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  1. All the power to those chord players! 😜
  2. Yes, it is being enforced. I just tried it and got:
  3. @Carlos I'm sure you're familiar with https://www.bing.com/search?q=screen+recording+software
  4. Yes, there are many games you'll never play, and if you tend to play the latest and greatest then the Monthly Bundles is not what you want. On the other hand, while there aren't major titles that just came out a month ago, it's not all "phone games". There's a decent mix of older major titles (e.g., Shadow of war or Overwatch showed up in the bundle slightly over 24 months after their corresponding releases) along with more recent "middle-tier", or yearly franchises from last year (e.g., F1 2019), and then yes, indie and minor titles that are more "phone-like". Given the low subscription prices often just one game makes it a good deal even if everything else is "filler" Humble made a couple of changes this year that address the concerns about getting too many unwanted items. It used to be that you had to pay before knowing what was in the monthly bundle. Now, on the first Friday of the month you see what is in the bundle, and you have about 20 days to decide whether to keep it (if you start unlocking games or do nothing) or to suspend that month (extend your subscription one more month instead of getting the games). The other change this year is that the bundles are larger and instead of getting everything you just choose a subset (which also reduces the amount of "fillers" that you end up getting). I don't like much the subscription models where you have nothing left when you stop paying but I do like the idea of paying a subscription and getting a random mix of permanent licenses. This is why I'm quite happy with my Monthly Humble. It could be interesting if we had a similar model for plugins and soundware. In a way the "cover disks" from Computer Music & Beat magazine, have some resemblance with this model (esp. since they started including some full licenses that aren't limited versions, like Air's Vaccum Pro or IK's White 2A and Vintage 670). Maybe the PA subscriptions with the vouchers are also getting close to this, although they still feel like getting an "extended demo" with a purchase at the end (which has the typical concerns of using demos extensively - junk on disk, choice overload, projects that may not open later) . Also, one of the key points in the Monthly Humble is the variety of producers (PA does have multiple developers but not that many). The humble monthly model applied to plugins would look like this: Pay a $15/month subscription and get a bundle containing some of the "best of 2017/2018" and previous but still useful versions of well established franchises (e.g. something from these lists https://www.musicradar.com/news/the-14-best-new-effects-plugins-in-the-world-right-now or https://www.musicradar.com/news/the-best-new-effect-plugins-of-2017) along with a few sample packs and more recent but lesser-known indie plugins.
  5. @Grem The Elder Scroll series has some very nice music, maybe you can write down the gameplay as "inspiraton" 😊
  6. Given the current partnership with PA I wonder if they will focus on new instruments or if a few emulations of the older PPG instruments (with TMT inside ) will soon be part of their lineup While looking for more info on early PPG, I came across Wolfgang Palm's patent on wavetable synthesis https://patents.google.com/patent/DE3823025A1/en?inventor=Wolfgang+Palm&oq=inventor:(Wolfgang+Palm). Google's automated translator seems to have some strong opinions about wavetable synthesis... Maybe some of the German speakers in this forum can help Google improve their AI systems...
  7. As a side note, buying physical products is so much easier than buying "a license". You go to a store, buy a guitar, and you don't have to sign anything that says "I will not use this guitar to infringe on copyrights, make music for a fraudulent or misleading tv commercial, play songs that could be offensive to some people, harass my neighbors, make music for the troops to encourage them to fight, or play songs that could be considered promotion of hallucinogens"
  8. I think that while the contents of the CD are technically digital media, the CD itself is a physical media distribution device and that's what's really forbidden Some of the intentions of the license sound more or less clear to me - Not being able to re-distribute the assets as assets - they are licensing their users for adding the assets to a game they're making, not for becoming a bundler/reseller of assets. Allowing a "third party contractor" - an indie game developer studio can buy a license and then hire someone to work on actually integrating the assets into the game. The "censorship" terms are typical for content producers to avoid potential liability if someone decides to do something illegal with it. What sounds unusual to me is their insistence on physical media. From the FAQ at https://assetstore.unity.com/browse/eula-faq Q: Can I purchase asset from the Asset Store and use it to produce commercial physical products? A: The standard EULA only permits the distribution of licensed assets as incorporated and embedded components of electronic applications and digital media. While distribution as part of any physical product is not permitted, the distribution of physical advertising materials solely for marketing those electronic applications or digital media is permitted. I just don't understand what is their concern with physical vs digital distribution. The Unity Store also sells visual assets, maybe they're trying to cover something like the potential use of graphics assets on clothing? Perhaps it is targeted to console games (with cartridge/cd-rom/dvd-rom distribution)?
  9. For those (like me) who obsess about reading licensing terms for anything that might be useful for creating a derived work from, these should be covered under the Unity EULA, single seat https://unity3d.com/legal/as_terms Selected quote: Licensor grants to the END-USER a non-exclusive, worldwide, and perpetual license to the Asset to integrate it only as incorporated and embedded components of electronic applications and digital media Looks like we would be licensed to create digital media with it, but not any physical media. It's interesting that it would cover an interactive album app (and possibly a downladable/streamable song, I'm not sure exactly what are the requirements to be considered "embedded") but the license would not cover physical media such as a CD or vinyl (and, if anybody is curious, yes - I'm a member of the CD-buying population. I know we are a minority but I value being covered by first sale doctrine more than the convenience of downloading/streaming)
  10. It says it cannot be combined with *some* other vouchers but I've observed that these codes can usually be combined with the flash-sale and end-of-the-month vouchers (like the current "almost anything for $49.99"). Probably if you have 2 codes with a minimum purchase requirement you cannot combine them, otherwise you can.
