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  1. For anyone considering, several (though not all) of the 4-5 plugin bundles are also $29 during the sale - including the Percussion Bundle, which includes Skaka. EDIT: Apologies -- see below, as this may not be the case. Notes on some of the bundle pages suggest that the bundles are also $29, but that's not showing up in cart. Sorry for the false alarm. EDIT to the EDIT: Not sure whether the text on the site was clarified or if I originally misinterpreted, but it seems the bundle prices have been adjusted during the sale so that each individual plugin "counts" as $29. Makes sense now. Ah well.
  2. Yeah, absolutely. I'd just prefer that the roadmap was a little clearer by now.
  3. That would be fantastic, if it's now the case. I bought Gypsy last October after cancelling a CC subscription and lost access to Opus in the process; the lib only runs in Play for me. (As a refresher for me on what the behavior here is, I just found that I could download and install the latest Opus version from the EW Installation Center, where I see my Gypsy license. Trying to open Opus got me a message to update my iLok Manager and after doing that, trying to open/activate Opus led to an iLok message that "You don't have any licenses in your account, or none of the licenses there have activations available." ) At least for me, and for a purchase nearly a year ago, the lib license doesn't also appear to come with an Opus license or confer Opus access. I'm not sure whether the verbiage is in the product docs because they work with Opus in the context of Composer Cloud (which they do) or if something's changed more recently and Opus access now comes along for the ride. I'm pretty sure I saw that EW planned to charge for Opus access for "legacy" lib purchases someday, though, so I suspect my situation is still the status quo.
  4. Out of curiosity, am I correct that this is the only EW product outside of the full orchestra (and Composer Cloud) that qualifies a user for the Opus engine? I have one older library and am considering a couple of others, but I'm stuck on Play and (from previous CC experience) prefer Opus and got better performance with it on my machine. EastWest mentioned a while back that there would eventually be a (paid) option to upgrade to Opus with "legacy" products, but if they've peeped further about it since, I've missed it. I'm not really in the market for the full-blown HOOPUS, so this could be a cheaper way to get Opus access and presumably open up access for other libs of interest. Not a "cheap" way -- or probably "cheap enough" way at this point -- but I'm trying to keep the viable options in mind, if EW's non-CC Opus availability is further years in the offing.
  5. If you're in Europe (at least), the deal could be potentially quite a bit sweeter. With the "E-paper" annual subscription at 72 euro, there's a choice of reward including: UVI PX V8 (as above) Kilohearts Phase Plant Heavyocity Novo Essentials Acoustic Samples AS Piano Collection Ample Sound Ample Guitar Vintage Cherry Rob Papen SubBoomBass 2 Impact Soundworks Shreddage 3 Hydra MusicLab RealEight 5 There's a thread over at VI-Control discussing whether it's possible to purchase the virtual subscription in the US (the country doesn't show up in the available list when entering billing info, but at least one intrepid explorer in the thread has given it a go, nevertheless). So far, it's unclear and fairly dubious. But in the supported countries, this would be the lowest effective price for Phase Plant I've seen (plus access to a year's worth of Beat, which is awfully handy), and perhaps true for some of the other options.
  6. Ah, that makes sense. Unless PB was the middle man on the previous sale, they don't acknowledge ownership for crossgrades and such. I think I ran into that during a Glitchmachines upgrade promo.
  7. Nice. Can you see the specific PB deal on Novum for Abyss owners? I'm curious how much more than the 30% they're prepared to lop off.
  8. From what I understand, Abyss is a favorite of quite a few folks around the usual circles, with a unique approach to synthyness. Plugin Boutique has it for $49 until October 2: https://www.pluginboutique.com/deals/show?sale_id=11379 So far as I (and also the wayback pricing history gnomes at Music Software Deals) can remember, that's the best price to date. Edited to add: There's also a 30% deal on Novum, plus some sort of crossgrade deal to Novum if you have Abyss, but I don't (yet?) have Abyss, so I can't see the latter.
  9. Ooh, thanks - I was mistaken and not sure why I had the idea Engine was involved. That changes the calculus (for me, at least).
  10. I'm sorely tempted, as I love using traditional instruments of various kinds in all sorts of ways, but I'm not sure either World Suite 2 (with a fair bit of older data) or Ethno World 6 (which I hear the BS Engine does no favors) will nudge me away from hoarding instruments I can use all in Kontakt. If the difference in sale price Reid mentioned is a factor for anyone, though, there's a $20 off code active at UVI until the 30th: ANANAS. I checked, against my wallet's better judgement, and it indeed lowers the WS2 sale price in cart to $159. Hrmmmmmm.
  11. I think the concurrent 70% off everything (or most everything) sale must have ended last night or this morning, based on various posts I've seen. So the code reduces the prices of the two listed VSTs by 70%, but there's no glitchy discount goodness on top of that. Evidently, we have to be quicker!
  12. It's a worthy repost -- especially if it wasn't free for a while, and because it's been 2 1/2 months anyway -- but man, Minimal isn't bothering to change up their ad copy at *all*:
  13. Based on the image for the instrument, the sound, the possible options (and the helpful and descriptive preset names!), my first guess would be Cinematic Percussion: Compared to the video, the routing under the hood looks fairly different, though, so I'm not sure. Either some of the modules have been swapped out, maybe to make it more flexible, or maybe it's a different beast entirely.
  14. Huge second to that. Anything I've learned about MSF tinkering (limited by my free time and functional brain cells) is thanks to the Chandler video library.
  15. Yeah, each one has a custom GUI and -- based on a quick scroll through the browser -- between 4 and 129 instrument presets each, for a total (at least in my instance, with the factory instruments, freebies and MDrummer content installed) of 3690 presets. The interface for each instrument is customized and generally nicer than the stereotypical "Melda look" bemoaned by many -- though you still get a heavy dose of those knobs and sliders in the FX sections (and the editor, if you have the full MSF). The presets do a pretty good job of exploring each instrument's capabilities, with their own Melda-ish quirks -- some are quite usefully named ("Trombone" and "Growler" in Bones, e.g.), while the character and utility of others is... less clear. (If you grok at a glance the distinction between Hotel 536's "Fortunate clocks" and "Rewarding mist", you're better off than I.) You mentioned elsewhere that "full" MSF allows for new instrument creation. It also opens access to the editor, so any of the factory instruments can be thoroughly mangled and tweaked in pretty much infinite ways. Without the editor, you still get access to the usual parameters you'd expect -- filters and formants and oscs, oh my. With the editor... sheesh, I dunno. You can probably build Skynet. I've only dipped a toe into that level of customization, but it's ludicrous. Just wig-out bonkers.
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