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  1. @Starise, I'm glad you got SampleTank 4 working. @Matthew Sorrels, I appreciate you taking time to provide your in depth explanations. One last comment about VST3s if I may. I've read several times that VST3 troubleshooting step one should be to try the equivalent VST2. I think there are multiple reasons but it boils down to three (1) the VST3 specification is imprecise, (2) developers have less experience creating VST3 and (3) plugin host developers have less experience interfacing VST3. There normally is no advantage to using a VST3 when a VST2 is available so my first choice is VST2.
  2. Another free, modeled guitar VST2 is Spicy Guitar. The Spicy Guitar website appears to be down but a good description of the VST along with a video link is available here: http://www.vst4you.com/pages/vst instruments/spicy guitar.html Here is a link to the rar archive file which includes both 32 and 64 bit versions of the plugin: Spicy Guitar.rar
  3. When I look at the Casio Privia website I see Casio has 9 Privia models and 8 Privia manuals. Let us know which Privia model you have and we can download the manual that is specific to your model to better answer your questions. https://www.casiomusicgear.com/products/privia-series
  4. Realitone's Acoustic Lite is presently on sale for $24.95. Here are some free downloads from Indiginus as well as their $59 US nylon string acoustic , $45 US jangly steel string acoustic and another $59 US steel string acoustic . Each guitar sounds different and the user interface differs from plain to great. @jude77, please forgive me for threading on your post.
  5. @pigstoe, please check for a private message.
  6. The add on here is the same as the trial version on the Celemony website. Plus there is no uninstaller.
  7. @Steve Harder, Thanks for the post. I plan on trying it out. You may want to post a cross post in the Freeware Instruments Thread another forum member started some time back. That way your suggestion will be easier to find as the forum fills up with posts as people will search for the post with the most freebies!
  8. The exception message states the VST3 version of SampleTank 4 experienced the issue. That is why I suggested using a VST2. However, I don't know if SampleTank 4 is available as a VST2 effect. The IKMultimedia site does not say and I don't have the product
  9. No. I don't have a favorite sampler at this time. Your post is actually fairly timely. A few weeks ago there was an interesting thread started by forum user Eve Ripper suggesting Cakewalk by BandLab add sampler capability. The thread generated five pages of posts. That tells me forum users have plenty of sampler interest.
  10. The Gigabyte website has a webpage for the motherboard. The webpage indicates the motherboard can accept up to 128 GB of ram. There is also a picture on the motherboard webpage that shows how the sockets are grouped. If you want 100 percent certainty the two sets of DIMMs are compatible, install a hardware identification program like CPU-Z that can tell you everything there is to know about the DIMMs. First run the program with the original set of DIMMs. Swap out the DIMM sets and run the program a second time and then compare the results.
  11. How did you know to look for it? There are other samplers out there. The website indicates the beta 2 VST was just released December 19, 2019.
  12. Is this the website? If so, here is a link to the website: https://decomposer.de/sitala/
  13. It says the SampleTank 4 VST3 has an issue. I have a couple of thoughts. First the exception message indicates SampleTank 4 experiences the issue so you need to get IKMultimedia support involved. Collect the crash dump file and either provide a link to the file (if it's stored online) or attach the file to your IKMultimedia support support email. Look in my signature for the link pointing to a really good thread about how to collect a crash file. Second, VST3s seem to be more likely to crash than their VST counterparts. Try using a SampleTank 4 VST if one is available instead of the VST3. This might keep you going until the VST3 issue is addressed by IKMultimedia. Third, since the VST3 crashes in Cakewalk by BandLab I would also open a support ticket with Cakewalk by BandLab support. Cakewalk by BandLab developer Noel Borthwick has stated multiple times the development team will work with software developers to resolve issues.
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