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  1. Toontrack must have made some changes to their legal structure, but here is anyway the results for 2021. Their turnover is roughly 3 times that of XLN. Max Martin is an owner in XLN btw, or at least he was. Both companies may have a different international legal structure etc, but these are anyway the mother companies of both.
  2. In swedish but one bar is turnover and the other profit. Multiply the numbers with 10 to get the dollar value (in thousands). I’ll do one for toontrack as well for comparison
  3. Joakim

    Cubase 12 is here...

    These were made by virsyn I think
  4. Its 20 of you own psp mix pack
  5. It’s useful without Vcollection for sure. The best thing with it is the ability to filter presets based on categories and characteristics. It does allow tweaking of key parameters and there are effects, but you don’t get to edit the underlying synth(s) unless you own them. AL satisfies 80% of my synth and keyboard needs, and the rest of the time I try something else or need to edit the synth itself (i.e Vcollection and pigments). I never open these directly nowadays, as AL is the perfect front end.
  6. Softube saturation knob, echoboy jr., Arturia plate, Kilohearts snap heap,
  7. This one is a gem, and they recently added the capability to track the pitch of audio (like surfer eq) which is awesome for taming bass parts. It can be wild , but I often just use it for subtle movement or problem solving. The animated GUI is a piece of art.
  8. Metric AB is deeper with regards to spectral and stereo analysis. The best feature for me is the way you can plot both tracks on top of each other and compare the spectrogram, loop sections etc. Streamliner obviously stands out in volume management department and I use both frequently. My most used PA plugins, followed by blackbox and bx_control.
  9. Its definately more expensive. I am currently building a 12th gen Intel with 64 gb ram, 4 TB M2 SSD and top of the line fans, psu, chassis etc for about 3000€ Including 25% VAT. A Mac Pro like that would be like 10k. My rig will beat any Mac currently available as well. I don’t think you can even buy a PC laptop for 65k€. I do get why people like macs though, and most people get the cheaper ones with 8gb ram etc which are reasonably priced, as long as you don’t upgrade anything. The apple silicon chip is also awesome from a power performance ratio which is what it was designed for, so battery life is outstanding.
  10. Same prices on the toontrack web, has been for a month. All the old ones at the same price, and the newer at regular.
  11. Skaka = Shake Pipa = slang for a strong voice (pipa otherwise means peep/beep) brusfri= Without noise (fri=free) Stark=Strong, but förstärkare means (pre-)amplifier and people often just say “Stärkare” in swedish
  12. Joakim

    PSP Saturator

    The personal code worked for me just now
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