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  1. I had to switch to closed back headphones to minimize this but I noticed some leakage is still possible but not enough to show up in the mix. Only if I solo the track and listen carefully.
  2. I'm not surprised this makes TTS-1 work since virtually anything will make it not work. Lol (Did I say this out loud?)
  3. I sometimes wonder if having accidentally "played" a bundle directly from the Google Drive has made it associated CWB with WAVs but I can't find any local or account settings suggesting that. On a side note, the question about this issue that I posted on the Google Drive Help page shows one "upvote" and it was promptly locked for any comments. Definitely a conspiracy. My formal backup is raw files. No zip, compression, bundles etc. Just the files ma'am.
  4. This is a real problem. I see this too. I haven't figured it out. For some reason Google appears to be associating CWB files to WAV. I checked the browser (FF) and it's not doing it nor is Windows. If I put a CWB on the drive for my buddy, it's fine. When I bring in one of his, ".wav" has been appended to the file name so I see it as "song.cwb.wav". I asked the Google forum about it too but got no replies. It only started happening recently (about 2 months ago.) As far as a quick fix, just rename the file to .CWB. You can also tell Cakewalk to open *.* and it will see the .wav, you can open it like any other .cwb file and re-save. The value of bundles is a totally different subject.
  5. For those wonder exactly where to click, you have to expand the takes using the icon and then right click on the top (parent) clip. I kept clicking on the track information and not the clip itself.
  6. I had good results with my HP 8560p i7 16GB but I couldn't keep it cool. Monitor the CPU Temps and see if Windows is slowing to processor to keep it cool. One of the indicators was noise, static and crackling.
  7. i don't think it's the interface drivers unless they are somehow involved in mixdowns. I am not sure why they would but hey I didn't invent this! But I did an update of the drivers (only one revision behind) and no change.
  8. No, you can see it in the file. Same place regardless of the system I play them on. If I zoom in, some are discontinuities in the waveform and others are a sharp spike. Also, the internal audio is disabled. I'm thinking something is interrupting the audio processing. I checked some midi only projects and they appear fine. You have to listen a long time for one to show up. I do appreciate the suggestions!
  9. VST partially working Hello, I am new, I live in Madagascar and I compose evangelical songs that I would like to arrange in Cakewalk. So after learning a few features of Cakewalk I have successfully downloaded, installed and added free VSTs to this DAW. However, I have a problem with "Acoustic Dhol LT" from RDGAudion. It is well added and opens in Cakewalk and the drums emit sounds with its controls but cannot change registers and no other buttons or functions work. Thank you for your prompt response, time is running out. Jose
  10. I have a Presonus with the latest ASIO drivers. Their web site did suggest it can be caused by cores going into idle and not waking up properly so I disabled idle but it didn't change. I also turned off multi-core/thread in Cakewalk and still got the chirps. Buffers big or small don't appear to affect it. Cores temps are fine. The machine is an i7 4970 with 16GB of ram and SDD. It's not wanting for speed. It's hard to test because it might happen once in 10 minutes or to three times in three minutes or not at all for hours.. If I am playing a song in Cakewalk, it randomly moves around. In a wave export, it might happen once in the mixdown.. I think I will disable everything (cores, multi-processing, wifi/lan) and see if it goes away. Then add things back in. Something has changed and I need to figure it out. It's possible it's some Windows update but I have to look at everything. None of my wave programs do it, only Cakewalk. I doesn't sound like anyone else is experiencing it.
  11. None of my plugins are demo but that is something for me to remember. I know Melda does static. The sound is like when you edit a wave poorly and there is a short spike where they join. But it happens in random places.
  12. Has anyone else noticed random chirps in the audio? I am getting them both during playback in CW but also in mixdowns/exports. Maybe once every 2-3 minutes. I am playing with my core number and idle but nothing seems to help. I am not saying it's the latest build ( but it seem to have showed up around then. It's doing it in files that before never had an issue. They just show up here and there.
  14. I use the crap out of V-Vocal when it works. I also love it's pitch to midi function. I haven't used Melodyne but many people swear by it. I agree that Melodyne is pricey for what it does but it could just be that I am cheap. V-Vocal has issues (for over a decade) with no clear resolution in sight. People have suggested many, many "fixes" but I think they work out of randomness. I get the C000000005 (memory violation) crash in both Cronus (mostly) and VpEnc (occasionally). I've tried a lot of different things to isolate the cause without any success. On the other hand, there are people that NEVER have a problem with it. I suspect they don't load up a project like I do. Updating or rolling back DirectX never fixed it. You just have to check periodically if it's working. I've learned to: 1. Use it only on very short clips. Under 10 seconds if possible. 2. Render the clip immediately after editing and save the file. 3. Don't leave any clips open in V-Vocal unless you are editing them at the moment. Either remove the region or render it. 4. Don't try to have more than one editor open at a time. Sometimes this work but often I get an empty editor (no wave in it.) 5. If you start getting the empty editor: a. Look for a clip that still has a region open for it. b. Bounce a mono clip to stereo and then back to mono, bounce it to a clip and try creating the region again. If you have a stereo clip, but try bouncing to a clip (which really doesn't nothing if only one clip is selected from what I can tell.) I have no idea why this works. It too could be V-Vocal randomness at work. c. Some people have claimed V-Vocal needs a high amplitude wave to work. Maybe so but I've never seen this and increasing the gain (or normalizing) never fixes any V-Vocal issues. 6. If V-Vocal starts crashing, I copy the clip to a new project and edit it there then copy it back. This implies that V-Vocal's place in memory is at risk as more things get added to a project (like effects, VSTs, waves, etc.) Restarting Cakewalk and/or rebooting never fixes anything. Here's an interesting read from nearly 15 years ago. http://forum.cakewalk.com/V-Vocal-clips-m855325.aspx
  15. Ah! I didn't know that but yeah, you don't apply "cronus" to something. If you do a search on V-Vocal issues over the years, this is one some people suggested. Sounds like it's not the issue.
  16. First, confirm that Cronus is not excluded in the plugin manager. Its a DXi plugin so look at each DXi group and click on Show Excluded. If it is, remove that exclusion. Is there any chance the song was saved with an open region? If so, remove any existing regions. Are you trying to open a clip longer than around ten seconds? Try a shorter clip. V-Vocal is well known for being unreliable and one day it will start working with no indication of why.
  17. I was a tad higher, like 3600's.
  18. No problem. Finding a good VST for the guitar would be interesting. Let me know what you find.
  19. The surf sound was primarily a Fender guitar and a spring reverb. Fender Jaguars and Stratocasters were very popular followed by Telecasters and Jazzmasters. Any Fender derivative VST will work for that although playing a real guitar is best. Add in the spring reverb into any Fender style amp/cabinet will do it. Actually, just about any amp/cabinet will work if the sound is kept fairly clean. The key is the Fender guitar sound and spring reverb. Both the TTS-1 and Munt MT-32 have guitar sounds that are very Fender. I did it with my Casio MG510 Midi/Stratocaster guitar and TH3 using the AQTX spring reverb and Dark Face amp. I used the guitar analog pickups, not the midi. The guitar is a decent Stratocaster copy.
  20. Every time I use V-Vocal on a clip, it appends "V-Vocal" to the clip name. After five times it's <V-Vocal><V-Vocal><V-Vocal><V-Vocal><V-Vocal>. I don't know if this is a bug or feature (or if you can't fix it, feature it!) Is this normal? I am surprised that V-Vocal started working again after the 11/2020 build for some reason. Haven't seen a Cronus crash yet. But I still tempt fate!
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