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  1. There is usually a discount if you have singles from the upcoming vcollection (but not for improved versions of existing synths though).
  2. It is useful for most effects and it has a special compression mode.. You can see a compressor’s noise/hum, distortion etc and visualize attack and release settings.
  3. Its really nice on drums using the punch knob, and the release can be synced to host for pumping effects.
  4. A long thread over at gearspace indicates that new features will be exclusive to sub-versions only going forward. This means all perpetual licenses effectively just became abandonware, unless they change the policy.
  5. Smart eq from Sonible does that, and that feature will likely be added to smartcomp as well. Smartcomp can already do spectral ducking for multiple tracks if you feed the side chain from a group.
  6. I’d say this plugin is not for edm type music then singer songwriter stuff. It has that slightly robotic and chopped sound that frequently features in modern disco. For that it’s usable imho.
  7. My best compressor for drums and I have way too many. Just did a shoot out with a bunch of 1176 clones and none sounded like the fetpressor.
  8. Only the one you use to upgrade, i e not all duplicate licenses in the bundle
  9. it’s not so much that it effect the audio above 20 k than the fact the curve bends differently below 20k when the peak is at 30k rather then 20. I didn’t believe the hype until I tried the PSP Avedis eq but it really did bring something new.
  10. Bat? Anyway, the 30k is in fact useful as it provides a different curve below 20k than the other options included.
  11. The new preset system is actually worse than the old massive though, no tags or filters.
  12. Joakim

    Tokyo Dawn De-edger

    Another option is bx_refinement from PA.
  13. It doesnt work because som apps need a newer version. The installer should check and accept a newer version but Air’s installers doesn’t and windows doesn’t allow you to (manually) installer an older one.
  14. Even worse, they tried to install an old version of .net. Windows wouldn’t allow it so many people have not been able to install their plugins for years (myself included).
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