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  1. No no, I mean this: I bought bassdude for 15 bucks (last week), and the seller gave me a voucher, so I didn't have to pay the fee. That worked perfect. Then another guy was giving away a voucher yesterday, and he gave it to me, but now I didn't know I could use only 1 voucher per month, so now that I know what I couldn't use this free voucher, I morally gave it back by now. Cheers.
  2. I think I know what's the issue now, lol: I bought bassdude this month at kvr, and the seller gave me a coupon/voucher so I didn't spend on the license transfer fee.
  3. I tried doing that, but I got this message " "A voucher code associated with this promotion has already been used. Only one redemption per account is allowed."" I now tried using my voucher with a different plugin and I still get that message, perhaps the code I was given was used by someone else?
  4. Yes, but then how Matthew Sorrels could get it for free? How could he use a 50 voucher too?
  5. How can you use 2 vouchers? I tried to no avail ;( I tried one extra someone gave to me (gift) and I get this "A voucher code associated with this promotion has already been used. Only one redemption per account is allowed."
  6. Don't trust reviews. Buy used, take pics, post them so we can tell you if it's garbage or not. Play the guitar yourself: mid finger on 2nd fret 5th string, ring finger on 2nd fret 4th string >>> Strum it like no tomorrow, let it ring, try to play "patterns". Do the same but now mid finger on 2nd fret 4th string, ring finger on 2nd fret 3rd string. Repeat above, but now for first example place index finger on 1st fret 3rd string, 2nd example on 1st fret 2nd string. Is it "loud"? if it doesn't have a good kinda loud sound, I would forget about it. Also I would try the aforementioned examples but just playing 1st example: just 6th and 5th strings, then 2nd example just 5th and 4th strings (they are called power chords). After you think you got the one: Play every fretted note of every string from 1st fret till last one (usually 20th?). Specially at frets 10th to 15th, if it has fret buzz... I would forget about it. 3mm in height at 12th fret (from top of fret to bottom of string) is a very adecuate action. Also: I'd recommend that if you bought new, that you went to the same store and play the same guitars every day for 1 hour, until it finally hits you which one you'd want. Then buy it used... haha.
  7. Carlos

    My Latest Deal

    Audio demo in soundcloud or youtube would be nice
  8. Carlos

    My Latest Deal

    Awesome, I always expect an acoustic guitar to be "loud". As a singer, I expect it to accompany me, and a soft/quiet one won't ever do the trick (I can go too loud), lol. Thanks for the mini review
  9. I had to come back and say that: I hope I didn't deter anyone from buying them. In my journey (I hate that) testing gear to see what was good or worked, I knew I needed new heaphones. So I got some AKG K240 Studio Mk II (I used to have the regular ones), and they turned out to be the worst headphones I had in my life (like 2000000% bright, brittle, harsh, no punch). Then I got a Tascam interface (I had/have a Uphoria Behringer 404HD), 16x08 because it was very cheap (16 ins) so I could record my drumset. It was a total nightmare (drivers wise) and well, my AKG headphones didn't sound any better. Then after the drivers nightmare got fixed (finally) I started hating Youtube videos a lot, because of their sound quality (this happened even before getting the new Tascam interface). Soooo, I bought these Beyerdynamic 990 DT Pro because the web glorified them (kinda). And even though they weren't as bright/brittle/harsh with no punch at all, my experience wasn't any better. After struggling with cables, connections, having bought a Yamaha receiver for my unused Yamaha NS244 monitors, I noticed that my Yamaha was distorting the output, or so I thought... Then it hit me: Maybe this interface is coloring the output (it doesn't help that a lot of Youtube audio content is bad, no matter the point of view, but bearable). So I took out my Uphoria interface from its box (was planning on selling it) and used with it my new heaphones (DT Pro). WTF is going on!!!! This world is crazy!!! My heaphones came alive, LITERALLY: Night and day! They weren't brittle, bright, harsh (ok maybe from 200000% from my AKG reference, and yes, the AKG were used first with my Uphoria, so they sck ballz still), but also got PUNCH, I didn't have to fight lows or low mids! I got convinced for a while because of my AKG and DT Pro (on the Tascam) that open heaphones were destined to be this way, but nope, these DT Pro's finally sounded amazing (in comparison to using them with my Tascam). So through my Yamaha receiver, I haven't heard them distorted, in fact, thanks to it I can EQ them a little bit down on the highs (-4), and still sound open not muddled as if I tried the same thing when using the Tascam interface. So, in summary: Tascam sckz ballz to the infinite (I have sworn before no never buy anything from them, but it was the cheapest option to record drums at the time), DT PRo rock, Yamaha NS244 rock (to an extent) and Uphoria interfaces are indeed really good (maybe not PRO PRO PRO but you get the point). All in all, it seems the signal chain does matter, but the fkced up situation is took me forever to find out... wasted lots of time (life) to find out... sigh... (DT Pros has allowed me to hear stuff I didn't hear before even on Youtube videos, I almost sold them, now no way they are leaving my desk :P) Cheers mates.
  10. Carlos

    Bias Amp LE FREE

    How much was it selling for? I mean, is this a bargain? ( I know, free is "always" a bargain) I mean, is this worth it?
  11. Awesome Enrique, thanks so much, hug?
  12. Forgot to come back and say thanks for your so kind gesture mate
  13. mail it to me please or something I have filled so many forms so far, lol, and unsubscribing to letters is annoying and time wasting
  14. The have these right now https://reverb.com/uk/software/instruments/sonivox/370-sonivox-session-drums-1 and blue jay for same price but says "coming soon", my guess is they are rotating these? Idk.
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