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  1. a quick google should find your local "donate electrical recycling" points of contact
  2. pwalpwal

    Friday FREE Plugin

    all their free stuff is worth it
  3. could it be permission related? tried running sonar as admin?
  4. it's a "loss leader" to get folks into the bandlab ecosystem
  5. pwalpwal

    Friday FREE Plugin

    i think this is the standard edition, they have a bunch of freebies on their website: https://www.tokyodawn.net/tokyo-dawn-labs/
  6. no idea, more a question for the ni forum? (fwiw i'm still on v5)
  7. i suppose it comes down to nomenclature, i deleted the rest of this reply
  8. but general advice is to keep sonar installed, and cbb will pick up all its goodies
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