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  1. You probably know this, but for the benefit of others who don't and want a GS-2 tutorial:
  2. I forgot to add: The PSN live event featuring today's special guests from Cherry Audio is scheduled for this afternoon/evening. Great opportunity to get inside details, ask Qs of the Cherry Audio team, etc.
  3. Based on the artwork, I can't help but wonder if their line of FX plugins will be expanded soon to include stomp boxes.
  4. I used to be much more of a perfectionist on documentation (I got it along with some so-called "advanced degrees"), but now it doesn't bother me that some standards/conventions are not enumerated. Still, I can understand the point. Towards that end, if anyone is compiling a list, F11 is also unassigned in the Shortcuts/Key Binding Tool and as many know Windows uses F11 to switch the display to "Full Screen" mode for which Cakewalk/Sonar also provides a button (next to the Workspaces dropdown field) for mouse clickers and people who have F11 assigned to something else.
  5. It's nice that there are alternatives for those looking to download the Comeback Kid. As I wrote, I have had it for about a year and like it.
  6. Same issues here requesting the free downloads from baby audio. It's been almost six 24 hours--no e-mail received in any mail folder. Maybe they are having server issues or customer service issues. Note: I've had the Comeback Kid since a year ago (free from Plugin Boutique). I like it so I thought I'd try their other freebies. Other that that I have no experience with the company, but assume they are legit and just might be temporarily overwhelmed.
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