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  1. I already hate myself for what I bought six months ago so I may as well have something shiny.
  2. Hi all. I’m still relatively new around here. Lurked on the old forum for a year or so, then came over here and thought I should start to contribute a bit. And I recognise that I haven’t contributed a huge amount, so I don’t mean to start throwing my weight around. But I’d like to ask about affiliate links, in particular undisclosed and hidden ones, i.e. affiliate links not acknowledged as such, and not visible until they are hovered over. I’m wondering if they are allowed, and if they are welcomed. I’ve noticed them appearing and I’m not sure whether there is anything irregular about that. Hillmy recently posted links to a number of old deals from the VSTBuzz store area, and afterwards acknowledged that these had been affiliate links. Since then Reid Rosefelt has posted each new VSTBuzz offer using an undisclosed, hidden affiliate link. Without intending any disrespect, I must confess that these links have struck me as not in the spirit of the forum, although I suspect I have the wrong idea about this. Is there a generally accepted policy? I think it would at least be courteous, when posting an affiliate link, to acknowledge upfront what it is. But perhaps the community has been thriving on the silent use of affiliate links all along, and if so, I gladly stand corrected. Thanks.
  3. trager

    IK VI Group Buy

    Let's not get too crazy.
  4. It was $82 on Black Friday (from JRR).
  5. trager

    Karanyi Vapor Keys

    I suspect this will be offered free from APD at some point, based on what happened with the previous libraries.
  6. If only it were so easy to wipe clean the slate of GAS.
  7. Pretty, pretty optimal.
  8. Man, when I got this email I really thought it was a new sale. Their marketing department must be on furlough.
  9. trager

    I have returned!!!

    Welcome back Sir. Hope all is well. It was a nightmare without you - I started paying list price for Waves, I bought bx_tuner with nothing else in the cart...
  10. It’s Friday night after all.
  11. We just want our original King back.
  12. Did you check the FAQ? I'm not sure but the notes on the Legacy VST Support option might be relevant. https://blackroosteraudio.com/en/faq
  13. They're announcing that they've kidnapped Larry. Jampoints can be used on the ransom.
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