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  1. I like the second video better. Not because of the telegraph and teletype sound effects but because of the "Goodnight Chet" at the end.
  2. I like your arrangement. Unexpected and interesting to listen to. In my opinion you have too many background voices; two would be sufficient for most of the song.
  3. Good luck in the competition. Very professional sounding mix.
  4. I like the doubling and the instrument mix. It's an interesting song to listen to. One thought. In the latter part of the song have you thought about adding a teletype or typewriter sound effect? Not a dominate sound but just barely audible. I think the sound effect would underscore the song title since both Chet Huntley and David Brinkley started out as newspaper reporters.
  5. Very well thought out and presented series of instructional videos. I hope the series will gain enough traction on YouTube to advance up the search recommendations when "Cakewalk" is the search term. Do you plan to revisit and update these videos as Cakewalk changes over time? It is very possible the videos will become outdated and lose value if you don't.
  6. Thanks for sharing the interview. Tracy Collins has created a great library series. I enjoyed the show tremendously.
  7. When Cakewalk quits responding obtain a dump file. One way to obtain a dump file is to go to Windows Task Manager, right click the process name (in this case it would be listed as "Cakewalk Application") and then select "Create Dump File". If you are familiar with running command line tools instead of using Task Manager you can run the Microsoft SysIntrnals Procdump utility application from the command line and save a minidump. You can download Procdump here. Once you have installed that tool you can capture a minidump by typing this into a command prompt (note you will need to run the command prompt as an administrator by choosing Run as administrator): procdump64.exe -ma Cakewalk.exe cakewalkhang.dmp. Once you created the dump file, upload it to a share location like Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and so on. Email support@Cakewalk.com to open a case and log the problem with Cakewalk. Make sure you include the dump file link in your email. Note: Dump files may include personally identifiable data so please do not post links to them publicly in the forums or elsewhere to protect your privacy. Here is a link to a post with a better description of creating a dump file.
  8. You don't have a bad idea but I believe Windows manages USB ports, not the DAW.
  9. 👌Video # 133 has close captioning, auto-translate and you can select the close caption language. I chose English.
  10. Very well done Mike. The way you described file tags was easy for me to understand. Thanks for your continued support of Cakewalk by Bandlab.
  11. Having all the setting options available is nice. I can understand where someone might prefer settings different than the program default settings so a way to select different default settings in Preferences is a good idea as long as the ability to adjust as needed is retained.
  12. Robert, That's a nice, 20 minute overview of the online DAW and the iOS DAW. I downloaded the Android DAW and have played with it some. There is a lot of capability. I wasn't aware of the availability of volume and pan automation in the online DAW. It has really progressed from where it was when Bandlab first released it.
  13. Very strange. I tested closed caption on a random selection of England Bross tutorial videos. Some videos offered the auto translate option in settings but others do not.
  14. I enjoyed listening to this very much. Very nice song arrangement. Well done and I hope you and your brother will do some more traditional country songs.
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