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  1. I never monitor off any onboard effect when I do an audio take. All of my guitar effects are before the input and that is where I monitor. If your machine is kind of old as mine is, this is one possible approach. The negative is that the effect is baked in and can't be taken out. On the other hand you could monitor the effect & record a dry out then put the effects in later. I realize this is kind of a low tech solution but it works for me.
  2. Create your one measure - make sure the first note is right on the beat Select the clip & Groove clip loop (Ctrl-L) Shrink the zoom really tiny (Ctrl-Left Arrow) Drag it out as far as you want Zoom Back in (Ctrl-Right Arrow) Bounce to clip to get rid of the groove clip (if you want) This will take seconds once you are happy with the one measure.
  3. Sending midi control from a remote device is an option say nanoKontrol2 or a keyboard that has sliders. I prefer to draw them on the automation lanes if will be changing through the song. I insert them in the event list before the first note if it's a one shot deal. You can also put them in clips & copy/drag them around. (There are also articulation maps that I know very little about.)
  4. CAL still works but I guess that's what you meant when you said no "Modern" way.
  5. Some computers don't have a lot of USB C ports which could be important for some. So in some cases it might be a good idea to get a machine with expansion ports available. With expansion ports you can add USB cards. It looks to me like a lot of low & mid range computer are scant on this item. Some mini computers may not have any. Laptop are not big on these items & cost more as well. Just something to think about.
  6. I have in the past had some issues with Templates not saving everything. I figured that is what was happening here.
  7. Alternate possibility - * Save as a standard file in it's own directory * Write Protect the file so you don't accidentally overwrite it * Go to folder locations in preferences and make one of the Project Folders that you don't use the folder where your "Templates" are. (Like maybe - Templates) Now when you open a file from the templates folder it will be your write protected "template" (Actually a standard project file). *** Actually - It would be nice if we could define a few of our own locations here.
  8. Is evil Microsoft trying to update your machine without your permission. Or some other thing trying to update. This has caused all kinds of problems for me. I saw a similar suggestion above. This is a strong possibility.
  9. I'm retired now. Actually that's a lie, I've been tired the whole time.
  10. What happens if you move the whole thing over a measure - then move it back after it's rendered. (Sorry if by chance someone has already mentioned this possibility - I have not read through everything above)
  11. "All of the plug-ins installed with 64bit SONAR work in CbB." When I added Bandlab to a machine that already had Sonar I was OK, But when I added Bandlab to a different machine altogether I had a number of problems. Some of which may have been fixable but I stopped at that point. Added Note: As I recall Licensing was part of the problem on some of these.
  12. Oh & two monitors is a real plus - Most (if not all) computers do this now. At one point I had three monitors. (You can also use a some USB's with a converter as a monitor out.)
  13. There is no more Sonar platinum. It is Cakewalk Bandlab now - although it is the same with some additional features & fixes. As far as an upgrade to your hardware you can expect to lose some of your plug ins, even many of the ones that Cakewalk used to include. You might be able to copy some across but not all of them will work. I have an occasional problem with old song files. Some of these are 30 years old. The other day I had a plug in crash the program. (Was ok after deleting) Sometimes it's just a missing plug in. I can copy the midi data to a new track & pick something else to play it on. Once in a while I get an old file that really clogs up the works & I have to copy everything to a new file. It all works out though. You might end of wanting to purchase a few new plug ins. I say it's worth it. I am currently toying with replacing my machine as well & will be keeping my eye on what people say on this topic. So far what I think 16GB RAM or more 1 TB SSD (SSD is faster) At least one type C USB 6 Or more cores A space for an extra drive would be nice but I could take the drives I have and put a new USB case on them. I use mostly external MIDI & mix to one track. The more soft synths & effects you use the more you will stress the processing. The more Audio you record the more hard drive space you'll need.
  14. I wrote a song called Reality but Cakewalk crashes when it try to play it. Turns out my computer can't handle Reality. I'm a little worried cause the next song I'm going to record is called The Truth.
  15. OK wasn't sure anymore - still there were also a number of other synths that did not work & setting up the VST paths would likely fix some of that.
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