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  1. I am writing to you to ask for a favor and in return you will get a 90% discount code for the XXXXXXXXX store, here is the deal: I need more votes for my album “XXXX” to become one of the finalists for the XXXXXXX Awards "Album of the Year”. I did the vote by the deadline and forgot to reply back by the deadline to get my 90%. I'm posting this because it dented my sense of entitlement. Of course buying a vote is it not ethical. Should I unsubscribe?
  2. They have fanboys. I remember at one time Melodyne was not even attainable for the hobbyist. Now they have a free version packaged with DAWs. The economically smart DAW user can get the best use out of it.
  3. I'd be happy if their installer gave the option of avoiding 32 bit even though the files are really small. I didn't have to pay for this it does have MXXX built in. I'm a Melda fanboy but this doesn't fall in the necessary plugin category. Don't most DAWs have this function?
  4. Many do have subs but it isn't their only model. I doubt the playing field will ever change.
  5. Mine seems to be broken. I get the circle happening for a long time. Closed it and fixed itself after opening it.
  6. Get the Live ones first by the same instructor Parts 1-6 if you are not familiar with Live.
  7. Melda does this but it's on everything they own.
  8. Sad that you can't go into a store and play before you buy.
  9. You should see the FL users who always gives Image Line business advice fearing they would go under with their free lifetime updates that have existed for 20 years.
  10. It's owned by one of the richest people in China. Maybe owning what was once a big name DAW is a hobby.
  11. I guess their business model has soured some people and now this $10 a month thing. For a sub it's a great deal.
  12. Same here. They gave out a nice deal when Cakewalk went under and I bought it. I've had a license ever since it was born and I paid for those upgrades. They raised their prices on upgrades and their upgrades from 8 till now seem quite frequent to other DAWs I have so I don't even keep it on my system. I didn't bother with the free version since I have Bandlab. I lose my fondness for DAW developers that seem to spend more time trying to sell you their plugins and less time between paid upgrades.
  13. I also archive Steam libraries. Fallout 4 and Hitman 2 are over 100GB. It's easier to install from a drive instead of downloading again. I've bought external drives for this purpose.
  14. It's a great DAW. That Suite upgrade gets expensive. I learning Max for Live on Udemy. That is probably worth it.
  15. I've tried that idea and it only works till something else is on sale that is declared a no brainer.
  16. Sounds like it's not authorized.
  17. Not showing up for me. Odd that after downloading anything it asks where to install despite you stated it in the preferences.
  18. I'm always a sucker for these. I recently discovered I have over 100gb of their stuff. The construction kits are stems and not loops. That is where the bloat is. I've started deleting those folders.
  19. That's with just about everything. NI and Waves are worse. There is always some clueless developer that things everyone installs plugins in Steinberg\Vst.
  20. Anyone have Hatefish?
  21. No and you will find most of the packs are so so. In the future you might find the Suite a waste of money. As one who has Suite since Live 8, they added a Wavetable synth. Their sampler and many other things have not been updated. Those orchestral sounds are quite old. I think Sonivox did them a long time ago. All Live stuff is proprietary.
  22. I don't understand when people buy such things they never bother to archive it.
  23. Then why buy it? Tracks and Amplitude are well worth it if you don't hav them. The ST libraries will take up a lot of space. This isn't a knock against ST but I'm in many forums where only once I've seen someone use ST in a project. I think part of it that it becomes overwhelming (like Komtplete) that people ignore it.
  24. This is one may be the only one worth getting. I have it.
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