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  1. Interesting set of videos John. Separating a mix into stems and then converting selected stems into MIDI is a great idea. One possibility is to layer a MIDI patch underneath the original audio to thicken the sound of an instrument or change the timbre.
  2. Nice overview John. I'm glad to see you have begun issuing Cakewalk Next videos. I always gain new insights while watching a Cactus Studio video.
  3. +++ This +++ is a very broad, but short, overview of the musical history behind some of the most iconic recording studios in the world.
  4. Enjoyable listen. I like the arrangement, instrumentation and mix. I must admit I was most intrigued about how you would treat the lead and background vocals. Elizabeth gave a wonderful performance. Absolutely awesome. You paid homage to the original but made the song yours.
  5. +++ Here is another mixing site you might like. +++
  6. @Starship Krupa made a wonderful thought:
  7. @JohnnyV, I think this is a great idea. I hope the forum moderators take note.
  8. Jim Fogle

    Let's Groove

    Nice Motown vibe. Unusual vocals for you. I think the singular "I want to groove" vocals panned left and right detract from the feel of the song. If you are going for the Motown vibe you should consider adding tambourine, perhaps some brass.
  9. Jim Fogle

    What Love Is

    This is a pretty song. Great lead and background vocals. I enjoy hearing the melodic guitar and synth as a pad. I would like for the bass to be stronger and the plucked strings to have less volume.
  10. Great video set John. I'm very glad to see you decided to update and repost your original videos. That is a lot of work. While the tutorial section does not get many views I believe the tutorial section is one of the most important forum sections. I'm confidant it is one of the first sections visited by users new to audio production and Cakewalk by BandLab.
  11. @King Burton, Please post your suggestion in the +++ Feedback Loop +++ forum section. This section is devoted to presenting tutorial links.
  12. @User 905133, I thought Mike's introduction covered this point very well. He mentioned there are some users that have used Cakewalk or Sonar for years or decades and have no desire to learn a new DAW or workflow. The nice thing is you will still be able to use CbB for free or update to Sonar once it's released.
  13. This forum currently has a header tab labeled Cakewalk by BandLab and a Cakewalk Products forum section labeled Cakewalk by BandLab. The new BandLab entity, Cakewalk, has announced two new products, Sonar and Next, while also announcing Cakewalk by Bandlab will be depreciated once the new products are released. The question is, how should the forum reflect these changes? Note that you can select multiple choices.
  14. @User 905133, thanks for highlighting the USB device unique serial number issue. USB Device is a small utility program that helps users manage redundant USB devices.
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