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  1. Just leave the Mix module open on the control bar. One click. (now I see someone already said this - but the record hint below is still good) This is also handy to show if there are any tracks set to record that you can't otherwise see in your current view. (Helps to be sure you don't record over something) Check it to see if the red dot is lit before you hit record on your intended track.
  2. $6 T-Shirts just popped up on my screen with this one:
  3. I drank too much of this hard seltzer I'm gonna be TRULY sorry in the morning.
  4. You've got a great voice then. I saw him twice.
  5. Question of the day: Is a dad who tells bad jokes Grown worthy ?
  6. rfssongs

    Where to post ?

    What is your favorite place to post your songs ?
  7. Do you know that if you press the scroll wheel that a pop up allows you to select which tool you want.
  8. I had Xpand2 working great for a while, now - nothing. It sometimes even crashes the system. This is why I'd rather put money into hardware. I've seen this kind of thing happen too often.
  9. Ran into the bathroom in a hurry earlier. Did what I had to do then looked down. It was a strange tint of red. Of course I was all kinds of worried but found out that as a prank someone had put dye in the bowl. This folks is what you would call an off color joke.
  10. I had a QX7 box no screen. Very much working in the dark - then an Amiga. Then an 8088. We have gone a very long way. Regarding inserting CC into the event list. This is really very easy. Just view the event list Go to the location Hit the insert key Change what was inserted to the type, location, and value you need. Pedal (sustain) is CC 64, 0 is pedal off, 127 is pedal on.
  11. I love cakewalk & have been using it for 30 years or so. I would however like it if a more robust arpeggiator was included. One trick I started using recently is to make a subfolder with multiple tracks sent to various cakewalk arpeggiator settings. I can make changes to the arp's just by dragging the "chord controller" clips around. Yes this can be automated but I like to see where things are happening just by glancing at the tracks. This makes it easy to drag parts around & it all collapses to a folder. Still more options would be nice.
  12. " The way you use your mouse on the timeline to expand or shrink the view is extremely clunky" Try Ctrl (left/Right) Arrow instead. Very smooth - very fast.
  13. I tend to use external devices so the sounds are good. One of the things I used to do with BIAB was to take the midi and attach it to other external sounds. There are other midi creation tools like InstaComposer that can create seeds to works with too. Just set up the parts you like with the arranger and string them together anyway you like. You will have something to play along with and with Bandlab you have great midi editing tools to work with what you've done.
  14. I dumped BIAB about 15 years ago. Don't know if it got any better but I ended preferring to bake my own songs.
  15. I'd like to see a section for user shared techniques. As in: This is the way I do this ...... Allowing users to share their knowledge of a specific topic. All under one main topic heading, with a thread for each new topic as a kind of user supplied tutorial. The idea being to group these together rather than spread throughout the Forum.
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