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  1. Nope, The tuners don't work on the free Lite II. One issue I see is the included pdf manual does not distinguish between the free and full versions. The only way to find out is to try a feature.
  2. Google translation: good morning does anyone know how to tell me how to register my original VS20 product I lost my password and I can't create another account because the system is disabled from creating a new account English reply: Gibson closed the Sonar / Cakewalk store years ago so you can not create a new account to register a product. Email Support@Cakewalk.com and they can reset a forgotten password. Google translation: Gibson fechou a loja Sonar / Cakewalk anos atrás, então você não pode criar uma nova conta para registrar um produto. Envie um e-mail para Support@Cakewalk.com e eles poderão redefinir uma senha esquecida.
  3. This is a very pleasing and interesting song to listen to. I enjoyed it very much.
  4. What Is Sound? is the first video in a (free) series about music production. This is really, really good stuff. Arty Skye is a knowledgeable teacher with great presentation skills. There is a bunch of information packed into this 10 minute video.
  5. Make sure you download and install the TTS-1 sound module. The TTS-1 drums should work without loading anything.
  6. Great to see a new video from you!
  7. The number of pages change after each manual update.
  8. @Terry Kelley, Gosh Terry, What did TTS-1 ever do to give you the snarks against it? Not just in this thread but this one too! C'mon man, lighten up!
  9. Google translate: Does this version allow you to use Izotope RX8 as an external sound file editor along the lines of Sound Forge?
  10. @Mike Morris, Nice video about how a gate works. Thanks for creating the video.
  11. Great subject for a video. Excellent.
  12. Updated link 😄 I got your back, Mike. Always great to learn how to use the basic tools that comes with Cakewalk by BandLab.
  13. Morton's pinned link (I think to Cake TV) is a good starting point for Cakewalk. You have to hope a newcomer is interested enough to find the Tutorials section and scan through all six pages.
  14. I did not know this and I've used the TTS-1 since I originally purchased Music Creator 2. Thanks Steve! ☺
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