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  1. Here's a new VST instrument based on that router ! Kenny
  2. You can always use what you have now to get good at working with video and music at the same time as you save the money and shop around for the camera of your choice . It is very common for people to record the musical performance in the DAW while they use the camera only for the visual end of things w crappy audio. The thing is a camera that can do DAW quality Audio cost bucks ...most people will use the visual of a camera and mute the on board camera audio for music video.It is easy as Pie to sync up an audio file w a video file if you set up the cues ahead of time . For an audio lesson w a vid , that is different so people will use the audio from the camera ( often edited in a DAW ) Before recording a live video w music what most people do is they set up a visual cue ( clapping hands , mouthing a 4 count , or insert another cue ) This is done because it makes it easy to take the pristine audio from your filmed / live video performance and sync them up in your DAW (if your DAW does Video w Music & Video editing + export) ... if you decide to use a dedicated Video software program ...you will have much better video editing options .... Me personally , I use a few older Magix Video programs or some of the Newer Sony / Magix software apps .. for what I do when I do it those are fine for now ... Because I scare women and children with my intensity and Saskatchewan looks , I do videos infrequently ...but hey I may have a new lease on life now that everybody is wearing masks and covering their faces ... For the record all my u tube videos involve a straight through musical performance while being filmed in one take .. IT's a BRUTAL Workflow I SAY .....make a mistake early on and it is back to the drawing board early on ..LOL If I may offer a suggestion Bob , while you are doing your research , have you considered taking one of your best recorded audio performances and then having you and your lady ham it up for the camera by doing some cute moves that put a little stage presence in your vid? Acting , story telling , pure silliness or whater you guys may think a visual look is that is cool and gels with your music .. All Music Videos are done this way . Lady Ga Ga and Beyonce aren't recording their singing when the are shaking their moneymakers while recording a new video ... Shheesshh Look at the ED Sullivan Show . Every Band had wireless 20 years ahead of the times because no body had a cable going from their guitar to an amp .... I don't know what type of chops you have w video but it will certainly offer a creative solution for staying in touch with your fan base and giving you the opportunity to remain a content creator for your friends and fans .. Why not try this , for grins and giggles even if you only use a phone , Film your old lady doing a guitar solo to one of your songs , have her film you playing some safe Sax ...put those two scenes in a video and I guarantee you will get a much better idea of how deep this thing can become ... all the best, Kenny
  3. OOOoooch that's certainly not what I meant .... Kenny
  4. Don't worry we got you covered Craigb ! . The pick up selector switch on this guitar does double duty. 1 as a stealth cloaking security device , 2 as a traditional guitar pick up selector . In addition to that , the Pro package deal on this guitar includes a sturdy kneeling Jimi Hendrix Guitar stand to keep your brand new guitar perfectly safe at home and on stage . Pardon the pun but The Jimi Hendrix Guitar stand is fire and bullet proof ...why you ask ? .....Hey Joe ! you just never know ... Also New in 2020 , we have included a live scantly clad bikini model . The Model is prone to throwing Hissy Fits every once in a while and if you can get past those emotionally charged moments and move on you will be rewarded with having her bend over and adjust your pedals to your unique personal tone while you play . For those among us here with vision issues you will also have the added benefit of never ever ever ever loosing a guitar pick ever again after having dropped it . How she can find those lost guitar picks on some of those dark and cluttered stages , I don't know ... It's a miracle I say .....Get yours now while supplies still last ... Kenny PS : We personally guarantee once you start playing this guitar , you will definitely know whether or not your Heart is Healthy enough for a Memorable Deep Nookie Week End In Space .... But Wait there's more ! if you decide to act now we will bla bla bla bla bla bla bla........................oh well it was fun while it lasted .
  5. I thought all you needed was A Minor . Kenny
  6. Very Nice Guitar ! I would Love to get my sweaty hands on one . Good Luck Mesh , Good Luck Steve . Kenny
  7. It might be much different w your much newer Mackbook pro but have you tried your current interface yet ? Both my "older Macs " a MackBook and an i Mac run my 2i4 seamlessly and I didn't even have to install a driver . Kenny
  8. The Cheer leader on the right is an exchange student from Portland Or . As they say in that neck of the woods "Keep Portland Weird " Kenny
  9. Two audience members commenting on The Coffee House Hunks ... Kenny
  10. Will the real Coffee House Hunks please come forward and claim your Prize. Kenny
  11. The long awaited Forum Honkies have arrived!!! Kenny
  12. Alright boys lets line em up . Now take a deep breath and grab you ankles . It's time for your Bung Hole Cavity "Freshness Check" . Kenny
  13. Those two will certainly take the rust off your Enis . Kenny
  14. What kind of son have I raised ? Kenny
  15. The Forum Monkeys should create a new song because , Kenny
  16. Trick or Treat ! Introducing my 2020 Halloween costume ... Kenny
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