since 2003 and they had a CD burning program for music I liked, too - Pyro. I am sure every Cakewalk and now Bandlab user is well used to people replying, "Huh? What's that?," when you tell them what DAW you use. It's rare to meet a fellow user in real life, in my experience!
  9. I plug in direct to my Focusrite 6i6, with the Boss GT-1 effects processor, with the preset or modification I did of that. Also, always disabling reverb, to add that later when mixing.
  10. In Track View, change the drop down from clip to the automation you wish to adjust. Click on the track's number, the square box, it changes colour and then the whole track is selected. With the Move tool instead of Smart Tool, you can click/drag the entire envelope. Or with the Smart Tool, hold control down while click/dragging the envelope. I prefer to send the track to a bus, and simply increase/decrease the fader there on this bus, which then goes to the master bus.
  11. You could select the entire envelope, then raise or lower it a bit. You could send the track to a bus and adjust the volume there.
  12. Herky Acuff

    EQ plug-ins

    How about maybe yes maybe no - depends on what you're seeking, sonically. I tend to find if I have to do a whole bunch of EQ moves I didn't record very well to begin with.
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