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  1. Retired now but every time I lost a job I found a better one. Good Luck.
  2. I was in the store and I saw a sign at the end of the aisle that said bar soap. That's crazy, do you really have to bring your own soap when you go out drinking now ?
  3. They are considering adding a category 6 to the hurricane classifications. I think they should because otherwise those really bad storms are going to get a high five.
  4. Is it true that someone with a foot fetish is good at handling defeat ?
  5. Ahh but now there is wireless.....You can be replaced.
  6. rfssongs

    Keyboard Out ???

    Is it OK to leave the headphone outs & line outs connected at the same time, all the time. (Yes, I'm lazy and I don't want to keep connecting & disconnecting things)
  7. I would like it so that the other arranger tracks are not deleted when I commit the arranger tracks. So that whatever notes I have in the additional arranger tracks measures are not lost. (I put the chords for the songs in the second track) There is great potential for all kinds of comments & chords that should automatically stay with the rearranged song. Losing these parts on arrange is a pain in the butt. You did show me a work around that works however this workaround is not convenient. The way it is now is a seriously limiting factor in that it slows the process..
  8. If I understand the question: All the audio & midi goes into the folder with the same name as my song. I first name the file with the date. (As in: Improv 12-14-2023) I may not have an actual song name for months. I just have a pile of tracks with the date as the song name. When I get to the point of having a song name after I add some vocals. I close cakewalk & use explorer to rename the folder & the song name (.CWP) in that folder with the new name. Double click on the CWP & it opens with the new name. Make sure to select having your songs save to their own folder for this to work.
  9. 1) Midi patching so one recorded channel can send to more than 1 midi out at the same time. 2) Enhancing the CW Arp to give the user a little more control. Say the user gets to pick which eighth notes in the measure will trigger. Or maybe allow the user to edit a pattern, even if just by changing a text file. 3) Changing the Arranger so that when you Commit an arrangement that all arranger tracks are preserved.
  10. I just enable stretch to tempo in groove clips. I bounce to clip afterwards.
  11. As if a performance is about to happen.
  12. I did not get your response until I ended up back here again and saw the heading on that Christmas light photo. But yes, now all of the parts are fitting together. It just didn't sink in right away. Very funny - both posts.
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