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  1. pwalpwal

    Downloadable user manual?

    fair point
  2. pwalpwal

    Downloadable user manual?

    i'm surprised these are still being hosted on google docs
  3. you might be able to get the wav data from a bun by renaming it to .WAV, see here http://forum.cakewalk.com/Are-Cake-Walk-Bundle-files-the-Best-Way-to-Save-Everything-m1415907.aspx#1417418 /hth
  4. pwalpwal

    Demo mode. Why?

    "demo mode" has at least two benefits for bandlab: 1. they know who's using their software 2. they have a limited number of versions to support but it could be done in a more user-friendly way (e.g., show the expiry/demo-mode date so users who are normally off-line can plan to do the update rather than being surprised by the "demo mode")
  5. still the same here, nothing by email
  6. pwalpwal

    I'm still using Producer 8.5....

    the biggest difference with 8.5 is the UI... but you can install it alongside 8.5 while you get used to it...
  7. pwalpwal

    keeping up with a thread

    thanks, the star icon works
  8. pwalpwal

    keeping up with a thread

    yes, thanks, i'm not completely useless! i have the following enabled (set to "on" or "email") but have never received any email for anything: Send me news and information Automatically follow new content I post Automatically follow content I reply to Method to use for content I follow automatically: A notification when new content is posted New content for things I follow Someone comments on something I follow Someone reviews something I follow Someone I am following makes a post I receive a message I am added to a conversation and i have the "Notify me of replies" switch set to "On" on forum replies is the billionaire paying you yet, scook, for doing his company's employees work?
  9. yes, though none are "built in" so you might need to get up-to-speed on DAWs and VST instruments/plugins, how they work together... /hth, have fun & good luck!
  10. how do i know which threads i'm in? there seems to be no indicator of which threads in the forum i've contributed to, combined with no email notifications, and unpredictable website notifications (browsing to the site sometime says "this tread has..." but it's inconsistent) i'm assuming i've missed a setting or something? thanks for any help
  11. pwalpwal

    Post crash recovery

  12. pwalpwal

    Soft synth strangeness

    DXi version or VSTi?
  13. pwalpwal

    Audio popping and losing sound with Sonar x3 Studio

    have you considered updating to the latest version? quite some improvement since x3 and now available for free... also, certain wireless mice have been known to cause trouble/interrupts in earlier versions
  14. if your zip file goes hoo-har then you at least have multiple options to try and recover it, what with zip being a standard format and all whatever you go with, good luck!
  15. if a bundle becomes corrupted, you're done because it's a single file, but if you use the "save as" then you have multiple files (project and audio wavs) to work with - if one becomes corrupted then at least you still have the rest of them (i suspect that documentation is old) /hth