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  1. I have found when I have my buffers set too low for the Lurssen to be effective I need to go into my Focusrites control panel and temporarily set my ASIO drivers buffer settings there first to a higher setting . The Lurssen will then have the higher buffer settings available in it's menu . In my experience using the Lurssen , it operates much better using the higher buffer settings when I run it . When I'm done using the Lurssen I go back and set my buffer settings to what I'm happiest using as my settings for my systems core settings . YMMV Kenny
  2. These two want to spice up their love life so they ordered a Duduk off Amazon . Kenny
  3. You Offices look pretty relaxing . The new one looks like you can make a fast getaway if you had to. At your old office when people didn't tip for song requests did you make them walk the plank ? Kenny
  4. Distortion on a harp don't cut it for me ..sorry . An 8 string guitar yeah ...a harp no ..... for the record I have done duets w harp players . On the other side of the coin I watched and listened to a couple of her other videos from her channel . She demonstrated pedals that were timebased / ambient and frequency modulating .Very interesting approach with spectacular results ...Yeah those type of sounds on a Harp sounds totally out of this world . She's a good looking KId ...a real sleeper . ding ding ding ...whaaat ....we have next is a Fantasy Island day dream alert . Can I help you find a book in the Library ? Yes , then the next thing you know your on stage playing a guitar through a dimed Orange stack while she and a full Orchestra of Classical Goth Musicians get down and put out some other worldy frequencys . All while dancers dance around a pit of fire. Then you look up and in the air and there is a Cirque DU Soleil group of aerial acrobats doing tricks and moves . Oh Yeah ! Mamasita ! Boss Boss the plane! the plane ! He stole the Plane ! Kenny
  5. I just barely got out of there with my Life . I was gasping for air and the smell was horrible Kenny
  6. Not sure if this one has been posted yet Kenny
  7. She is playing The Holly Grail of all guitar chords . The Lost A Minor chord . Her guitar teacher/ boy friend taught it to her earlier in the day when they were out on a picnic . Kenny
  8. Morton moderates the forums with a super heavy hand 🤪. He even closes and locks all his own threads 😅 https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/forum/36-early-access-program/ Kenny
  9. Another one rides the Bus huh ? That sure beats getting throw under it 😉 Hi Steve , Thanks for the kind word .The tune you posted was some real fine synth rock . thanks Now you have . paulo ! we ( plus a few other select folks around here😉 ) are former Coffee House survivors that have turned into The Champions 😎 Kenny
  10. Well here it is . My Forum Report Card 😅 Why should I post it ? I want people to know whose behind all this cloak and dagger BS. Now that we know , Lets all take a moment to bow in unison and Kiss The Ring BTW, you can call this what you want . The thing is , this in not being abusive . I call this bringing something out into the open for everybody to see and shining a high beam light on the actors involved in the problem . Kenny
  11. This song is In honor of another one of my threads that bit the dust . At this rate maybe I'm next huh ? Kenny
  12. That was Great I really enjoyed the video .The Guitar player is a riot ... Kenny
  13. Which Door do you pick ? Door # 1. Door #2 or Door #3 Kenny
  14. Looks Great . Very impressive touch with the added words . Kenny
  15. Wibbles , Dribbles , Kibbles ? Oink! Oink! looking good Miley . Kenny
  16. Bapu ! in The Ring with delivery driver that failed to deliver his new Epiphone Bass . Kenny
  17. Good Story ! Makes me wish I was a Mod around here . Kenny
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