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  1. I just enable stretch to tempo in groove clips. I bounce to clip afterwards.
  2. As if a performance is about to happen.
  3. I did not get your response until I ended up back here again and saw the heading on that Christmas light photo. But yes, now all of the parts are fitting together. It just didn't sink in right away. Very funny - both posts.
  4. Is the device being vibrated by nearby speakers ?
  5. Been having a little problem with anxiety recently. Somebody somewhere posted that Ginger helps with that. Unfortunately they did not include her phone number.
  6. "I guess they thought "fornicating" was a dangerous word to use? " Yeah I'm sure that's the word everybody was thinking about !
  7. Traffic in my mind. Actually got to see them once.
  8. "That does sum it up nicely. But I am drinking a 5th." I knew someone would go there, just had to be.
  9. I gotta say I don't regret getting rid of stuff, I regret Buying it. SO what I don't regret getting rid of: almost everything I got rid of.
  10. That does sum it up nicely. But I am pleading the 5th.
  11. The dust collects moisture they say.
  12. I was in the bedroom one night when my wife came in. I suggested she put everything she was wearing on the dresser. So she sat on the dresser.
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