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  1. My favorite "isolation booth" is my clothes closet facing a bunch of winter coats and my clothes behind me. It gets pretty dark with the closet door closed and no overhead light. 😄
  2. Note that starting with version 2020.09 build 006 (the current version as this is posted) BandLab Assistant is no longer needed to obtain updates. V2020.09 Release Notes The Cakewalk by BandLab Help menu has the capability to go online, check for updates, download and install future updates. The Cakewalk by BandLab Help menu also has offline activation capability. You can "export an authorization request" (a token file) to a memory stick, use an internet enabled device to enable the token file and then "import the activation response" to reauthorize the offline DAW program.
  3. Excellent effort. I would try and eliminate the pops and crackle in the beginning and end. Sometimes you see someone singing in their vehicle but this is the first time I've heard someone use a vehicle as an isolation booth. Welcome to the forum!
  4. @David Sprouse, I agree. @whoisp The acoustic sounds like you used a built-in bridge piezo pickup. You may want to consider using an external microphone to add a little wood to the acoustic sound.
  5. There are some really nice sounds in this. Well balanced. Very interesting production. Sounds modern and current to me.
  6. Jim Fogle

    Summer Daze

    Pretty neato song. I like the singing. Normally hard pans wouldn't work right but for this song it does. I wish there were some backing vocals (oohs and ahhs perhaps) in places. Great period sounding instruments, The guitar outro is spot on!
  7. Nice production. I would be interested in knowing the total number of tracks on this song, how many are instrumental and how many are vocal. As others indicated, I don't think this is your first audio production. Stellar arangement.
  8. @thatoneXman, I get what you're saying; I really do. Of the four DAWs you've tried so far, which do you like best? Many of the forum users here use more than one DAW so by knowing your likes and dislikes a little better and more about what you are want to use a DAW for we can help. I have looked at LMMS, OpenMPT and SoundBridge so I have a small degree of familiarity with them. Of the three, SoundBridge likely operates most similar to Cakewalk. In my opinion LMMS and OpenMPT are strong at working with prerecorded music like loops or creating beats while Soundbridge is more about creating midi or audio recording from scratch. Like Soundbridge, Cakewalk's strengths are recording, editing and mixing.
  9. Mike, Thanks for showing two ways to achieve the same result.
  10. What a great response. I really like the way you used color to emphasize how echo works.
  11. Good idea. It makes sense that, whenever possible, the different screen views should operate the same.
  12. Presently there are not many VST3s that exist as VST3 only. Most VST3s have a VST2 counterpart. When both VST2 and VST3 are available I will try the VST3 version first. Normally the VST3 will have the same feature set as its VST2 counterpart. Additionally there is a better chance the developer will continue VST3 support. If the VST3 doesn't work out then I delete the VST3, rescan and use the VST2. In all cases I'm trying to use 64 bit VSTs and eliminate 32 bit VST2s from my VST collection.
  13. Sending CC data endlessly implies a midi input and output are somehow connected together. When that happens the CC commands continually circle around in an endless loop just like you dexcribe. Perhaps you have midi echo enabled when it should be disabled.
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