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  1. Robert, Do you mind sharing what benefits you and your audience gain by you becoming a Bandlab Partner?
  2. Jim Fogle

    Learning about MIDI

    Here are two video series I've found informative. MIDI Basics and The Basics of MIDI.
  3. Always enjoy your videos. There is so much that I learn from them.
  4. This has a nice Shawdows / Ventures flavor to it. Nice to listen to.
  5. Jim Fogle

    Walk A Mile

    This is the first of your songs I've heard. I like the balance between the lead vocal and doubled voices. The backing tracks set the mood. The song sounds both sparse and full at the same time. Excellent use of effects. This is an interesting song to listen to all the way through.
  6. Congratulations Robert. Deserving recognition for the huge amount of effort you've expended and the large number of Cakewalk users you've provided guidance and support to.
  7. I voted for Studio Instruments in favorite free virtual instrument and Cakewalk in favorite free processor.
  8. Mike, Glad you got a good number of responses from your Facebook request. It is always fun to see what equipment everyone else has and the space they have to work with.
  9. The TTS-1 soft synth includes reverb and chorus.
  10. Hey @Starship Krupa, Steve Cook posted a response to an interesting Smart Tool question. You may find Steve's answer relevant to the way you work. Link to Smart Tool thread Hint: Did you know you can customize the Smart Tool?
  11. @Steve_Karl, thanks for asking a great question. Very helpful answers from both @msmcleod and @scook. The documentation link is very informative. I didn't know the Smart Tool can be customized.
  12. @Gavin Ray, one way to attract the attention of the development team is to invoke a name. For example, @Noel Borthwick is the team leader. Perhaps he will see this thread and contact you. Also, you might want to contact Noel or one of the other team members by email.
  13. @msmcleod stated I've searched the Cakewalk Reference Guide multiple times and I'm unable to find minimum operating specifications in the Guide. I did find some specifications on the download page: @Morten Saether, please add the program's minimum, and recommended, hardware and software specifications to the Guide.
  14. Interesting tidbits: Available through Amazon for $76.94. The headphone model number does not show up on the TASCAM website as active or discontinued product.
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