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  1. The Zoom H2N also has a headphone jack that will let you hear the microphone input as well as the computer output.
  2. This is a wild guess on my part. Try putting a number in the "changes" box. I'd try 3, 5 or 10 first. I'm thinking autosave is wanting both a time and a number.
  3. @Jonathan Seymour, Email support@cakewalk.com with whatever information you can provide about your old Cakewalk account. Once they verify you are an owner of an account at the former Cakewalk website they will provide you with the means to access the account.
  4. Steve, Try https://realitone.com/products/realiwhistle
  5. Nice cover Steve. Good job on the vocal harmonies. It brought back some good memories. The Lovin' Spoonful songs were different than most other bands of the time. Hums had everything from Summer In The City to Darlin' Companion to Rain On The Roof. The 2003 release of Hums of the Lovin' Spoonful has a beautiful instruments minus vocals version of Rain On The Roof.
  6. A little gray box beside the plugin name with a label, New, inside the box would be nice. After the plugin has been selected x number of times the New gray box could disappear.
  7. I just wish the post was not placed in the Tutorial section of the forum. Hopefully a moderator will move the thread somewhere more appropriate.
  8. Yeah, the last time I signed an autograph was likely inside someone's yearbook too. Thanks Robert for keeping up with Bandlab as well as Cakewalk. Love your videos.
  9. Translation: At the end of a recording, a colored strip covers the entire track. Bem-vindo ao fórum e ao Cakewalk. Welcome to the forum and to Cakewalk. Comentários e problemas devem ser relatados aqui: Comments and problems should be reported here: https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/forum/2-cakewalk-by-bandlab/
  10. If your cpu or laptop ships with a built-in CD or DVD burner, Windows will natively burn a CD. However, I don't think Windows supports USB connected burners.
  11. Cakewalk has explained in other posts that, while free they still need a way to ensure the product stays up-to-date and provide feedback to the owner approximately how many computers Cakewalk is on. Updates occur frequently but you only have to authenticate every six months. Authentication resets the renewal timer for another six months. Authentication verifies how many computers Cakewalk is on.
  12. I think the reorganization has more to do with providing guidance of how potential future acquisitions will fit in the mix. Now they can ask the question which division does this potential company most closely match. All acquisitions so far are music related but there are so many there is not a lot of synergy. Grouping them into three divisions should make it a little easier for communication within each division.
  13. SoundBytes Magazine
  14. @Shane_B. You correctly noted this is 5 month "old" news. However, I did not see the news mentioned in the forum. I believe a corporate reorganization is worth mentioning when the reorganization involves the company that owns Cakewalk and this forum. Regarding where to go with it, my thought was some forum members may not be aware of the change. Once they become aware they may decide to click on the links i provided to find out more. It appears @abacab did just that where he discovered additional information to post and offer for discussion. I discovered the reorganization by accident. Some of the links at the top of each forum webpage have changed. I have no idea how the reorganization will affect Cakewalk down the line. I don't envision Cakewalk becoming a retail product once more. My guess is long term we will see closer integration between Cakewalk, some Bandlab services like online mastering and ReverbNation.
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