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  1. Got my license yesterday. (just mentioning as a reminder to check your inboxes if you signed up for it).
  2. Are they going to make the one knob dryer to replace this hardware unit? 😛
  3. NoizeBreaker: A futuristic Sci-Fi SFX Kontakt Library by Sick Noise Instruments. This high-quality sound collection features over 200 samples inspired by robots, transformers, and aliens. Ideal for trailers, games, and electronic music genres, including psytrance and dubstep. With drag-and-drop functionality, powerful controls, and a range of effects, NoizeBreaker offers endless possibilities for sound manipulation. Compatible with Mac and PC, it requires the full version of Kontakt (5.8.1 or higher). Free updates and expansions included. Unleash your creativity with NoizeBreaker and explore the realm of futuristic soundscapes. https://pluginomat.com/product/noizebreaker-by-sick-noise-instruments/
  4. Thanks, finally scored it for Drum Synth 500 I been wanting for a while. Already have Boom. Just playing with NOS Roomer reverb I took for the freebie.Sounds pretty cool so far.
  5. Lab:One Recordings brings to the Rack their take on a well respected piece of equipment: Executioner 4:4:2 DJ Mixer Executioner brings to the Rack the djing aspect of music production. Now everyone can be the DJ with Reason 4 source inputs with hotswap destinations Routable external FX Additional outputs for live performance monitoring Free for a limited time (and yes it works in Reason Lite) (Windows and Mac compatible) https://www.reasonstudios.com/shop/rack-extension/executioner-dj-mixer/
  6. (description from Fanatical): About this Bundle World Music Day 2023 Bonus Content Come together through the power of music! From the incredible imagination & creative drive of Nicolas Jeudy and his Dark Fantasy Studio, this collection contains six full packs of top quality music, loops and beats to use in your multimedia projects & games and in recognition of World Music Day. Grab the World Music Day Bonus Content on us now while stocks last. This bundle contains only 100% royalty-free product that can be used for originally created content in commercial or private projects: https://www.fanatical.com/en/bundle/world-music-day-2023-bonus-content Plus get an extra 20% off music bundles with coupon code MUSICDAY20
  7. That happened to me as well. Contacted him through the support section gave a list of what I had previously and it was all put in my account right away, well within a few hours. Gave me an extra for the troubles too.
  8. Got this freebie then realized my account didn't transfer over to their (NewNation) new website. Contacted support and gave them the list of products I previously owned and it got settled right away. Just had to mention the impressive support from New Nation.
  9. Thinking its still in the works because there is no way that can be correct. New 3D fighting games don't even require that much processing power.
  10. Again always good to be quick with PA. Anyone else notice the under 20 selection got smaller today? Even usuals like G8 isn't in the selection.
  11. Maybe it was temporarily down? I just took the survey and after refresh purchases in custom shop it was there right away. Try again if you didn't get it already.
  12. Augh, there isn't much time left so here are my codes (no need to message). They are $399 ones fyi. Use this unique code during checkout for the 1-payment version: ab399-KN3QVFLEYE3LJ8 Use this unique code during checkout for the rent-2-own version: abr2o39-S8HZBC9WWSEU
  13. Plus a few goodies free for limited time. https://www.reasonstudios.com/shop/deals/?sort=price_asc
  14. Just an FYI that this new version blocks anything older than Windows 10, and read that some are having issues even with Win10. The older version however works, and yes the serial you get with this promotion does work with older version. It's really hard to find the installer for that but I found it. If you want to use the program on Windows 8.1 or 7, here is the download for the old version that does work on those. https://downloads.skylum.com/luminarai/win/Win_Luminar_AI_1_0_1_Release.msi
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