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  1. Yes, I use it all the time. It’s at the core of my workflow, especially when trying to decipher other people’s music (find chords, new progressions, scales etc). The presets can be very inspirational as well, Highly recommended and I’ve tried several similar plugins
  2. Joakim

    Output 25% Off Sale

    Substance is very all round as well, suitable for many styles
  3. Yes, lots of problems with plugins being blacklisted in Cubase after an update, plus Catalina of course. I had tickets with pave, softube, uvi, Steinberg etc
  4. There were a lot of bug fixes and some plugins also got updated interfaces. The consoles even got scalable interfaces. A few plugins got new functionality as well, but it was mostly minor stuff. Read the release notes.
  5. For EZ drummer? Very different. Reggae is a one trick pony with dub delay effects and springverb while hip hop focuses more on drum machines and urban snares. I like the reggae kit though, very dry kit but there’s only one kit included. Hip hop is great for layering with other ez kits
  6. You can change the volume of the ride individually in sd3 as well, just click on it and adjust the gain
  7. 50% on multipass kilohearts.com/products/multipass
  8. Joakim

    IK Modo Bass for $99

    Yes, i use it during production but tend to replace it afterwards. It also often ends up as an overdub to synth basses etc. I would have no issues using it instead of a real bass though, but you likely have to invest some time learning how to play/program it. This is the only electric bass plugin I need and it really covers all bases (pun intended) sound wise. Highly recommended.
  9. If I were THAT band I would probably use stock plugins, and possibly not even be aware that such a thing as Brainworx existed. It is also likely that I would like to archive the unprocessed takes and occasionally revisit the material. Anyway, I don’t think that would be a viable business model anyway ($13 per year). PA is probably desperately trying to find a (new) way to make a living in this day and age because very few musicians can afford to spend hundreds of dollars on plugins that are just slightly better than stock, with so many other options out there. My 2 cents
  10. Been using it for a couple of years and used Steinberg virtual guitarist before then. It’s ok for basic rhythm guitar but it’s a bit wonky if you have syncopated chord switches mid bar etc. The performances are sometimes slightly robotic and it unfortunately doesn’t have a dry signal so you have to work with the built in effects. That said it does get some use for song writing and production demos, and you can get good results if you spend time on the programming. Spark gets more use in my productions but it’s definitely a worthwhile tool. The best thing about it is that it’s dead simple to use with instant playability out of the box
  11. Was hoping to see ducking in the feature list, or did I miss something? That’s a must in my workflow so I’ll continue using Replica XT. Beyond that it looks like they’ve done a good job with everything as usual.
  12. Fixing the installers so users can actually use them would be a good start ... https://getsatisfaction.com/airmusictech/topics/installation-issue-for-all-airmusic-plugins-riser-loom-hybrid-3-etc
  13. Joakim

    PA Deizel Herbert

    There’s also a separate thread on the subscription gate https://www.gearslutz.com/board/new-product-alert/1272298-plugin-alliance-goes-subscription.html
  14. Joakim

    PA Deizel Herbert

    I think he was referring to this one: https://www.gearslutz.com/board/music-computers/1020707-who-uses-plugin-alliance-171.html Who in their right min would buy a plugin that costs more than a 12 month sub for all plugins? This subscription gate migh have lost them 90% of all perpetual license sales
  15. They did say they fixed the loading times for guitars so maybe that’s why it’s limited to guitars?
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