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  1. well it should do - uninstall should remove all the registry stuff (and yes, i know this is a burden on the devs) uninstall should remove all traces of the uninstalled app
  2. change request: connect that notification to bl assistant, or remove that notification?
  3. Program files has stricter security, which can cause issues, plus, why the hell shouldn't I be able to install it to my vst folder?
  4. not clear if this is a general "unbelievable" or specific to one of craig, wibbles or paulo's posts
  5. my youngest bro is/was a big fluke fan
  6. i saw hicks twice in leeds, second time my bestie dean interviewed him for our (his) local undergroung rag, "subterranean", i'll have to see if i can find it...
  7. there was some good shit in the 90s!
  8. so that man did give a *****
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