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  1. Joakim

    Klevgränd skaka

    And ting = stuff in Swedish 🙂 Love that ting one too, so simple to add some rhythmic spice and interest
  2. Joakim

    Klevgränd skaka

    Klevgränd Skaka shaker instrument with 50% intro ($24.99) Skaka is a sample-based sequencer plugin for shaker percussion instruments. It has 12 slots, each with its own instrument, parameters (lots of them!) and pattern. We've built both the sequencer and the sampler from the ground, to optimize this instrument for these types of sounds. Each pattern contains events, with individual parameters like pitch, velocity (as in how fast the instrument is shaken), and envelope. With full control over shuffle/swing amount, an advanced humanizer function, internal awareness of in- and out shakes (yes, they sound different), using grids divided into triplets/quintuplets/septuplets, timing fine-tuning and variable sequence lengths, Skaka can get very close to how a human percussionist would sound in almost any tempo without any use of degrading time stretching or similar techniques. https://klevgrand.se/products/skaka Skaka = shake in Swedish 😉
  3. Joakim

    JRR Shop

    from KVR: Someone was able to modify our main web page and insert a small piece of code that redirected the users to the other site. They accessed the web page through Magento Connect, which is the extension downloader for Magento (our eCommerce platform), and did not have access to our server or database. Our checkout page was not modified at all and there is no evidence that they gained access to anyone's personal information, and the vulnerability that allowed them to gain that access has been closed. In addition, I had disabled our servers as soon as I found out about the issue, after which point there was no data available for them to access.
  4. A lot of reviews already and most seem to say that it’s better for whatever it’s worth. It can also be used in amp room and modular. I won’t by it even if it’s better but would be happy to use it’s it’s included in their next volume bundle.
  5. Use the MONOPHONICLEGEND coupon for a further discount. Will take another 20% off the intro price
  6. I have both but they are actually quite different and I often prefer multipass. Multipass and it’s snap-in modules has a neater/cleaner one-screen UI and is generally much easier/faster to work with. Some of the snapins doesn’t have an equivalent in triad and they can be used stand alone as well. The snapins have a very different sound compared to the byome modules. I have most of the UA-plugins and triad is indeed a powerful sound design tool which I also use, but it sounds completely different. Multipass does however require investment in snapins, and although I bought most snapins for like $10 each (with vouchers) it’s still going to be more expensive than getting triad on sale. It’s definitely worth having if one have already bought into their eco-system though.
  7. I am receiving a 30$ loyalty voucher every month and have since my first purchase. I’ve bought most of my snap-Ins for like $10 each. Perhaps you should reach out their support?
  8. The main point of the multipass host is the modulation and it’s probably difficult to integrate third party plugins with that, unless they were snap-in compatible.
  9. Please note that they send out a 30$ voucher each month and often have sales on snapins so Imgot most of the collection for a small fraction of the list price. Multipass is awesome even with a few of the optional snapins, and things like reverb, chorus, distortion etc are very cool to use on only parts of the spectrum.
  10. Joakim

    IK Mixbox

    Where do I find the coupon? Have sampletank max, tracks max and amplitube and I assume this would qualify (?). *edit* It’s added automatically at check out. Appears you can’t use jampoints and the coupon, as always,
  11. Joakim

    PSP 608 Delay

    I’ve had this one for years, but decided to give it a go yesterday. It sounds great and is capable of very complex effects. The only problem is the interface and it takes a lot of time and manual reading to understand all quirks. Badly in need of a GUI makeover imho.
  12. Joakim

    XLN Sale

    I think you can change the volume of the ride independently from the kit view, but there’s no dedicated mic for it.
  13. Most of their guitars sounds slightly robotic unfortunately , and it’s a shame there’s no amp-bypass option for use with 3rd party amp sims. The acoustic guitars are better though, but not as good as NI session guitarist.
  14. Full list of keys here www.thewindowsclub.com/generic-windows-10-product-keys-to-in there are different generic keys per version and license types
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