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  1. If I were THAT band I would probably use stock plugins, and possibly not even be aware that such a thing as Brainworx existed. It is also likely that I would like to archive the unprocessed takes and occasionally revisit the material. Anyway, I don’t think that would be a viable business model anyway ($13 per year). PA is probably desperately trying to find a (new) way to make a living in this day and age because very few musicians can afford to spend hundreds of dollars on plugins that are just slightly better than stock, with so many other options out there. My 2 cents
  2. Been using it for a couple of years and used Steinberg virtual guitarist before then. It’s ok for basic rhythm guitar but it’s a bit wonky if you have syncopated chord switches mid bar etc. The performances are sometimes slightly robotic and it unfortunately doesn’t have a dry signal so you have to work with the built in effects. That said it does get some use for song writing and production demos, and you can get good results if you spend time on the programming. Spark gets more use in my productions but it’s definitely a worthwhile tool. The best thing about it is that it’s dead simple to use with instant playability out of the box
  3. Was hoping to see ducking in the feature list, or did I miss something? That’s a must in my workflow so I’ll continue using Replica XT. Beyond that it looks like they’ve done a good job with everything as usual.
  4. Fixing the installers so users can actually use them would be a good start ... https://getsatisfaction.com/airmusictech/topics/installation-issue-for-all-airmusic-plugins-riser-loom-hybrid-3-etc
  5. Joakim

    PA Deizel Herbert

    There’s also a separate thread on the subscription gate https://www.gearslutz.com/board/new-product-alert/1272298-plugin-alliance-goes-subscription.html
  6. Joakim

    PA Deizel Herbert

    I think he was referring to this one: https://www.gearslutz.com/board/music-computers/1020707-who-uses-plugin-alliance-171.html Who in their right min would buy a plugin that costs more than a 12 month sub for all plugins? This subscription gate migh have lost them 90% of all perpetual license sales
  7. They did say they fixed the loading times for guitars so maybe that’s why it’s limited to guitars?
  8. I guess IK must have heard this to death, but every forum I’ve ever been to have people complaining about the noice. The convoluted trial process aside, silence would be a far better than white noise for those who have their volume turned up. Any plans to change the trial approach?
  9. The main difference is that it’s a real-time plugin so no editing afterwards. It’s essentially for live use, but I use with when working (for demos and while tracking) as I’m usually to lazy to tune everything manually until the end, when I know what I want.
  10. Joakim

    PA Diezel VH-4

    What do you mean, they all have an input gain control and you can bypass the preamp altogether. These plugins are very sensitive to appropriate gain staging unfortunately. Also, I do have presets in my DAW’s preset manager. There is an issue where they sometimes don’t install, but it usually works after a re-install (VST3). Support have a file with all presets for manual installation in case the re-install doesn’t work. Agreed on the workflow issues, at the very minimum they could have implemented a sorted sub list based on cabs or mics. A graphical representation would have been nice too.
  11. I only had minifilter (a freebie) but still got the 199 price
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