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  1. I thought the Drums On Demand product giveaway was thoughtful and generous. At first only mailing list subscribers were included in the giveaway but the next day they opened the giveaway to everyone. I was able to purchase a $60 US song construction kit (multi instrument loop package) for $10 US. Unfortunately it seems their generosity was abused by some people downloading multiple selections. What is it they say, "No good deed goes unpunished". Years ago Drums On Demand provided Cakewalk with a sample song construction kit for distribution with Music Creator. That is how I became aware of Drums On Demand and their loop packages. I've always wanted a complete package to play with and now I have one.
  2. BandLab is a music conglomerate with music stores, instrument manufacturers, social music platform, magazine, music hardware and likely other music related things I've overlooked. BandLab has shown an interest in anything related to music. BandLab saw an opportunity to obtain a mature and full featured DAW for pennies on the dollar of what it would cost to create a similar product from scratch. Along with the intellectual property BandLab was able to retain some of the team, the old website and the Cakewalk name. Finally, Bandlab gained instant name recognition from the Cakewalk audience.
  3. @Deric Love, Perhaps you can receive more responses if you ask your question in a new thread; it's a little off topic for this thread.
  4. The introductory and walk through videos lead me to believe that is an awesome looking, well designed and most importantly, great sounding multi-timbrel VSTi. All the instruments seem to be instruments I can use in my music. While I'm sure the software instrument is worth every penny of the $189 US price Fluffy Audio is asking, the price is beyond my pay grade. For those in need of a piano, Fluffy Audio is offering their "My Piano" acoustic upright virtual instrument for $10 during this pandemic. https://www.fluffyaudio.com/shop/mypiano/
  5. @sarmad, Thanks for taking time to respond to my questions and comments. Please explain how you would like for Cakewalk by BandLab to handle external fx plugins. Shouldn't your interface handle external hardware routing?
  6. It's a no for me. I think it would be hard to get everyone to come to a consensus agreement about how the feature should work, what the feature is and why it's needed.
  7. I looked back at the webpage and saw this note was added: That's too bad. The quantity of choices to choose from dropped from about 16 to 6. The selection I chose, Band On Demand: Country Kit # 2, is one of the choices removed.
  8. The R8 drum pads are internal sample triggers., the keystrokes are not intended to be exported outside the R8. You assign drum patches to each pad and can then play the pads in real time during R8 track playback. I believe you can also record keystrokes to create a drum sequence. There use to be a Zoom Yahoo music group and a Zoom user forum. I was the owner and moderator of the Zoom Yahoo Music Group. I deleted the group because of a lack of activity. The Zoom user forum moved to Facebook at the beginning of 2020.
  9. @Alfred Williams, Cakewalk by BandLab is based on the final release by of Sonar Platinum. It is compatible with any 64 bit content previously bundled with any version of Sonar. Optional Cakewalk by BandLab content includes the TTS-1 midi sound module, Studio Instrument VSTi suite, Drum Replacer, GU Theme Editor and the trial version of Melodyne Essential.
  10. @Robert Bone, one solution might be the use to modify the existing guitar audio through a plugin that uses impulse responses to modify the audio into 12 string audio. Check out this discussion: You might also want to check out @msmcleod's post on using IR:
  11. I watched the video. While watching the video a number of questions came to my mind. I hope you'll share your thoughts with me and clarify your suggestion. It appears Logic Pro is capturing midi in the video, please correct me if I'm incorrect. Does the feature capture audio when the input is audio? Is the DAW going to record in the background every time the play button is hit and the feature is enabled? Do you want the feature to be enabled and disabled with a transport button? Aren't you afraid the feature will mess with storage access by recording while the user is in the process of setting up a sampler or another feature that requires storage access? What's to remind you when the feature is enabled or disabled?
  12. @msmcleod, Thanks for your initial post. The demonstration and explanation really helped me to understand how guitar IR pulses can be used. I just couldn't wrap the idea around my head. Now it makes sense. Great tool to have in the musical toolbox.
  13. @Steev, which one didn't work out as expected, installing the PRE.sys into the Alvarez or getting married ❔ (running for cover!)
  14. @Bill Phillips & @User 905133, Again, I apologize. I understand using an impulse response to recreate a space but I am not familiar with using an IR to recreate the sound of an instrument. Thank you for your responses. I missed @msmcleod post first go around so this post didn't make sense to me. After checking out Mike's post, this post makes much better sense.
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