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  1. This was in my notes (below) but if you haven't already, consider using Markers and/or the Arranger track to note where sections are. - Ctrl+A to Select All - Clip Properties in Track Inspector, expand Audiosnap. - Check Enable. - Set Follow Options to 'Autostretch' - Click to check the Follow Proj Tempo box.
  2. It took me more than a few years to stop being sheepish and obfusactory, when the "So, what DAW do you use?" conversation arose. Especially since, the most common reply back to me was invariably, "Cakewalk, what's that?" But soldiering on, gaining, expressing confidence, I found that curious folk will be intrigued. Perhaps, keep letting people know - they will catch on or it's their loss!
  3. Just change the tempo if your tracks are all midi. Use the tempo view for where you want the changes. For audio tracks, I think you turn on audio snap for all audio clips, then enable it so the clip follows the project. Then change tempo. Then bounce the clips. But honestly, I think the answer is to re-record.
  4. I know that he uses some fast delays, and different in milliseconds on the left and right - so a delay plugin could help, to start. Then somehow the delays have a pitch bend. I'm not sure about doing that but a chorus plugin might work.
  5. Edit > Preferences > Colors > Search: markers > Choose Color Or use the Arranger Track for different colors for each section you can set.
  6. It was a quick and easy install and activation on my end. Seems to be working same as always.
  7. Such an interesting discussion from everyone. My takeaway is how much so many people care about this product. I know I do...
  8. Herky Acuff

    Grid lines

    I set the Snap to a shorter note duration to get more gridlines, for both track and piano roll views.
  9. I have never had a problem with the stability of the VX64 vocal plugin. The deeser is decent and I often use it, it being handy for being able to listen to just the potentially offending areas. The delay and doubler are handy being right there, too, but use judiciously as they can be overkill. I never use the saturation or compander in there.
  10. No - I do not believe this is possible and have seen other posts in here about this. Happy to be proven wrong by someone, though!
  11. Late to this but searched for a similar problem. I opened a project from 2012 that had many Region FX with V-Vocal. I no longer have V-Vocal. So the Region FX clips were not playing when playing the tune. I don't know why this works, but: Bypass audio FX (the FX button) Select entire track Bounce track into one clip on the same track Ctl+Z to undo the bounce Unbypass all audio FX ...and then the Region FXs were all gone. Of course, the vocal tuning was gone, too, but not an issue this time for me.
  12. With the Smart tool on, hover over the heart/middle of the midi note or make a selection of multiple notes with the Select on (then go back to Smart Tool). Then Shift + Right Click. The notes become outlines in appearance only. To get the notes back, do the same thing. Or: You Press F10 twices and the Erase Tool on the Control Bar turns to M for Mute. Then you click on the notes to mute. It also works to then choose the Select tool and do multiple notes at once.
  13. I think the vocals are good - I would consider bringing them more forward in the mix.
  14. I'm also grateful for the past five years with free Cakewalk. (I purchased Sonar only a few months before that, but overall, it has been a great deal). Perhaps what's coming "Next" was announced too early; it's been hard to wait to see what's "Next."
  15. They Might Be Giants would buy this tune from you. Well done, always interesting throughout.
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