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  1. i wanted to share a compilation called "a japanese chhristmas mix" (japanese versions of xmas standards) but cannot find it
  2. this, assuming it's external, but you can get the same affect for internal devices by disabnling/re-enabling in device manager good luck
  3. they look like the old project5 plugs, 32bit, and if dx (ie, not vst) they wont work in x64 sonar/cakewalk
  4. some possibly useful info here https://audiosex.pro/threads/izotope-ozone-9-0-1-cubase-10-problem-occure.50336/ meanwhile izotope have a generic "make it faster" blog here, i think they know it's sslloowweerrrrr https://www.izotope.com/en/learn/6-tips-to-speed-up-session-load-times.html good luck! (i'm still on 😎
  5. is uad really still a thing, with the super-power of recent cpus?
  6. website update, as it also now works in a not-updated waterfox thanks web folk
  7. ctrl-tab for child windows, alt-tab for app windows (is the windows standard)
  8. That it's not always obvious when something is in focus versus selected, sometimes s it takes two clicks
  9. or could it be the selected/focused confusion thing?
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