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  1. Just charge the country and the vat goes away...
  2. One problem is that the phrases are only available in minor scales. The loops are only recorded in 2 keys but can be re-pitched manually. The interface is lot the best imho and a lot of folder browsing folders is required to access the individual loops for editing etc. Good performances but all together it doesn’t get much use here due to the above issues.
  3. Joakim

    Ampeg or not Ampeg

    Guitar rig is probably the harshest and brightest of them all though. The PA amps are definitely ok but one thing to keep in mind is that they are mono an lack ambience. Amplitube sounds much more 3D out of the box because of the added reverb. The PA amps are indeed very sensitive to input gain. The sounds are generally more modern and hi-fi and they work well if that’s what you’re going for.
  4. Same thing can even happen with virtual interfaces, like virtual box adapters
  5. Did you try to download the beta version? It fixes a lot of issues and has a more scalable GUI. There’s a download link on kvr.
  6. This isn’t a 670 emu though, that’s another t-rack plugin.
  7. This isn’t a Fairchild emulation though, that would be their Vintage Tube Compressor/Limiter Model 670 plugin. This is more like a Manley vari-mu I believe.
  8. They dont work as snapins for multipass or phaseplant or snap heap?
  9. Isn’t that the same for all drives? I have 6 tb so I just bought a 6tb external for backups. Im sure I can use 80TB, if not only to keep unlimited versions of my files, camera recordings etc
  10. Wasn’t it in fact 1.44 mb
  11. You can, just got this and did combine both. I assume it’s the same for all deals.
  12. It does sound a bit synthetic, but really excels at real-time strumming. It has several strumming articulations and is very responsive to dynamics etc. The presets packs varies from ok to great, but they unfortunately quantized every bit of life out of them. The cool thing is that it’s possible to create more far out sounds with the modeling engine.
  13. Joakim

    Waves OVox

    Ok, it’s worth a shot. I asked waves sales support and they said plugins in other bundles wouldn’t count towards an upgrade, only individual plugins.
  14. Joakim

    Waves OVox

    Also, I bought all the instruments at the respective launch, and they only created the bundle after first 5 or so releases. Now it costs like 100 bucks to upgrade to the bundle, although I have all the individual instruments. I also made the mistake of upgrading to the pianos and keys bundle, so those are no longer eligible for an upgrade with the others. Waves logic.
  15. Check the upgrade price as well, my changed 3 times after adding/deleting from the cart, and the upgrade price on the product page changes whenever I add it to the cart (not VAT, it doesn’t add up).
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