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  1. Sforzando - Soundfont 2.0 VST Plugin A SoundFont 2.0 designed to simulate the classic MIDI sound of the Sound Blaster 16 and other YM262 enabled hardware.
  2. @Dave G, Did your older computer ever have a Creative Sound Blaster sound card? If so then the instrument sounds you remember may have been generated by the built-in Sound Blaster instrument patches. +++ HERE +++ is a Github link to download the OPL 3 instrument patch soundfont that sounds like the patches used in the Sound Blaster 16 sound card. You will need a Soundfont 2 compatible plugin like +++ Sforzando +++ to use the soundfont in Cakewalk.
  3. Hi Jim,  I think you were looking for this link?  I have only come across it today and the process does work.   And once you have recorded the metronome onto the aux track you can control where and when it's heard in the mix by using the volume control in the aux track.   Good luck.


    1. Jim Fogle

      Jim Fogle

      @Bob Bentley, Thank you for sharing this link with me.  Recording the metronome can be very useful when sharing audio between musicians, vocalists and producers.

      Thank you again for remembering I was hunting for this link.

  4. First time listener to your music. Excellent sounding production, well mixed. Congratulations on releasing the album.
  5. Jim Fogle

    Mourning Lilly

    Nice tribute song. This is my first listening. Sometimes it hurts to be a dog lover, I understand the feeling behind the music.
  6. Jim Fogle


    Thanks for posting this. I thought switching the views between console and track views was a good idea. Interesting guitar tones.
  7. +1 for the original suggestion to be able to import Bandlab virtual instruments into Cakewalk. +1 for the idea of being able to import a Bandlab project into Cakewalk. I have serious reservations about Bandlab importing a Cakewalk project. Bandlab has a huge amount of online resources but Bandlab projects themself are small compared to the unlimited potential size of a Cakewalk project I equate importing a Cakewalk project into Bandlab with using a water well bucket to pour water into a sewing thimble.
  8. It frequently happens to me. I'll click on the down arrow, menu displays but disappears when the cursor leaves the down arrow. As mentioned above, eventually the menu displays long enough to make a selection. My normal browser is Firefox. I wonder if how long the menu displays is a function of a persistence setting that can be changed or if the size of the area where the mouse cursor is recognized is too small?
  9. @Will, Thanks for your suggestion. I have downloaded the offline documentation but that is a different file from the Reference Guide pdf file that can be downloaded by going to the top of any webpage, clicking on the "Cakewalk by Bandlab" tab and selecting the "Reference Guide PDF" selection. I put the pdf file onto a tablet for off computer viewing. The downloaded Reference Guide pdf file also has a 2022 copyright notice but shows it is referencing revision 27.12.00. I suspect the discrepancy between the copyright and revision number is the pdf file was released for publication early in 2022.
  10. @Glenn Stanton, the PDF file. I'm sorry that was not clear in my initial post. I will update the post to clarify. Thank you for asking the question.
  11. Greetings Cakewalk by Bandlab pdf Reference Guide documentation writers. The current revision number of the CbB Reference Guide pdf file is Version 27.12.00. If memory serves me that means the guide is describing Cakewalk as it existed in December, 2021. There have been multiple updates to the program since December, 2021. Please update the guide to reflect the most current release. Thank you in advance.
  12. Hello @Morten Saether or other Cakewalk by Bandlab workers involved in publishing the Cakewalk by Bandlab Reference Guide pdf file. Please add a current revision number or publishing date to the Reference Guide download link. Presently one must (1) download the file, (2) open the file in a pdf viewer and (3) find the revision code at the bottom of page 2 to discover when the downloaded file was last updated. Thank you in advance.
  13. +++ HERE +++ is a link to a 5:11 video Mike Eno of Creative Sauce fame posted July, 2022. Mike records the audio of 14 microphones used to record a fingerpicked acoustic guitar. The microphones range in price from $99 US to $1,500 US.
  14. @IgoRr, thanks for checking. Once you verified I dug a little deeper. The Arpeggiator sub menu does not display unless the midi track contains midi data. That may read like a duh, slap your head, comment but I didn't know that. However, once the sub menu displays, you can remove all midi data from the midi track and the Arpeggiator sub menu will continue to display when prompted to display.
  15. Is the MIDI Arpeggiator function broken in 2022.06 (build 34)? When I create a MIDI track and then select Clips > Automation > Arpeggiator there is a ">" symbol to the far right. > typically indicates more choices are available but a sub menu does not open.
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