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  1. I’m a good drummer, ok bass player and mediocre keyboard player but terrible guitar player and I love the session guitarist series. I can’t see anything negative about having tools like this available for people like me.
  2. It’s been on sale for a few days but I didn’t see a post for it. Imagine the dream of owning a studio filled with the most influential Drum Machines of our time. Imagine having instant access to the TRUE authentic sound of the iconic 909, 808, 606, 78, Linndrum, Drumtraks, Drumulator, OB-DX and many others. Imagine a world where this dream becomes reality… Was £149.95 now £44.9 Wave alchemy Revolution
  3. Joakim

    Waves Vocal Bender

    The modulation looks a lot more advanced though.
  4. I got this with Phils cascade for 29, first time i actuality managed to use my 50 voucher in a long time.
  5. One reason to why there’s a difference: Guitarist are used to hearing the amp live in the room, which is not what plugins are simulating (i.e a mic:ed speaker).
  6. Do you have the newer versions of the hosts?
  7. Indeed, and those plugins are both lightweight and effective - it just works. I have more plugins than anyone needs but these are my new go-tos. Highly recommend.
  8. Joakim

    Sotube Heartbeat

    I’ve had it for a few years now, and it’s actually more of a creative tool. It does have a somewhat limited range (classic drum machine) of sounds but gets you there very quickly. Turning buttons have a drastic effect but it always turns into something usable. I imagine it would be very cool for live use/jams.I don’t mind the missing sequencer as I use my DAW for that but I would like to see more variety in the sound department and a few more effects. It needs an update imho, and competition is stiff,
  9. Tried to add a 29 plugin to a 49 deal to pass the $75 threshold of the $50 voucher, but they ruined it by adding a stack discount for 2 plugins taking it just under 75. Truly useless voucher.
  10. Joakim

    Roland Juno 106 Deal

    You don't get all the preset with AL if you don’t buy the underlying synths though, which is why I bough V-collection while I mostly use AL (plus I can tweak sounds),
  11. I also received a 50% off voucher when logging in, check your account
  12. Meet our Christmas Guiro - a free Christmas:ified 🎄percussion instrument, played with your mod wheel. To get your copy, simply login to your Klevgrand account (or create one). To play our Guiro, press down the candy cane with note-on and move it with midi control change #1.
  13. They indeed cover similar ground but in practice you get very different things from them Pigment sounds very analogue and the presets are often complex. Can be CPU heavy. Phase plant tend to sound more digital and aggressive. The interface may be the best I’ve ever seen in a synth, and it’s easy to understand complex patches, The presets are very contemporary and has plenty of attitude. I use both frequently, probably more than any of my other 20+ synths together. One thing I like about pigments is that it has loads of presets which van be easily managed with tags. it can be very cpu heavy though. Kilohearts just started offering presets so perhaps there is more to come. You really need the snapins if you want to edit sounds though (presets work without them). I use pigments more because of the huge preset library, but you can’t go wrong with any of them.
  14. Triad is awesome, even if you aren’t doing crazy things. Ex you could put your delay only on the high frequencies, and it’s great for troubleshooting, like putting a gate on a narrow band etc. All of the byomoe presets are there and this is basically a multi-band version of it. You can do some additional cool things with it like modulating the cross over points etc.
  15. I’m thinking about buying hardware, but the question is which version if amplitube I would be getting. Any ideas?
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