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  1. @solaelux, I'm not disagreeing with you, Cakewalk is great and getting better every release. The current development team has done an admirable job of making the product much more stable while adding new features. My point is not to minimize their accomplishments. I'm hoping to encourage new users to share their thoughts concerning the product.
  2. AdK's 9 minutes and 3 seconds video does a good job of highlighting how users that create electronic based music use CbB differently than users that use CbB to make more traditional recordings. I believe CbB needs to adapt its tools and tool set to accommodate a more diverse user base so I welcome comments from users like AdK, Xel Ohh and E-Woof Music!
  3. Fun listen. Your voice is a good match to the song. You did a really nice job on it. No criticism.
  4. Late to the party. Absolutely awesome. I've always enjoyed this song and you've done it serious justice. The whispers are too quiet while the brushes are a tad too loud. This is going to read stupid but may I suggest adding delay to the bass drum, way deep into the background. While the brushes sound great the bass drum is too dry. You missed the final strum at the very end of the original. Listen close to the original and you'll hear there are three guitar tracks with a little space between each strum. To me, it's sort of an Easter Egg.
  5. @Colin Nicholls I appreciate you sharing that thought. Your manual for the CbB Theme editor is a great guide. You have quite a way with words.
  6. It would be nice if BandLab considered adding a forum section where forum members could share Articulation Maps, Drum Maps, INS and CAL files. I believe creating a depository would greatly enhance the Cakewalk by BandLab user experience and help drive new forum membership as search engines would point to each depository sub-section. Perhaps BandLab can label the main forum section "Add-Ons" with a sub-section devoted specifically for each type of add-on. For example there would be a sub section for Articulation Maps, another for Drum Maps, INS files and so on. Then, as forum members create add-on files, they could post the file to the appropriate sub-section along with a short description of the file's purpose. They could say for example, "Here is an articulation map for v 1.3 of the VST plug-in, Spicy Guitar."
  7. @Bradley Smith, I approached BandLab Support shortly after BandLab launched Cakewalk by BandLab and this forum asking the same question you asked, "Can you use the online DAW without using a Chrome based browser?" BandLab Support's response was, "No. " They were kind enough to explain the online DAW uses some browser elements that are unique to Chrome. One item of note. BandLab was awarded "Best Classroom Technology" during the 2018 NAMM You may want to visit BandLab's education webpage to see what they offer.
  8. Nice write up Colin. One point of confusion for me was I've always thought of automation lanes and envelopes as two distinct entities with automation lanes (or tracks) as an entity for documenting automated changes while envelopes are the outer boundaries of a waveform.
  9. Great sounding cover. The vocalist added her own style to the vocal while paying homage to the original. That is a really nice sounding mix.
  10. Great video. Thank you for going the extra mile and providing the shortcuts pdf file. The examples help reinforce your narration. Happy New Year!
  11. Happy to help. The path I followed was C:\Cakewalk Content\Cakewalk Core \Project Templates Basic.cwt
  12. @Noel Borthwick, Has there been any consideration to integrate support of Native Instrument's NKS specification for hardware and software into CbB? NKS for Developers My understanding is NKS is to Native Instruments as ARA is to Melodyne. I would think as popular as Native Instruments hardware and software products are concerned supporting the specification would be a win / win for both companies.
  13. Jim Fogle

    AAF support

    I can understand professional mixers that want to use Cakewalk by BandLab desiring AAF compatibility. Wikipedia has a concise overview description of the AAF file format +++HERE +++. From this article it appears that AAF and OMF are becoming the two premier file formats to exchange files between DAWs while retaining project data.
  14. Merry Christmas to the Bakers, fellow forum members and to everyone under the BandLab umbrella (or bumper shoot, whichever name you prefer) 🎅🏼
  15. The Australian magazine, Audio-Technology, is starting a three part series about microphones. Greg Simmons looks at the influence of the microphone on the tonality of the captured sound, and delves deep into microphone technology to find out what makes them sound like they do. In Part 1 of 3 he gets some basics out of the way
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