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  1. Cakewalk by Bandlab and Music Creator 6 are different DAW software packages. While they share some common traits they are different. The Adk Studio tutorials are for the Cakewalk by Bandlab DAW. +++ HERE +++ is a link to a free, six part, YouTube video series for Music Creator 6. +++ HERE +++ is a link to an in depth, 28 part Groove3 video series for Music Creator 6. The Groove 3 videos start where the free videos end. They currently cost $7.50 US.
  2. @Leighton Cooper, all USB devices have an id number. The two NanoKontrol2 controllers likely have the same USB id number which came be confusing to software.
  3. Great sound Mark. Very interesting mix because every instrument is clear, the arrangement has a lot of movement, especially in headphones. You do a nice job on the vocal and it sits well in the mix. As the announcer says in the GMC truck commercial, "this is professional quality". Love the double fade out.
  4. Here is one more laptop power management tip for your consideration. Many Microsoft Windows updates reset some of your laptop configuration settings. All power management settings (USB controller, Power & Battery, etc.) seem to be the worst offenders with onboard audio bit depth and sample rate settings a close second.
  5. I'd say The Ventures were the premier pop instrumental group in the US. Many baby boomers were inspired to learn how to play guitar, bass or drums by The Ventures. As stated in the first video there arrangements were sparse enough that you could clearly hear each instrument. The Ventures continued to be popular in Japan long after their fame dimmed in the US. While somewhat popular in Europe I don't think they were as popular in Europe as the British instrumental group, The Shadows. In one of the videos above I'm surprised to learn The Shadows did not record "Walk, Don't Run" until 1977.
  6. @msmcleod, Thank you for the response. That is a nice little piece of information to know. I didn't know it before but now I do. I didn't even know BitBridge had an icon!
  7. Steve, Please explain where you see SD2 is loaded in BitBridge. I'm using the screen shot and your response as a way to better understand what is displayed in the screen shot and I'm not seeing the BitBridge connection you see.
  8. I'm going to answer your question in reverse order. Remember what follows is my opinion. I'm assuming you are updating from a 2022 or earlier Ultra or Audiophile PAK. The 2023 Bonus 49 PAK is a must have add-on. If you have an Ultra or Audiophile package you value content. The 2023 Bonus 49PAK includes unreleased RealTracks, RealDrum Stems set #3, a couple of MIDI SuperTrack sets and an Artist Performance with vocals set. All of this content will likely be available in the future but you can have it to use now. It's a lot of useful content for what I consider is a reasonable price. If you currently have a Pro or Mega package it is even more valuable to you because you have a limited amount of content to use. The Artist Performance with vocals set gives you fully finished songs with vocals to play with and learn The XPro and Extra style PAKs depends. Some users are inspired by PG Music styles and some people seldom use the factory styles. The majority seem to start a song project using a factory style but modify the chosen factory style to better match a song project. I value the factory styles almost as much as I value the RealTracks and MIDI SuperTracks content. I find styles are a great how-to-use the program educational tool. Each style has a demo song, chords that I'd never think to use, different arrangement than I'd think of and some tone settings. Looking at the styles and demo songs are a great way to learn how the program works and what the new features do. If you currently have a XPro or MegaPAK the XPro PAK is worth having. Not only do you get the styles but, because some of the styles use RealTracks not included in a Xpro or Mega PAK, and you get those RealTracks you would normally would not have. However, if you have the UltraPAK or Audiophile then you already have the included RealTracks. The Xtra Style PAKs do not have any additional RealTracks or MIDISuperTracks content, there are only additional styles. The styles expect that you already have the UltraPAK or Audiophile so you will have the content the styles require. So in summary, I think everyone that uses Band-in-a-Box should get the 2023 Bonus 49 PAK. If you presently use the Pro or Mega PAKs the XPro Style PAKs will provide you with additional content and styles while the Xtra Style PAKs are additional styles. I like using factory styles so the XPro and Xtra Style PAKs are worth having to me.
  9. Spotify, released an open source utility that provides automatic polyphonic audio to midi transcription. The utility is called Basic Pitch. Basic Pitch is a python script so it will work in your browser. The white paper was presented at an October, 2022 conference. The utility has been improved since the white paper release --- Basic Pitch ---
  10. @msmcleod, Thanks for listing the limitations. If someone does not have Melodyne beforehand, does the current Cakewalk by Bandlab installer offer the Melodyne 4 trial or the Melodyne 5 trial?
  11. @AdK Studios, Great to see you posting Cakewalk tutorials again. You present a LOT of information in this 24 minute video. Excellent tutorial.
  12. #1 I don't know about but 2, 3, 4 & 5 are nice ideas I like and support.
  13. @lawajava, The two bootcamp videos, Part 1 - one hour and Part 2 - forty minutes, give good examples as to how most of the new features can be used in a practical manner. I'm very happy to see real time audio monitoring is added. I never understood how PG Music expected anyone to record in Band-in-a-Box without hearing a sub mix of your audio input and the audio output of Band-in-a-Box.
  14. @Grem, I've contacted her on your behalf. Here is her website's contact page if you'd like to ask her the same question.
  15. ❤ Love Love Love ❤ ❤ Love is all you need! ❤ Press the Windows key and the period key at the same time to bring up a Windows emoji window.
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