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  1. Being PA it will feature a small interface, yes, that's a feature 😂
  2. Hav9ng bought the Marshall on last sale makes me wonder if I should get the Soldano now, decisions...
  3. Demo click here, then a window pops up, choose right option, load the license file, voila.
  4. When it says it acts like a preamp, giving the signal a boost, it just does that? Or does it color the signal in some sort ? Because if it's just a boost, I can do that with any plugin or just moving up the fader
  5. Too bad this is just for Kemper and not regular IRs.
  6. Added to Native Access, thanks Frog!
  7. I guess I am not the only one having the feeling this is going nowhere... we're smart! Looool 😎
  8. Carlos

    Kush Omega TWK

    It really does sounds superb, even when I am not into distortion/saturation, so that's saying a lot
  9. So you get it from here, if anyone makes it work on Win 10, please lay down some tutorial
  10. Amazing prices! not!
  11. Great share King! I compared the mikes I have within this "app". Vs a Blue Kiwi... and guess what... Kiwi was the winner (which I don't have, lol). But I found that since they show you the Freq. Response tables, the Rode NT1-A is very close to the Kiwi, and at least as an experiment we can EQ a little bit to emulate the Kiwi (I really think they are very close). Also I found out that depending on the line and articulations and what not, I preferred one mike vs another. "Hard" to pick one for a whole performance. When you hear a stacked song (meaning you hear the whole song with the same mike) you REALLY hear an abysmal difference. But that's not a fair comparison, since we know we shouldn't use the same mike on every source. Also I preferred a $100 mike over a 300 and even 400 one... Cheers.
  12. I still don't know what Neutron is, now I have to get Nectar too?
  13. It did for me, I just tested it, are you sure you used the latest they sent you? (Expiring Nov 12th) Got the code on Oct 28th, if that's of any help.
  14. We all know it's Zo's fault 😂 (Don't have purple sarcasm on my phone 😅)
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