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  1. Very cool. Btw, I live just outside New Orleans. Jimmy was considered a local here. He started his career here & never lost his love for the city. I saw him at Jazz Fest once and it was a blast. God rest him 🍹
  2. No, I appreciate that John. I know it's hard to know exactly what sound someone else is after. Btw, that one piano sound is all I use the TTS1 for and thankfully u guys taught me that its from the Roland Soundcanvas. So when the TTS1 does die, at least I know where to get it. Other than that, I think u'll miss the TTS1 more than me. I know u've discovered some other players, is the TTS1 still ur go-to?
  3. Cheers John. I know the TTS1 isnt the best but I believe my stellar, prodigy-like piano playing makes up for it. Have u ever heard of Mozart, Beethoven, Bach?... I make em all sound like they have arthritis! No seriously, I do have some great(though still free) piano vsts. Like the Soniccouture Hammersmith. That one sounds amazing with pedal noise and everything. However(& Ive mentioned this in a past post) there's a certain consistency & upper mid chime to the TTS1 Piano 1 that I really like in the mix. I find that the more realistic & rich pianos aren't always what the track wants. Esp the ones that are so realistic that theyre slightly out of tune or one key has a deader attack than the others. And although I'm no wizard piano player I do think I have a good touch. And to me, that's the real key. Writing great songs and playing with feeling is what's most important. But I know u already know that. Now, stop raggin on my TTS1 John! 😠
  4. Cheers Duncan. Glad u messaged back bud. My song is mainly piano driven(tts1 btw) with left & right acoustic guitars, Slate drum kit, lead & backing vocals & the SI strings. Yeah to clarify, it's not a real cello. I meant the left hand part/bass range of the SI strings. Btw, u gave some great advice on how to make room in the low end but yeah, I kinda took the easy way out and killed the bass guitar. Esp when I realized that panning the cello part anywhere other than center sounds silly. Now what I did do is I went back in my midi piano parts and made the left hand part more interesting. So it sounds like a real, independent bass line. However, since it's being played on piano, it sounds more like an acoustic bass line. That's why I mentioned mtv unplugged. It has that kinda vibe. Btw, I'll def check out Lyle Lovett again. I used to watch him on Austin City Limits all the time. Great voice & great writer. Not to mention, he hooked up with Julia Roberts. That alone makes him a genius! 😁
  5. I appreciate all the good advice guys. I'm gonna try the CD route. My daughter has a bunch of my old CD's. There's bound to be a couple songs in the ballpark of my mix. Thanks a lot. Cheers!
  6. I feel u yeah Duncan. Btw, Im a 53 yr old lifelong songwriter too. Lars Ulrich was 100% right to fight against Napster and every other artist shoulda fought too. I dont blame the Eagles, Prince, Floyd etc for blocking their music at all. Also, I can see how the way I worded my post could cause a knee jerk reaction but I'm not trying to hustle the system my friend. So far Ive purchased 9 songs to mix one track and I'll prob never listen to those downloads again. I don't even have itunes on my phone. Im just looking for a better way to go about this at least until I know more of what to look for in a reference track. Cheers my friend and oh btw... Lighten Up! 😄
  7. Thanks. That's what's been a bit of a challenge is my song is pretty unique. I ended up not using bass guitar because my piano(left hand) & cello take up a lot of that low end. It kinda sounds like an Mtv Unplugged acoustic thing. Which I love too. But yeah, finding the right reference has been a lil tricky. Esp since I'm learning this stuff for the first time. Oh well, I figure some trial & error is to be expected.
  8. Thanks John. Yeah, Im just trying to get in the ballpark as well as learn my speakers.
  9. Thanks for saying it. Again, I'm happy with just a 30 sec sample of a song. Also, as I alluded to in my orig post, the problem is having to try multiple references to find the right one. I'm happy to pay for the one song I end up using but I can't keep paying for all the ones that dont work out along the way. Btw, In the late 90's, I helped write the software for Napster. (Don't tell Duncan 🤫)
  10. Hi guys. I'm just learning to mix and I'm realizing that the first reference track I try usually isn't the best. And I cant afford to keep buying songs from itunes. How can I get song MP3s(even if it's just partial songs/samples) into Cakewalk to use as a reference? Btw, I'm no computer wiz so I'm hoping there's a relatively straight forward(easy 😉) method. Thanks!
  11. Wow John, sory if I upset u but in my defense, I never asked that question before or read any post about it. I can def tell ur tired of answering it though which I totally get. I guess my main question was just what happens if I miss the reactivate deadline. From what I'm reading online it says u can "try" to go to Bandlab Assistant and hit "refresh activation". The word "try" is not very comforting though. Btw John. If this is still a question that bugs u, u don't have to answer back my friend. I know dealing with all us green horns must get aggravating. If nothing else, I'll just try to make sure I never miss the reactivation deadline and if I ever do, I'll just go to the Assistant and "try"(😄) to refresh my activation. Cheers bud!
  12. Hey John, I read one of ur messages this morning where u mentioned reactivation. I'm SO glad u said that cause after taking a couple weeks off from recording, I went open my project and it said I had only 1 day left to reactivate. So thankfully, I caught it in time. I'm just curious what happens if I ever miss the reactivation deadline. Would I have to uninstall then reinstall CbB again?
  13. I've used it on guitars, bass & esp harmonica. It's a life saver on harmonica cause it allows u to shift keys(cant afford 12 harps) as well as tune it. Also, since a standard harp is limited to certain note intervals, it allows u to be creative and move notes around. Man if another harmonica player tried learning my parts, he'd be scratching his head. (Until he realized I cheated 😁)
  14. Yeah, I watched a bunch of youtube reviews on the diff brands of studio/speaker modeling and even in the positive reviews, no one seemed very psyched about it. It was mostly underwhelming reactions. For now I think Im just gonna stick with my cans and see how my mixes translate. At the least, it's a good learning experience for me. Cheers!
  15. Yeah, Im kinda learning that. Esp since there's a lot of conflicting advice on the web. However, I do consider all advice. Every now & again a certain tip will hit home for me and I run with it. I've actually learned a lot from this thread. You guys showered me with info which I'm still researching on. So yeah, much thanks to u guys. Cheers Will 🍻
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