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  1. pwalpwal


    i've also had success with touch daw on android, but wasn't as nice as, for example, using presonus' studio one remote app w/so
  2. pwalpwal

    Straight Ahead Samples FREE Jazz Drums

    can they only be used for free jazz?
  3. pwalpwal

    Are You a Fan of Blue Cat Audio?

    nice one bit, just the kind of info that's useful (to me)
  4. i'm on fb but that's where fb stays
  5. pwalpwal

    Are You a Fan of Blue Cat Audio?

    i don't use BC but i'd be interested in how they compare to similar competitor analysis tool offerings - i use voxengo span, and izotope insight /fwiw, hth
  6. pwalpwal

    Ozone 5 left?

    you could probably pick it up over at kvr, eg, make a "WTB ozone 5" post https://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=43 good luck!
  7. pwalpwal

    ASIO4ALL Locking up

    and to provide some balance, there's also plenty of us who have used asio4all without issue over the years... are you using the latest version?
  8. no need to feel embarrassed, we all learn something every day
  9. this is correct, @Chuck E Baby i think you are misunderstanding this - if a VST does not supply it's own GUI then the host provides the basic "default UI" (usually just sliders?) and cakewalk's implementation of this hasn't been updated since forever... maybe @Noel Borthwick can chip in
  10. wtf? that's so intrusive of magix...
  11. sure, just a workaround suggestion to get bigger ui controls
  12. have you tried using he fx chain ui instead? https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=SONAR&language=3&help=Mixing.34.html
  13. pwalpwal


    i do this by default on almost every track...
  14. pwalpwal

    2019.07 official hotfix available!

    i thought that was the "early access" stuff?
  15. pwalpwal

    2019.07 official hotfix available!

    good work! but let's not let hotfixes become the norm, eh?