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  1. https://blogs.windows.com/windowsdeveloper/2017/05/19/improving-high-dpi-experience-gdi-based-desktop-apps/
  2. i only checked the "feature list" on the old site before looking on the new one, i think they would benefit by updating the new site with a similar feature list
  3. but already pulled the trigger on arturia's instrument and fx collections up/crossgrades for 99 each
  4. teetering on the edge of doing this, suite 9 to suite 10 plus free suite 11 for 175 EUR, not sure my wife would approve 🙄
  5. coolio, we all start somewhere, you'll find lots of tutorials/videos on the webz, advise to start with some basics using the included instruments - -does the bandlab version still include the "session drummer" vst? (couldn;t find the included instruments info on the bandlab site, and the old cake site is , er, old) good luck, have fun, there's so much to play with
  6. you load a sampler vst instrument into cakewalk and then load the samples into the sampler (rather than directly into the track) but it does seem like you might need to take a step back and figure out some basics? (no offence)
  7. not sure this supports the current user base? sounds a bit like staff view, implemented something a long time ago and not changed since
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