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    Shades of George Harrison & Ravi Shankar!! Those are some cool samples. It's amazing what can come out of experimenting with new sample libraries. Especially impressed with the voice thing. 😀
  2. Johnbee58

    Just Get Along

    @DeeringAmps@mark skinner@David Sprouse@noynekker Thanks all so much for listening. Deering, if I had a real bass and could play it, I would. 😉 😀John B
  3. Everything sounds very well balanced to me. I think you've found your sweet spot. I had to laugh at your description of your dedicated studio. I have a dedicated room too and your vocal booth is a castle compared to my entire room. 😀John B
  4. Something different to take in. Very nice. Well arranged and performed. 😀John B.
  5. Song not here. Sorry. 😀John B.
  6. Johnbee58

    Just Get Along

    Friendly little song about just getting along. Inspired by this guy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1sONfxPCTU0 in the midst of the LA riots of 1992. It seems like such an easy concept, but somehow impossible to accomplish, especially today. Song link: https://www.soundclick.com/music/songInfo.cfm?songID=13977649 😊John B.
  7. I'll make sure to watch for it next time it comes up. 😊JB
  8. I don't update Windows. I haven't in 4 years and I will not.
  9. The past session or two I've been getting Blue Screen Errors saying that the system has to reboot and if I want to know why I should look up "APC Index Mismatch" in a search engine. I use Windows 8.1 and my interface is Focusrite 6i6, which I've been using since 2016. What could be happening here. I didn't notice it before the last most recent CbB update a week or two ago. 😊John B.
  10. ...........though I almost wish you would. I started this thread because I just wanted to ask a question on velocity on the DAW. I didn't want it to become a controversy or start an argument with anybody. My issue was satisfied several posts ago but somebody got butt hurt because I didn't use HIS suggestion (I did, actually, or TRIED it but it didn't work for me because of vague and over simplified explanation). I didn't start this BS. I only wanted to ask a question. I have nothing more to say on this subject but I'm going to think long and hard before ever posting a question (or anything else for that matter) on this board again if this is how some people have to be. Since I learned most of what I know about Cakewalk Sonar or CbB from the many good people on this forum I guess from now on I'm on my own. I've had it! 😞JB
  11. Good point and I can't argue with God's Word, but he didn't transgress against me. He transgressed against God, so I'll leave the punishment up to Him. 😀JB
  12. If he asks for forgiveness I will give it, but if he doesn't I will report him to admin for the offensive lack of consideration in taking my Lord's name in vain. And I'm going to do it SOON! If he's one of the "good guys" I'd hate to see what some of the "bad guys" are like. (But I think I already know as I may have dealt with some of them). JB
  13. That's OK, Bro! I was satisfied with the Event Inspector method. Somebody else came along and stirred the whole pot again. At least you explained the whole thing without expecting me to be a mind reader. But I'll look into this too as not to have your efforts here totally wasted. 😉 😀JB
  14. @John Vere For the record, I tried your suggestion again this morning just to make sure I didn't miss anything. Again, it didn't work for me. When I highlight the notes in the PRV the velocity bars don't highlight so when I try to move them, they don't. So, it's not that I'm stupid and it's not that I didn't read your suggestion. I tried it twice. Could you have possibly left out a small detail or two? 😀JB
  15. All's good, Scott. I very much enjoy your book! ☺️JB
  16. I tried your suggestion and it didn't work for me. If you want to take an attitude with me I could suggest you learn to explain things a bit better! Use the Smart tool to drag up or down WHAT? The velocity bars? The Notes?! I said a few posts ago that my question was answered, so it wasn't necessary for you to come on here with your attitude! Most people on this board are very helpful, but there is a small handful who can be very rude and condescending. Also, I'm a Christian and I don't appreciate the "Good lord" comment! Exodus 20:7
  17. I use EZ Keys browser. I guess that's committing a sin.
  18. All's good fellas. I consider the matter solved. Thanks all who contributed. 😉JB
  19. For me, at least, it's also very important to add that the ENTER key must be used after the said value changes are entered. 😀JB
  20. Yeah. I think I figured it out, but it can be confusing. And I found it in Scott Garrigus's book "Sonar X3 Power". If I want to increase all by 20% I have to figure the notes as they are as 100%, then add my 20% to that. So if I type 120 to a group of notes and add the % sign to it, all notes selected will increase velocity by 20% (what I want). But if I want to decrease by 20% I take the current value and subtract the exact number from there, so If the current value of the velocity it 95, I subtract 20 from that (75) and add the % sign behind it and it will decrease by 20%. 😊JB
  21. This! Exactly. Maybe this is why I'm not getting the results I want. Maybe a small detail missing. Good point. 😀JB
  22. If I use the % key to key in a percentage they all go down, even if I add a +. So, if I want to increase all of the velocity levels 20% higher than they are now, if I type in +20% they drop. What am I doing wrong? Thanks. 😀JB
  23. No. My problem is NOT solved! Using the Event Manager they all become the the same velocity value. I want the individual notes to retain their different velocities but bring them all up or down a percentage of where they currently are. How do you select if you want the velocity to go up or down? I see there's a - and + sign to the right of the number but if I use the % sign they all go down. I also tried the right click and that does nothing. What am I not doing right? JB
  24. Is there any way to raise or lower multiple velocity bars by percent like you can with individual notes? There's a section of a project I'm working on where for about 10 bars the velocity drops drastically and I'd like to raise the velocity on all of the notes in those 10 bars by maybe 5-10 percent over where they are now. Appreciate any help. 😀John B
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