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  1. If only there'd been a heads up for the transition from sonar to X1 I think the reaction would have been more favourable
  2. https://help.cakewalk.com/hc/en-us
  3. Blimey is this a forum or what
  4. i agree, i think they should be split into seperate topics - while it might be more useful for the op, it's certainly not so useful for a dev team
  5. should be its own topic
  6. including fx chains that rely on plugins not included does count as broken and needing fix
  7. i worked tech support ( amongst other tasks) in a design college mid-90s when apple launched their first imac -switching everything to usb with no external scsi connecitons - couldn't buy a usb mouse at that point, nevermind a usb hd to replace all the scsi ones we haD... THE PCS ALL JUST KEPT GOING WITOUT ISSUE... (oops) so yeah, ***** apple
  8. What else is running in the background? If you've disabled the nvidia audio in device manager then it's likely not that
  9. i also see "humps" in both disk and ethernet tab thumbnails, could they be involved?
  10. for jamstix, take a look at this thread, it''s abit old but should get you going
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