  11. USERSURVEY20LG98HBT5 works once per account
  12. @ZincT when you mentioned about the free upgrade I searched my email and couldn't find anything about it but I noticed that I had an activation code for the autotheory 5.5 beta. I downloaded chord prism, entered the key I had received for the 5.5 beta and it worked! Thank you! (the compatibility of autotheory activation codes and chord prism is not that unexpected, but the beta codes still working on the released product that is a little more unusual)
  13. 🤔 User grants Content Provider an exclusive, worldwide, perpetual, royalty free license to any content created or transformed by User which incorporates Content either in whole or in part.
  14. Reminder for WA free after coupon items - if the coupon doesn't work, remove the "free product for this month" from the cart Btw, there are some other nice discounted items at the WA site (e.g., MidiQ for $17.70. This is the re-launched re-compose i2c8, a chord sequence generator)
  15. I am in the same boat. I was thinking about selling on eBay, and using the "sold items" search option to get an idea of realistic pricing. For non-auction probably KVR is good (following the example in the link in cclarry's signature) Btw, from what I've seen, reselling an IK license has a good share of rules and pitfalls: a) We need to find the details of our original purchase and determine whether we'll be reselling a full license or a crossgrade. If transferring a crossgrade the purchaser must comply with crossgrade requirements. If transferring a full license we need to be careful that crossgrade licenses in our account don't become invalid after the transfer (we must keep in our account at least one product >$99 that is not a crossgrade or NFR "Not for Resale" version from a free promo like the bonuses when purchasing hardware or a group buy bonus) b) We will lose the corresponding jampoints (I haven't found info on what happens if we have already used those jampoints and don't have enough in our account to return them) c) We need to purchase a Transfer Credit from IK (we can use Jampoints to lower the price of a transfer credit). One way to do that is: Go to the User Area>My Products page, click on the serials/transfer button for the product we intend to sell, click on the Transfer button and then it shows a message that we need a transfer credit, with a link for purchasing it. Important: if there is no Transfer button in the license that means it is a NFR. BTW - when preparing your list of items to resell, keep in mind that the Syntronik in TSM2 is the standard version and not the Deluxe version, e.g., memorymoog is not included
  16. Serato Studio 1.4.4 now offers a feature-limited edition that is completely free to use, save, and export projects. The free edition of Serato Studio includes most of the functionality in Studio’s full edition. It is limited to four Decks, four Scenes, one Audio Track, MP3-only export, and no Automation. Feature Comparison and download button for free edition: https://serato.com/studio/pricing
  17. Thank you! I thought that the bands could be individually turned off and It would be possible to leave just one, but I just read the manual and saw that I was mistaken, that there is a dropdown with options for 2-band or 3-band (or other ways to split the input like m/s), and that the disable button for the band just disables the application of effects to the band (a bypass for the band rather than disabling the band split)
  18. Just curious, @kitekrazy and @Sergio why BYOME and not TRIAD?
  19. Use promo code TULIP40 before 11:59 p.m. Eastern time, April 29 and receive $40 off an upgrade to Finale v26. https://www.finalemusic.com/
  20. I use the Chainer from time to time to get VST's loaded in Pro Tools. Without purchasing a license for the full version it will load plug'n'mix plugins and I think others will load in demo mode (with the typical "occasional inserted noise") although my recollection may not be accurate. After purchasing a license you can load plugins from any vendor. I have many vst-to-AAX adapters and I haven't found a single one that I'm happy with. Stability is often a problem, and usability as well. I guess that for a handful of vst's they're ok but if you have a nice collection of vst2's and vst3's, in 64-bit and 32-bit versions, and sprawling a few folders, it starts getting ugly. Compared to others, the Chainer is possibly above average, with options to either scan plugin folders and display a list of available plugins or use a simple "File Open" dialog to load the dll you want.
  21. In addition to the announced restrictions (not applicable to bx_console SSL 9000J, Gig Performer, Shadow Hills Class A) looks like it won't work for the Byome&Triad bundle (which is a bundle and not a single plugin, but sometimes has worked as a single plugin for voucher/discount purposes)
  22. The plug'n'mix bundle was my "starter set". Pretty good for covering all the bases at a decent price and then slowly expand with other plugins. For $49.99 it's a really good deal for getting started on Gear Affection (maybe less interesting for people who already have a large collection)
  23. Personally I think that unzipping the folders into a flash or portable USB drive and preserving them is a better option. That way when you need to reinstall (upgrades/failures...) you will not need to go through all the downloading/unzipping again. The time saved is probably more valuable than the cost of a USB drive. As a side note,, when I got Komplete on a usb drive, I noticed that more than half of the disk was blank (unpartitioned). TSMax2 almost all fits in that half
  24. Total Studio Max Crossgrade $149.99 + IK Multimedia iRig Pads $99.00 (eligible for the Fill Your 'Tank Promotion, which adds NFR SampleTank 4) Final price after discount code $209.15 This is my second iRig Pads. Now I "just" need practice to do this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZY1RxV3NwJM
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