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  1. Darn it! Looks like the Udemy Max for Live course is on sale for the next 5 hours! Now 13.99 vs. regular 44.99. Hmmm.....
  2. It is a great DAW, for sure. When I first got the Live Intro it was great to play around with, but I didn't put any serious time into learning it due to its limitations. Now that I have a full version of Live to work with I have a steep learning curve ahead of me. Thanks to your information I am looking more at the Max for Live and it's powerful features makes the Suite upgrade worthwhile. The video of it shows a lot of cool stuff. Learning it will be another part of a steep learning curve for Live and I might go to Udemy to help me through it. Thanks for sharing your experience. -MF
  3. Thanks for the information. That's disappointing to hear. Well, at least I bought it on sale!!!
  4. I just bought the Live 10 Suite to take advantage of the sale. The Packs included in the Suite look interesting. Question: are Packs usable in anything other than Ableton Live?
  5. Thank you Gustabo for suggesting changing the streaming from RAM instead of disk. Today I was able to fast bounce to tracks the Cakewalk orchestral project I've been working on with 22 instances of Play instruments and the mix down was good. In PLAY- Settings menu Streaming tab I changed the Sample Cache level. Streaming options show Sample Cache- Disk Volume /Cache level and next to "New Volume" there is an up/down arrow with a corresponding number which is defaulted 3. I raised it to the maximum 5. The EW explanation is "The lower the level, the more is streamed from disk. The higher the level, the more is loaded into RAM" After changing this setting my Cakewalk project RAM went from about 6 gigs when Fast bounce didn't work right to now loading in about 8 gigs and Fast Bounce mixing down everything without issues. It's good to be able to use Fast Bounce again!
  6. I'm probably last to notice the problem. Always seemed to work before and this made me think it was related to a recent Cakewalk update. But, at least turning off fast bounce fixes the issue. Thanks for the information! -MF
  7. Last week I bounced to tracks a Cakewalk project with a EastWest QL Pianos part and whole piano sections(not all) bounced down to play back staccato notes. Playback of the project before mix down sounded fine. Cakewalk updates are current. I replaced the synth for the piano part with SampleTank3 grand piano which bounced to tracks with no problem. Over the weekend I began working on a full orchestra piece with all parts EastWest Orchestra Gold and mixed it down today to find that the same thing was happening to other instruments. I have been using EW instruments in Cakewalk projects for years and bouncing to tracks using Fast Bounce and this has never happened before. I checked for Play updates and installed the new EW update but it still happens. I have always used Fast Bounce for projects with EW instruments with no issues. I did another mixdown and unchecked the Fast Bounce option and it mixed down just fine. Fortunately, the problem seems to only occur when using Fast Bounce. It seems after one of the recent updates that Cakewalk Fast Bounce isn't working right with EW Play instruments. Anybody else having this happen? -MF
  8. I too am having problems opening Cakewalk. The Cakewalk by Bandlab splash screen comes up and stays there on the screen and Cakewalk does not even open. Windows 10 pro, 16 gig ram, Focusrite Scarlett 6i6. Is there any way to roll back?
  9. I use Acronis for backing up my PC system and for my Cakewalk projects I use Autosave Essentials by Avanquest which loads automatically when I boot up and whenever I save a Cakewalk file that I am working on it automatically copies it from my projects folder to a designated folder on an external drive. I don't even have to think about it. - MF
  10. Mark, thanks for weighing in. I will be using only ASIO drivers. One big advantage of USB for me would be that I could also use it on my laptop. Thanks!
  11. Colin, thanks for the great information and detailed analysis. Its good to have comparisons to other interfaces.
  12. My beloved EMU 1616m is starting to go on the blink. It has been a great audio interface on my 64-bit Windows 10 system. I'm looking to maybe replace it with Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 USB audio interface because the affordable price of 219.00 at Sweetwater and also it looks like it has all the inputs and outputs that I need. Will its performance be comparable to what I've been getting from the EMU. I wonder about the USB vs PCIe performance difference. There are several really great reviews of the Scarlett 6i6 on Sweetwater but a number of others who hated it. Anyone here have experience using it with Cakewalk?
  13. This has been an issue for me. But I just kind of mumbled and cursed about it to myself! I wondered what happened or when it stopped working the way it did in Sonar Platinum. Since the transpose option in the right clip pane was what I used most I programed a button on my Countour ShuttlePro2 with the Transpose shortcut. With that I am able to click on a clip to highlight notes or select the notes on screen and hit the button to bring up the transpose options and the highlighted notes stay selected. I would like it restored to how it used to be. I am glad that somebody is bringing it up here on this forum.
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