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  1. Sorry for not being clear. I was just wondering if the discussion was about the EA version. For me, I got the regular version (black letters on light grey background) when I rolled back to 2021.06. However, each time I installed the 2021.09 EA version both the right-click context menu for the FX Bin in the Track View and the Console View was white lettering on a black background . There was no user choice that I could see. I got the same white letters on a black background no matter which theme I used. I originally asked if that was intentional, but after 4 pages in the EA thread, no one commented, so I assumed it was an intended across the board change. I recall someone had something like this. I will double check now. YUP: Just like yesterday, under 2021.09 EA I get the white letters on black background for both Mercury and Tungsten when right clicking under the FX Bin (1) in the Track View, (2) in the Console View, and (as I just discovered) (3) in the Inspector. I deleted my comments about this (asking if it was intentional), because the last time I said something [about the L/R port numbers in the EA thread] there was a lot of backlash--including a comment about us olde tymers not thinking there was a reason for it. 😉
  2. BTW, one of the greens reminds me of Necco Green.
  3. Are you talking about the change in the newest EA Version: v. ? Clarification: image 1 (dark text on light background) is from when I rolled back to 2021.06; image 2 (white on black) is from 2021.09 EA.
  4. The new export UI seems to quite handy! Looking forward to learning to use it.
  5. In fact there are a number of more recent posts / threads that address this. For example, see the link michheld posted (immediately above). For me, the built-in update has worked for a while. Menu Bar > Help > Check for Updates I see that some of my old posts are in this thread. Since they have been superseded, I will edit have edited them so that others don't think that what was true in 2020 is still valid.
  6. @Peter - IK Multimedia Is it possible in essence to get the 6-for-1 Power Reels collection by joining the 25th Anniversary up to 25 for 1 promotion by registering one of the @ $99 Tape Machines and picking up the other 5 in the collection? Or are there differences between the ones in the Anniversary promotion and the 6-for-1 collection (and if so, what are the differences)? Thanks.
  7. I believe this is the version of TS2MAX I got. According to that page, AmpliTube 5 SE was included. Compare that with the spreadsheet as well as your own personal SUPPORT > User Area > My Products page at the IK site. Not 100% sure but I vaguely remember that AmpliTube 5 SE may have been a freebie added to the package. Doesn't hurt to check to see if you have it.
  8. Thanks for checking!!! I just did a plain old refresh and I got 279, too: And 4421 + 279 is a multiple of 100!! 😉
  9. Thanks for the suggestion. I tried the shift-refresh trick (top 3 below) and also clearing browser history (the next 3): [image deleted] Maybe tomorrow I might try rebooting my PC each time I want to check the status. Maybe.
  10. YUP!!! These are from the span of several minutes five days ago (in order of occurrence): [image deleted] Not only does it change, but Column 1 + Column 3 doesn't add up to a multiple of 1,000. Fuzzy Math! 😛
  11. Connection: Us and Them --> Them or Us.
  12. Just to clarify, I didn't mean that "The Black Page # 1 & # 2" was not worth listening to. I meant that spending time to explain why it wasn't off-topic wasn't worth it.
  13. Non-Off-Topic Song removed due to a misunderstanding. Its really not worth it.
  14. For the record, I have given up trying to figure out why TTS-1 consistently works on my PC when it doesn't work properly for other users. For me TTS-1 was always just a software substitute for hardware (some of my Roland stuff). I found it useful for sketching out possible arrangements / orchestrations, playing midi files just to hear what they sounded like, for diagnosing audio routing / interface issues, etc.
  15. Just listened to this and discovered that even though I hadn't heard it in decades, I still don't like it. Surprised that you didn't post a song with a groovy sax part, like "Yeh, Yeh" (live version) or the studio version. Georgie Fame's version doesn't tie in with the current song. But maybe this version does (since its an instrumental)? Or this one?
  16. I didn't realize the logo images hadn't been documented in Colin's Guide. Great that you noticed that omission!
  17. Thanks for the reference to Gig Performer--it looks like it has a feature I have been wanting in Cakewalk for a while: a modern updated successor to Studioware so users can create their own visual/user interfaces for plug-ins. Am I inferring too much about Gig Performer?
  18. When you edit the post, if you posted the images directly, at the bottom there should be images with trash cans. Click the trash can in the lower right to delete.
  19. Not a big deal to me; I don't think they would be interested in the ancient software. And I certainly wouldn't want the copyright/license enforcement police coming after me.
  20. Actually I never thought of that. So any one of us could give the OP our copy of Sonar 8.5 as an ISO image and if they have a serial number and activation code they would be good to go. But I have a feeling this OP might not have safely stored that information. They have wandered off anyways so I guess we need more info from them first. @User 905133 I don't see Sonar 8 on my Products page I think it was not part of that system. But then again I might not of bothered to register it. In those days I just would install, use the serial numbers and use it. X1 LE was the first version of Sonar I registered. I still have the original disk for Guitar Studio 6. I got that free with a piece of Roland gear. Re: slartabartfast's comment and your reply: (1) I thought of the same thing as slartafast yesterday because it was consistent with what I remembered from reading the old SONAR license agreements and things that I have read in the forum. (2) Historically I made hard copies (and sometimes screen shots) of my Serial Numbers and Registration Codes. I have no idea if I am the only one who did things like that. Re: Your not seeing Sonar 8 (and serial numbers / registration codes) via the help links: (1) I cannot make any guesses why not. Maybe I was lucky, because: (2) here's part of my list (without the numbers and the dates which I will not give to anyone--except maybe my children as part of my estate) (3) Per the background/explanation on the Bandlab help page I linked, I do remember learning about the opportunity to sign up for the online system and I remember thinking at the time it was a good idea (that is, it made sense to me to sign up for the account). I have no idea how many people opted for those accounts, how many didn't, or even how I was notified of the option. I know I was on the TTS/Cakewalk mailing list, so maybe it was in a periodic mailer. (4) If I recall correctly (in my case, not sure about others), X1 Producer was posted to my account before others that I purchased earlier (5, 6, 8.5, etc.). On my personal list, those have a date later than X1; however, 3 was backdated to 2003. I don't think any of my purchases before 3 were entered into my online account. (5) I have no explanations for the whys; just saying that at least in my case pre-X1 products were added and are still there. (I checked before posting the link.) @rev You might want to check the Bandlab help link I gave above. If you created the type of account that will give you your list of early SONAR products, perhaps that will help. ** UPDATE: **This path won't help since you don't have copies of the disks.
  21. https://help.cakewalk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360021666274-Can-BandLab-provide-downloads-for-older-programs- UPDATE: The information at this bandlab help page won't help since you don't have the disks.
  22. Thanks for the link to the Dylan Birthday video. All sorts of styles--some artists who paid tribute by emulating different aspects of Dylan's performance, some artists who re-made the songs in their own performance styles, and various combinations of the two. Until I saw his contribution to the birthday event / fundraiser, I totally forgot about Bill Frisell. Not everyone likes jazz, but if you do, you might like this:
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