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  1. Not from the Bakers but Groove3.com has a 26 video set here. I've viewed both the ADK Studio series and the Groove3 series and both are great for beginners. The ADK Studio is free while the Groove3 costs.
  2. Two files I downloaded in the past seem to be missing from the Cakewalk Product Center Add-ons file list; CakewalkDemoProjectsSetup_1.0.0.8.exe and CakewalkHelp_Documentation_1.0.0.21.exe. Will I have to update my licensed version of Melodyne Essentials after running Melodyne5Setup_1.0.0.7.exe? My install is presently up-to-date at v5.3.018?
  3. I haven't found a midi fx for vibrato. One of the better sites I've seen for midi fx is Viramor.com
  4. Nice updates John. I particularly like the MIDI Latency video. Good stuff.
  5. One of the FAQs on the Cakewalk Sonar webpage states
  6. Hi FTK. Welcome to Cakewalk by Bandlab and to the forum. Your question will get more views and a better chance for a response by posting the question in the main Cakewalk by BandLab forum. This part of the forum is for people to post links to videos or other instructional material about how to use Cakewalk by Bandlab.
  7. +++ This +++ is a very broad, but short, overview of the musical history behind some of the most iconic recording studios in the world.
  8. Enjoyable listen. I like the arrangement, instrumentation and mix. I must admit I was most intrigued about how you would treat the lead and background vocals. Elizabeth gave a wonderful performance. Absolutely awesome. You paid homage to the original but made the song yours.
  9. @Starship Krupa made a wonderful thought:
  10. @JohnnyV, I think this is a great idea. I hope the forum moderators take note.
  11. Jim Fogle

    Let's Groove

    Nice Motown vibe. Unusual vocals for you. I think the singular "I want to groove" vocals panned left and right detract from the feel of the song. If you are going for the Motown vibe you should consider adding tambourine, perhaps some brass.
  12. Jim Fogle

    What Love Is

    This is a pretty song. Great lead and background vocals. I enjoy hearing the melodic guitar and synth as a pad. I would like for the bass to be stronger and the plucked strings to have less volume.
  13. Great video set John. I'm very glad to see you decided to update and repost your original videos. That is a lot of work. While the tutorial section does not get many views I believe the tutorial section is one of the most important forum sections. I'm confidant it is one of the first sections visited by users new to audio production and Cakewalk by BandLab.
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