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  1. Ahh how time twists the memory a bit. I did have the general idea though.
  2. And then there is that old Far Side cartoon: "You're right Marvin I did find my drill on Blueberry Hill."
  3. Have you tried the Melodyne Leveling ? Might help.
  4. I have only done this few times but did not have a problem when I did. And I was using an eight year old machine when I did it. However the file would have been all external midi and no audio. This is a much lighter load on the machine. I only use the Arranger to work out the sequencing of the parts with just a few tracks and fill in everything else after. So my example may not be the best if you have a heavy load.
  5. With more than a thousand files from 30 years there is no way I can remember these changes so this type of arrangement works for me as I still make changes to even the oldest files.
  6. "In the meantime though, for your particular scenario....." Thank you - yes I like that and have just tried it. I like the larger font than what I used to get with the clip names, you know these old eyes and all.....
  7. I've mention this before but this time I have kind of a usable solution. I don't like the way when you commit an arrangement you lose all but 1 arranger track. So what I have ended up doing is saving a copy as "Temp" before committing the arrangement. After the committing I copy back the second arranger piece by piece until I have restored the second arranger track. Note that: I have to duplicate the remaining Arranger track then paste over the copy because it doesn't seem to go into the empty track. It's kind of a pain but it does work. It would be nice to change this function to keep all arranger tracks on commit.
  8. Our local hardware store is in a valley. So as you traverse your way down the hill towards the store you've got the loews on one side & the highs on the other.
  9. I think we've got Ghosts in the house. I say if we get Oda Mae Brown between us and the Ghosts that would be a Whoopie cushion.
  10. I know I can just drag off midi sections to the media browser. I suspect this can be done with audio as well ??
  11. This would be handy for some things.
  12. When I was looking for plant stakes the other day my wife told me the veggie burgers are in the freezer.
  13. When the WHO got their Covid report it didn't really answer their questions. But you know what they said, "Won't get fooled again".
  14. Sometimes in the summer my friends go down to the water & jam for a while. Some of them play wind instruments so of course there is always sax on the beach.
  15. I tried a few others but they never felt comfortable to me. It always felt like trying to walk through a 2 foot mud pile. But then again I've been using cakewalk for 30 years.
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