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  1. mine is an onboard quadro3100m so not the fanciest by today's standards...
  2. maybe they're just rebranding advanced as pro? (but i don;t know)
  3. no trouble here with those? installed via steam on this very win10 lappy... sorry you're having trouble with them
  4. well steam won;t sell stuff that doesn't "just work" so... anyway, i love steam, they've done everything right since the beginning many moons ago, but it does rely on having a decent internet connection
  5. that's listed in the steam store, so they must've done something to get it working?
  6. fair enough, but bare in mind that the new lappy will have different hardware/drivers so you can't assume it will behave the same... i use asio4all regularly, but only get decent performance if it's just a single device (for me usually the realtek, sometimes an external) - -but i should say i'm assuming the mustang connects via usb? anyway, in your screenshots you have the playback/recording timing masters set differently on the new laptop - -maybe it's that? try setting them the same as the old one good luck
  7. combining interfaces in asio4all will always cause issues, at best you might get reliable performance but only at the ability of the lesser device (higher latency), ideally use only one (in your images, that means disabling either the realtek or the mustang) - -you may get acceptable performance using both simultaneously via wdm or wasapi driver modes, but i don't have any experience there good luck!
  8. ooo it's the apple strategy... i have a couple of sony phones that don't like certain usb cables, like, wtf??
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