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  1. You're killing me. Lol. That's a great song and an awesome sounding recording. I have the Rhino Records CD remastered country hits set from the 60s with this and dozens of other. Direct from the original recordings before the cd loudness wars. Great sounding stuff.
  2. To clarify, I'm not putting Gibsons down. The main difference that I've noticed is the necks are thinner on Epi's. I have big hands and they fit better on the smaller necks. It's the same reason it's getting harder to play my Martin and I want to replace it with that Fender Acoustisonic modelling guitar with the slim Tele neck. I've always wanted to try one of those new style necks that are tapered I think? Thinner to thicker at the top or something like that. Never seen one lefty though.
  3. By luck I've come across more lefty Gibsons and Epi than anything else. Every time I've always preferred the Epi. I played a stripped down lefty Epi LP Studio one time. Probably the best feeling and best sounding guitar I've ever played. Love my Epi Sheraton II. Last I checked they don't even make them lefty anymore. IIRC correctly it was $250 with Epi branded hardshell case. They just wanted to dump it. Used like new. In fact it was the last thing I kept that I bought at G.C. in Overland Park Kansas 10 years ago just before I was forced to move here due to work. Have I mentioned in this thread how much I miss IA? 😞
  4. There must be something wrong with me because I could never warm up to anything Gibson. SG's, LP's, Acoustics. I had a Deluxe Black Beauty Lefty. It felt great but I could never get a good sound. I bought it sight unseen from my local guitar shop back home in NJ. They called me and said it would move fast so I said I'd take it over the telephone. That was a thing we used to have hanging on the wall. Had a loud bell that went off when you had a call coming in. Anyway .... How often do you see an 83 lefty deluxe. Everyone who looked at it said it sounded great and was 100% original and wished it was a righty and they would buy it. I sold it online through a big place in Lawrence KS for $1200 iirc? To someone here actually. Can't remember who. On the old forum. The one I still regret to this day passing up was a lefty John Lennon Signature Rickenbacker. Very very rare guitar. Couldn't afford it at the time.
  5. Thanks! But to be brutally honest I'd be too embarrassed to let you hear most of it. It's all pretty bad. One of these days I'll run across somebody local that has one.
  6. I'd be more inclined to go with Paul McGowan's new studio. It's quite a story they have with the equipment and brain power/people behind the scene's. https://www.psaudio.com/octave-records/
  7. I still have mine too but it won't work with the old 4 track tapes. My 488 (iirc) is still like new. I took very good care of it. Demagnetized the heads before and after I used it. Cleaned the heads and metal with alcohol and the rollers with distilled water. Learned real fast working on printers and copiers to never use alcohol on rubber. Cleans it really great and dries it out and makes it smooth and slick. If you use Studio One you can transfer the tracks and line them up. I did that with quite a few of my masters. On my 8 track it only has 4 outputs so I had to do them in groups and line them up in S1. It only works if you have drums on 1 track. Transfer in small groups using the drum track as a timing anchor in each group and align the groups using the drum tracks as the alignment references. Works like a charm.
  8. Nice. I'll be there in 20 minutes. The reason I know any of them will work is I borrowed one from a guy I was in a band with up in IA. It was a completely different model but was a 4in 4out and it worked. Problem was at the time my audio interface only had 2 inputs.
  9. My brother and I did an entire Christmas album on it. I wanted to transfer the tape to my daw and fix stuff but I doubt it will ever happen. Im not paying 800 bucks for one.
  10. Yepper. 6 inputs 4 tracks. Tapes recorded at normal cassette speed. I found this pic on ebay. This is it or very similar. I thought the knobs were stand up not flat like this but I could be wrong. It was over 30 years ago. I do know it had mechanical play/record/ff buttons. You could hear the loud clack at the beginning and end of recordings. Any tascam 4 track that records at normal tape speeds will play the tapes but I need one with 4 outputs. The smaller ones had 4 in but only a stereo out. It was my brothers recorder and I ended up using more than he did. It stopped working and he threw it out. I was pissed.
  11. Seriously though that's pretty scary stuff. CA and a few other states banned the sale of everything above a console quality gaming PC. IOW ... buy a PS or Xbox or no game for you! It's only a multi billion dollar industry. Let's just lob that off at the head. Hah. ☺
  12. I have a whole box of cassettes I recorded on one of those. I want to transfer them all to my daw but I no longer have access to a machine. The one I used was a 4 track 1:1 speed unit with 6 inputs. Wish I could find one.
  13. I read California just banned gaming PCs because they use too much power. I imagine DAWs and other "non-essential" PCs will follow shortly.
  14. I'm still on 4 and I love it. Been thinking of upgrading to 6 this fall when I have more free time. I like the tape deck part of it. I don't remember how I did it but I used it to capture just effects for a vocal I did one time. Running your vocals through an amp with distortion yields great results too. You can do all kinds of great things with G.R. 👍
  15. I agree. I don't know why I posted it. Shock over the wall of Kustom amps I guess. Hah. They did an entire heavy rock album IIRC and this was one of the tracks. Pat Boone is great too. And a good man. A rarity in the music biz I would say.
  16. When I bought that Mustang amp from G.C. I had to order it. The demo model I tried at the store here in K.C. (Overland Park to be exact) looked like it was dragged behind a truck and they wouldn't give a discount on it so I ordered a new one online. Their warehouse is here in K.C.. I was supposed to have it in 2 days and it didn't show up and no tracking. I called and asked if I could pick it up at the warehouse since I lived so close. The guy says, "What the hell do you want it so bad for man?". And that was the last time I bought anything from G.C.. and I never will again. And I returned the amp once it eventually did show up. On that note the guy on Amazon has 5 more of those lefty Acoustisonic's I've been itching to get. Now to decide if I should beg my wife for approval or forgiveness ... I'm sorry you guys are having to wait for this stuff. It sucks and the longer it gets bounced and transferred around in this boiling heat the worse it is.
  17. I guess I'll grab me hat. I love some of these 'clunkers' you guys are posting. ☺
  18. Check out the Kustom amp lineup. Wow!
  19. Never heard of that before. That sucks.
  20. I turned down another free trip to Hawaii because I've been so busy. My wife has to go back for work again next Saturday and wanted me to go but I passed. One major project done so far is Friday and Saturday I had to trim the tree line from the woods. 9am to 6pm both days. 97 degrees both days. Everything was getting overgrown and it's been several years since I did this last. I got covered in poison ivy which I NEVER get (thank you Johnson & Johnson) so I had to take time to do this. Here's a partial before pic of a small section and an after video of what I did fri and sat. The vid starts where my property line starts and ends where it ends on 2 sides. Every inch had to be cut and trimmed. I am worn out.
  21. You should try buying a lefty fender acoustisonic. I finally broke down and decided to get one on amazon. There has been 10 available for months from 2 vendors. Zero available now and I get a message saying they don't know if they ever will be in stock again. There's 1 guy with 1 on ebay. 99.5% positive ratings with 10s of thousands of items sold. Same guy who was selling them on amazon so now I'm hesitant to buy it because he says he doesn't have any on amazon and no eta if any on restock.
  22. Is that how they start the autopilot?
  23. I've watched it 3 times. It's really good. That part where his strap comes off is great. I really like the part where they are trading leads and EC whips RR to pieces. Love the look on ECs faces when he's doing it.
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