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  1. "If you don't have all the devices you used in the project or template turned on" Thanks but that's not it, at least for the external stuff, everything is always on. I specifically use a multiport midi device to avoid this problem because the ports are always available even if the synth power is off. I will get a look at your post, it might help with the plug in though.
  2. I have several input ports enabled, more in fact when I use a Midi Mapper or Note Mapper. I have since realized that even when I retrieve regular files it always defaults to input port 1 & does not remember the last port set. It's not a killer but I have to reset the input ports to hear the correct sounds. This is not so much of an issue when I just record a track but it is more of an issue when I have a bunch of mapped ports set up on different channels. Again this is not a major deal but it does seem like a bit of a bug.
  3. Well I guess you are all on kind of a roll then....
  4. I am seeing a problem with Midi inputs not being retrieved correctly with track templates. When retrieving track templates multiple inputs are selected. This can sometimes create problems.
  5. I've got a bad wife........Just not bad enough.
  6. It happens sometimes that there is extra length in a song when exported. Sometimes I can't figure out why. My workaround is to create an arranger track that has one section that is the length of the actual song. If the selection is set to select all the data then all I have to do is click on this one arranger track & the data is selected. Now when I export using the selection as what is to be exported I get only what I want with no extra time in it.
  7. From an article on solar energy: To be clear, transparent solar panels sound too good to be true.
  8. I have been messing around with NoteMapper & MidiChFilter for few days now. It has some very interesting possibilities. Thanks for getting me started in this direction. One of the things I started doing is setting up layers & maps and saving them as track templates so the setup & instruments are easily available. If I save them as part of a folder it comes back as part of a folder as well, very helpful for keeping together sound combo's I like.
  9. Scook, Yes this does seem to work though I would prefer it to be built in. Thanks
  10. I actually put a post note over it sometimes.
  11. Would really like to be able to format the time on this as M:B only & skip the T. T is really distracting to look at.
  12. When I right click on the time ruler & choose the last item in that list (Time Ruler Format) , then choose M:B:T I get just bar lines.
  13. I've had 30 years experience with cakewalk & yes there are midi slowdowns at times. It's a fairly decent machine.
  14. Although cakewalk has methods to get layered tracks they are not entirely convenient. It ultimately requires either copying a recording or recording a take on multiple tracks. This means that edits have to be done on more than one track or use a linked track if you want to hear the full sound while you edit. Linked tracks do seem to slow down the playback at times so I won't use them. The best solution I think would be to introduce a way to route a midi track output to the input of another track to get your layers. Edit on one track, hear playback on multiple tracks.
  15. After seeing the leak in the roof the judge quickly announced - Water In The Court.
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